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tv   Quarks  Deutsche Welle  October 28, 2020 1:00pm-1:46pm CET

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very say a safe. to say. this is the w. news live from berlin germany faces fresh restrictions to contain the coronavirus chancellor merkel is expected to push for a limited lockdown and crisis talks with regional leaders today daily cases of covert 19 in germany are now expected to hit 20000 by the end of this week also on the show. give. me pick up and they must say this stuff is falling
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it can be a father feel for peace the violence erupts for a 2nd night in philadelphia following the killing of a black man by police. with a global film industry really from the effects of the pandemic delayed and diminished comes film festival still rolls out the red comes. as welcome to the program s. coronavirus cases are spiking across germany chancellor angela merkel will hold a video conference today with a fix 16 regional leaders of germany they aim is to agree on a new round of restrictions here's the current situation covert 1000 cases have risen sharply within the recent record. high of nearly $15000.00 new
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cases daily and that's a sharp rise from early august when new infections drops to the low hundreds per day the interesting thing in this period is testing levels did not change but there was still a strong spike by the end of october accordingly there was a rise in intensive care admissions for covert 19 that figure usually lags behind new cases by 2 or 3 weeks hospitalizations were flat over the summer but have risen dramatically in the past weeks the chancellor said to be pushing for a one month's shutdown of all hospitality and leisure venues and fewer people are allowed at public and private gatherings as a position to those measures but many germans actually support another lockdown back much tosca in berlin scottsburg district this is one of 10 busy streets in the german capital where people now have to wear a face mask germany has seen record numbers of coronavirus cases and berlin has
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been particularly hard hit now all 12 districts here are considered hot spots pressure is growing here in germany a politician's to introduce new stricter measures against the coronavirus especially as numbers continue to grow this is something that is being debated on a daily basis here in germany both on the streets but also in the german press the latest topic to be discussed is the possibility of introducing a so-called lockdown might. under this proposal which is reportedly favored by chancellor merkel schools and daycare would remain open except in the worst hit areas restaurants and bars would have to shut and large events would be banned so far most bars and restaurants have to close only between 11 pm and 6 am for many berliners new measures are necessary even if they mean fewer freedoms but others are more skeptical we all have to give ourselves a push now and see that it goes in the right direction. the numbers are always going up so you have to do your part to make them go down again the government gave
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you probably dozens of hope that we will be spared but unfortunately we can't rule this out completely although i'm not sure if it will really help to contain the pandemic and we answer them beautiful also people i assume that there will be new measures there's nothing you can do about it and we have to get the infection under control in this new president of the new restrictions are expected on wednesday after chancellor merkel meets with germany's 16 regional leaders. news has seen a copy of the working paper for that video conference here's more of what we think is going to propose schools and daycare facilities are to remain open and that's a major difference to the 1st lockdown germans will be told to limit contacts to a quote absolute minimum outside gatherings should be limited to a maximum of 2 households a complete shutdown of the entertainment sector bars restaurants cinemas all
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required to close public and private entertainment events will be banned as will sports gatherings and trade fairs no tourism essential travel only hotels will only be open for business travelers if state premiers agree the new measures could take effect starting november 4th. but not all germans are happy with these new restrictions are joined by only from how much time whose other protests. taking place at the center of today. who all the protesters what exactly are they protesting against. well the poster says exactly from those groups you just groups you just mentioned they're from the leisure industry from the entertainment industry to events industry the restaurant sector and i talked to i talked to an artist i talked to somebody who used to organizing weddings i talked to somebody usually is working in the tactical equipment affairs and all of them are saying we feel unfairly treated we feel like we are being made the scapegoats
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off these rising if the infection numbers it's unfair we need more support from the government and this is what they are demanding here they're all dressed in red so you can see that behind me because they are saying alert level red alarms to forewards it's it's time it's run out we have running out of money and we need the german government to step in and take care of these industries that and i will be suffering from those restraints since the restrictions should they come into place . early on the government's proposed measures that was just mentioned. whether there will be national or regional or maybe only for local hot spots. yeah exactly the proposal that you mentioned there to this locked out proposal that comes from the chancery from america and she will not stay in the video conference talk to the state premiers and under germany's federal system the state premiers
