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tv   ZDF Bauhaus  Deutsche Welle  October 24, 2020 11:00pm-12:00am CEST

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this is the news from. donald trump votes early in the presidential election. i voted for a guy named truck. with the campaign said to be dominated by america's worst crisis help from the driver joe biden confronting the issue also coming up. children in mali head back to school after months of coded in juiced closures but the pandemic is still threatening to cost millions of children in the region
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a chance at an education. also coming up the mother of all german derby. in the bundesliga that is. restricted crowds it was small but still intense when dortmund did battle with local law trouble shall come in the brutal. american how thanks for joining us there are just 10 days left before the u.s. election but president donald trump has already voted he joins tens of millions of americans who have also cast their ballots before she stays election the surge in early voting in the u.s. has been fueled by concerns about coronavirus and trump's handling of the pandemic . u.s. press. dent donald trump returned to his adopted home state of florida to cast his
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ballot and doubts about the security of mail in voting secure for much more secure that when you send in a ballot i could tell you that everything was perfect very strict right by the rules when you send in your ballots could never be like that you could never do secure like that they did a fantastic job but we had great people that. visit our i voted for a guy named truck because. that much if that. truck has spent much of the campaign sowing seeds of uncertainty claiming voter fraud might rob him of victory early voting in the united states is shattering records more than 53000000 people have already cast their ballots ahead of the november 30th election many woke up early in the president's former home state of new york to make sure their choice is counted. but i would prefer to be here earlier
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but this is one of the most important part. of my heart. many many people. refer to my. work. to put in it for my vote without it there's so many concerns about whether you know if you submitted absentee ballots actually counted in the mail record turnout is also the result of kobe $1000.00 concerns cases and hospitalizations are on the rise 85000 new cases reported saturday. they campaign trail to the white house brought democratic challenger joe biden to his former home state of pennsylvania where he accused trump of mishandling the pandemic. we have 10 days left. to marry come down to prattsville very year. and i believe in you i believe in my stay the choice is never made clear the stakes have never been our expert told us
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we're going to lose there were no other 200000 live nationwide the next several boards all because this president cares more about the stock market and you don't you think biden is leading in nationwide polls and in most battleground states but president trump is determined to hold as many rallies as he can to pull off another surprise presidential when days from now could you believe it 10 days 10. well here in germany the number of people who have died from. the past 10000 this follows a sharp spike in the number of new cases in recent weeks with a record 14000 new infections reported in just the past 24 hours chancellor merkel is once more calling for solidarity in the face of the crossest urging germans to act responsibly. mosques are now required outside in some crowded pedestrian zones. but not all people here are abiding by the new rules. a few
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kilometers away german chancellor angela merkel expressed concern about the shop price in new corona virus infections in her weekly podcast she made it clear that citizens played a key role in containing the spread of the virus. that's goodwood the order of the day is to reduce contacts and meet with this few people as possible if we all make an effort that we can meet the huge traveling as this virus parses. the view was all. it was an unusual address after just over a minute the chancellor's message shifted to repeat the one from a week earlier she said every word of it was still relevant. if i ask you to refrain from all traveling unless it is absolutely essential please refrain from all celebrations unless it is absolutely essential please stay at home
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whenever possible. the business friendly free democrats contend there are too many restrictions and merkel is practically demanding a 2nd lockdown they want to focus on protecting risk groups such as the elderly and the sick. we can do that with rapid tests we can do that with 95 masks by making them available for free so it's very important to protect these vulnerable groups but not lock the markets. better the socialist party finds merkel's warnings reasonable but they want a weekly debate in parliament about the consequences of the restrictions of what's on the un for same adverse effects on society above all the socially weak children families and single parents that belongs in the bundestag and it cannot be dealt with in a weekly podcast. these concerns could be part of a poem and 3 debate in the coming week merkel is due to make a statement. until america they're asking people to be responsible ok i'm joined
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now by a report in the cobra's a nickel you've been following the situation germany had been doing relatively well in the crisis yet now the numbers story why oh basically we've also seen that the numbers are slowly going up already since 2 dive effect then it was 70800 cases a day now we're almost facing 15000 that's a lot to take in and they also say the reason why i'm going to america has been time and again reminding people to stick to the rules and that they have the power to actually influence that but these numbers pretty much reflect that they didn't take the chance you know probably many germans are coming out of a rather relaxed summer they were able to travel again after a very hard time the way able to gather again and they were able to partake and to go to restaurants etc but now we are reaching autumn and things are pretty much happening also inside which is perfect for the virus to spread we have learned
