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tv   Global 3000  Deutsche Welle  October 27, 2020 11:00am-11:30am CET

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it. this is the w. news live from berlin protests are flaring up across italy after authorities introduced tougher coronavirus restrictions. freedom as a demonstration in turin and in other cities peaceful protests ended in violence and clashes with police the government is now promising support for small businesses to calm the unrest also coming up tonight john without any fear. that i would not independently close the
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political branches and might not have. any county barretts is sworn into the u.s. supreme court a boost for the court's conservative majority and a political victory for president trump. i would take a look at what's being called they've gained changing discovery that's put transform space travel nasa scientists come from there's more water on the moon than anyone previously thought. i'm down to earth as welcome to the program italy has been hit by a wave of protests against a new round of government restrictions and containing the coronavirus clashes broke out in milan serene and several other cities monday evening the unrest comes after italian a thought. has ordered bars and restaurants to shots at 6 pm and closed theaters
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cinemas and gyms for a months prime minister says that the conti is now promising new financial aid to try and calm the tensions. here. it began as an angry protest they chanted for freedom in turin. but it quickly descended into a violent game of cat and mouse local media reports the group was made up of hardcore football fans nor as ultras riot police fired tear gas and water cannon to send them home. designer shops were targeted too and milan police clashed with protesters tear gas and pyrotechnics and plentiful supply several arrests were made as the caribbean yairi try to restore order to the city's otherwise quiet street the unrest was ignited by new rules force in the country's hospitality industry to close its doors at 6 pm how marble italy's late night
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dining culture has restaurant owners locked up many feared this could be the beginning of the end. but. there is one chip its body that. have disappeared and lunch time is images well with 75 percent of the employees working from home. in fact we're done with this job i mean i don't think we're going to close in a week you know here to get 51 of those who are getting. in a room industry workers pulled their supplies are we in protest. that they don't know what you're seeing here is just a part of our supplies that we've had to throw away and sacrifice we've already paid for it instead of 7 it's our customers are strange we're forced to throw on the ground and as we've already done in the past. the peaceful gathering in sharp contrast to scenes elsewhere. as italy tightens restrictions the sense of anxiety
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here every bit is strong. she's a journalist in milan so there can you give us an idea of the scope of these protests and why they got so violent well 1st of all we have to understand that these protests have been going on for a few days now. in naples especially they have been the head of the region the government region and it's been a look at been very straight with measure and that's where the protests started and then this crowd around italy from rome to palermo and all milan and sure hundreds of people are going to the streets to demonstrate against this new measures that are very strict some of them stricter in europe to be honest and. at the same time we have peaceful demonstrators demonstrators who are to take in the 3 to demonstrate against the fact that if they have to close at 6 pm from for example
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restaurant owner or bar owners but at the same time we have people that take advantage of this situation. what's driving it looks like a rather broad opposition to the new restrictions what's driving that was the main force behind it well media and the government as well are trying to understand who are these people that are actually demonstrating violently and in the streets and there has been rumors that you know there are people from the extremist right wing where x. from it's from the left wing but at the same time many say they're wholly guns are taking the streets to to process taking advantage of some people that are actually demonstrating because the rules are very strict at the moment that the main reason why people are going straight thing is the 6 pm will for which people cannot go to bars or restaurants after 6 pm so what's the role of our situation right now on new