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are the ones the regional leaders are the ones who will ultimately make the decisions and have a say and they will be long this done discussions are expected some regional leaders have already said that they don't agree they disagree with these at this new light that matter is proposing according to media reports and so they will be plenty of discussions but it will be up to the state crime you see to then have. final say over the reasons. we've seen until lockdown protests in italy turn turn violent the crowd behind you looks quite calm what's the mood. is handling this. yeah you said it looks quite calm there are not that many people here only about a 5000 i would say for now but this is only one part of the protest the other one is taking part on the other side of the city here in cars and they are driving towards the. brandenburg gate where this protest movement got me is also and
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thinking of heading in just a few moments and they have a very strong it looks like people really want to go into a dialogue 2 with the government and want to stick to all of the rules all of the hygiene measures i printed out the hygiene measures and from the organizers here organizers add reminding people to keep distance to where they mass so it looks like they people are more more desperate than then angry for not. only phenomenon reporting on the protests in central beilin thank you. let's take a look as some of the other stories making headlines around the world today hundreds of people protesting the italian government's new coronavirus destructions have faced off with police and the cops to roam it was one of several protests and it's only against the tougher curves on public life the country lost nearly 22000 new cases of the virus on tuesday and more than 200 days. voting is underway in
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india's 1st major elections since the coronavirus pandemic began people in the eastern state of bihar are electing representatives to their legislative assembly more than 72000000 people a eligible to vote holding safe elections has been a challenge for india's electoral commission coronavirus continues to spread. people in australia 2nd largest city melbourne celebrating the. and over $111.00 day lockdown restaurants and cafes have been allowed to reopen after nearly 4 months the lockdown have been particularly tough an album because the rest of australia beyond victoria successfully contained a 2nd wave of infections without increasing restrictions. to the us now where the city of philadelphia has seen a 2nd night of protest after the killing of a black man by police on monday the 27 year old water wallace junior was shot by
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police after they said he refused to drop a knife wallace's family say they have called for an ambulance not police to get help with what they call a mental health crisis. the philadelphia night once again lit by flames. tuesday saw more clashes between police and protesters. with more blood spilled on both sides must be prevented their anger at the death of walter wallace jr. some took the opportunity to indulge in looting earning a stern rebuke from wall to wall a senior. i don't condone no valid chain of city to no doors in all this chaos for it was thanksgiving that every victim of family there must sell this stuff just plowing it chaos as security forces and protesters faced off mr wallace refused to blame the police oh great but called for
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justice for his son's death i mean we got good can we get big this is the move in the system i'm not oh so muddy head the king of all accountable for what he did well to well this junior's mother was more forthright. you know that was found in the police and now she'll have. me down on the next hour. we know anything. yet it was my family paul willis reportedly had a lengthy criminal record including convictions for assault and robbery and at the time of his death was awaiting trial for allegedly threatening to shoot a woman police said that when he was fatally shot he was wielding a knife that he refused to drop but some protesters were adamant that racism and a lack of training on the part of the police led unnecessarily to wallace's death you cannot restrain 3 how can i tell
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a younger man will go do that don't do that don't do that we're not here to see if bam bam bam boom it was a color think you see it's no longer that it's like 2nd everybody everybody's in magnified because that could have been anybody coming in a different neighborhood where it's less trauma that leads to a situation. not a lot different pennsylvania governor tom wilson owns the deployment of several 100 national guard troops to philadelphia as the city braces for further unrest. and more on this we're now joined by joseph hutchinson he's a u.s. civil rights lawyer counted based here and those of sending in troops sounds very extreme is that necessary and is it even legal. so necessary i don't think so but legal definitely so typically when we speak gov to have the executive authority and they're calling in the national guard it's usually
