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tv   Der Tag  Deutsche Welle  October 25, 2020 8:00pm-8:16pm CET

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this is the deadly news live from verb in spain declares a nationwide state of emergency to curb soaring corona virus infections prime minister pedro sanchez says new rules will impose not time curfews and could ban travel between different regions also coming up chile shapes its future voters are deciding whether to keep the constitution created bring me decades of dictatorship or to stop over again after a while the protests demanding change. and lewis hamilton makes formula one history in the studies drama wins the portuguese grand prix to make it 92 career wins
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overtaking the great michael schumacher. a matter held welcome spain has declared a state of emergency to battle a major resurgence of corona virus cases prime minister pederast sanchez says the country is facing an extreme situation new restrictions will include and night time nationwide curfew and spain's regions will have the power to impose even tighter could slow movement and close regional borders nearly 35000 people have died this. strain is caught in a 2nd wave of the corona virus known leaders are desperate to stop the pandemic spread and to save lives at least 9 regions have called for a national response plan until then some implemented their own mr king. curfews
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clothes restaurants and bars early and chrystia and me on forcing residents off the streets from 10 evening until 6 in the morning. you are going to get out you may be hurt you is good for those who are my age who are drinking a lot in the streets because they can get out of control and then what happens happens. but. i'm a doctor and i think the curfew is a good idea but we must take more personal responsibility so that our economy doesn't suffer so i agree with the measure. more measures are on the way spanish prime minister pedro sanchez issued a state of emergency on sunday. the situation we're living in is extreme this is the worst medical emergency that we've lived through since our constitution was approved the worst in the last century that's why we're approving a state of emergency again because this is the best tool to keep the virus at very nationwide the country is under curfew from 11 at night until 6 in the morning and
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now local authorities have the power to ban travel between regions only the canary islands is exempt the prime minister is asking the parliament for an extension of the new rules so that they can remain in place until may spain became the 1st european nation to record a 1000000 coronavirus cases last week when the pandemic 1st hit spain imposed tough restrictions the prime minister doesn't want to go back to that he hopes these new measures will be enough to keep people safe we're joined now by journalist. has biased in madrid recover what does this announcement main for diaby life in spite. this means affectively we're back with square one so to the legal and minister if standpoint in which we were the last march 1000 situation has forced the regional and central governments to seek legal umbrella we are able to implement measures
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that restrict people's freedoms in particular freedom of movement and they want to do it in a flexible and urgent way where they dig deep and do it before the central asia approach of previous months that will doubtless communities in the center on their responsibility has now officially flat line so now everyone has the same rules as the base of rules this is of course from 116 am in the morning and limitation of 6 people in social gatherings back to square one as you put it how did it come to this. well as been really big numbers after the lockdown in spring. we thought restrictions fairly quickly and we were trying to to track pm tories and to reveal how is the economy of those areas more dependent on tourism but it backfired very quickly and specially this
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has been seen in the dream i mean the capital is the worst affected. community but there are hot spots all over the country and the numbers are growing slowly on catalonia i don't go on bus country i think it's a weird way hearing a lot khurana fatigue a factor here among residents as it relates to virus for a stricken steve thank you. no doubt after the 1st lockdown everyone was very afraid of the 2nd round in any case except a few who brought this and that you only got these groups and other exceptions and worse mask here i mean really be in with the rules i mean the killers for example in madrid between the central government and the regional government fighting for control didn't help much for the city no rules to follow and of course these
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sort of you know lack of faith on politicians but. there's also other issues like the gatherings and parties that i still have been since it is of spain and talk a lot about the level of responsibility. and awareness of the youth. in madrid thank you so much thank you. have a look now at some of the other developments in the corona virus pandemic and france has reported a record of more than 52000 new coronavirus cases in the most recent 24 hour period italy's prime minister says neighbor strickland's should help bring the soaring national caseload under control in coming weeks measures including closing for restaurants and bars and bob kerrey and prime minister boyko part of self has tested positive he and 3 cabinet ministers have begun self isolating. well to latin america now but essential they are deciding whether to keep the existing constitution or bring in
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a new one drafted by especially elected group of citizens the current framework was adopted during the military dictatorship of augusta pinochet and it became the focus of mass protest of inequality and the late isn't. it is a referendum that could change the course of this nation chileans know their votes could more fully distance the country from a dark past and many say balance inequality in one of the region's richest economies. i wonder. that this is not just any sunday it's a historic sunday today is the day that she literally writes that it has awakened. tonight when we learn the results whatever the outcome may be let's respect the people's choice and make a firm and clear stand for democracy and not anarchy for peace and not violence for unity and not division. the road to chile's referendum went through this subway station a year ago an impromptu protest over
