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tv   Zu gut fur den Mull  Deutsche Welle  October 26, 2020 10:30pm-11:01pm CET

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the gold high ranking officers of the nazi regime were judging by the allied forces . were the 1st war criminals to be held accountable for their crimes read. them on. going through don't panic. right. now were 2 part series the 3rd reich in the dog starts nov 12th d w. w news africa coming up on the program that have us thinking impacts of climate change on africa why is the continent's the most vulnerable and how can we better handle it and you report to give some pouncers also coming out. after a weekend of looting in nigeria the judicial panel in lagos house convened to look
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into allegations of police brutality. to pasta 5 protesters. and you are welcome to the program a new report says africa is being hits hard by climate change but the west could be yet to come if action is not taking the world mature logical organization says the continent's was impacted by your number of extreme weather events in 2019 including cycle only die one of the west tropical storms on record. also suffer droughts rising temperatures and flux climate change is one of the main drivers on the continent position haas outlined the number of recommendations to try to outfit the worst. they wrecked out of the global framework for climate services when the well
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but your logic is asian i 1st asked them why such a reports was important now. this report says it's particularly important now because africa faces it can challenge is in addressing climate variability and climate change risks including for example increased temperatures in soon that will again patterns of precipitation and also the occurrence of extreme weather and climate events which have significant impacts on climate sensitive sectors such as agriculture or is at risk reduction so in other terms each have their significant impacts on the overall social economic development of africa. africa is a continent which is mostly dependent and i culture which are. employs more than 60 percent of of the population and it's through
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a culture that most people get they have their livelihoods they behave year of rains as they are for significant impacts on the current and so he is critically important that africa intends to adapt to climate variability intends to adapt to climate change africa has actually and uses the best available science coming from the court to do so sources but at some time in africa. and the ability of. building it sent capacity in order to increase climate term climate really. so this ought let's let's that's how my a bit more on a impact because that's what ordinary africans care about what the europeans buy to be some of the major impacts of climate change well starts we have like to go back
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a little bit to 2019. where we had more than became tempted by a truck or set leader which was considered to be one of the most termed destructive tropical cyclones ever recorded in the southern sphere it caused the death of more than 700 people widespread displacement and the city was totally paralyzed services and all the activities where they're totally disrupted. amental 8 are the same country mozambique was impacted but reports say kenya which was even stronger and tropical cyclon now. and so if these are the pattern is that as we move into the future we could expect more damage and therefore the need of. the continent to get organized when we look at the data it is in equivocal africa has been warming since 100001 the
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continent as warmed by more than 1 point one degree celsius relatives the pre industry period the 21000 was the warmest ever recorded in the continent after 2010 and 26 states and there. the a period $2152019.00 for each of those years and it was warmer than any prior 2014. and when we look at the decade 20102019 these were the warmest decade on record in africa and one particular point about the could the k. the warming is the fact that each a decade has been consistently warmer and the previous decade and with those that warming you have. the increase in heatwaves but also the increase in in then in
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a drain that ok so we always don't want to spell dream fall for author guns for more info and what lessons can africans learn from the reports to better manage the situation. the lesson is. draw city kelly from the case of mozambique for africa to be able to deal effectively with climate extremes they have to fish to for use effective risk knowledge we have to understand the behavior or the hazards and their forward looking trends they have to improve their early warning system capability and actually observations by announcing forecasting capability they have to improve communication over actionable warnings which are understandable by those who have to take the treatment. they have to put in place a massive education campaign where people understand the risk they should get to
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the engine and what is it that they need to do in order to. take action in over 40 but most important most importantly as search and disaster in africa cannot be dealt with independently they have to be dealt with with an integral approach integrated approach. philippe lucio of the weldments or a logical organization now to nigeria where the judiciary inquiry has been set up to look into police brutality as well as the killing of peaceful demonstrators in lagos last week independent investigations into police abuses where he called demand of the protest as would have mistreated nationwide for more than 2 weeks peaceful protest against nigeria's special until robbery sparked and violence last tuesday when witnesses and human rights groups said soldiers opened fire on protesters killing at least 12 the army denies its troops where that in
