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tv   Markus Lanz  Deutsche Welle  October 24, 2020 2:00pm-3:01pm CEST

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wherever it's rather. starts november 6th on to the w. this is d w news live from berlin coronaviruses surges back around the world one country after another saves new records and infection rates germany sees its highest daily number of covert 1000 cases so to the u.s. and poland where the president is among those infected are countries paying the price for a careless summer also coming up. the long i'm already afraid of the moment we
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reach our limits and have to choose whom we take in and who gets to be treated ok should it be deferred t. or the 60 year old belgium has the highest kovan 1000 infections per capita in europe we'll take a look inside a hospital straining to cope. i'm married to evanston thanks for joining us a worrying milestone in the corona virus pandemic has been passed here in germany a total of more than 10000 people have now died from covert 1000 here this follows a sharp rise in cases in recent weeks and you record and daily new infections has also been said just in the last 24 hours with more than 14000 new cases reported.
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a grim milestone painful for every family it has touched germany has become the 6th european country to reach 10000 cobe in 1000 deaths after a peak in mid april the daily death toll was much lower over the summer for most of july august and september corona deaths in any 24 hour period were in single figures in the last 2 weeks the mortality rate has begun to rise sharply but there are hopes it may not return to the level it reached earlier this year we had very high death toll in the springtime especially for the elderly and now we have more rate is higher in the younger population and that explains why they were telling to read is lower because younger people do not succumb 19 they usually get sick sometimes also very severe is severely sick however the usually do not die it
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compared with some other countries fewer people in germany have died from the disease the number of deaths per 1000000 of population is $120.00 neighboring france are seen more than 4 times their death rate meanwhile china and india have reported much lower numbers of fatalities by head of population those figures show germany may have dealt well with the virus so far but infections are also rising again more steeply than deaths and experts are increasingly concerned as they look towards the coming months. we don't know how the inspection situation will develop we have to assume that the number of serious cases will increase and that the number of deaths will also rise. if that assumption proves correct many more funerals will have to be held under the shadow of covert 19. well with me in the studio now as political correspondent tons bronze hello to you hans so 10000 dead in germany from covert 1000 that's 10000 families who are suffering what are
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the implications of germany passing this milestone of course you can say is just a symbolic number it doesn't have any meaning in itself but it is a signal it's a warning signal to the german society to the children population that not only other infections increasing again very very quickly but also the number of deaths are increasing exponentially the number of days are increasing in parallel to the number of infections and so they has to be the continue to appeal to the population to heed the rules to where a mosque to stick to hygiene protocols and so on. what has to say that germany is not as badly as effected as other countries but these are tens of thousands of people who have been affected by somebody dying in their family that's right we can even say germany was perhaps very lucky he didn't suffer nearly as badly as other european countries even though we're seeing this increase now
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a very sharp increase so what's causing that i think what you have to say is that the 1st wave was of a crime or was stopped in the sense of by using the most heavy measure that was available a total lockdown of the country. and as a result the number of infections did get reduced very quickly and people then had thought well this is over but the virus has in some sense been defeated during the summer months the doctor who obviously relaxed people relaxed they went into gatherings they had parties and so on and as a result as the autumn started as the fall season started here in the northern hemisphere people continued to go into apologies to go into balls to meet in clubs and in side in knocked in. rooms act as a very dangerous behavior and that's the result of what we're seeing all well hans' germany's chancellor has been speaking out to the public about the corona virus
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pandemic she again called on germans to help fight the rising infection rates let's have a quick listen to what she had to say the isn't true whisking that's deal with we are not helpless and facing the virus our actions determine the strength and speed at which it spreads and the imperative thing is for all of us to reduce contact to meet fewer people. if we all stick together we will meet the enormous challenge posed by this virus. so. they're stressing the importance of individual responsibility which i found very interesting so does that mean she's not about to impose a nationwide lockdown and response to the search that is something that the government is trying at all costs to avoid a nationwide locked all instead one is trying at the moment to focus the measures more on areas where the numbers of infections are in danger of getting out of
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control so there's at least one area in germany and southern bavaria which at the moment has a local lockdown already but what she's saying is that everyone in germany has the responsibility to to to actually stick to the rules and what she's been doing has been very unusual she has been accused of being alarmist but in fact warnings have proven correct and we could go you know you know weekly podcast she criticized the regional leaders in germany saying that there measures were not strict enough and all this we can help out because what she's in fact done is repeated her part because of last week so she's really raising her finger to the population and saying stick to these rules be careful there's still a chance of getting this under control if you wear mosques wash your hands stay away from people and do not go into gatherings so here's hoping that people actually heed the warnings from the chatter on ponce thank you very much always good to talk to you. well of all the countries in europe