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infections still rising so well. they are they are and it's hard to see it from a person point of view especially because milan is becoming one of the the biggest head at the center of the coronavirus we have around 20000 cases positive cases a day and more than 150 deaths every day i see you are getting full again and hospitals are going full again we can hear and see it's going on and on the whole day but this was not unexpected we knew that a 2nd wave was coming we knew we could see it from from countries around us we could see france and spain in the u.k. so this is why people are angry make mainly because concert tracing is not working hospital are not ready for this situation and we had months to prepare for it so you have a car to go on the 2 or 3 situation in italy thank you thank you. well
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some people who fall sick from a corona virus infection end up suffering so-called long cove it months after becoming infected these patients still suffer from shortness of breath for teeth and a range of other debilitating symptoms it's not known for sure how many coronavirus cases end up with long covert but it can affect people of all ages d.w. visited 129 year old woman who is still struggling with major health problems. for valerie geason a short walk around the neighborhood is a challenge in itself she has to have a rest every now and again. it's 7 months since the 29 year old contract that the coronavirus but she's still constantly exhausted. parts of it . and the most tiring thing i've done today i can feel my heart pounding and i have to breathe more deeply than most it's crazy just walking round the block is
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a big deal like a champions league game since league one of the never got tested at the time because there were limited facilities but a medical examination later confirmed that she had been infected by the corona virus she has never doubted that for a 2nd. and it's as if my health had fallen off the cliff i just felt completely exhausted imagine having really bad humor and then double that i have never felt so ill. after being seriously ill for 2 weeks valerie was back to normal fit and full of energy during the summer she even cycled from copenhagen to berlin but a month later she started feeling worse again. and feels like a different time as a kid i can't ride a bike anymore i can't even go shopping on my own cotton mouth that only used to live and work in copenhagen now she has moved back in with her parents in berlin and is being treated by several different doctors she's been given
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a diagnosis of post covert fatigue syndrome but in the sense i mean i need to have a lie down in the afternoon and i often fall asleep during the day as well as even the thought of getting on the train to go and meet someone having a talk and getting the train back it's just too much. melody can't work and isn't sickly she chats online to other people who've gone through the same experience they all want to know how much longer it will go on the world health organization says that even for young people like vandar the covert 900 symptoms can linger or recur for months after an initial recovery she finds a support group a big help this then gets them into like a comforting routine for me in the even ng talking to others in the same position and then they miss the good news from this i don't feel so alone and i tried to take an optimistic view on also want us all to miss the financials in one of the
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it's getting a little better each day and her hope is that people will continue to take over 1000 series lee. have a look now at some of the other developments in the global coronavirus pandemic the heads of germany's 16 states needs tomorrow to discuss stricter measures and just one week infections have doubled across the country and intensive care workers are warning of staff shortages several studies have shown immunity to the corona virus weakens rapidly including recent research that followed more than $350000.00 people in england doctors in syria are warning of a covert 19 catastrophe the they say they disease is spreading unchecked across overcrowded refugee camps in the north of the country and stock markets in europe the u.s. and asia are seeing shop drops following reports of daily records for new corona virus infections in multiple countries. here are some of the other stories making headlines around the world today i mean azerbaijan hughes each other of violating
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another cease fire in the going across the region shortly after it went into effect monday the 2 former soviet republics have been engaged in the flare up over the disputed south caucasus region for more than a month scores of civilians have been killed and many have fled. vietnam has begun evacuating more than half a 1000000 people along the country's central coast as a powerful tropical storm approaches forecasters say typhoon malarky will make landfall wednesday causing strong winds and waves of up to 10 meters the storm has already caused major damage in the philippines. with one week left before the u.s. election many states are seeing a surge in early voting maryland is among those that has open polling stations for people to cast their ballots or drop off their absentee votes more than 60000000 americans have already voted amid fears over polling during the pandemic.