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a following these notes has ransacked the government warehouses and authorities struggled to halt the rest. from on as our correspondents find a façade joins us from lagos nigeria and funny it's good to see you now the judicial panel begins the our work today what can we expect from the. that's the question everyone is asking here what is to expect from this judicial panel that is currently sitting at the latest score trying to bring some light they promise into what happened here behind me at a lucky tollgate that horrendous night on tuesday almost a week ago you know it comes to the lagos state governor he says everybody should file their claims whatever they have seen what ever they a witness to this panel but that of course sounds like mockery to a lot of people who witnessed it or who are supporting the still call and source protest began to bring an end to police brutality because they say the governor
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himself sad after the night when this happened that the forces who did this i'll be you and his control know if the forces are beyond his control what really is to expect from this battle other than a farce other than a basically a form of peace meant that yes the governor here is trying to do something is trying to investigate but then again what about the results and yes that's the big question what is to come out of this judicial panel now the demand that the judicial pano and now do you have it's about is that enough to pacify the protesters. for legal standards it is a peaceful day to day yes but when it comes to pacifying people pacifying supporters of these demonstrations i have to say you know you just have to look at social media the anger they had as broiling the the store also that they're expressing about what happened here at the lackey tollgate in the heart of the legacy of the commercial capital of nigeria when you look at that then no there is
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no way off the supporters of stepping back completely what they're doing right now is if we organize and basically in trying to co-opt them that idea to either take to the streets maybe again with some of the channel politically their demands and be ready even for the elections in 2023 and even though they do not expect much to come out from this judicial panel. we'll try to put up the pressure on social media and say come on the state government governor come on mr president just admit what happened on that night that the military killed innocent people that they killed peaceful protesters here on tuesday night now they are mostly considered a scavenger vultures very important in maintaining help the ecosystem don't be surprised it you know because by consuming garbage and rotting out a mole corpses they can keep the environment team but unfortunately something is going on wrong conservationists say they are among the most vulnerable of africa's
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lots of ferrets and it's only getting worse after a state of things in kenya. a week of vultures feasting on what may be their last meal that's because increasing numbers of carcasses least with poison laid out by farmers to punish predators the biggest threat to walters is poisoning and that is not targeted at the vultures it's actually targeted at carnivores mostly lions the hyenas leopards as well because the carnivores are actually occasionally killing livestock. is part of the peregrine fund a u.s. based conservation group raising awareness about the scavengers plight as well as encouraging him to predator proof their farms the group is training rangers on how to gather evidence of poisonings. with these heightened vigilance.
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we stand a bit i chose to on solving because then we were on what is reported on but to also know someone is knocking out what's happening monitors see if the scarf of wildlife poisonings continues unabated the barge won't be soaring for much longer and so when you get multiple poisoning incidents as we have where you're losing even just you know 102030 birds at an incident you know you're talking many generations many years before you're going to get those birds back action cannot come soon enough for the final system here for nature's cleanup ex-pats. the morale of a story let's all protect a court system the best movie tap. stories on. africa all you can go. on. until the next time it's by fidel.
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he's in germany to learn german words from the cool. why not learn with him d w z learning course because freak. slick. carefully you don't see. to the.
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discovery. subscriber. documentary. for his 250th anniversary year beethoven's had a pretty bum rap as the coronavirus pandemic has waylaid countless performances and events but germany's good to institute was not to be discouraged well check out its latest project also coming up in the end i don't care whether you love me or you hate me just as long as i win the 1st leading up to a watershed u.s.
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election we look at how american presidents both real and fictional have fared on screamers. and in our series 100 german must read get ready for an assault on the senses as we feature patrick best selling novel of murder and sensual obsession perfume. welcome to arts and culture it was fun beethoven has been hailed as the man who freed music and there are few composers whose work has been so universally celebrated all now a new project underscores his cosmopolitan qualities with international artists joining a global exploration of how beethoven's music can transcend the most profane of obstacles.
