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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 27, 2020 9:00am-9:31am CET

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this is deja vu news live from berlin in the u.s. a new supreme court judge promises to defend the rule of law. my job without any here is perfect. and that i lived in independently of both the political branches and out of my contacts from. amy coney barrett is sworn in as
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a 9 supreme court justice or appointment solidifying the court's conservative majority and handing president trump a major victory. also on the show shells of freedom from the tally and protesting against the 2nd pandemic lock down demonstrations in turin and along ending in violence and clashes with the police the government's promising small businesses support to calm the unrest. and we take a look at the game changing discovery that could transform space travel nasa scientists confirm there's more water on the moon than anyone thought. our brian thomas good to have you with us today we begin this. program in the us
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where the confirmation of amy barrett to disapprove court has given america's top court a conservative majority for years to come the senate approved her nomination by 52 votes to 48 this appointment was strongly opposed by congressional democrats will have some analysis about the far reaching impact this could have after this report . after a month in the spotlight she finally got to say these words don't. judge me county barack is heading to the u.s. supreme court. it's a privilege to be asked to serve my country and this office and i stand here tonight truly honored and humbled. president donald trump is on hand to celebrate one of his signature achievements locking in a conservative majority on the supreme court for many years to come. this is
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a momentous day for america for the united states constitution and for the fair and impartial rule of law. barack took an oath at the white house only an hour after the senate narrowly voted to secure the nomination order with only one republican not supporting the motion. democrats strongly opposed to the confirmation saying a supreme court justice shouldn't be appointed this close to an election let the record show that tonight the republican senate majority decided to thwart the will of the people and confirm a lifetime appointment to disappear in court in the middle of a presidential election. opponents of carney bars nomination say it paves the way for conservative rulings on abortion rights health care and q. rights karni barrett. that she will remain independent.
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the oath that i have soundly taken tonight means at its core that i will do my job without any fear or favor and that i will do so independently of both the political branches and of my own preferences. she'll take the 2nd of her 2 son tuesday and a private ceremony which will allow her to begin the fish who do you tease on the court. let's get more on this key appointment now with boris foreman a professor of political science at bard college here in berlin good to see you again professor how much does amy coney baratz confirmation reshape this crucial in 6 to sion the u.s. supreme court i mean it is it is an important moment this is a 6 to 3 a conservative majority of the supreme court this is quite an imbalance this will
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shoot major issues and there are questions coming up just wrote the corner one of them being about the presidential election so this is certainly an important moment considering that this supreme court could rule on the presidential election if there's difficulties especially with the mail the mail count as something a lot of people are talking about do you see that as a possibility. well just just yesterday dia supreme court already rejected. the desire to extend the mail and ballots for wisconsin similar decisions are just coming up to vote in north korean and pelt pennsylvania so there is already an important debate going on and obviously people are thinking about 2000 the boat florida bush versus gore the supreme court decision to back george w. bush at the time and similar things might be coming up since this is a very content contentious election and the supreme court might have to step in
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that has a lot of people very concerned the country was of course bitterly divided over this nomination and the issues that the new supreme court justices set to rule on like public health care that's another issue coming up you mentioned the election could be won do you see barack putting her stamp on things from the very beginning beginning with for example health care. this is very contentious and the democrats have been emphasizing that 20 millions might be left uninsured if the affordable care act was to be ruled unconstitutional however i mean the supreme court has already ruled on it twice and has upheld its constitutionality so whether veritas actually going to tip the scale here is not entirely clear also one thing we shouldn't forget is that oftentimes conservative members of the supreme court think also of course if you're kavanagh we've also been heavily criticized do tend to
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become more liberal in the specific institutional context of the supreme court so this is something that might also happen with it because. the democrats have been saying one way to address some of the concerns you've stated is to expand the size of the court do you see them actually pushing that. well biden has been very hesitant on doing this and i think there is some danger in doing this because it would politicize an institution that is supposed to be bipartisan or impartial rather and so biden has rejected to come to any clear conclusion he said he would he would hold a panel of scholars to come up with a decision or a question i think that depends also a lot on the framing is this something that is done in order to rebalance the supreme court after the republicans contradictory process of self-contradictory process really of nominating and equally byrd so i think it depends on the framing
