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tv   Kulturzeit  Deutsche Welle  October 27, 2020 7:30pm-8:01pm CET

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he should say you bring this league around. the 60. 5 and on demand. video and audio. media sector. this is news africa coming up on the program killings on a crackdown on the opposition. groups for presidential elections on wednesday so what is the 1st 6 me election does your position have a chance we'll hear more from our reporter also coming up. fast this movement in south africa is accusing foreign nationals in their country
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of committing crimes and taking. on the ones. i. welcome to the program tensions are rising in tanzania ahead of wednesday's parliamentary and presidential elections in major opposition party is accusing police of shooting dead at least 9 people in the island region of the head of the poll the un has called on all political leaders to refrain from violence president is seeking the 2nd 5 year term his party a child much. or c.c.m. has held power for decades his time in office has seen rapid economic growth but also down on the opposition. on political dissent. rallying his
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supporters before the election incumbent john michael fully is running on an economy that until recently was growing fast but i ask you my fellow tanzanians to vote for me on the 28th i want to bring new changes to tanzania you were all witnesses that in my 1st term in power i have brought a lot of changes to this country. but economic record has taken a hit from the coronavirus pandemic critics say the government has covered up tanzania's outbreak maggie fully said the country had conquered the virus through prayer the government stopped updating its infection numbers earlier this year the opposition says that's part of a trend of suppressing bad news and press freedoms and brutalizing rival political parties. todo list who heads a coalition of opposition groups he spent 3 years in exile after an assassination
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attempt he claims the government is ratcheting up its crackdown on rival groups. the kind of violence that we we see we're beginning to see. is is is is different this time i. mean is is cat and there won't be violence because in a free and fair election fair and square. voters see the 2 sides in starkly different terms secretes didn't. know the roads well we see if you can guess if you did it we don't see it anything you can just. go in receipt. something we are here because we are patriots and because we are tired of the oppression that is happening in our country. our country has a lot of resources which could make it rich but unfortunately our leaders have
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a lost for power and are denying us that it was telling that. the government has limited the ability of international media to cover the election and tonight accreditation to international election observers that's cast further doubt over whether the poll will be free and fair for. us and we'll who is covering the election he starts by telling us more about the alleged killings by the police on what that means for the election. so there have been such allegations insensible because there are no position of supporters to vote today but it's not the date heard today as i said it's only for the for the special groups in zanzibar so but i've had to interview is. together with the police officers police officers in the towns about and they have
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denied such allegations but they have said that they have been some confrontations with the police because some people were insisting to go in for today so there have been some confrontations but the police have denied such allegations but of course when you talk with the opposition party that basically was a window they emphasize that some people have been kid and the opposition leaders have also been arrested by the police ok there seems to always be some confrontations there in that country the president has been accused of crushing dissent and abusing his power what exactly is going on. so there have been allegations from various international bodies towards tanzania that the current president is abusing his power i mean we have heard this from from the reporters without borders complaining about the situation of journalists we have
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had recently that the government wanted their local media to get special interests in order to get connected to the international media so we have also heard that. some people have in of last current the current opposition presidential candidate for example to do this so was short almost 16 times so all they have been quite some situations where by international communities of all is said that the current regime itself will retire and that of course with the current region very jim has been denying such allegations and for example with a case of too little being short several times ok these are some of these are some of the issues which investigations according to the government that investigations are still going on so let's now let's talk about the d.d.a.
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itself what are the main issues people are voting on. so there are some people for example who who are voting for like new regime so they want changes . has been in power since independence and even before this here they're pretty says i was called tan so this has been a party which was in power which has been in power for so many years since the lipans so there are some people who want change they want to see what their opposition can do when they when they get their chance to rule the country so this is on the one hand the people who would support their position whether the other side there will be there are some people who who see that the incumbent president has done a lot so when you look at infrastructure projects that have been quite some projects including their current. project standard gauge railway they have been
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the president has been reviving the national carrier in syria so these are some of the people who would wish that the incumbent president continue so that he can finish what he started away are those exactly ok you know you were brought up as an william thanks for the time thanks. let's now take a look at some other stories making news across the continent after post-election violence in guinea killed nearly 2 to 2 dozen people international voice of mediating the crisis of edge the west african government left the blockade of the home of the main opposition leader. who disputes the 18th and i suppose that have set the stage for that of president. in mozambique thousands of displaced people have arrived in the port town of pemba the country's northernmost province of kabul delgado the gas rich region has been under attack by extremist