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already and this is happening as they have this rather relaxed attitude and this is why the numbers probably are going up and on top of that we have also have regions in germany that decide on domestic travel bans that have been overturned within days or here in berlin we had a curfew for bars and restaurants which then salsa makes them chains already and this is not setting a really good example for people to you know stick to rules and be confident about what they're doing or like avoiding a fatigue that probably each one of us has suffered at some point during this very long crisis it's been a flashpoint between the federal and state power here in germany but it's also across borders it's now the same situation in other countries in europe yes because people are in the same situation i mean we have a new hot spot across europe almost every day one day it's the czech republic. we saw france struggling against spain still one of the most affected countries they just reached 1000000 infections this week the 1st western country in europe that
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has that since the phonetics started it and they're looking into declaring the state of emergency again maybe to morrow they want to have cabinet meeting sanchez the prime minister already said that they are probably looking at triple the number of cases like that they're facing officially so he's already pointing at the hidden figures and so regions want to make sure that they have the legal powers to implement new restrictions in their parts of the country let's remember spain had one of the toughest lockdowns in europe nobody was really able to move for months that might not happen again but that trying to avoid it by may be to create in that state of emergency tomorrow and let's face it i think pretty many countries in europe in the same situation they're trying to avoid national harsh lockdowns and trying to find a solution in between to not have to go back to spring and when when autumn nicol
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thanks so much ok here's a look at some of the other developments in the global health emergency and france's reached a new record of the infections with more than 45000 cases reported on saturday of ministry data also showed an additional 138 deaths in the last 24 hours poland's president andres duda has tested positive for coded 19 and is in quarantine but in a video message on twitter due to said he has no symptoms and japan's government is asking businesses to extend the new year holidays until mid january that's to late workers travel off peak so they hung towns and holiday destinations. now to some of the other stories making news around the world the death toll in a suicide bombing in afghanistan's capital kabul has risen to at least i think people with dozens of others wounded the interior ministry says the blast struck an educational center in a western district of the city islamic state militant group has claimed responsibility for the attack. france has recalled its ambassador to turkey for
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consultations after turkish president tayyip erdogan accused the french president of requiring mental health treatment these comments were made in response to an earlier statement from president mahmoud mccrum about the problems created by radical muslims in france whom he claimed practiced islamist separatism. over mali now when millions of children are heading back to school after missing up to 4 months of classes but even as schools begin to reopen across the region many of them lack the resources to mitigate the risk of code 19 and many fear the pandemic my cost countless children the chance at an education. a little hand disinfectant and then lessons begin at this elementary school in mali social distancing is important but with so many students it's impossible that after months
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without lessons the children are excited to finally be docked in school. i mean if i really miss school and i've forgotten quite a bit. hard jeanne remains crucial but the chrono virus has left the children of the somehow region far behind not all of them were able to learn during the months of school closures and not all have returned to school they started helping to parents actually also they know what would seem goes more difficult for the parents to put on him. or specially girls who are living in this. work is a host to lives to make matters worse and there are ongoing conflicts in the country armed groups often attack civilians displacing many families they then have to find shelter one point from they faced for guy is going into what germans coal the mother of all duties. the pun demick meant to signal it in a park was unusually under capacity but darby tension was still clearly in the air
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for the few diehards lucky enough to get tickets the gap in quality between the 2 rivals has rarely been so stark but shall get held out until the 55th minute when manuel a country dortmund ahead after a slick corner kick routine the defender showing a strike his instinct to puns. after that there was no holding back the black and yellow tape rolling hollins delightful drink made it to nil 6 minutes later. another corner led to dortmund 3rd on 78 minutes header sealing a 3 no win. poland and dortmund took the plaudits from their socially distant support at the end as they kept pace with champions buy in but new shell coach manuel bone doesn't have his troubles to seek with his team still without a league win this season. opens like a champions by munich where again in bradford form as they were out
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a visit designed track frankfurt not surprisingly robert levin was the main man in munich the polish girl machine netted 3 times has been won 5 nil keep the pressure on likely it is a lot who are just a point ahead. of course still at the top of the table because they were able to come back from the deficit debate half the valley in $21.00 watched its 1st goal of the gang from a free kick in the 11th minute dial up mcconnell hitting the target to level the score and get the comeback started it was the france international's 1st goal for the red bulls in 2 yes. it watching de w. news shift living in the digital age is up next here is more news coming up in 45 minutes time stay with us. in the fight of climate change. for cosmic. what's in store.