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belgium is among the hardest hit by the pandemic it has the highest number of coded $9000.00 infections per capita the region of alone and already has a nighttime curfew but it's hospitals are still straining to cope and staff fear that they'll soon face some very hard choices. the briefing between shifts at this hospital in charlotte and bologna our staff are already preparing for the worst. is a book of modern long i'm already afraid of the moment we reach our limits and have to choose whom we take in and who gets to be treated. should it be discourteous or the 60 year old. i don't have to answer. 120 new kogut 1000 patients in 20 days belgium is experiencing deja vu the situation is as boring as it was at the beginning of the pandemic the belgian
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government has imposed new regulations no spectators at sporting events almost no students at universities but so far no lockdown there is no regulation will itself stop the virus from spreading it's up to us to change our behavior in order to stop it but the hospital. experts however are quick to criticize the measures some of the regulations won't bite fast enough the situation is set to get dramatic like the region went with its own measures extending its nighttime curfew the region is on the brink of a total lockdown. in the hospital in charge of this patient ta survived the worst. i was really scared this to seize is horrible i didn't take it seriously at 1st.
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i was really scared this to seize is horrible i didn't take it seriously at 1st it . saved but the more patients will be coming. it's difficult to cope with all this psychologically the work leaves its marks on the stuff for them politics is not keeping up with the pace of the bars. and here's a look at some other developments in the global health emergency poland's president under a duda has tested positive for covert 19 as the country faces a record rise in cases a spokesperson said due to is feeling well. and has also hit a record number of daily infections on friday more than 15000 new cases were
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counted in the country and japan's government is asking businesses to extend their new your holidays until mid january to let workers travel off peak to their hometowns and holiday destinations. it was only on thursday night that u.s. president dollar claim to the country was turning the corner on the coronavirus pandemic day later the u.s. set a new record for the number of daily infections with nearly 80000 cases in just 24 hours the pandemic is said to dominate the final days of campaigning before the election on november 3rd. each white flag remembering an american who died of covert 19. this sea of flags by artists in san brennan furstenberg illustrates the devastating scale of the coronavirus pandemic in the united states with over 220000 deaths as new infections
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and hospitalizations grow across the country the crisis remains in the spotlight as the election fast approaches. after they faced off in thursday's last presidential debate the 2 candidates were back on the road for the final days of intense campaigning at a rally in the must win state of florida trump muffed biden's quote gloomy outlook for the pandemic claiming that the u.s. was in fact approaching its and. all biden is there loose in the media want to talk about today covert covert cover you know that you turn on she looked the largest world journal cheers and. you turned on air mysteriously you turn on this network as cover to cover covered go on november 4th you won't hear anything about it because we're around the. war. during a speech in delaware biden laid out his plan to fight the coronavirus if you were
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to become president a stark contrast the seans take on the virus. more than 8 months into this crisis and the president still doesn't have a plan. he's given up he's quit on you. know your family couldn't america. you just want us to grow resigned to the horrors of the death toll in the papers cause you show merrick. biden said he would instead push for more masks and widespread testing and for free vaccine for everyone once it is available protect. according to polls the response of the coronavirus pandemic is one of the most important topics for voters in these elections something both candidates need to keep in mind as november 3rd draws closer. and let's get you up to speed now on some of the other stories making news around the world in poland tens of thousands
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of people protested on friday against a court ruling that bans nearly all of bor sions in the country the nation's top court ruled that abortions for hito abnormalities violate the polish constitution women's health activists have warned that the new ruling will force women to have legal abortions or it to go abroad for the procedure. israel and sudan have agreed to take steps to normalize their bilateral relations in a deal brokered with the help of washington u.s. president donald trump announced the agreement making khartoum the 3rd arab government to set aside hostilities with israel in the past 2 months. authorities in cameroon have arrested ivory smugglers who attempted to transport nearly $120.00 elephant tusks out of the country the smugglers had trafficked illicit cargo from neighboring vaughan which is home to more than half of africa's remaining forest elephants. all right some sports news now and in the bundesliga promoted team
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stood guard strong start to the season was slightly halted by a 11 home draw against cologne the host took the lead in the very 1st minute through an impressive 4 from 4 l. . banks were. cologne hit back through sebastian anderson's penalty as the size have to share the competition points. you're up to date now on d w news i'll be back at the top of the hour with another news bulletin for you i'm marrying evans dean for me and the entire news team in berlin thanks for the company. in mexico many push. ups are on all the more climb a tree is very hard to store and this is my place to weigh from just one week.