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some of the singers might have difficulties with the german text but the melody of beethoven's famous to joy this perfect the ensemble sirens instruments down bowl one of 6 women squires that cathy milliken has been working with for the past year the choirs of from remain in. serbia bulgaria cyprus and turkey firstly i went to each choir in each city and we had workshops and there i got to know the choirs i got to know how they sing i got to know how they function i got to know how they make decisions and that was incredibly important to me you know how they sort of manage their feelings of joy and how they translate them into song. collective search for and. in each country the singers develop songs with it and sounds and texts in february they met up in istanbul and sang each of these songs the $36.00 women from different cultural backgrounds but they mostly agreed on the
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question of what joy means to them. the family and love and unity and certainly it was the choir that said will you know the luxury of time is for us amazing because we are just so busy and another choir said it's actually luxury to be sitting here talking because we're not used to actually pulling together we used to from another political system to be. sort of much more isolated. the same affair care the head of the go to institute in istanbul took on the job of organizing the quiet summit there were some cultural barriers to overcome this was happening to the in the to call it was very moving to see the choir from bosnia and
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the choir from serbia singing to one another as many were moved to tears because many of the songs are basically the same and that's very bonding and for the choir from cyprus it was hard travelling to istanbul it was emotionally challenging but the ice was broken very quickly here. the results of this musical journey of discovery were presented to the public for the 1st time in an installation in berlin that was supposed to be live singing but the coronavirus pandemic put a stop to that a huge disappointment the old for all still plans to go on tour to all 6 countries whenever that may be possible. and ode for all and i'm joined by my colleague adrian kennedy from our culture desk later and that's one beethoven year event that has managed to take place albeit a little differently than expected tell us what else is happening well as you say
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a lot of vents have been canceled or hopefully i can just say. because the good news is that the celebrations have been extended now until september 2021 the organizers have announced that most vents will go ahead within this new triumph for a man as we heard the 6 choirs hope to go on as soon as the situation. allowance let's hope that that is sooner and later than later now obviously in the meantime t w hasn't flagged in its celebration efforts and has launched not one but 3 major documentaries one of which also dealt with this ode to joy in beethoven going around the world this is beethoven's 9th symphony for the world it looks at why the 9th is so popular around the world and how it is perceived one story it tells is of the japanese premiere of joy which actually took place during world war one sung by
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german troops in an internment camp. but from tiny cons to mighty oaks every year now around $10000.00 japanese choir singers come together in osaka to pay homage to plato. is that amazing stuff now the full documentary of course can be seen on d w classic music classical music you tube channel but just quickly tell us our because the viewers can also get involved themselves in the beethoven year tell us how google and culture and the beethoven year organizers are asking people to get involved to make videos that inspire joy as a sign of global solidarity and hope you don't need to play any music just use the global ode to joy hash turk upload your video to you tube a selection will be will make it onto an official playlist and just ahead of beethoven's birthday in december final video will be cuts of all the best moments for a special musical version of. hopefully beethoven will appreciate all the efforts
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despite the coronavirus and hopefully this stimulates a great amount of creative joy adrian kennedy thanks very much for bringing us that update on the beethoven year and can go in. we've stopped counting the number of times that jaws have collectively dropped over the antics of the current us president and as a bona fide reality t.v. star donald trump's hold on the public imagination is certainly larger than life american t.v. and cinema have a long tradition of portraying its highest office kevin spacey chilling turn in house of cards of course is just one example because tonight in moscow the present in t.v. in the movie is the american president can be anything you can be an action hero. with family kitchen he can be an ordinary guy gather together. he can even be a sheep there is that donovan new era when that and how i.