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i think a biden will try to do this only and if push comes to shove fessor boris warman from bard college thanks very much thanks. still to come on this program. in the end i don't care whether you love me or you hate me just as long as i win the president of the united states cannot travel abroad or to any major city without fear of a hostile demolition allan's to terrorists later. that morning. as. we celebrate our. just one week in 4 don't trump and joe biden face off at the polls we look at how american presidents both real and fictional have fared on the screen the most patriotic thing that we could all. but 1st there were protests across italy monday with demonstrations against a new round of government restrictions aimed at containing the coronavirus clashes
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broke out in cities including long naples and turin with riot police firing tear gas to disperse groups of violent demonstrators a number of luxury stores were ransacked the unrest comes after telling authorities ordered bars and restaurants to shut down at 6 pm and also closed theaters cinemas and gyms for a month let's get the latest now a journalist joining us from rome good day to sima can you give us an idea of the scope of these nationwide protests and and who's joining them. well just to give you an idea you had protests in the north in milan and in to in but he also had them as far south as nichols in palermo and here in rome as well basically he's a business owners all of the effect it pieces that have been ordered closed or shut and they're out on the street saying that we are suffering and you can't close us down now some of these protests unfortunately turn violent as you mentioned where
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there were clashes between the protesters and the security forces ensuring for example north it started out peaceful but then they smashed shop windows they set they set small bombs and reports that the violence was triggered by these are violent soccer fans of football fans in the town and several people at least some dozen also were detained in milan people threw stones and bottles at the regional government quarters and equal what detained there is well known the prime minister had said he understood the fatigue anger and social inequality that has come about as a result of these. restrictions but he says that there is a risk that these protests are being hijacked by extremists. what's your assessment do you think that these protests are going to continue or was this a one off day of unrest. well the truth of the matter is that
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a lot of the groups that have organized the demonstrations you know for peaceful purposes are planning to continue their protest because they say they are really frustrated a lot of the businesses that have been shot they say they haven't had access to the compensation even before some of them they also say for instance restaurants most people in italy don't dine out before 730 and if the restaurants us chart at 6 it wipes out any revenues that they can earn that have already been reduced as a result of the lockdown earlier this year so really the government has said they're going to publish compensation packages for the businesses affected some 4.5 to 5000000000 euros today so we'll have to see whether that's going to be enough but the are planning already more protest in the days to come and see me what about the spike in crime iris cases that that sparked a new law down our new infections still rising in italy and are they regional well
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here in the last 24 hours there has been a drop in the number of new infections but that's also because there have been fewer tests of swabs carried out but if you look at the trend in the last few weeks since the 8th of october the daily infection tally has increased 5 fold and on sunday we saw more than 21000 daily new infections in the i.c.u. the the intensive care unit missions have tripled in the last 3 weeks so there is cause for concern and the world health organization consultant to the italian health ministry has said very clearly that the steps put in place are in the right direction in terms of the measures but they are not sufficient because in certain areas of the country the spread of the virus is out of control similar gupta for us in rome thanks very much for lots of march. and with coronavirus cases rising in spain doctors there are staging a strike over a law approved
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a month ago that some call an attack on the health professions the strike is the latest in a series of walkouts over working conditions as coronavirus cases in that country mount health care workers have taken to the streets dressed in scrubs and chanting anough in central barcelona for example spain announced the state of emergency on saturday as the number of confirmed corona virus infections rose to more than a 1000000. so let's find out what's behind these protests with our correspondent philip schultz joining us from madrid good morning to philip what exactly are spanish doctors and health care workers calling for rather than fighting for 2 things basically more generally they're fighting for better working conditions especially now during the time on demi they have to work and less hours of. really horrible working conditions but more from crete mean they are fighting
