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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 27, 2020 7:00am-7:16am CET

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i to do it except maybe add a day. by name of the name and i want to that. 2 this is the the view news live from for life in the us a new tough judge promises to defend the rule of law. do my job without any fear or favor and that i will do so independently of both the political branches and out of my own preferences jamie kone barrett sworn in as u.s.
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supreme court justice pro point been solidified as the court's conservative majority had president political victory. also on the show one month of fighting 3 failed ceasefires hundreds possibly thousands killed and still no sign of an end to the conflict between armenia and azerbaijan over the gorno karo block will go live to our correspondents on both sides of the border. also on the show tough new restrictions look likely in germany as new coping infections and one week from backless considering drastic measures to slow the spread of our troops. are brought in thomas thanks so much for joining us today you. president donald
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trump has hosted a white house event celebrating the confirmation of amy coney barrett to the supreme court just an hour earlier the senate approved her nomination by 52 votes to 48 for appointments see also 63 conservative majority in the country's top court . after a month in the spotlight she finally got to say these words. judge thank you connie barrett is heading to the u.s. supreme court. it's a privilege to be asked to serve my country and this office and i stand here tonight truly honored and humbled. president donald trump is on hand to celebrate one of his signature achievements locking in a conservative majority on the supreme court for many years to come. this is a momentous day for america for the united states constitution and for the
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fair and impartial rule of law. barack took an oath at the white house only in hour after the senate narrowly voted to secure the nomination order with only one republican not supporting the motion. democrats strongly opposed to the confirmation saying a supreme court justice shouldn't be appointed this close to an election let the record show. that tonight the republican senate majority decided to thwart the will of the people and confirm a lifetime appointment to the supreme court in the middle of the presidential election. opponents of carney barres nomination say it paves the way for conservative rulings on abortion rights health care and q. rights carnie barrett val that she will remain independent.
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the oath that i have soundly taken tonight means at its core that i will do my job without any fear or favor and that i will do so independently of both the political branches and of my own preferences. she'll take the 2nd offer to choose date at a private ceremony which will allow her to begin official duties on the court. let's get you up to date on some of the other stories making the news today more than 100000 people in california are under orders to evacuate as wildfires we close to urban areas there the blaze started in orange county south of los angeles and is threatening the city of irvine 3 firefighters and seriously injured battling the blazes which have yet to be contained. oblivion john judge has thrown out an arrest warrant for exiled former president from alice the decision
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enables him to return to bolivia without risking detention or also the socialist party swept back into power earlier this month when bolivians elected. as president . and belo rose workers and students joined nationwide strikes called by the opposition they walked out after a hard line leader alexander lukashenko ignored a deadline to step down the action targeted state factors. now the death toll is difficult to verify but russian president vladimir putin says some 5000 people have been killed in the ongoing fighting over nagorno caro bach john and armenia resumed hostilities in the largely frozen conflict one month ago today. 3 cease fires brokered by major powers of failed to hold each side accusing the other breaking the latest which was supposed to take effect monday morning and
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was backed by the united states and going okara bach is recognized internationally as azerbaijan's territory but has a mainly armenian population war between the 2 sides ended a cease fire in 1904 with armenia in full control of nagorno-karabakh and other surrounding on enclaves of azerbaijan territory. well covering this story for us aaron tilton in the armenian capital you're yvonne and you leon in azerbaijan good morning to both of you yulia one months of fighting now in the gun okoro box 3 collapsed cease fires no sign of progress at all what's what's the is very perspective on this conflict. well as a bit john has always been very quick to lay the blame on armenian forces that we saw once again with the new ceasefire just minutes off for a took effect who claim that some villages here on this side have been shelled and
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during the day we heard some heavy as every johnny artillery fighting so as we speak the clashes continue and there is no cease fire i have to though that we can't independently verify the claims coming from but who this country has been under martial law for the past few weeks there are strict censorship rules here the internet is being so down social media are being blocked there is a lot of propaganda and rule rhetoric around here the president appears regularly on t.v. sometimes wearing camouflage and he has insisted that his country has the right to reclaim its territory by fools by territory he means to go in a car about and the surrounding areas so as the fighting enters a 2nd month there is no sign of backing down here in azerbaijan aaron the armenians are accusing azerbaijan of violating delays laid