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before it can really do. we still have time to work i'm doing. it. i. was playing for more than a 100 years from the meet 18 hundreds into the 2nd world war they travelled the world in search of people. human beings they classified as exotic animals to be exhibited in humans use these are now everybody's exhibitions worldwide phenomenon or drew out the 19th and 20th century some 35000 human beings were exhibit one of the house a 1000000000 other have a visitor's. human beings instituted by other human beings.
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susan circuses see it is an anatomy rooms at colonial exhibitions and world famous this is only funny to me these an anime are placed on the same level as a levels this was extremely disturbing at the same time there was a degree of conditioning which was very difficult to escape from to someone who can get you shopping. children women and men were put on display in order to support a hierarchy of braces and to justify worldwide colonise ation. it was i would also say it was so successful because people came to see the so-called savages from faraway lands whose exoticism had long fascinated them here for the 1st time they could be marveled at the play all shell around us. all they were supposed to depict cannibal as although none of them actually were cannibal as it was all just there to be seen mounds of connacht and thanks to human zoos racism
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became accepted and commonplace visitors flocked to see the ever more terrifying savages which were marketed accordingly manners. tambo an aborigine from australia autumn banga peak me from congo. darrius calorie a connect from new caledonia and monaco to kylie nya from guyana. they represent many thousands of people who were exhibited. but whose names history has forgotten. by. the r.c.c. censored by remembering is not about a touching blame to people you remembering is above all about understanding what happened and understanding the influence these actions have hard on all of us this
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it is. 'd 'd 'd before they became mass entertainment she managed to be shin's were reserved for the elite as early as the 16th century europeans important strange savages from far flung lands for the enjoyment of rich arabs to transport royal cords. bought by the beginning of the 19th century this fashion had spread to famous pubs and theaters. by reaching a wider audience. in the united states taking a few minutes to be sions was phineas taylor bonnet. from as early as 841 his famous freak shows had attracted huge crowds of people and had
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a fortune. just at the arc for europe the want to put the strangest people in the world on stage because there. in their war mermaid can join twitter a bearded lady a giant they were all assembled in a gallery of the bizarre where visitors can catch a glimpse of an amazing and fantastic world would expose hollywood didn't yet exist or but barnum was responsible for establishing a fascination for the strange. phantom river lucian heist the american circus when he created the greatest show on earth a huge traveling circus with 5000 seats this was also where he presented his savages to the public. info to more than 100
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american commercial agencies and consulates throughout the world asking them to send him real wild savages in order to increase his wove what truth of what he called freaks. the irishman of rabbit hunting him disable to satisfy phantoms wishes. when he heard about barnum's leisure in 1903 he was in a stranger in north queensland to the aborigines the country's indigenous people who had been oppressed by british settlers since the 18th century deprived of their most basic rights victims of violence and racial segregation they were considered little more than a part of the former flora. and one of the strike in the river to the colony this was the turning point for aboriginal people who had been living here. for
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years and countless to write because they ran was being tagged and for europe. aborigines before still live in villages called black camps. coming i met cook a man with a young aborigine man who renamed. tamba. temples companions will also give me a names. can be jenny and their son teddy jr billy susie. jimmy and bob. if the prevailing pseudo scientific ideology rank aborigines the lowest amongst the hierarchy of human rights since making them highly sought after a fisherman in front of shows they were considered unsuited to modern life and facing extinction. or deny
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that not long after i knew him got them on the bike from council they want to go back to the community they want to go we know that the people was not aware of. what they were getting themselves involved with trying and actually had to remove all their clients so that when ratified. when i got into sydney people actually used to describe what a scam place and the whole matter ended up with or the judge to release it to his guy presented here coming here through a box. in the wake of this upset and a group hastily boarded a ship in sydney and after a long crossing they joined the greatest show on earth in new york. found him had prepared his new acquisitions to be the highlight of the show he created a backstory for each of them and gave them bros to play. cower
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before billy the hunter and his terrifying scarves succumbed to the chance to suzy princess of queensland experience the thrill is fierce warrior tambo performs his sin say. a war dance. the 2 had traveled across america at breakneck speed and. the troops appearance in more than $130.00 american and canadian cities pushed them to exhaustion. while barnum and cunningham made a fortune. out of. our imagined i was never a mark on them all great to be arriving. in the car right. to be sitting there. trying and trying to.
