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tv   Euromaxx  Deutsche Welle  October 25, 2020 4:03pm-4:30pm CET

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direction so that gives them basically the legal. work to to act and apparently it's high time because spain has reached over 1000000 infections just last week just and sanchez on friday said that he suspects that the hidden figure so much higher maybe triple higher so since the pandemic started that many cases that's quite a lot i would say but it is up to the regions really now to decide what they want to implement and how to want to handle it and seeing that they have been urging the government to take these measures really makes clear that they want to act just in the legal way of course so let's see who goes 1st with what measurements but this state of emergency will be applied to this afternoon already and then they want to extend that until possibly the beginning of may usually it's 15 days long but on no one on tuesday the parliament will decide if this is going to be a prolonged until may which is a long time and for many spanish people i think this will be
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a rather difficult information to digest and what about the rest of europe nicole how is that pandemic evolving in other european countries while at the moment it seems like we're seeing new hotspots by the day whether it's be the belgium or the czech republic the netherlands germany has reached almost $15000.00 cases just guess that they which is a new high also but germany that has done quite well it to me is now closing cinemark and theaters again and this putting them curfew from 6 so you can see that europe is quiet like the virus is quite active in europe and it looks like a long winter for each of us who live in this area really indeed and we could be seeing additional restrictions also another european countries cynical or is thank you very much indeed for your reporting. voting is underway in chile in a historic referendum on whether to keep or toss out the current constitution which
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was created during the military dictatorship of augusta pinochet voters are deciding whether it should be replaced with a fresh charge or drafted by especially elected a group of citizens the poll comes after a year of mass protests over inequality and elitism in the country. opinion poll suggests a likely victory for those who do want a new constitution but not everyone thinks it's the right way for it. the route she leads referendum went through the subway station. students mostly protesting a rise in fares. a heavy handed response from security personnel led to stunning scenes of mass protest in the streets of santiago and other chilean cities. dozens died during riots arson and looting that caused extensive damage and prompted a military presence on the streets. but the peaceful protesters
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persevered calling for an overhaul of she lays social and economic model and gaining a key demand a vote on whether to toss out the old magna carta the constitution adopted during the brutal 17 year dictatorship of general augusto pinochet which ended in 1900 a period when thousands were tortured killed or they were disappeared. this will be a historic event for the 1st time in the history of the republic we will be consulted on whether or not we want a new constitution and who should drafted. the subway stations were cleaned up after the demonstrations and writing a year ago but emotions have been peaking again. peaceful anti-government demonstrations last sunday were marred by the burning of churches vandals cheering the collapse of a church spire not what those promoting a yes vote on a change to the constitution want their protests to be remembered for. anyone who
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comes to look we're not going to change health care in the same pensions that's what we're fighting for for more than a year our pensions or wages or education everything but i don't see any change and after a year of the social upheaval i am out in the street because i want changes to our health system. on the other side thousands have hit the streets to protest against change no they say to a rewrite of the constitution. by shifting to a new constitution we're in great danger of falling into something like what happened to venezuela if it happened to venezuela why would it happen to us. we'll keep the same constitution and make the necessary reforms to it. no voters insist the government working within the present constitution will help those left behind since the magna carta was adopted yes voters say start from scratch with the participation of the people and let the world see what chile and democracy 2.0 looks like. and joining us from the chilean capital sunday our go is
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correspondent johan hello to you johann so explain to us why so many people are opposed to the current constitution and why was this issue important enough to have a referendum on it. do you understand how important this referendum is we had to go back in time i mean this constitution that they'd back to 30 years ago they'd back to the big though she was the british it was a written. for people that were not elected it was people who was choose by i was the pinochet and they made this constitution more than 30 years ago when their war there were not free press me. neither are there other free institutions are an organisation so it was under a dictatorship and of course people today they want
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a new constitution written in democracy elected by the people that goes under referendum so that that could help to just hold the main issues of the country right now. now opinion polls as we've said show that chileans are in fact likely to vote in favor of a new constitution so will this put an end to the mass protests that have rocked the country for the last 12 months. i think this is a 1st step but protest could come back at any moment i mean the main problems of this country cannot be sold because of because of our referendum this is even deeper so today is very important step by democratic party for the whole country and we see now we are in one of the main polling station of the capital in something i go the national stadium so there are thousands of people
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vote the right now in these places place and all around the country so it's very important but the solutions to social problems need. public policies we need more time months on i think that today well the party a democratic party but tomorrow chileans are going to see that there are problems on. are still there and this referendum cannot solve these problems social problems like anomic problems from one day to another. and here on you mentioned these social problems that have sparked the protests what are they specifically. they are main basic problems in this country by for example water this is one of main rights for human beings on the constitution that's an anti water free water for the people i mean like a private company could buy water on a river and then you see them manage it according to its own interest problems with