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staying in the u.s. the confirmation of amy coney berets to the supreme court has given america's top court a conservative majority for years the senate approved her nomination by 52 votes to 48 or appointment was strongly opposed by congressional democrats. after a month in the spotlight she finally got to say these words. judge me i need barack he's heading to the u.s. supreme court. it's a privilege to be asked to serve my country and this office and i stand here tonight truly honored and humbled. president donald trump is on hand to celebrate one of his signature achievements locking in a conservative majority on the supreme court for many years to come. this is a momentous day for america for the united states constitution and for the
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fair and impartial rule of law. barack took an oath at the white house only an hour after the senate narrowly voted to secure the nomination order with only one republican not supporting the motion. democrats strongly opposed to the confirmation saying a supreme court justice shouldn't be appointed this close to an election let the record show. that tonight the republican senate majority decided to thwart the will of the people and confirm a lifetime appointment to the supreme court in the middle of the presidential election. opponents of carney barrett's nomination say it paves the way for conservative rulings on abortion rights health care and l. g.b.t. i.q. rights carney parent val that she will remain independent. the oath that i have found in lee taken tonight means at its core that i will do my
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job without any fear or favor and that i will do so independently of both the political branches and of my own preferences. she'll take the 2nd of her 2 son choose date and a private ceremony which will allow her to begin official duties on the court. turning those boards form on a professor of political science at bard college here in berlin professor foreman how does any kind of barrett's confirmation of reshape the supreme court and why is everyone so concerned about it. well as as we just heard i mean this is creating a conservative majority of 6 to 3 on the supreme court which is the highest court in the u.s. which has to decide to most important cases really and to to prove whether a certain case is constitutional or not and there are many cases coming up right now not least of course the presidential election itself might produce new types of
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cases and so this is a contention a contentious issue. but you mentioned the election day which is only a week from today how could the newly configured court have an influence that. well there's already been debates just yesterday there was a decision by the supreme court during the the nomination and appointment of him because he bird that wisconsin was not allowed to extend its a 1000000 ballots deadline and similar decisions are coming up for pennsylvania and for north carolina important swing states also so the supreme court already does have an influence and obviously something might happen that happened in 2000 everyone remembers bush versus gore at the time which was decided by the supreme court in favor of george w. bush making him the president and since this is a very contentious election coming up similar instances might might come about him supreme court might have a very important role to play ultimately what role would that be that the supreme
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court would have to play in and what what what's the likely scenario playing out that well if election outcomes in the individual states are contended might be that the supreme court might have to take a decision oftentimes it does so without actually having to reason about its own decision so it's clear $6.00 to $3.00 majority might well lean in favor of trump we don't know this yet it's a put possibility. well the issue of health care is also coming before the called early next month could that be a way for bad to put a stamp on things from the very beginning. sure i mean this has been perhaps the most important policy item that people have been discussing with view to the nomination of of in the connie barrett as she has criticised at that such of the time in 2012 justice john roberts for her his decision to hold it hold the affordable care act constitutional however i think what we've also seen for example
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with brett kavanaugh ordeal of course which the other trumped nominees to the supreme court is that sometimes conservative judges tend to become more liberal over time once they are in the institution of the supreme court so i think it's it's we haven't there's no final conclusion but how does these decisions might go yet. professor boyce foreman from bad college here in berlin thank you very much for joining us on the w. news in the u.s. indeed i mean you still to come. in the end i don't care whether you love me or hate me just as long as i win to be just one week before donald trump and joe biden face off at the polls we look at how american presidents both real and fictional a fad on screen. but 1st workers and students a better road have gone on strike to press their demands for democratic reforms and the resignation of president alexander lukashenko the strike raises the pressure on
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looker sankoh who claim to have won a disputed election in august thousands of people have been taking to the streets every weekend since to demand he step down. thousands of students took to the streets early on monday in front of the state university in minsk day one of the opposition's new call for a general strike i don't want to live in fear says this sign protestors feel intimidated by the oman riot police who made numerous arrests. many workers in state owned enterprises joined the general strike images from the tractor factory and a plant for special vehicles. join us they chanted to their colleagues much of the machinery stopped running thousands of people gathered again on the streets of minsk on monday afternoon flying the flag of the opposition. on her website opposition leaders he. called on workers to fight for
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a peaceful future where she witnessed. this is just the start of a general strike that will continue of this i am certain every one of us must now decide for themselves how much responsibility they want to take on. living at this little was a. russian state television interview public enterprise workers who are not taking part of the strength of that we must feed our families send this man on his way to work rather than to the picket line as you. scientists from nasa say they found clear evidence that there's more water on the lunar surface than anyone previously suspected new research suggests that future explorers won't have to venture to the moon's polar regions in search of life sustaining water. more water on the moon yes life no that's what nasa announced that he video press