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more for kind of like natural disasters so whenever you have hari came for example then the national guard might be called in to help with things like that what the governor wolf is doing and this is showing that the defense of property is more important than the defense of life so i think it's out of concern that there would be looting or violent protests that he's pretty actively called in the national guard even though it doesn't really seem to be my job and i'm urgency that would typically warrant that sort of how do you gauge this is this likely to cause protests like we saw off of the killing of george floyd. i think the problem that we're noticing in the states is that you know we heard in the segment that the man who was doing your arms there are reports of his prior criminal record and unfortunately what we see is what we call perfectibility all take the united states for black victims of crime to be treated with empathy and respect basically
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have to be you know the most innocent person you could ever imagine so i think the difference here with sort boy feeling is that yes he was holding a knife but i think what activists are still pointing out is you know just because he was holding a knife does not mean he should have been shot. certainly should have been shot fatally so i think. for this to have the same kind of impact and i think that's why people are in the streets in philadelphia because they can see what's happening but unfortunately there is that hurdle to get over that people might not. be able to see him with the same humanity. you mention it. he was he was fatally shot and he was shot multiple times with just willing a knife that's what i call excessive solace in that does the police need to be told and especially trained and is this actually happening. i think the
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problem so limited instances there are because the police are under local control so not under federal oversight you have some communities now realizing that the police are out of control that the entire relationship between the police and the people need to be run by this is absolutely except for the support from a policeman perspective they're allowed to say well my life was in danger i was allowed to do anything to protect myself there's a long list of demands that need to take effect but one thing i want to point out we've seen there's video of this murder we've seen them shoot him but these individual police officers will almost certainly never be held accountable and even if there is some financial settlement with the family that's going to come out of taxpayer money. goes hutchinson u.s. civil rights lawyer based on the lynn thank you very much thank you.
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what effect if any will the outcome of next week's u.s. presidential election have on u.s. china relations president trump started a trade war with beijing if he is reelected will he push his entourage on the coasts of joe biden wins will it mean ends to the tribe or a thought otherwise tense relations between the 2 major power. the city of hung show on china's booming east coast a key location for the electronics sector at a tech convention we find several chinese companies that have been blacklisted by the u.s. . for instance surveillance camera maker da which has been accused of aiding china's repression of the muslim weaker minority and with its products what is the impact of u.s. sanctions no one wants to talk to foreign reporters here value by. swallowing is also under pressure china's telecom giant had to stock up on billions of dollars
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worth of computer chips from the u.s. an order to keep manufacturing products in the future as the u.s. government bans huawei from dealing with u.s. firms due to security concerns you're going to force another to go to the many sanctions against chinese firms may cause a lot of problems for china but sometimes this can be an inspiration the pressure can help china's technology firms grow bigger and stronger but if you're a healthy called out to get it you would think something it would be facing the future with confidence in contrast to the u.s. china has successfully imposed strict measures against the coronavirus pandemic that you see the city is able to breathe again after the pandemic life and the economy on the right path and the i also let me walk you look at the u.s. and the others because their governments didn't take action the pandemic situation there is still serious it is a very easy deal but you don't doubt your book could help us elections won't mean any major changes for china her. if trump wins the pressure on china will increase
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but biden will also go against china. to put them in beijing the foreign policy expert at this chinese think tank completely agrees with the communist leadership he thinks the u.s. has china bashing china is a force on stoppable china will continue its arisan peaceful development this is something any country in the world especially developed countries need to knowledge live up with it is a political suicide tried to write off china. on china's state run television president xi jinping appears at the military museum to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the korean war in which china haunt the u.s. in appearance meant as a signal whoever wins the u.s. presidential election will face a strong china whose leadership will defend its interests with confidence. in the
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brief round up now of some of the news stories in the headlines today typhoon malawi has been battering vietnam packing winds of up to 135 kilometers per hour bringing torrential downpours $40000.00 people from coastal villages forced to leave their homes and move to emergency shelters travel in and several people have died and dozens on this. azerbaijan says an attack by armenian forces close to the disputed region of nagorno-karabakh as claimed the lives of at least $21.00 people and injured dozens more armenia denies carrying out that attack. took effect just 2 days ago failed to hold the fighting. people in poland are taking part in a nationwide woman. protesting against a court's ruling that bans abortions in cases of fetal abnormalities mass demonstrations have been held across the country since a decision last thursday which restricts abortion to cases of rape incest or when