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find noises miles of. darkness the other. in 18841 year after arriving in america and having traveled the whole country town both fell ill and died while still in tula. cunningham had the body mummified and sold his remains to a fairground museum in cleveland. more deaths followed in quick succession however the show went on despite these losses cunningham knew his trip to conquer europe he shipped them to london the trips of a few mins zoos. in london they performed nightly at the crystal palace which was constructed in 1051 full of the great submission.
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agency by a series of pretty bizarre no i'm not sure whether the visitors at that time had enough distance to say to themselves is all this is a business this is not really real but just acting is sort of solution which i don't think that the distance was there and that that's. dangerous thing is. not to england the aborigines set out on an extensive 2 or 3 the all seriousness and music course. just asked not to come in berlin cardia and some pieces book. on. the for live version and paris with the last of august were photographed cheney entire beach in your hood both contract tuberculosis. his face and billy most companion. is a really. early show. i just wondered where
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years struck mary mapes computer still. depressed feeling. low the los lobos teams of his team going overseas into another world into a spin stripped of those powers in a sense of a spin you merely added because it is dominated by somebody else who told him what to do. you nasa sidey he was respected as woman but may spark. when you see them. with the support of the australian government grandad volta has brought home the more for remains his ancestor tamba so that you can finally rest in peace on palm island among his people. chandos mom of 5 body
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had been found in 1903 in the united states in the basement of a funeral one in cleveland ohio. strongly gives her back respect comes very interest for a country. i feel such for the 1st back on any street. history. this story needs to be called. surely because diverse tides of the past. dan rivers are those of the future.
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was. in this period when exoticism was all the rage show organizers were not the only ones to trust the interest. the exhibitions around. the colonial house saw a ready opportunity to introduce to their citizens both economies as well as the validity of their appearance policies. to the end of the 19th century renewed impulse to colonize developed in the west that prompted the european powers but also the u.s. and japan to freely divide among themselves those territories still available. in particular africa. the world was gradually appropriation by those who saw themselves as uniquely civilized. at the same time humans are has proliferated to
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justify colonial domination of the world. if nuclear is it colonized people have to accept our share from mostly our own myth and that is exactly what happened in colonial times this is not only in africa and but also in japan should elsewhere is received you're born you're. a liberal groups already exist in order for the savage to exist she would those who are presumed to be savages must accept that this is indeed exactly what they are the late victim. at the beginning of the $890.00 s. the role of the human souse was shifting in response to political objectives which would must be staged and orchestrated.
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moloko story is that of a survivor after months of humiliation she was able to return to have village and have people. 100 years later her descendants recalled the suffering of the exhibition people and she had learned on the trauma. more nicole and her companions belonged to the kenyan people 1000th of diana in 1902 more nicole together with other people in his village left the banks of the moroni river and diana accompanied by the sound of strong. team 32 others had fallen to undertake the journey to europe.
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is also one more there the old people told us that there was a big party before the parcher. if the british still remember a must read and that the ship gradually disappears only her eyes and. then they could still see what was happening valley but by the ship was only on the horizon and there was silence there is no. difference explorer from one level sent by the military for colonies was able to convince the collini to head off into the unknown on the money in beautiful science and found that they would be well treated. i think what it cost travel compared with were better for women and children for game voluntarily but were locked up in cages so what they were supposed to make pottery imperioli up until dugouts instead they were forced to act as savages for the audience and were w. merely waited in the process they were not accepted for who they were and they quickly realized that they are indeed regarded as savages.