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for the future. e.w. dot com you can make a city. inside click counter. the funnies against the coronavirus pandemic. science stand. findings have researchers in the. information and background. monday to friday on d.v.d. . virtual reality could revolutionize the sex industry. let's be honest despite my personal and foozie has and technology in general i have
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not taken. very seriously for me it is a nice market for a very special clientele in japan however the concept has really taken off even special stores here where you can have completely new experiences with. perhaps more to the idea after all i took a look at one of these stores in tokyo. asking about in tokyo district as a. me computer games. and the pornography the company soft on demand alone operate 70 special b r $6.00 in japan it's one of the largest producers of pornography films in asia. you can see employees faces to keep things discreet. to book a one hour of the hour packet it costs almost $1000.00 yen about 8 year old all dodged up in the cities have venues like this. can be rented for up to 3 hours
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there are 3 different options reclining chair reclining mat. i chose reclining mat . my booth was on the 2nd floor i'm one meter 93 tall and felt pretty claustrophobic on the way out. in the booth and found the aa glasses. thank you troops at telephone. and countless options it was a little bit confusing to be honest. luckily a lot of people you don't know that either because 50 percent of people come here for in us so they have a special service well that i would call for help. the stop help me set up and stop of ya'll feel the films i shot from a subjective camera angle so depending on where the u.s. seated on lying down you will be watching a different film with a corresponding setting. you can see your own virtual body so
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this video here wouldn't have made much sense if i had been sitting upright. the sex industry would not be going to those technological length if it didn't expect to profit illegal porn streaming and private online sex providers have resulted in considerable losses in recent years gamble only time will tell whether the op one really does offer a way out of the crisis more and more videos are becoming available online but what's the attraction. mortal in tokyo is one of japan's leading produces. when you watch a p.r. on a t.v. or a p.c. screen it's usually from a bird's eye view of the real v.a.r. emphasizes the experience much more. the customer feels as if he could really touch the girl that he has real eye contact or that he can feel her breath next to his ear. so it's a completely different view or perspective to
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a standard movie that. i found the unusual perspective unsettling. first impression it's really very detailed a little bit weird to watch to be honest because the woman in that clip i just saw she appears shoot this distortion is linked to the distance between our pupils which is different for every person the images are set to a stand that this if this doesn't correspond to the eyes of the person wearing the glasses the proportions will be distorted. the filmmakers of soft on the amount produced that he obviously owes in this studio everything here is white but this ensures that the background isn't distracting and allows the producers to better direct the viewers focus. of them want. to be able to know what my mother the strength of b.r.