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a ceasefire brokered by the u.s. the armenian prime minister is also been very active communicating his country's position on social media can you tell us something about that. definitely prime minister nicole pasha took to social media yesterday late last night actually and as a surprise to no one declared that the ceasefire had patently failed and some other comments which she posted to facebook which i found quite interesting he actually expressed how little confidence his government had had in the cease fire efforts to begin with he said in advance he'd actually reached out to american diplomats and asked them to actually closely monitor the situation because as he put it he said armenia was going to blame azerbaijan azerbaijan was going to blame our media and that he needed international observers to be playing close attention to actually kind of functions like an arbiter of truth to actually express what is really going on in the conflict region and really at its core a kind of goes to show you how little confidence the armenian side actually had in this internationally money. monitored cease fire. you've been about 20
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kilometers close to the front lines you were on board to and as every city caught up in this conflict what did people there have to say to you. what barbara is still considered to be relatively safe and it's a place where people who are living right at the frontline in the villages there have fled to to seek safety so in bartow some schools have been turned into emergency shelters to how's these people and many people there have all vs leave been for a long they've lost their homes many people also have lost relatives or a loved one either at the front line because they've been fighting there or a soldier is more in their shelling but would review strikes me is despite everything people i spoke to really support this war and they are determined to continue they say they stand behind their leadership ship though so there is
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a striking absence here in the country of critical opinions when it comes to this war and the human cost of it. thanks so very much for that as for by john our until. the armenian capital thanks. thank you. to germany now or a doubling of coronavirus cases in just one week has chance for all america considering more drastic measures to contain the pandemic on wednesday or be holding an emergency meeting with the country's 16 city from years to discuss tougher restrictions they're likely to focus on orders to close bars and restaurants and restrict public go. german officials are worried about the latest numbers coming from the country's public health institute daily infections have reached new highs and there are more than 250 hotspots nationwide germany last weekend also exceeded the grim milestone of $10000.00 coronavirus deaths now these
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numbers have led chancellor merkel's conservative c.d.u. party to postpone a pivotal party conference the goal of the conference which was supposed to be held at the beginning of december was to appoint a new party leader who would then be in the running to become the conservative chancellor candidate in the 2021 election while her party debates the future the chancellor has continued to focus on the pandemic she has repeatedly told citizens to stay at home whenever possible and she did so again at the weekend. the isn't models we are not powerless against the virus our behavior decided to the extent to which in the speed at which the virus spreads and the order of the day for all of us is to reduce contact and meet far fewer people mention of. german officials recently announced new measures against the virus they include limiting private gatherings and wearing face masks on busy streets through music press for me it's
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obvious with the high numbers we have i myself had coronavirus and i know what i'm talking about we all have to protect each other now. we must ask does not stop air assaults you can talk about wearing them indoors but outside it's total rubbish. both on the streets and among politicians. there is a growing debate about germany's course of action as the country grapples with a serious 2nd wave of a coronavirus pandemic. now for some good news for space x. splurge on plans for a moon base nasa scientists say they found clear evidence that there's much more water on the lunar surface than previously thought new research indicates future explorers will not have to travel to the moon's polar icecaps in search of water. more water on the moon yes life no that's what nasa announced that he video press conference scientists there said they found more water on the moon than they
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ever thought before but they shut down the idea that that would mean the moon could harbor life. the discovery of more water on the moon was confirmed by technology from its flying lab the stratospheric observatory for infrared astronomy known also by its acronym sophia the scientists said that the deposits are at least partly the result of meteors that carried water and that crashed on the surface of the moon the impact to const rock to melt and form glass beads and trapping the water thus allowing it to survive on the moon's far surface more water bearing beads might also be buried deeper nasa also said that there is perhaps more water hidden in the form of ice patches located in permanent shadows of the moon one of the nasa scientists said that it's not a lot of water the amount is equal to $1300.00 milliliter bottle of water per cubic
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meter another said that the water doesn't mean that there could be life on the moon because you need more than water to ensure the conditions for life oh. well. however scientists did say that if they can eventually extract enough water from the moon it could eliminate the need to bring water on space missions water is very heavy and takes up a lot of room room that could be used for other purposes. we have some business we go football now on a monday night match here in germany with aus for playing at leverkusen that match was tied deep in the 2nd half but lukas a lhari 0 directed the ball into the net with this free kick for his 2nd goal of
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the game laver cruisin went on to a 31 win that kept them 4th in the bonus league of standings. this is the interview news live from berlin up next we have all the latest business news with chris colfer don't go away can always get more our website and our social media feeds i'm brian thomas thanks for being here. session for spectacular pictures. it's the passion for nature.
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it's their complete devotion that makes them the best while most for the 1st.


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