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conference scientists there said they found more water on the moon than they ever thought before but they shut down the idea that that would mean the moon could harbor life. the discovery of more water on the moon was confirmed by technology from its flying lab the stratospheric observatory for infrared astronomy known also by its acronym sophia the scientists said that the deposits are at least partly the result of meteors that carried water and that crashed on the surface of the moon the impact caused rock to melt and form glass beads and trapping the water thus allowing it to survive on the moon's harsh surface more water bearing beads might also be buried deeper nasa also said that there is perhaps more water hidden in the form of ice patches located in permanent shadows of the moon one of the nasa scientists said that it's not a lot of water the amount is equal to $1300.00 milliliter bottle of water per cubic
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meter another said that the water doesn't mean that there could be life on the moon because you need more than water to ensure the conditions for life oh. well. what will. however scientists did say that if they can eventually extract enough water from the moon it could eliminate the need to bring water on space missions water is very heavy and takes up a lot of room room that could be used for other purposes. and we stopped counting the number of times that tolls have dropped over the antics of the current us presidents and as a bona fide a reality t.v. star donald trump's hold on the public imagination is certainly
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a loss of the life american t.v. and cinema have a long tradition of portraying its highest office spaces chilling time and house of . is just one example because tonight in moscow the president t.v. in the movie just the american president can be anything he can be an action hero. the family kitchen he could be an ordinary guy either together i was he can even be a she there is that donovan new era going out at her. throat the house movie presidents have reflected our hopes and expectations for the real resident of the white house who originally model for the saintly larger than life hollywood president was walter houston and d.w. griffith abraham lincoln all the people. heard it from there. he sets a goal always president's office even. in
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the public imagination presidents from lincoln all the way down to john f. kennedy were statesman fighting for the good of their country. when the president then came nixon and watergate to any major city without fear of a hostile demonstration marriage family lost confidence in their president they also lost confidence in their government nixon's on screen legacy can be seen in everything from jack nicholson smarmy president and mars attacks to conniving kevin spacey in house of cards in the end i don't care whether you love me or you hate me just as long as i win. it took a hollywood actor to store america's faith in its commander in chief. after ronald reagan movie presidents became action stars and the. good morning.
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in the $99.00 deal that the president will be a symbol that. we celebrate. your taxes t.v. has done a better job of depicting presidents who get politics to martin sheen in the west wing was more popular than either of the real candidates for the 2004 election some argue dennis haysbert black president and 24 pave the way for barack obama so far however fictional female presidents have not inspired americans elect the woman to the white house. thank you for clemmie of comedians to trump impressions but there's never been a film character anything like the current u.s. president perhaps trump as a reality t.v. star prepared america for his own reality t.v. presidency which in turn can inspire trump like presence on screen or even really create the sort of. all. movies. presidents
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who are unscrupulous. only interested. nor is. the you soon to be. in government. but. i don't know. i'm perhaps when it comes to donald trump truth really is stranger than fiction. i'm. bundestag a football now and a monday night national in germany with out spoke laying out live of course the match was tied deep into the 2nd half. wrecked it the ball into the net with this free kick for his 2nd goal of the game to scoring their 74th minute live accusing went on to a well deserved 31 win that kept them 4th in the bundesliga standing side.
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a moment of the top stories we're following for you demonstrators turned out across italy on monday protesting against a new round of coronavirus restrictions and. ended in violence and clashes with police the government from as it small businesses support to calm the unrest. and claiming kone berets has been sworn in as u.s. supreme court justice just an hour after the senate voted to come from nomination records installation seals the conservative majority on the panel and hands president trump a big win just days before the country's presidential election. coverage you can always go to the news on the go just download our up from google player from the app store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for breaking news and if you have to be part of a news story you can also use. to send us your photos and videos of course.
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that's it for me or the news team phenolic stop all the latest business headlines with chris colfer the news that that's all coming out of us in berlin from the other news and thanks will.
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because. every male c.e.o. dorman wife alcoa after the revered i mean the my old blues are now months without him when. i'm in the n.f.c. by i am steamroll i'm tough time for you and i live in dosti shit same you play this legal recreational kick off to a 60 next. why
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are people forced to hide in trucks. the back there are many self esteem. and there are many cancers. play. and there are many stories. make up your own. job made for minds. how does a virus spread. why do we panic and when we'll all miss. just 3 of the topics covered and the weekly radio show is called spectrum if you would
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like any information on the coronavirus or any other science topic you should really check out our talk cast you can get it wherever you get your podcast you can also find us at dean w dot com and slash science. and i.p.o. even war freeing the oil rich salts chinese take power house and group is vying for investors cashing in what's always to be a record breaking markets also coming up turkey calls for a sweeping for total french goods escalating standoff between the 2 countries too.


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