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is that it enables different forms of interaction what it will take in the it allows you to get to a place you couldn't get to before. so into action is the magic word this combination of technology and emotion is something that can be found most of all in japan according to not luna hi the british author and podcast the focus is on ethical issues related to digital technologies. amazing innovation and which is. that you seem to be. a lot of people in a lot of places you are very expressive of their affection for technology and you may end up going in a great relationship with ok i kind of love my smartphone too but that's as far as it goes somebody observations already enable you to build your dream partner does that really create deeper connections. being able to configure a virtual partner like in a computer game and having custom made avatars thanks to computer generated images
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this is a future v.a.r. producer yasha moto finds promising. will be possible to design individual body parts such as breasts waist or hips to create your ideal woman with the help of c.g.i. optical you have a sex therapist dr michelle paid to refine this technology problematic he says even normal porn films already create unrealistic expectations in his patients. or you're somebody in one point. and now we're reaching a new level here the user can actually select his or her ideal partners body. but the consequence of this would be that any real life partner would end up being compared to this fantasy product how does it constitute let's reach missing lots. natalie not high also worries about consequences this comparison can have she researches ethical issues surrounding digital technologies. both. being
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human and all being embodied is about it's actually quite a complex issue if you end up with a real b. . humans trying to emulate. them selves in order to look more like that's the reality count. models real people trying to look more like virtual of a tot's sounds pretty dubious to me they are already reports about people having plastic surgery for that reason cutting edge technology and the sex industry seem a good match for not a few has long been a driver for technological advancements by the passion boss the author of the erotic engine is certain that without tomography the internet would not have grown so quickly not convinced well yes some examples online payment systems without paper $1.00 size payment would be a simple and secure as it is today online streaming without with streaming software developed for pornography size media platforms would struggle to deliver news clips
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online advertising without advertising from sec size many free internet services wouldn't exist and now we are even in the development of sex toys experiments are being made but virtual reality and for once the products on offer not merely targeted at and that we are. dealing this exclamation of surprise is from an ad by dutch sex toy manufacturer the company offers a vibrator that can be lent to v.r. glasses by an apple special vibrations which correspond to what's happening in the film or transmitted by the gadget. of course there are similar products for men to for example virtual make a device for men that works with the r. and real time sensors and promises a realistic erotic experience. such devices can also be linked using apps and controlled remotely by someone's partner
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possibility that some couples find appealing. but i think that nothing that enables us to relate. more fully with someone else especially when so many of us are at distance where for instance in a pandemic if you look in different cities and it's going. to express your desire for the other partner and it's a different way and so i think it is designed to create a connection in a way that people want and that's one. sense of the cover of night in pandemic began digital adult entertainment services have become more popular well direct physical contact is rather difficult at the moment especially for singles the us paul web site pornhub as reza says up to 25 percent more hits on its site this year many people really miss physical contact that's why research is currently being conducted about how to make virtual experiences even better one promising possibility special suits that simulate touch and warmth. and technology when
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paired with assets in could be really powerful because it gives us physical cues it's not like this. to the digital touch of another and that's going to be much more plentiful and much more real and physical and actual sense and just having some. or all auditory. soft on demand in tokyo is currently working on integrating additional sensations the goal is to eventually include all of our sensors in the video experience. at the moment we're testing new technologies to make the v.a.r. experience even better that is how it is for example we are working on a technology for smells like a woman's mouth to thank you. well feel taste prospects seem busying already offers the possibility to slip into other characters or other bodies or for example to playfully change sex if we are not amiss. the
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sense of anonymity can give us a great feeling of freedom to disclose and to be honest and. able to express things that we might otherwise and difficult so i think given the reality office that possibility it is very possible that we can be more insular nuts that could technology really help us to better understand our own sexuality and so to gain a better understanding of others in real relationships it's an interesting thought if you like. i might maybe one day all of us will not only want to have sex in our bedrooms but in the dream worlds that are most exciting for us on the constant that . that would be one way i could see virtual reality providing exciting possibilities for users in everyday life. not just with pornography but for couples as well documented service you sign come on. to be our sector is expecting the market to grow to 13 and a half 1000000000 euros by 2022 and this includes sex products after all many
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people enjoy exploring new options we are very adaptive as humans and we can learn to find those things at exciting and erotic and normal given the amount of time to get used to it so yeah i think a lot of us will end up expanding our sexual records income that's that remains to be seen we're quite a way are really natural looking and i i think a certain point we might end up seeing but in the other direction and one seeing real physical human contact with human beings. what do you think what do you try adrià sex to technology and feelings go together share your opinions with us on facebook on d.w. dot com if you want to know more about. a reality check out. that's it for me thank your next.
