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this is deja vu news live from berlin a new u.s. brokered cease fire between armenia and azerbaijan was set to take effect of a few hours ago. those fighting in the disputed new kernel tara block region sunday ahead of the monday morning cease fire the latest from our correspondent live in the region also coming up. chile celebrating after voting to
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replace the nation's constitution in a referendum that removes the last vestiges of the pinochet dictatorship. and after a day of mass protests on sunday the bellerose opposition for fares for a nationwide strike today for some battles leader alexander lukashenko to step down . as leader football braman were almost relegated last season but are in better shape this campaign on sunday night they put themselves to the test against. i'm brian thomas good to have you with us today armenia and azerbaijan have been accusing each other of violating. a new ceasefire intended to halt the fighting
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over the disputed nagorno-karabakh region the u.s. brokered truce was due to take effect a few hours ago this was the 3rd attempt to end the fighting which broke out in the mountainous enclave some 4 weeks ago. our correspondent yulia han has this report from the town of barga in azerbaijan some 20 kilometers from the front line . if. you go far as the live shows us where he used to live until very recently. to see a rocket hit his house in early october he says right so. far the gulf coast off base sure that's. his home for 35 years burnt down to the walls i never walked over to the whole
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family was sitting here watching t.v. and suddenly there was an explosion in the backyard everything started burning we ran outside and called the firefighters but when they arrived it was already too late. and memories. want to go far as early as is convinced that our 1000000 is responsible for the attack the neighboring country deliberately bombed many civilian targets in the area he says. we can't independently verify this we are not allowed to move freely near the front line we are only allowed to film with the as of a john eales or a tease let us film. this school and barred out for example even if it looks like it the children here are not students. they are refugees this has been an emergency shelters since the fighting started
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a month ago i. was right at the end friends a memorial for a fallen azerbaijani soldier everyone here is convinced that there are. army is fighting for a just cause the school's vice principal doesn't believe that their votes have been attacks on armenian surveillance. and laughed at us and then. i don't know much about what's happening on the armenian side i only know what i see on t.v. here but i can say that the armenians are losing and must retreat so they don't have any other options we are not trying to take armenian territory we are fighting for what belongs to us tentacle. has been at the school for a few weeks now with his wife and 3 granddaughters they are from tire tire right on
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the border with nagorno-karabakh lately the clashes there have intensified. that. i'm worried about the girls they're just kids they were so scared of the fighting how are they supposed to know what explosions are they should go to school and study but they shouldn't have to learn what bombs and missiles sound like what do they believe in that. at the moment the children seem safe even days about 20 kilometers from the frontline but nobody knows when they will be able to return home or whether it will soon come to. here tonight. let's get the perspective now from the armenian capital yarra von and aaron tells and good day to you aaron what's the latest on this is the 3rd attempt at a cease fire. all right just
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a couple of minutes ago i was actually able to speak to you earlier who followed the filed rather that last report and she was able to confirm to me that there is the sound of artillery fire which can be hear heard from the as or by johnny's side of the conflict now at this hour you can unfortunately not confirm which side is actually responsible for those our children salvos but we can confirm that fighting is continuing in the region now and in terms of the political aspects of this the azerbaijani side is accusing of armenia violating the cease fire saying that armenian forces are actually responsible for the shelling hama however this is something that armenia has repeatedly denied this this morning we've seen several reports coming out of both the ministry of defense and the government which say that they continue to support the cease fire and actually accusing azerbaijan of running what amounts to a distant from asian campaign saying that they're attempting to add confusion to an already confusing conflict where both sides can even really agree to the basic facts on the ground the u.s.