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education own economic problems up pensions for all people so those problems are sometimes blocked because of the gun situation so a new constitution opened the door this promise to be sold but at the end of the day as i said before sheila neither the end of the day the needs public policies to solve all of these main issues your honor here is reporting for us from santiago in chile thank you so very much. let's get a check now of some of the other stories making news around the world tens of thousands of people have marched through minsk and other cities in belarus in the 11th straight week of protests against president alexander lukashenko the opposition has threatened a nationwide strike on monday if he refuses to release all political prisoners and resign lucas shakos accused of rigging his reelection last august. protestors
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have returned to the streets of bangkok after their deadline for thailand's prime minister to resign was ignored demonstrators regard prior to china shah's hold on power as illegitimate they called on him to leave his post by saturday evening a special session of parliament is scheduled for monday in a bid to ease political tensions. a team of entomologists have vacuum to the 1st nest of so-called murder hornets found in the us asian giant hornets are an invasive species that can deliver painful stings to people and spit venom but they are an even bigger threat to honeybees a small group of hornets can kill an entire honey bee hive. india has launched its month long festival season with prime minister narendra modi urging people to take precautions against the coronavirus daily case counts are down by
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around 40 percent says their peak in september modi caught on indians to show restraint celebrate and in the midst of the pandemic. the hindu festivals of durga puja and do sarah are taking place in a dampened way in india this year pictures of crowds of peering on social media have sparked fears that the festive season could lead to a day luci of new corona virus infections. india has the world's 2nd largest number of confirmed corona virus cases after the united states but infection rates have half since the country reached a peak of 100000 daily cases last month none the less this year's celebrations are possibly muted and many prayers have gone digital. organizers have decided to live stream many sessions for devo teves to watch from the safety of their homes.
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we had our amazing this we go to that movie should come here when we were to leave this thing that we got to go on then people can see it from their house and believe they can build up with your. food blessed by the goddess jirga is being home delivered so people don't gather to meet in public spaces they do what he has their own problems and they are just going to go god is and us would be staying yet only cool we're asking for. will be. in many states barricades have been erected around usually buzzing places of worship the hindu festival season mo culminate with the wali the festival of light of which socializing is an intrinsic feature but this year over 19 is casting a shadow over the festivities. and formula one lewis hamilton has
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a one of the portuguese grand prix meaning he is now the record holder for the most race victories with $92.00 the briton started in pole position and finish today don't do that but you knew this thanks for watching. him melancholy poyser old lance armstrong now in the warm climate tree if you call the story basis my plan to bring home just one week. how much work can really get. we still have time to work i'm doing. this. process. i. was pleased for more than 100 genes from the media 18 hundreds into the 2nd world
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war they traveled the world in search of people. human beings they classified as exotic animals to be exhibited in humans use these are now everybody's exhibitions worldwide phenomenon or drew out the 19th and 20th century some $35000.00 human beings were exhibited to one of the house and 1000000000 other great visitors. human beings instituted by other human beings. in susan circuses seaters and anatomy rooms at colonial it submissions and world famous this is only funny to me there's an anime are placed on the same level as a levels this was extremely disturbing at the same time there was a degree of conditioning which was very difficult to escape from some of the getting you should be. children women and men will put on display in order to support a hierarchy of braces and to justify worldwide colonise ation. because
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i would all should say it was so successful because people came to see the so-called savages from faraway lands whose exoticism had long fascinated them here for the 1st time they could be marveled at in the flesh all shelley all those. own they were supposed to depict cannibal ass although none of them actually were cannibal as it was all just there to seducing amounts of connacht in all thanks to humans zoos racism became accepted in commonplace this is his flock to see the ever more terrifying savages which were marketed accordingly than. tom bowman aborigine from australia author banga people from congo. paris scullery a connect from new caledonia and monaco a kylie new from guyana. i represent many thousands of people who were exhibited to
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. the jews names history has forgotten. by our. losses so there are a number as not about a touching blame to people you remembering as above all about understanding what happened and understanding the influence these actions have hard on all of us this exist. 'd 'd 'd 'd 'd before they became mass entertainment she when exhibitions were reserved for the elite as early as the 16th century europeans important strange savages from far flung lands for the enjoyment of rich arabs to transport royal course. but by the
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beginning of the 19th century this fashion had spread to famous pubs and theaters. while reaching a wider audience. in the united states the king of human exhibitions was phineas taleban. from as early as 841 his famous freak shows had attracted huge crowds of people and had urging a fortune. just at the arc for europe the wanted to put the strangest people in the world on stage because the. in this war mermaid can joint where a bearded lady to a giant thord would over they were all assembled in a gallery of the bizarre it were visitors can catch
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a glimpse of an amazing and fantastic world hollywood didn't yet exist or but barnum was responsible for establishing a fascination for the stranger to. revolutionize the american circus when he created the greatest show on earth a huge traveling circus with 5000 seats this was also where he presented his savages to the public. info to more than 100 american commercial agencies and consulates throughout the world asking them to send him real wild savages in order to increase his worldwide truth of what he called freaks. the irishman of robert cunningham was able to satisfy phantoms wishes. when he heard about pleasure in 1903 he was in
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a strain in north queensland to the aborigines the country's indigenous people who had been oppressed by british settlers since the 18th century deprived of their most basic rights victims of violence and racial segregation they were considered little more than a part of the former and flora. and one of the striking for the colony this was a turning point for aboriginal people who'd be living near. cows you're right because the rand was being tagged and or your. aborigines before stephen villages called black camps. coming home at cookham on a young aboriginal man who renamed. temba. tandems companions will also give me a names teddy kenny and their son teddy jr billy suzy.