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africa. in digitalization in the pandemic. and online payment system has gone through wonders motorcycle taxi back on the road after a month's mom drive. now the customers pay for the ride without cash. for coke. they're making apple's rain. coming turning bread in severe and selling some unusual carrots for a bargain. out imbalance with the food savior and. activists who
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thought that a lot of food is too good for the garbage and became innovative entrepreneur and in the process. began 30 minutes don't assume. the line is on this way to bring you more conservation. how do we make city screeners how can we protect habitats we can make a difference in the ideas fundamental series of games over $3000.00 on g.w. and on mine. what do animal conservation groups did itself payment systems i'm a good man are just having common well believe it or not they can help to protect them very much on that coming up on the show i'm now it's
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a leg us covering might seem a bit dumb they see much of our life right now but we still need to care for the environment right sandra but is right near to and a one will come from me sandra 2 nobody here in kampala uganda satellite data shows that during the look down the air quality has improved in many african cities but white life is still suffering animals especially have been the biggest losers in this crisis poaching of increase in many of the white life resolves what talk about this shortly and here's a quick look at some of the stories we'll be looking on today. we visit one where the government has introduced the steps to saddam facing down to the banknotes. and we also see how military training drones can actually promote conservation. and we need to the deny an artist who is musing you on one has to pull for greater protection policy. it is
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a well established fucked that rhino horn is essentially made up of the same substance as a human fingernail but it continues to sew for us to normal prices especially in east asia where it is considered to have him in paula's south africa has a nearly 80 percent of the was rhinos on husband todd by pushing with only about 20000 and he was left in the wild the country has now resulted in drastic measures in order to preempt porches docs have started to be gone all their rhinos. lansberg national park in south africa. iran has been spotted but sadly help has come too late after ripping off its own coach has left it as prey for lions. helicopter pilot and he could jacobs is out on patrol surveying the area he's
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a founding member of the anti poaching group a rhino 911 an organization that provides emergency helicopter rescue to rhinos injured all front mostly due to poaching but it also carries out preventive measures. in a last ditch attempt to save them rhino 911 has been assigned to help the horn rhinos in the province the animals are sedated before the precious horn is sold off . beautiful home probably about. 500 kilograms. tragic of many if you do this. unfortunately the only option that we have. to climb to something are you know trying to trimming trees like these animals one of. the team needs to up quickly before the rhino wakes up again the horney is a drastic procedure that removes about 90 percent of the hand conservationists tell
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us that in some areas even de vaughn ryan has moderate to extract the remaining stumps reserves that combine the practice of horning with regular food petrol and extensive monitoring could have a chance of saving the large poppy force it looks brutal but when carried out by professionals it is safe and pain free we make davies sure that we don't cut into the growth that part of the room where there is there to be feeding and we also wouldn't be good from an infection point of view in regard to the one so i think in this case i don't feel that they're over stimulated there's a lot of vibration going for the body to sort of fool anaesthetic you know it's not a lot like being in a theatre so the so they would respond to that but i don't think it's been. the process takes about half an hour. the horn is labeled wait for to a graph and will later be stored in a secret government world far away from the park improved security measures and interventions such as de horning have helped south africa to cut the number of
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poached animals by half over the past 5 years. rhino 911 works closely with the rhine orphanage in nonprofit center that cares for all fun and injured rhino carves. a fundie a mare and her colleague are preparing milk for 3 recent arrivals. only barely escaped the same fate as their mothers who were butchered for their home your land hopes to release the rhino spec into the wild once they have matured but she is concerned about a rise in porch in as a result of the economic fallout caused by covert 19 rhinos are still being killed it defrosted pace then they can reproduce. the sons of covert 9 has got a picking up in south africa with definitely seen an increase in costs arriving we've had 4 cops in 53 days so we're definitely think that there is an effect you
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know there is the tourism industries are all closed it's very quiet art and the reserves the anti-poaching teams try their best to patrol and protect the reserves but we think that that quiet nature of the reserves definitely. has an effect on the parchin back in p. landsberg rhino 911 has spotted 2 animals on the move time to act opinions on mixed some believe it makes male rhinos winner of all others say the horns and essential for survival and grow back within about 5 years these kinds of ation is see no alternative. well we're using animals at a moment right we're using i don't have dry nose for a year in south africa and that number is unacceptable so we need to try and do more we need to dry you know and save the species it's a real story animal. and we need to save them for generations to come that. they were going to wake up. most rhinos seem unperturbed when they wake up and