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is behind this latest the 3rd now cease fire effort what's behind washington's push in the region. well. washington appears to be joining what is a broader push by the international computer community to support peace in the region now this is the 3rd attempt at brokering a cease fire after 2 others brokered by russia failed in recent weeks and i was speaking to someone means about this yesterday and it doesn't really seem that surprising they said that the united states is a great and a powerful nation in a very influential one but it's also a nation that's located very very far away from this conflict and it's attempting to influence what amounts to a regional conflict with deep historical roots that stretch back decades if not centuries so it's not entirely surprising that this latest ceasefire effort also appears to be on shaky lakes and as you mentioned this is a conflict with roots deep in history what are people where you are saying about today's 5. well here in the capital there appears to be broad support
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for the efforts of the of the troops in ca most of the armenians i've spoken to view this as a purely defensive action on their part saying they're trying to protect their people from what you know they see as potential ethnic cleansing which could go on in the region if they fail to support the armenians living in ca and they really kind of put it in the context of some of the bird the broader historical conflicts we've seen like the one thing that mentioned over and over again by the people i've spoken to is the armenian genocide which took place during world war one and many people here seem to be afraid if they give a little bit of ground that they could see similar violence cropping up in the region aaron thanks so much bring us up to date on that ceasefire between armenia and azerbaijan in the door of the car a box thanks very much. thank you. let's get you briefed on some of the other stories making the news this hour the vice president of the german
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parliament has died suddenly thomas was taken to hospital sunday evening after collapsing during a television broadcast. aged 66 was one of the leading figures in germany's governing coalition partner the s.p. day because of the status of no. turkish president richard tire peridot on has renewed calls for his french counterpart to money will mccaw to undergo a mental evaluation relations between the 2 countries are strained over regional tensions as walls the french president's defense of characters of the islamic prophet muhammad. lithuania's center right opposition party homeland union as one the country's parliamentary elections its leader ingrid us amongst is expected to become prime minister nicolas and with 2 liberal parties both of which are also led by women the current governing party came in a distant 2nd in the vote. pro-choice activists angered by
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a tightening of poland's already restrictive abortion laws have demonstrated at churches across the country some scuffling with parishioners and right wing nationalists the constitutional court ruled last week that almost all abortions are illegal. it's to chile now where spontaneous celebrations across that country broke out on sunday after some 80 percent of voters backed proposal to reject the constitution in favor of a new citizens' charter for many it's a final repudiation of the 1980 s. no terry dictatorship in chile the referendum followed a year of widespread protests for better pensions education and health care. streets familiar with rest now overcome by celebration. the supporters are jubilant soaking up
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a result that will lead to the scrapping of chile's dictatorship era constitution. imagine that it's amazing to be part of this historical moment to be able to vote to feel such pride of being part of this great change and of the results that have been had. there that the truth is i'm delighted i'm very proud of the results this is showing that this is what the people want and there's a very large majority. president sebastian pinera who agreed to hold the vote after months of social unrest says it's an opportunity to forge a new future for the nation. until now the constitution has divided us we must all work together so that the new constitution is the great framework of unity and stability. long lines and strict pandemic controls were a feature of voting day people are even urged to bring their own pens. today has
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its roots in street protests that erupted late last year but if it increases to public transport fares. would soon turned into a much bigger movement frustrated by inequality in shalane society. the current constitution was implemented during the dictatorship of pinochet and many see it as something that prevents attempts to address poverty and inequality. it symbolizes the injustice that this country suffered and how the people rebelled against the constitution this puts an end to the dictatorship of pinochet and his chile's transformation to democracy. the plebiscite not only asked if the. institution should be scrapped but who should rewrite it. chillin strongly supported having it rewritten by a group of elected citizens rather than a mixture of politicians and citizens once the members are chosen they will begin
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drafting a new constitution putting it to voters in mi 2022. insta bellerose now where opposition figures are calling for a nationwide strike to go ahead today as they seek to increase pressure on hardline leader alexander lukashenko to step down and release all the country's political prisoners this comes after more than 100000 people took to the streets in the capital minsk and other cities for the 11th consecutive weekend now security forces fired stun grenades at demonstrators and arrested hundreds the opposition accuses the janko of rigging israel action. let's get the latest now with joe anger correspondent in minsk good day to you joe there's been a call for a general strike what's it looking like will people be staying home today you know many people stayed. it seems that is. it really is the moment as