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subjected to constant humiliation the killing here like all other people exhibited the time. i was subjected to racial a scientific studies. the end . you know any exhibition of the tellin you was a great success. the public flocked to the shop owner came at us through. the california embodied to perfection what human savages wanted to be like. the wintel disease and exhaustion rapidly caused the deaths of some members of the troupe in paris the show continued nonetheless. of the original 32000000 year who travel to france only 10 returned to their
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village. more local was one of them. at least while the early hero of this part of a killing you know history is very distressing because the people could not mourn their loss or general feel a very viscous grief is something very important for this illegal people and even a century later it is still impossible to sort of. yesterday. carolyn and lydia a mother and daughter they are direct ascendance of monocle. i have never seen these photos of monocle and her fellow companions of misfortune take in my bonaparte. and i'm not going to that's more like oh that was a great grandmother's 1st name she was called because. we don't know who the other
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one i want. she said they were afraid when they reached france and guess what she said when she told me what happened and there's a guy when i feel sorry for them back then and what they mean but the men who were . in a camp feel set them. forward and when i look at these photos here we've got a. monkey on the card like father never talked about his grandmother leaving him a beautiful i've never seen these fighters say it was your dream but i can look at them. as your god if it. was unspoken trauma is something the descendants still struggled with today.
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you know by anybody i don't think it was right. what was the core of the way the white people made them do all this nonsense or is it way you know what did they want with them or such behavior is mistreatment and. whiteman takes them away he must treat them as. such treatment was simply not correct what i mean. and they wanted to force their will. but maybe they didn't obey them and maybe that's what happened. if nobody really knows what happened back then no one of. 2 2 the money really exists there is no textbook course about indigenous history or story about how we're on today it's no historian has dealt with this aspect. until you get it as part of our identity he said also a facet of sr in france released 12 of the false that's why we're so interested in
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this today we're told in. the exhibition of the culling it was an important 1st step towards the state exploitation of the colonized people for propaganda purposes. and the ministry of colonies took control of human existence oh private shows now needed its all cries asian. the production spread across the atlantic america was now also getting involved of all the people's exhibitors one stood out in terms of popularity 6 diminutive africans attracted everyone's attention they were backward pygmies from the belgian congo to the st louis anthropology department had financed an african expedition led by the explorers samuel to bring them to be presented exclusively if the exhibition.
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also bangle was one major 41 in height this young man with the enigmatic smile was soon to become the most popular among. samuel burner was a mission explicitly to bring back good news because it was a lean time that they would release civilized people on the planet and. the whole point of the st louis world's fair was to map human progress from the lowest to the highest with the pygmies said to represent the lowest form of humanity. since as you know 85 the congo had been the property of the building keenly uphold the 2nd is authority was unchallenged and whose rule was particularly violent and hosh acts of brutality commonplace.
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samovar unself said how he captured the pygmies he wrote about how the people were crying as he was like modems people on to the ships and. got away he also indicated how he had gone into villages with force in his arms and he had consent and the support of a good all regime to exercise his mission. of all the so-called specimens presented at the exhibition the pygmies aroused the greatest cheerio city among the visitors. they represented absolute savagery. this small statue was due to move from logical adaptation to living in the equitorial rainforest. according to westerners it signified that there was subhuman
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. they saw in the confirmation of man's descent from fights proof of darwin's famous theory of the missing link between man and animal. day after day out of bengal was treated to the american's fogarty and contempt. order bankers fees or probably most responsible for the. horrendous experience he had in the united states because of his teeth which war shipped to points a very common practice in the congo this imagery of our dating his idea that he had been a candle on a horse it was. his deception consummate his samuel venice success he received the st louis gold medal at the closing ceremony of the
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exhibition which attracted almost $20000000.00 visit his. cock to travel into the congo again the explorer finally took a lot of bang getting new york is american adventure headrest you and behind us it was not you know 6 said no van it was unable to provide for his pygmy so he loaned him to the head at the bronx zoo who put him in a monkey cage. he was made to play the savage with bow and arrows props in a few short years more than 40000 people came to see him in maine closure he shared with the chimpanzee. his new partner with him he performs small tricks. there's an outcry in the press and not just the african-american prosecutor increasingly in the mainstream press and this is so degrading so contrary to what a civilized nation should be doing that sewer thord is to gather with some of the