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simply resume grazing for 3 years rhino 911 has been working with authorities to dion rhinos in public parks and reserves the precise numbers of those de horned. kept secret for their protection. it is sad that such drastic measures sometimes needed to protect they are now then it is often say that every little bit helps and that's certainly the case when it comes to the environment one young student in germany has formed a way over time and plastic waste into sustainable tiles and the best thing is the end product looks just like expensive marble take a look at this week's doing a big. tiles look like marble but they're actually 100 percent plastic in your
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sakia creates them from the used packaging materials. based in germany 1st cleans and supports the waste. each other and often a. plastic. 6 humans so acutely wears a mask for protection as she needs and presses the match she related what happens in major. distances in the company i came up with the idea for the tiles because a lot of plastic waste ends up in the oceans mostly via rivers in china and africa it's broken down into smaller and smaller pieces and it ends up on beaches through pressure and here it becomes part of the stand there and have it's a study of the conditions under which rock is formed how its structure is created and then i used a similar process with the plastic waste. of. limas to take waste and turn it into something useful that's also beautiful and durable.
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there's no thinking about sounding a social enterprise to produce her tiles on a larger scale. if she succeeds our mountain of plastic waste might get just a little bit smaller. and how about you if you're also doing your bit tell us about it can visit our website. that does a tweet. hash tag doing your bit so. we share your story. they look great and be impressed we're going to stick with the crew yet to be protecting the environment but change continents and come straight bucky it africa this time to west africa on specifically to get my own capital accra that's right sondra with their creation artists come out with influence they have the pots of supplies and
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fascinates us and also to make us think could be a man jaco is a good man painter who is works drew our attention destruction of our oceans africa update him a verse to find out. in his studio. doubts about 2 things he laughs deeply fish on the ocean he sneaked maine which for. mr fish much for fish week takes the sea creatures struggle with pollutants dumped into the ocean knuckle had no specific thing when he 1st started painting by 20 years ago but having grown up in a fishing community his consent from irene life group with environmental issues becoming more and more pressing i've been painting from eric this picture of a shut eye and seeing some plane for some years back and seeing the pollution
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aspect of it it is going to affect the world and even kind of fishes we have in the oceans so few years to come if we are able to do a bot do anything about it in this way ending up in. the bin thousands illustrates the puti of the contrasting meat with the damage done by human activity. while this is a joke that now lives of he hopes it can also serve the greater peppers of helping preserve the illusion for future generations. if we leave this time to see the dinosaurs and all the animals that have died and gone. it is in our power in our hands to make sure that the sharks and wills still remain in the ocean. visits the beach in peace community every day beacon up we just washed ashore. he
11:41 pm
recycles these we spy timms by using them for his spin tunes telling the real stories of how polluted to see ease but has a wish to go to wendy live under the seat to observe what day and fight for it to be kept clean if i have the privilege in day to day life and how the opening into one of the beautiful hot bed of the house of my life. the importance of preserving to. him. i tweak it's a constant reminder of time. we had to send ago announced some more individuals dedicated. i tweak a constant reminder of time. we had to sign to go announce a meet some more individuals dedicated to helping the planet this time on shore
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then 0 day works in the service of the cops or the planting trees wherever they can these include 1st and foremost moving the trees as well as force and so-called boy entries there involve the residents in the projects that's important because it's only when people realize the benefit of trees that they will protect and take care of that. oh. planting trees is now a days sundays favorite activity. she and a group of volunteers want to make this sandy parking lot on the outskirts of the car more has special. i'm planting a salmon and some on you. it's a shame tree that can grow up to 20 metres high. a large square
11:43 pm
full of shady trees a place to hold celebrations and festivals somewhere to meet the neighbors that's the vision of a local angio has managed to win over the local residents. do you love the most important people need greenery. and as i see it those who respect the environment respect themselves. so we must do what we can to combat desertification by planting trees all over the city. but it's not enough to just plunge trees you need to nurture them as well day after day. it's imperative to involve the local population that's what guarantees the survival of the trees or. the n.t.o. actually took its name from a tree transpiration they trigger precipitation in the clouds more trees mean more
11:44 pm
rain and the more we cut down the less rain there is one that they say deserts advance but they don't if humans that make it possible things must change we must all plant. big cities are growing as a breath taking speed in senegal. in the past 60 years the country has lost around hof of its forests to urbanization. tens of thousands of hectares of woodland continue to be destroyed every year. yet in from this one them there's a lot of pressure on the center's. population is rising there's more construction and fewer green spaces and trees we're neglecting nature and that's why desertification is growing worse in our country. the result sure sure nature and more irregular wet seasons in the past the rain began in june and lasted 3 months