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against the decree that all that they've got them and then the reaction should be grown up by this place and this decree to say that from now on non-special non-specialist doctors can be hired for specialist work that nurses can take over a lot of jobs that usually doctors do and so a lot of medical doctors say that this was for the destroy the spanish focus system . on stop protesting and to the government now it's moshi and you mentioned unfolds a lot of doctors and other professionals are working overtime in hospitals right now how overwhelmed are health care workers in spain at the moment. well the system hasn't collapsed yet as it did in many parts of spain at the beginning of the year during the 1st wave a lot of lip service here but. in the coming weeks the basic problem is that there have been a lot of crap in the health system in the past years and so that's just some was
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already at its limits before that fund them extended and there has been very little that the government has done in the past year just drenched in the system i received a message from a medical doctor at the university hospital in southern spain some days ago and it was really a cry for help she said that intensive care unit directed me to link up and that she is very very worried about the situation and can you fill some in on the latest corona virus infection rates where they're headed what is the situation in spain right now. doesn't look very good numbers are still rising and prime minister sanchez has warned the spanish citizens and they are very difficult to meet that's actually in some cities and we're looking at infection rates of more than 1000 cases 100000 inhabitants which is
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really. the highest number in all of europe and what is even more worrisome is hospital admissions. rising in some cities for example in the south and regions in spain almost 2 thirds of all intensive. beds by corona patients so everybody is looking now at the stricter measures that the government has put in place this week and how they were that's like the situation. thanks so much for that from madrid today. and stepping up to date on some of the other developments in the trunk virus pandemic the heads of germany's 16 federal states will be meeting tomorrow to discuss stricter measures for germany in just a week infections have doubled cross the country and intensive care workers are warning of staff shortages. several studies have shown immunity to the corona virus
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weakens rapidly including recent research that included more than $350000.00 people in england and doctors in syria are warning of a coded catastrophe they say the disease is spreading unchecked across overcrowded refugee camps in the north of the country stock markets in europe and the u.s. in asia are seeing a sharp drop following reports of daily records for infections in multiple countries or workers and students in bellerose have gone on strike to press their demands for democratic reforms and the resignation of hardline leader alexander lukashenko the strike raises the pressure on the go who claim to have won a disputed election in august thousands of people been taking to the streets every weekend since then to demand that he step down. thousands of students took to the streets early on monday in front of the b.l.o. russi and state university in minsk day one of the opposition's new call for a general strike i don't want to live in fear says this sign protestors feel
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intimidated by the oman riot police who made numerous arrests. many workers in state owned enterprises joined the general strike images from the tractor factory and a plant for special vehicles. joined us they chanted to their colleagues much of the machinery stopped running thousands of people gathered again on the streets of minsk on monday afternoon flying the flag of the opposition. on her web site opposition leaders yet planets eco scalia called on workers to fight for a peaceful future. she witnessed you doing it but. this is just the start of a general strike that will continue of this i am certain every one of us must now decide for themselves how much responsibility they want to take on. living in this little was a. russian state television interviewed public enterprise workers who are not taking
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part in the strength of that we must feed our families send this man on his way to work rather than to the picket line this year here's a look at some of the other stories making the news at this hour armenia and azerbaijan are accusing each other of violating the latest ceasefire in nagorno-karabakh the 2 former soviet republics have been engaged in a flare up over the disputed south caucasus region for more than a month now scores of civilians have been killed many a flood. a bomb that is ripped through an islamic seminary in northwestern pakistan killing at least 7 students and wounding dozens of others police say the blast went off during a visit by a prominent religious scholar no group has claimed responsibility. oblivion judge has thrown out an arrest warrant for exiled former president if i'm at allas the decision enables him to return to bolivia without risking arrest or
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all socialist party swept back into power earlier this month when libyans elected luis arca as president. hurricane zeta has made landfall on mexico's yucatan peninsula battering the coast with winds of up to 130 kilometers per hour forecasters say the storm's likely to regroup and move towards the u.s. gulf coast later this week it is the 27th storm in the stork hurricane season. now for some good news for all those dreaming about one day setting up camp on the moon nasa scientists say they found clear evidence that there's more water on the lunar surface than anyone previously suspected new research suggests that future explorers would have to venture to the moon's polar regions in search of water. more water on the moon yes life no that's what nasa announced that