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you did well in the streets. because the strike in the big factories the big state factories great effect or the effect was all over the country mainly but it's not a general strike but no one. thought that there will be a real general strike today public service employees and civil servants are being threatened with terminations getting fired if if they oppose the government take part in this strike will that have an effect on what happens today. yeah this is this is a fear of to people because if they lose their jobs don't have money anymore and this is a problem that big stadium factories like that kelly factory it is illegal. it is over $16.00 it's sort of hundreds. and living from this factory to step
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shops that have no money anymore it is it could all make heat in a crisis situation and below the rules it's not so very good so indeed there is some fear that people can lose their jobs that that is putting a lot of pressure on the opposition in the country and its leadership now what people are talking about right now is the opposition leader so taking on sky can't achieve very much right now outside of belarus what's your assessment of that i don't think so because the opposition moves in the other way to people oh no us themselves see it and it's still with us and says it's not so important that leaders are inside the country that in that country the people are going to focus in organize themselves is a very great if it's contested behaviors so it's not so important that the leaders of the country joanne or for us a correspondent in minsk thanks very much for that. this
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deed of you news live from berlin still to come on the show. we'll take a look at the but mostly good team making a great start to the same season just months after making a great escape in the lives. but 1st we have some time for a look at some of the developments in the global pandemic starting with china where some 5000000 residents and shin chiang province are being tested for cover 19 after a local outbreak officials say the mass rapid test will be completed in days. the australian state of it toria is further easing its strict lockdown after going 24 hours without any new cases shops restaurants bars will be opening for the 1st time in a number of months and u.s. vice president mike pence is continuing his election campaigning that despite many of his staff testing positive the u.s. has recorded its highest number of cases in recent days and brazil's football
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legend ronald denio is tested positive for covert but says he is asymptomatic and feeling well. now studies grapple with rising coronavirus cases world leaders and experts are gathering virtually for the annual world health summit in germany france the european commission and the world health organization or co-hosting this online event it's meant to shine a light on various health topics but this year will certainly be overshadowed by covert it has wreaked havoc on health systems globally especially in 4 geographic hotspots there are well over 8000000 cases in the u.s. 9000000 across america 4000000 in europe and more than 7000000 in india and other challenges like tuberculosis each i.v. in malaria have been taking a backseat as global health resources are poured into battling the corona virus.
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hiv positive and lost her job during the lockdown in south africa. she can no longer afford her own medication luckily a charity organization has stepped in almost 8000000 people in south africa live with the hiv virus. many are now struggling to get any medicine at all. because of the covert 1000 pandemic global supply chains have collapsed and are only getting back on track very slowly. issues of. people not being able to get air. we are anticipating and we're very concerned that . being sick mystic infections in south africa we worry particularly around me as we have. in our country corona virus has also worsened worldwide tuberculosis control with 1400000 victims
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to berkeley loss' was the deadliest infectious disease in 21000 topping even h.i.v. aids here we see some tuberculosis bacteria under the microscope. the w.h.o. fears that up 240-0000 more people could dive to per kilo since this year were stiff acted are india followed by indonesia china the philippines pakistan nigeria . and south africa 2 thirds of all tuberculosis patients worldwide live in these countries here the number of tuberculosis reports fell by up to 30 percent and it means that the people. at home and. infection we are working closely with the biggest. bilateral. to provide all the necessary technical support but procure. a month of essential
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medicines for all high countries back in south africa h.i.v. infected patients who are afraid of going to hospital because they believe they might become infected with corona virus come to this outpatient mini clinic in the god wanna. this is a child of the patients immune system must be kept as stable as possible this also helps protect her against tuberculosis and of course covert 19. let's talk more about these health challenges now with swimming out on chief scientist for the world health organization joining us now from geneva thanks so much for your time dr as we've just seen in that report along with 19 related disease covert 1000 diseases rather diseases like tb and hiv are still taking a very real toll for many thousands of people around the world is the w.h.o.