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now and things have changed. everyone knows the trees are useful but we don't give ourselves the means to plant them as a result with operation 1000000 trees and what we're doing in the neighborhood we're introducing people to the importance of trees the importance of greenery and one day these trees will provide much needed shade offering city dwellers rest bite from the burning sun having planted 750000 trees last year nobody is aiming for a 1000000 in 2020. nature is reclaiming some areas in our cities i mean also making a comeback in another environment where you absolutely wouldn't expect it to military training grounds these lot sickly that is yes i use proxies military maneuvers i slowed hand grenades in germany for instance many whereas the sea have fallen right huge on i mean training grounds birds wild caught wolves all sorts of plants and
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insects more or less left to their own devices in fact most german military training areas are part of a european network dedicated to preserving biodiversity. constantine's movements and artillery exercises make nature conservation at this army training ground a complicated affair before the ecologist start work the search party patrols the area to make sure there are no nasty explosive surprises lurking in the grass they're always accompanied by munitions expert from the german military one. they found a missile its location is marked down and later bomb disposal experts will pick it up. you have to search carefully as we use everything from small 20 millimeter ammunition to large ordinance and explosives of course it's much easier to find bombs that to find small munitions and don't forget we've been using this troop training area for 80 years so you find all sorts of stuff here. those
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80 years of army maneuvers have helped create a very landscape in bomb holder or grasslands with wild herb's as well as woodlands and brush all ideal for biodiversity. sons are so valuable because they're hard to find anywhere else there's no arable land so no pesticides no nutrients no fertilizers this is only for military maneuvers. the army has all the heavy equipment it needs to preserve the natural environment this armored vehicle is used to take care of open spaces to make sure they don't get overgrown it turns up shrubs and flattened small trees. germany has 1400 square kilometers of land for military drills the environmental group nabu commissioned a study and found something astonishing although there are pollutants like heavy metals and kerosene residue the sites are ecologically important.
11:48 pm
didn't let's let's move on now the situation in these areas is unique the exercises create a patchwork environment there are temporary changes what we ecologists call disturbances in areas where soil is removed there are pioneer sites where rare plants can grow as well as animal species you can't find in the regular landscape. of. destruction by tanks and artillery creates new ecological niches says army ecologist bill fried korten ponds foreman tank trails and bomb craters where frogs and you can spawn. this is not static environmental protection. so constantly changing they're also valuable areas not in regular use by the military where nature can evolve organically guns if not to live. in the area is used less often they deploy sheep several 1000 sheep graze all summer long in the military training ground so that's that's what makes sheep really useful is that they get
11:49 pm
into all the corners under the bushes into parts of the woods we can't reach the machine can't do that the sheep saw prince grazing on droppings at the turn to the state of nature needs all. the sheep of spent numerous summers in the military zone and are well used to it so shepherd col hines can kill them. in there even when he generally whenever they're shooting even heavy fire you'd be amazed how fast they adapt if they do get frightened they huddle together one crew member in germany large swathes of the natural environment to been wiped out chiefly through intensive farming the untamed land in army training areas is highly valuable in ecological terms embalm order to spite the bombs and grenades this unique environment get special protection. the power of nature is amazing but we shouldn't rely too much on nature as i believe so we humans are
11:50 pm
responsible for the environmental destruction and deforestation that's happening to drive climate change and you know africa specially hard hit by the consequences. that is right let us look. this small central african country has lost nearly 20 percent of forest cover in just the last 10 years but the country is working hard to clean up its act with recycling initiatives and a ban on plastics now they get a payment systems could provide another helping hut if you want to take a motorbike taxi in rhonda's capital for example you can pay with bank notes and that's just the start of the hopes increasingly to phase out the money. back on the road after 2 months of coronavirus induced absence motorcycle taxi drivers in the rwandan capital kigali are back to work but one thing is not as it
11:51 pm
used to be mobile payments are now mandatory cash is a thing of the past as well as that being more hygenic drivers are experiencing other benefits to. the device means i no longer have to bargain with the client about the cost of the trip. now it's the meter that determines the fare. it's also eliminated cash transactions whenever i transport a passenger they pay electronically. this istomin has been in place since may 28000 motorcycle taxi drivers have signed up the technology behind it was developed by a real one company. just during their names on our platform and all saw they are opening a bank account so we're working with. a local bank so that they can be open a bank account at the same time and reduce studying their name on our products.