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a video press conference scientists there said they found more water on the moon than they ever thought before but they shot down the idea that that would mean the moon could harbor life. the discovery of more water on the moon was confirmed by technology from its flying lab the stratospheric observatory for infrared astronomy known also by its acronym sophia the scientists said that the deposits are at least partly the result of meteors that carried water and that crashed on the surface of the moon the impact caused rock to melt and form glass beads and trapping the water thus allowing it to survive on the moon are surface more water bearing beads might also be buried deeper nasa also said that there is perhaps more water hidden in the form of ice patches located in permanent shadows of the moon one of the nasa scientists said that it's not
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a lot of water the amount is equal to $1300.00 milliliter bottle of water per cubic meter another said that the water doesn't mean that there could be life on the moon because you need more than water to ensure the conditions for life low. or. will be cool or. what will. however scientists did say that if they can eventually extract enough water from the moon it could eliminate the need to bring water on space missions water is very heavy and takes up a lot of room room that could be used for other purposes. as americans prepare for election day in. about a week how presidents are portrayed in cinema and on t.v. is in focus in the us early presidents especially abraham lincoln receiving the
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most positive portrayal but it's the fictional presidents who may say more about what americans really think about their contemporary leaders because tonight in moscow the present in t.v. in the movie is the american president can be anything he can be an action hero. a family kitchen he can be an ordinary guy gather together. he can even be a sheetz there is that dawn of a new era the one that. brought the house movie presence have reflected our hopes and expectations for the real resident of the white house who originally model for the saintly larger than life hollywood president was walter houston in d.w. griffith abraham lincoln hall of the people. shall not perish from there. he sets a goal always president salva seems
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a little. forward in the public imagination presidents from lincoln all the way down to john f. kennedy were statesman fighting for the good of their country. when the president then came nixon and watergate to any major show you know without fear of a hostile demonstration merit in the home a lot of confidence in their president they also lost confidence in their nixon's on screen legacy can be seen in everything from jack nicholson smarmy president and mars attacks to conniving kevin spacey in house of cards in the end i don't care whether you love me or you hate me just as long as i win. it took a hollywood actor we store america's faith in its commander in chief. after ronald reagan movie presidents became action stars and. good morning.
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in the $99.00 d. is that the president will be a simple man. we celebrate. your tax t.v. has done a better job of depicting presidents who get politics to martin sheen in the west wing was more popular than either of the real candidates for the 2004 election some argue dennis haysbert is black president and 24 pave the way for barack obama so far however fictional female presidents have not inspired americans elect a woman to the white house. thank you for economy of comedians to trump impressions but there's never been a film character anything like the current u.s. president perhaps trump as a reality t.v. star prepared america for his own reality t.v. presidency which in turn can inspire trump like presence on screen really to create a sort of. all. movies. presidents who are
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unscrupulous. only interested. nor is. the you soon going to be. in government. but i don't know. thank you very much i think perhaps when it comes to donald trump truth really is stranger than fiction. under now of our top stories at this hour aimee tony has been sworn in as u.s. supreme court justice just an hour after the senate voted to confirm her nomination for installation seals a conservative majority on the court and past president trump a major went just days before the presidential election. and demonstrators turned out across italy monday protesting against a new round of coronavirus restrictions rallies in toronto and long ending in violence and clashes with police and governments promising small businesses support
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. this is. the lead up next as close up with a look at the far right in the us i'm brian thomas with the entire team don't forget you can always go to our website website and thanks for.
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the. radical steps of america. where militias just want to take the law and. order oliver summit talks to the people what are they so angry about. what to expect from the upcoming elections are they really prepared. a report from on the
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ground. close up. on d w. economy smuggling the best health care system in the wound and the even more and to find a man. on the presidential election. how are americans assessing the situation what do they hope to gain from election. from america. in 45 minutes on don't. we know this is a scary time for the coronavirus is changing the world changing. so
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please take care of yourself good systems wash your hands if you can date at how we're doing we're human for here for we're working tirelessly to keep you informed on all of our platforms. we're only in this is getting one together and we're making sure you. stay safe everybody. stay safe stay safe the priest is facing. these are tumultuous times in the u.s. the country has been shaken by protests sparked by the death of george floyd a black man who died while being arrested by a lot of police officer during. the demonstrations are the largest seen in decades protesters are demanding an end to
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police brutality and racism. it's almost like police officers have been.


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