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wrote the house movie presidents have reflected our hopes and expectations for the real resident of the white house as well as our greatest nightmare. this american carnage stops right here and stops right now. the regional model for the saintly larger than life hollywood president was walter houston in d.w. griffith abraham lincoln all the people. not heard it from there. he said they. always presidents are the. born in the public imagination presidents from lincoln all the way down to john f. kennedy were statesman fighting for the good of their country. when the person then came nixon and watergate to any major. without fear of
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a hostile demonstration merit in the money lost confidence in their president they also lost over that. nixon's on screen legacy can be seen in everything from jack nicholson smarmy president and mars attacks to the conniving kevin spacey in house of cards in the end i don't care whether you love me or you hate me just as long as i win. it took a hollywood actor for the store america's space and its commander in chief. after ronald reagan movie presidents became action stars and the. morning. in the $99.00 deal that the president will be a superman. we celebrate. your tax t.v. has done a better job of depicting presidents who get politics martin sheen in the west wing was more popular than either of the real candidates for the 2004 election some
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argue dennis haysbert black president and 24 pave the way for barack obama so far however fictional female presidents have not inspired americans elect a woman to the white house. thank you very much thank you for economy of comedians to trump impressions but there's never been a film character anything like the current u.s. president perhaps trump as a reality t.v. star prepared america for his own reality t.v. presidency which in turn can inspire trump like presence on screen really created the sort of. all. movies. presidents who are. only interested. in the you soon to be. in government. but i don't know. thank you perhaps when it comes to donald trump truth really is stranger than fiction.
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well on now to a heady edition of our series 100 german must reads heavy because it sort of put your all factory glance through the ringer parts like sioux skins 985 debut perfume went on to become one of the best selling german novels off the last century well it's a page turning tale of murder and obsession and even if it's only words on a page it's sent. manure. rats sweats. rotting teeth. time travel isn't always as glamorous as it sounds. in republics you skins but perfume so if you want to pick 18th century paris you
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understand why the french of the world's biggest perfume industry. the main character is on but it is born in the stinkiest place of all a pilot fish guts. obviously is destined to make perfumes perfumes to die for literally he makes them out of people. for a moment he was so confused that he actually thought he had never in all his life seen anything so beautiful as this girl he meant of course he never smelled anything so beautiful her sweat smelled as fresh as the sea breeze the tallow of her hair as sweet as not oil her genitals were as fragrant as the bouquet of water lilies as apricots blossoms. canaries obsession with that scent turns him into a serial killer. oh yeah there's also a movie pretty. with dustin hoffman stick to the novel there's no arthur his capture the sense of smell as vividly as part of existence so if you want to smile
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with your eyes. this is the 1. 1 to put on your reading list for more on the website as always just go to g.w. dot com slash culture and with that it is time for me to sign off so stay safe until next time all the best.
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radical steps of america. were malicious want to take the law in. the recorder oliver song that talks to the what are they so angry about. what do they expect from the upcoming election that they really prepared. a report from on the ground. 30 minutes on d w. i was issued when i arrived here i slept with single people in a room. it was hard i was fair. i even got white hairs that.
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learning the german language not all of this gets me and they go but which may be in trouble let's say you want to know their story. gets hurt. fighting for a little information for margaret. and you you mean yes yes we need you in her last years german chancellor when you bring your uncle a man called as you've never heard her before surprised to so with what is possible who is medical really what moves them part of who talks to people who follows her along the way admirers and critics alike how is the world's most powerful woman shaping her legacy joining us from eccles law stops. we know this is very time for the coronavirus is changing the world changing our lives so please take care of yourself good distance wash your hands if you can
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stay at home we do w. for here for you we are working tirelessly to keep you with informed on over platforms and we're all in this studio run together and we're making sure. stay safe everybody stacey stacey stay safe increased use to say. if. there's a state of the news and these are our top stories german chancellor angela merkel is said to be considering a pared down nationwide lockdown in the battle against record coronavirus infections german media are talking of a lock down light enabling schools and workplaces to stay open bars and restaurants would have to.


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