11:52 pm
after signing up the drivers get a smartphone which they pay off at a later date the devices are for processing payments and for personal use cashless payments are already in use on buses in rwanda passengers use so-called smart cards but not everyone likes them. you know i don't trust electronic transactions when i go to the bank i withdraw paper money and there was a record of that on paper. but this new system is not entirely safe. it was better before. other skeptics include market vendors who continue to work with cash but they might be fighting a losing battle because the government is aiming to reduce the use of paper in general and that includes bank notes. the composition of always. 6 to 8 percent is
11:53 pm
a made of paper our boys saw or know the benefit to the car to their worst cutting they always do also it has. an impact on the patient sikkens is going through do you see this. since the pandemic newspapers have been pushed to go digital only at 1st publisher jeanette omar ashour who saw a decline in sales but now she sees the impact of going to tell. you no longer see this paper but. somewhere in the round so i think this. that is all for them of the beginning to end saying goodbye to the print media. as other things strike because so we need to ought to get to digital is. the
11:54 pm
system. these days traditional paper newspapers have been relegated to libraries readers now need to go online the coming months will show just how much of a difference the going paper free measures are making in rwanda. mobile money is nothing new to africa let us see how fast the idea kutch is on and also keep our eyes open and let you know how it goes but now with going to the end for today and i'm excited that you could join us thank you all for watching i am sunday to nobody here in kampala the capito or uganda thank you sandra it's vital for me to relay gets nigeria we will be back next week with more inspiring stories on our we've gotta make our planet a better place to live in by the pandemic see you next time and stay healthy.
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because. they are making our calls rain. coming late turning bread in severe and selling some unusual carrots for a bargain hunt for going out and about with the food saviors. activists who fought but our motto is too good for the garbage and became innovative entrepreneurs in the process of. coming up on.
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a dog's life. what kind of home furnishings do they prefer. renowned designers want to find out they design furniture for dogs. but on the designs of the learned the but we visit an exhibition in london to try them out. during. it's. the. boy. i was fishing when i arrived here i slept with 6 people in a room. it was hard i was fair. i even got white hair if that. name benjamin language let me out of office this gets me and they go but you need
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me to entrap let's say you want to know their story in the license her fighting and reliable information for migrants. it's their absentia for spectacular pictures. it's their passion for nature. it's their complete devotion that makes them the best wildlife photographer in the world. a. fascinating. and poetic. confrontational and story. 5 adventures. one goal. the preservation of our planet. it's not
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a sinister apartment trees and saving pandas anymore. it's us that's in danger of surviving nasrin struggle to realize others are radically different way of living is for profit. passion for china starts november 6th on t.w. . this is news and these are our top stories. donald trump has cast his ballot early and the u.s. presidential election concerns about the coronavirus are dominating the final days of the campaign and fueling a surge in early voting on friday the u.s. set a single day record for new infections with more than 85000 cases. chileans are preparing to go to the polls to vote in a referendum.


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