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a rise in fares that led to huge demonstrations for social and economic change. their main success a vote on whether to throw out the old constitution supported again by massive street demonstrations like this one last sunday in favor of change to chile's approach to governance. but thousands have also come out against change no they said to a rewrite of the constitution. will keep the same constitution and make the necessary reforms. at the polls on sunday those voting no insist the government working within the present constitution will help those left behind those who want a new version of what she calls its magna carta say it's time to start from scratch . with the participation of the people. earlier we asked our
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correspondent you hungry mira's in santiago whether a vote in favor of a new constitution would put an end to the protests rocked the country over the past year. i think this is a 1st step but. could come back at any moment i mean the main problems of this country cannot be sold because of because of our referendum this is even deeper so today very important step by democratic party for the whole country and we see now we are in one of the main station of the capital in santiago the national stadium so there are thousands of people both the right now in display in place and all around the country so it's very important but the solutions to social problems need. public policies we need more time months on i think that today well the party of them across the party but tomorrow
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sheehan's are going to see that their problems are still there and this referendum cannot solve these problems social problems like a lot of problems from one day to another. that was you have vermeer us in santiago that ok now to some of the other stories making news around the world security forces in belarus of use stun grenades against demonstrators as tens of thousands took to the streets of the capital minsk and other cities to protest against hardline leader of xander the good shaker. opposition is threatening a nationwide strike on monday unless he resigns because of rigging his reelection. protesters have returned to the streets of bangkok after the thai prime minister ignored their deadline for him to resign activists wanted. to quit by saturday evening a special session of parliament is sure jeweled aimed at easing political tensions . the chairman of the bank's samsung electronics has died aged 78
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and he can he transformed samsung turning it into the world's biggest consumer electric electronics groups lee had been bedridden since a heart attack in 2014 after which affectively took over the company. a top i do u.s. vice president mike pence has tested positive for the corona virus short is the latest in a series of figures connected to the white house to be infected with the virus a spokesperson says both the vice president and his wife have tested negative for cope with 90. 4 india has launched its month long festival season with prime minister narendra modi using paypal urging people rather to take precautions against the corona virus although deadly case counts down by 40 percent since they pick in september modi is insistent indians must schober strength at a time social distancing is most definitely not the norm. the
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hindu festivals of durga puja and to sarah are taking place in a dampened way in india this year pictures of crowds of peering on social media have sparked fears that the festive season could lead to a day loops of new coronavirus infections. india has the world's 2nd largest number of confirmed corona virus cases after the united states but infection rates have half since the country reached a peak of 100000 daily cases last month none the less this year's celebrations are probably muted and many prayers have gone digital. organizers have decided to live stream many sessions for devo t.v. to watch from the safety of their homes. we are always in this we are for that movie should only be good to leave this thing that we go through online people can see it from their house and believe they
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can build up with your. food blessed by the goddess durga is being home delivered so people don't gather to meet in public spaces they do what he has their own problems and they are always going to go god is and asked for help would be staying we are all equal we are asking for. in many states barricades have been erected around usually buzzing places of worship the hindu festival season will culminate with the wolly the festival of light of which socializing is an intrinsic feature but this year over $1000.00 is casting a shadow over the festivities. to support lewis hamilton has made formula one history but his drive his victory in the portuguese grand prix was the 92nd of his career overtaking michael schumacher as all time record. lewis hamilton's historic drive began hesitantly the pole sitter dropping back to 3rd in the 1st lap as rain
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began to pepper the portimao track. the britain had to wait until the 20th lot to retake the lead from mercedes to make us but after that there was no catching him not even a boat of crap in his rights calf's 7 laps from the end could slow hamilton don't see clinched a momentous victory. boys by 2 parts. that she could have done much. to the section such an honor to work i think. level to this car was next on the thank you list. followed by his mercedes kohli. and finally by his father anthony. i could only ever dreamed of being where i am today and. i didn't have a magic ball when i when i. chose to come to this team and partner with these great
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people and i got my dad here is amazing i found it was anthony hamilton who led the applause for his son as he celebrated formula one immortality in the traditional manner. you're watching david believe news from berlin coming up next i did the only documentary looks at the part of those displaced by climate change ponies coming up in 45 minutes. and you hear me now oh yes we can hear you and how dusty is jammin sounds that we bring you i'm going to mask off and you never can tell surprise yourself with what is possible who is magical really what moves that. some people along the way maurice and critics join us from ethel's lifestyle.


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