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ministers in new york got work out an arrangement to have banks made to an orphanage. now for a new can of the religious community also being a hope finally to be able to integrate into his adopted country the black ministers who took him in in 1910 gave him a western christian education he went to primary school and took english lessons. subsequently he was sent to lynchburg virginia where he got to know and spencer a respected african-american poet and civil rights activist. she taught him to write. protected and support and also been good try to live a normal life and go to work. but as a congo pygmy he could not adapt to the country as the ku klux klan. or the end of
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the story the 1st world war breaks out and it was clear to tango that it's going to be very very difficult to get back to the congress. we don't know exactly what precipitated sakshi but you know he takes his own life he. has a gun and lives his residence shoots himself through the heart. of the time of his death toll vs ours to come to the united states it was the most famous savic in american showbusiness. his body was never claimed by the conqueror . something there are only. just as the need a lot of anger stories the story of racism the thousands of people who stared out of anger and fail to see a human being if it's even more we can see how throughout history with these men
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and women have been denied their humanity in order to justify the alleged superiority of white people in the us in the garage. i am. damn the 1st world war reset attitudes towards exhibiting people and to colonial operations the 2 great powers britain and france chose out of economic and military opportunism to enroll people from a communist. they now believe they can be civilized and useful if they can be kept under supervision yesterday savages which days brave soldiers all indigenous workers. in the eyes of the countries they
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fight for they are now fighting an even move primitive savage. the germans. after victory was achieved afro caribbean hindu african american cannot african and asian soldiers from the french and the allied armies caray did on the show so listen to the chiefs of the crowds. this is true and the forget the human exhibitions that are 1800 different now they are no longer savages or out of service they remain natives and are not our equal signal but they no longer live in darkness is there on the road to civilizations and are portrayed as being at the service of the great colonial nations sellers they go on this are going to know the pacification of these territories a statement also with the help of folklore exoticism towards even
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a rada system of leaders of the result is a world that only functions due to the domination of the west just was the message remains the savior joram and we are the masters and they are the natives all about this is your. money as color we was 21 when he agreed to leave his new caledonian homeland to travel to paris with a 100 color kinetics. it was 1931. he trusted the french official who suggested he and the others present their connect culture at the colonial exhibition in paris. they were to return in 8 months some 100 people agreed to undertake the journey including teachers students customs officers fighters and seamen. little did they know that they would become the tragic heroes of one of the
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greatest humiliations in french history. in the shadow of a committal shown mario's was told he could not leave his enclosure unaccompanied to rest or pray. none of the promises made were kept he had been tricked it was if you had returned to the 19th century. m.m.f. it was terrible they had to perform from morning till night the women had to breastfeed in public very they had to build dug out and danced all day maybe. it is a scam or they were slaves i think that violates human dignity is even though nobody died people should not treat other people like that it was a. some
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of the trip went to germany while twice a week the others performed at the colonial exhibition in paris. the organizers exhibited them as natives from new caledonia as part of the colonies official presentation. unlike in the. us drawn they were not presented to savages but as bone natives of the empire. france was to showcase the scope of an empire which was at its peak with a population of $100000000.00 and an area twice that of the roman empire. in those meetings was a colonial exhibition was 2 to 3 times the size of disneyland in paris and it took place not outside but in the center of paris in former workers districts that had
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been completely redesigned at the time the cinema was still in its infancy sound film had just been invented and here an entire colonial empire was now being recreated in orbit it was like hollywood of sony. the exhibition was inaugurated by the president just all the men and machine will take joined by the undersecretary of state for the colonies blaze. in just a few months 33000000 tickets were sold. in school. suffolk 931 times the peak of the should do for a long period is not to say that a real decline was starting. it was important to show that france is history which would cost a lot of money which countless parliamentary debates had finally paid off to 90 percent and the promise of educating a farrier people to a level not too far removed from the nation standards have been achieved.