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groups for the past 3 s. the u.n. estimates that more than 300000 people have fled their homes as a result of the insurgency. from a member of the central african republic p.q. 5 groups are symbolic to leave handed over weapons in the capital city to. this launches the feather fees of the community violence production program that by the united nations mission in the country. now. against foreign nationals in south africa have become quite common. the governmental action plan to combat that last year very little has been achieved so far and now a movement calling itself put south africa fast as vowed to ensure that none south africans leave the country and that those who remain are denied all livelihood opportunities the group is accusing foreign nationals of committing crime taking
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their jobs and even making the cities dirty. has more from johannesburg was. i was right and employment hand going on west and 19 has left. in south africa being accused off or kinds of i think citizens. and there is not their victims of the constant terms of violence dozens have had their shots looked at the west violence in 2018 more than 60 people killed in that year. the recent imagines of a group calling itself put south africa 1st has knocked many for the nationalist scared that of most aggressive wave of xenophobic violence could erupt this group. made after a different community organizations is home to protest demonstrations and protests
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across the country asking for the nationals to pick and live should understand the position of citizens when they see as. much or 2 of the foreign nationals in the country the bad people one percent is good the rest they need to go back to human rights watch dogs are taking the government to spin to attend to the concerns of the groups such as put some of the 1st before things get out of control reactivity worried that this is now going to you know break out into again the same type of xenophobic finding 6 b.c. over and over that they connect 2008 last year you know so and you know unfortunately what the difference between now and before is that it's becoming organized south african authorities say though this moved to the fruits of the 1st movement once they have started east memorandum of demands young south african into america our recently lost and don't. she insists that only
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a handful of for the nationals should be allowed to enter the country and aspect conditions where they are shit they must police constables because the skills that they operate gives them to me and so few kids could prove that but for 53 year old ibrahim well how many this is an extinct lot of development you could go to the 2008 xenophobic violence in south africa these current punin beating show was noted and one of these brothers killed it simply. because so many studies look like you guys are like you boss you know probably our culture got this story since it was a little bit better get it done to. him while he made money to his dad his life again and he is now with the problem or not off the bat him the pope in a coffee shop in mayfair to han's make. that's it for now for more stories
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you can check out d.w. dot com slash africa oh you can go to our facebook and twitter pages by for now but see you soon. it's the upset for spectacular pictures. it's their passion for nature. it's their complete devotion. while my photographer is in the wild. estimating.
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confrontational and. 5 adventures. one goal. the preservation of our planet. is not a sinister pardon treason set in kansas anymore. it's us that's survived asan. passion for starts november 6th on g.w. . and. hello and welcome to our culture an exhibition by south african artists and filmmaker william cantrip is always an event will get the lowdown on a major show that's just opened in hamburg and also in the pipeline. pulitzer prize winning author i yacht avatar's latest book cold land elegies blends fact and
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fiction in the searing commentary on the existential crisis of being american today . well encounter it is one of the world's most important visual artists working today he uses multiple media and is well known as a theater and proto rector but drawing is always his starting point his way of thinking aloud and as a white south african a way of reckoning with his country's painful past history which is why it's now the focus all of the retrospective why should i hesitate putting drawings to work. magical films between disintegration and creation. it all begins with a simple charcoal line. drawing is of the essence for the multi-disciplinary artist william cantrip. an exhibition in hamburg station gives an overview of
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the south african artists graphic works. also one displays some of the famous films created from his strong. point. he brings into a perhaps cold medion films something handmade and warm this is aside from the topics he addresses which have to do with apartheid and with this rather brutal industrialization found around johannesburg. again and again the works return to exploitation racism and violence against black people. pics that cantered has been familiar with since childhood. his lawyer father represented victims of
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a party to it his mother also fought for human rights. but that hasn't resulted in kendrick feeling obliged to see himself as a political artist this works or rarely as an embed u.s. as with this refugee boat it's the ambiguous sometimes and it magic that makes his work so exciting. cantered also has a sense of humor. he's no fan of big mouths or ideologues and silences them using his own unique methods. his artistic commentary on the maoist cultural revolution was not well received in china racism. racism post colonialism and especially the african perspective on europe not always looking from europe to africa these are the big topics of debate today. the insides of the hearts this country it's.