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jimmy and bob. the prevailing pseudo scientific ideology ranked aborigines the lowest amongst the hierarchy of human rights since making them highly sought after fishing in and funded shows that we consider unsuited to modern life and facing extinction. are denies that not long after cunningham got them on the park from council they wanted to go back to the community they want to go we know that the people was not aware of. what they were getting themselves involved in trying and actually had to remove all of clive's so i wouldn't run a lot. when i got into sydney to be able to actually still is right one of them actually stand police and the whole matter ended up before the court the judge
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there were raised this guy into a chair cutting hair through a bar. in the wake of this upset of the group eastley boarded a ship in sydney and after a long crossing they joined the greatest show on earth in your. phone him had prepared his new acquisitions to be the highlight of the show he created a backstory for each of them and gave them grows to play. hour before billy the hunter and his terrifying scars succumb to the chance to susie princess of queensland and experience the thrill is fierce warrior tambo performs his sin saved. no more dense. the 2 are traveled across america at breakneck speeds. the troops appearance in
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more than $130.00 american and canadian cities pushed them to exhaustion. while bonamy cunningham made a fortune. and had a. towering imagine i was in the remote all in the north queensland to be right in front. in all the horror that will feel to be sitting there. trying to pray and french people find noises miles of. darkness the other. in 8841 year after arriving in america and having traveled the whole country town both fell ill and died while still on to a. cunningham had the body mummified and
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sold his remains to a fairground museum in cleveland. more deaths followed in quick succession however the show went on despite these losses cunningham knew his trick could conquer europe he shipped them to london the capital a few min souse. in london they performed nightly at the crystal palace which was constructed in 1051 full the great exhibition. games unseen by syria all pretty bizarre no i'm not sure whether the visitors at that time had enough of this tends to censor themselves this is a business this is not really real but just like today is sort of news and when i don't think that the distance was there the votes. dangerous thing he says the eskimos live. up to the aborigines set out on an extensive to work through the old seriousness and music or. just ask not to come in
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berlin cardiac in some pieces but. the funny visionary in paris with the last survivors was photographed cheney in time beaching you would both contract to los as. the face of billy towne verse companion design. is a. very sure. i just wondered where years just looking at him a computer. far is suppressed. the los lobos teams of this team going overseas into another world into a spin stripped of those powers in a sense of a spin you merely added because is dominated by somebody else or telling what to do
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. you nasa sidey he was respected as woman but may spawn. when you see them. with the support of this training government granddad volta has brought home the more for remains face ancestor tampa so that you can finally rest in peace on palm island among his people. tom bows mom of 5 body had been found in 1993 in the united states in the basement of a funeral one in cleveland ohio. he was drawing readers for back east back homes for interest for country. i feel such for his 1st back home and he's free. free. this story needs to be. because diverse tides of the
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potters. dan rivers and us when peter. was. in this period when exoticism was all the rage show organizers were not the only ones to trust the interest of the exhibitions arounds. the colonial house will already opportunity to introduce to their citizens both economies as well as the validity of their period policies. to the end of the 19th century renewed impulse to colonize developed in the west
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that prompted the european powers but also the us and japan to freely divide among themselves those territories still available. in particular africa. the world was gradually appropriated by those who saw themselves as uniquely civilized. at the same time humans use proliferated to justify colonial domination of the world. and. if a group could resist colonizing people have to accept shares from 0 to their own myth and that is exactly what happened little of your tires this is not only in africa and but also in japan russia and elsewhere as you see here you're born here you're . a liberal groups already exist in order for the savage to
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exist she would those who are presumed to be savages must accept that this is indeed exactly what they are the late the victim. at the beginning of the $890.00 s. the role of the human soused was shifting in response to political objectives which would must be staged an orchestrated. moloko story is that of a survivor after months of humiliation she was able to return to his village and have people.


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