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right now neglecting these health threats as it contends was a covert. often pointed out persisting to the testimonies of this is a real problem and has been getting beat up in many countries we're seeing that. excess. i don't equate with that also due to a large number but it is. that we do know. and we found a majority of countries had severe disruptions and essentially had surpluses the countries that have done well in the tools that invested in is in primary health care and in public health and indeed just systems and in supply chains so lopez system resilience is a real issue when you're faced with a shock like this bang gammick believe you had systems of being in the pandemic and
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what took you know what most health counselors and they never did and provide essential health services to the engine even letters that we've been actually reminding countries about the necessity to continue to focus on these diseases these killers that haven't gone away because i had the same time getting up to respond to that little bit in 1000 prices you know what i think is i think if i could if i could jump in there dr when we look at the covert crisis and and the health resources that are stretched so thin right now for all all these other threats as well where are we are we better prepared than we were 9 months ago for any new waves of the corona virus where are we globally as the pandemic continues. again there's a lot of variability you know some countries are not going to be why it's been
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exactly to the back you know set up they're destined capacity that you need all the countries that clicks and that agnostic capacity is setting up their testing and tracing systems quarantining facilities so if you look at countries in east asia for example majority of them have done when it they've just ended basically can't measure this and yet they've been able to guide and contain it completely or keep it at very low levels but as we see large toxic to one of the could not have been able to really get up that systems to respond to you know what's been called the 2nd we so i still think we're not fully prevent is what ok you just mentioned masks and quarantine as being effective methods to contain the corona virus you're also looking at a i artificial intelligence to to to somehow harness our resources what are you thinking in this area in terms of the best ways to fight the pandemic. yeah digital
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tools and technologies that we really i think absolutely did in many countries where that option was relatively snow and again we've seen that in many laurent little can actually the who's a general medicine for example for we were actually on satish losing contact tracing apps using not a question and then of jim's doing what we're reading about it's trees and c.t. scans but also to detect the type of cost and to be able to differentiate one diagram from an atta now these are tools that are relatively new and they need to be used. together with the human effort so we have to remember that digital tools alone are not going to solve our problem they can help us dennis we have the human resources the trained madhav the facilities and very importantly i think the final action is not enough to diagnose a case and detectives have to follow up well to the patient that for the contacts that's what is actually missing in most countries you need the boots on the ground
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to get to where you could on that and used to have knowledge that dr thanks so much for coming in on this today dr so we are some hot on w.h.o. those chief scientist thanks very much for joining us. some bonus league in is known better braman barely escaped relegation last season but they started strongly this time around they're hoping to prove their credentials for a european place against visitors hoffenheim who've won all the last 6 games at bring. braman looked determined to make the most of their who dini like escape from relegation last season and they made a confident start here. they were only 5 minutes on the clock when maximillian converted a cross from her selassie to make it one nil. hoffenheim
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have proved their mettle at the top of the league year after year now and they struck back 3 generous guy go on 22 minutes. neither side could conjure a winner but the draw means braman extend their unbeaten run to 4 league games a form that has to satisfy coach flow felt after last season's near catastrophe. and in the early bonus league game sunday voles forgot their 1st win of the season by beating newly promoted bielefeld 21 next yarnell pulling off a free kick a 90 minute and. opening the scoring most were probably expecting arnold to shoot directly on goal credit to becks wars for his to. get your brief for minor of our top stories at this hour armenia and azerbaijan are accusing each other of violating a new u.s. backed cease fire the whole fighting over the disputed. region the truce was due to
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take effect a few hours ago. and people in chile are celebrating after that country voted overwhelmingly in favor of rewriting the new. nations constitution up stuff that will move the last traces of the military dictatorship. this is you know if you news live from berlin our brian todd was for the entire team thanks for being.
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the 1st. to. every 2 seconds a person is forced to flee their homes. the consequences are disastrous our documentary series displaced. droughts and floods the climate exodus.
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what becomes of those who stay behind when their homes are flooded. and their fields dry out. i mean 45 minutes phone w. . but if you when i arrived here i slept with 6 people in a room and. it was hard i was fair. i even got white hair is that. manning the gym language head nodding off base gets me and they go but you need to enter the fray if you want to their story my friends are fighting and reliable information for migrants. the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.
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has the rate of infection been developing. measures are being taken. what does the latest research say. information and context. the coronavirus update the coded special monday to friday on t.w. . is prime minister is treading a thin line as he announces nearest directions amid surging corona virus infections but stops short of another lock down for an already crippled economy also coming up how to steer the 2nd largest economy of the world china's leaders are discussing the 5 year plan.


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