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the william country it is not concerned with being topical. his work is too complex for that. in all of his roles are pro-war theater director actor or artist the humanist shines through and that cantor is also presented to wonderful effect in hamburg. and william kendrick joins me from just outside of london today it's a pleasure to have you on the program mr cantor age i'm interested yes and i'm interested in the title this idea of hesitation because uncertainty is such a light motif through much of your work tell us what's behind it please. i suppose i'm interested in texts which are riddles that you can't solve so why should i hesitate that could even mean why should i hesitate there's nothing to hesitate for
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let me go straight to it or trying to ask why is it that i do has a tape. and access post about the uncertainty of meaning you think you've been something down but then you discover its meaning is elusive so i think it's puts provision ality and doubt at the center of the exhibition. there and there's also this very strong focus obviously on drawing you're one of your your main way of understanding the world and as something very reminiscent of childhood what is it about drawing as such that so vital to your artistic identity and it's there and innocence about it perhaps that's common to all of your explorations in other media i wouldn't say that this is an innocence but. it's about thinking through the body where a child was so the make a drawing it's not necessarily about being able to follow a thought and get it down on paper it's somewhere between a desire to have an image and seeing what it is that your hand produces so it's
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both about thinking in the moment thinking aloud withdrawing but it's also allowing the muscles the impulses these i'm conscious thoughts to shape the work that you are making and for me drawing is the most practical and the most efficient and the most natural and physical of forms to work so it's not all paint and it's not a computer it's the hand and a piece of charcoal and some paper. that's very interesting and this is of course one of the largest presentations of your work today that spans over 40 years of your production how do you feel when you see it all pull together there into this particular narrative especially against the backdrop of this or extraordinary year with things like the pandemic and obviously the racial unrest in much of the world did anything rag surprising perhaps or resonate in a new way well well you know the exhibition was 1st shown in cape town
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a year ago it was the year before very. good one of the major pieces in it is is a piece which is about look this pandemic polluted made 5 or 6 years ago at the time of the a boner epidemic in west africa but it's images of the dance of death of death leading people the way they would in a medieval drawing and a dance against it would have villages would dance to let the play part of them by obviously has very strong echoes with where we are today that's part of the fact of covert being that exhibition us opened in both but it's not yet been possible to travel from johannesburg to humber so i'm hoping to get that during the run of the exhibition. and to see how it feels in a different space obviously an exhibition changes every time it moves it's a mixture between the work that there and the space shown in and and it looks beautiful and dr hunter i'm sure it does now just quickly politics plays such
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a huge role in your work and of course your own biography how do you see the political role of our ted at this stage of your career. well i'm interested in an art that can reflect things which aren't usually their political art that is to say that can reflect the ambiguity the paradoxes the contradictions of the political so normally when one thinks of political art one thinks of something of the clear agenda with just statement that very single minded and for me that doesn't reflect the absurd and that in the paradoxical in the world some interest in an art which has a space for not knowing quite what something might need to understanding that something can mean one thing at one moment and shift its meaning with a series of different circumstances uncertain images 2 to reflect the uncertainty of our times william can trades in hamburg until april 18th and thank you so much for joining us today william can trades in my pleasure great britain. well
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just one week to go until the u.s. election and in the lead up we are gauging the mood of multiple artists and creatives to get their take on a polarized america. is an american born playwright and novelist of pakistani heritage and his newest book draws on his own life to tell the story of a nation coming apart at the scenes we live in a corporate totalitarian autocracy and our times books have been translated into more than 20 languages he's also written award winning plays like disgraced. and. yes. in his new novel homeland elegies describes the experiences of an author he named. whose father is a doctor who treated donald trump may have become
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a trump supporter. the writer won't reveal what in the book is fiction and what is fact but his view of america is clearly expressed in its pages. i think in the last 50 years and this is the story that i tell in the last 50 years some notion of a collective good began to evaporate and what rose out of that dissolution. was a commitment a fierce commitment to the individual i what i want what i need america is about protecting my rights my rights to have a gun if i wanted to make as much money as i want to use whatever bathroom i want. it's all the same that's not a vision of a collective society. until recently new york was no less a center of art and culture the city often plays trails that the rest of the world
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follow now survival especially the economic kind is the main priority and not just for artists in 2016 almost 80 percent of new yorkers voted democrat donald trump is a republican president who has been vindictive. if he's reelected residents here fear it will become even harder to get federal funding to face the coronavirus crisis and the u.s. has already been seen recurring on rest for instance over black lives matter and other measures aimed at stemming the spread of covert 92 words civil war are frequently used what will this country's future look like if it continues down this path. the possibility for real violence in the country could it's real that could happen but i don't know how the next few weeks are going to unfold but there is a scenario in which contested power leads to trump calling
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for resistance and if that happens then i think the gloves come off. regardless of who wins the election many find it difficult to feel optimistic about the current situation and what lies ahead for america difficult but not impossible . i'm optimistic about the present i'm optimistic about the joy that one can experience here and now with those one loves doing things that one loves to do helping others. but i don't think. any of us is going to escape death so i'm probably ultimately pessimistic. i mean that's what you get when you ask me a question like that. well in her nearly 60 year career barbie has been a princess and a stormtrooper and in mexico for the upcoming day of the dead festival there's
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a traditional incarnation of the iconic doll with a skull design something fancy as a tribute to mexico's most colorful annual celebration but critics feel it's cultural appropriation of big name brand cashing in on a ritual worthy of respect while the day of the dead is celebrated on november 1st and 2nd and is on unesco's list of intangible cultural heritage and interesting debates and food for thought to close the show thanks for watching and until next time all the best for muslim brain and chiefs.
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earth couldn't sleep. in a small. this is g w news wife of from berlin tonight the backlash and the boycotts french president emanuel facing growing anger across the muslim world for his comments about islam more muslim countries are joining the boycott of french products after mccaughan called his mom a religion in crisis as he was defending france's secular values also coming up
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german chancellor angela merkel reportedly planning to announce strict new rules to slow the surge of the coronavirus to.


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