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all over the world voices will beginning to denounce human beings for the 1st time an enormous scandal erupted in france the human rights like the communists and even former communists of new caledonia were protesting all agreed that such displays were unacceptable you could not glorify the civilizing mission of color my station and at the same time exhibit fake savages. the connect spain exhibit in germany also started rebelling and were less and less willing to play the game and. the protest prompted the minister of colonies to order the shofar the king tut's wrong to close the exhibition and to bring back part of the troop in germany as hard and. at stake was the honor of the french republic which could not be seen to be
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condoning such productions. the authorities decided to repatriate troops the k'nex arrived home in july 1932. muddiest colorway did not wish to return he saw his future in france and refused to board the ship in ma say and returned to the woman he loved she was french her name was juliet gabrielle far from and missing her was the only good luck it had in france. a few weeks later the couple married in border. you know you're going to feel what is surprising is that the marriage contract here says the future wife wishes to keep her french nationality out the. difference is asking the
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because converts were considered to be foreigners even though they came from the french colony. sylvette was born one year later she was only a few months old when mario died in a tram accident. her family always hid the fact that her father was a canary. only in her old age she discovered her origins thanks to a journalist friend. today sylvette has returned to the zoological gardens where her father was exhibited. there are also was somebody who would pay them it's a french but also new caledonian story in their own i'm proud because it was my father but the way he was treated is shocking. to the new software it's not
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a very nice story especially as i never got to know who. this place touches me it's i think it shows i have the feeling that these people are always present here. so that arrange for marius is remains to be returned to new caledonia in 2006. today he rests among his people in national cemetery on the island of leave. your going on back to when i'm newly returned by ship and took him to the try they prepared food to the children so everyone spoke about his story he has returned to his back home.
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the exhibition of the k'nex was one of the last in europe the scandal was so great that such shows were no longer possible. ready ready and the decade prior to the 2nd world war humans zoos and colonial exhibitions gradually ceased. the last of such exhibitions took place at the end of the decade in britain portugal germany and italy there were no longer profitable public was tired of them only a few diehards hung on but their productions were so blatantly mediocre that visitors shunned them. at. the end of humans use back the
2:55 pm
start of revolts heralding to colonize asian wars to abandon the souse was to abandon colonial domination a new era had begun but one of conflict and suffering. in the next 20 years from 940960 would be the darkest and most violent of the 20th century the 2nd world war to colonize session the revolts against segregation in the united states away for a violent struggle swept all over the world. this long chapter of history really only concluded when the colonies won their independence from the mid 950 s. through the mid 19 seventies and from their own words. the west will try by any means to raise this shameful past. the thought is rumored to lupul do it with the history of the human zoo this forgotten because it belongs to the history of folk
2:56 pm
culture not to the great colonial history that is why calls were sold the researchers of the 50 states expand this phenomenon completely irrelevant gardener is actually today we're beginning to rediscover all this and ask ourselves the simple question of how could people in the west to believe that human beings on the other side of the ocean were all savages really so that. in the mid 1990 scientists and museum directors began to open the cranks search the archives and even to exist remains. in tampa florida it is important to study the past in order to understand what is happening in the present soon. the. way 'd for example if you want to understand why racism exists in our societies you only have to look at the human zoos through the history of colonization and slavery for immediate or more only then will you
2:57 pm
understand why the rest in a claim for a superior domination today. in goodness or. the latest past to rest the body must rest in peace. we one day send home the bodies of the exhibited as we did in the past the tambo. will we one day write down moloko story into the history books of guyana and also france all that of mario's colorway to overcome the conflicting memories that persist not least in new caledonia what can we do so that one day the body of autumn banda is reclaimed by the conga and written into the country's history. it is now the duty of the generation to rescue these stories from oblivion. only by creating and in life and culture of remembrance for me finally close the chapter on humans use.
2:58 pm
a dog's life. what kind of home furnishings do they prefer renowned
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designers want to find out they designed for mitch or for dogs. but are the designs popular. we visit an exhibition in london to try them out. your moments of. double. w.'s crime fighters are back at the capital africa's most successful radio drama series continues all of us odes are available online course you can share and discuss on w. africa's facebook page and other social media platforms crime fighters. to me no. been told it is for me. is for. beethoven it is for.
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beethoven is for. beethoven is for covering. beethoven 2020. 5th anniversary on t w. this is d.w. news live from berlin coronavirus searches back around the world one country after another says new records and infection rates germany sees its highest daily number
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of covert 900 cases sent to the u.s. and poland where the president is among those infected are countries paying the price for a careless summer also coming up the long i'm already afraid of the moment we reach our limits and have to choose whom we take and the one who gets to be treated.


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