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the mother's life is obvious. you're watching the news. beethoven's ode to joy. i want to come now the film festival is going on is underway but as we know it's a very different version of the french celebration of cinema got underway on tuesday main festival earlier this year was cancelled due to the pandemic the new version is very low key and comes as the country again struggles with containing the pandemic. the glitz and glamour almost gone in cannes this year with no major influx of international movie stars organizers decided to invite spectators to walk the red carpet for the opening and unconventional beginning to
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one of the world's most famous film festivals but then again the festival's director was careful to point out this is no regular. first of all it's not become film 1st of all it's the cannes film festival that came to cannes and october in the midst of a tamal truancy year so as not to forget that people of can know the spectators the general public and to celebrate both feature films and short films over 3 days the festival is usually held over 2 weeks in may but it was cancelled this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. at this more low key and socially distanced 3 day event several short movies will compete for a prize and 4 of the original $56.00 films will be shown organizers said they were determined to hold the stripped back festival despite travel restrictions and health regulations they say they want to boost the cinema industry and help the
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region by coronavirus lockdowns many here are unsure about the future. i don't know if the festival will take place next year we just don't know or. don't we hope that next year it will go back to normal even now it's just amazing to have a mini festival. organizers say they can't guarantee the festival will take place in my next year but i insist 2021 will happen special on knox. that's a brand scott ross for his movie expert and he is of course come on the french riviera you've been covering the come film festival for many many is now this mini event so what's the atmosphere like does it. yeah it's i mean it's really nothing no comparison or regular i mean the weather is far and which is nice but
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otherwise it's completely different i mean you can't break that type of. excitement that you typically have the best when everyone's wearing face masks and we're also she just went on and it's very much a day out version. or movies being shown but that being said in these times just having any sort of hearing is sends a great sign and a great. signal to the movie world so i'm really happy. as. only 4 films really. shown for full length films i assume what do they hope the organizers hope will come from this. i'm i think we can the best organizers they really want to stay in the conversation i mean camp and that's why he's had to cancel this year because all of us by virus and emma and people sort of forgot the bit about how important this film festival is i think with this mini version the can organizers want to stay in the conversation and get people talking more about
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the cannes film festival and also as i said to send a message of hope to the rest the film industry that think we'll go forward under corona and that maybe they'll be a future actor in this pandemic for people because. one of the film's own t.o.s. from. the stand out what's in it tell us about the yes this is the film the big hit it's called in english open the film festival this and you don't that's all last night it's up it's sort of a feel good french comedy about a actor who decides to train a bunch of prison inmates to do a play to do waiting for godot it really has nothing at all to do with the coronavirus pandemic and i think that's sort of the point this is an example of a movie making as statism and i think that's more or less exactly what we need at this time a reminder of why we go to the movies and why maybe we should go back to the movies even under question release indians called rock for that and come thank you
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and the world of football discrimination against gay athletes especially among male players continues to pose a challenge now one club in mexico wants to change that put together a team that has tackling stereotypes. sometimes a team has to create its own enthusiasm and build from there these are members of mexico city's football club called the moose's and they are building themselves up along with the rest of the l g b t community. they're doing it in a country where a vast majority of people are practicing catholics where football is the number one sport as played by straight men. from being one which is by. what we're breaking many stereotypes because soccer has always been seen as a game for heterosexual men in fact we played in heterosexual tournaments and were
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always discriminated against but we knew how to get through it and i think. the moose's are named after the indigenous transgender women who have been part of southern mexican culture for hundreds of years their black uniforms are adorned with a rose and a soccer ball and have slowly gained prominence shoe giant nike has come on board as a sponsor. and then they can put it on a gun in a heterosexual team you can't be who you really are. when you get to n l g b t teen it's completely different. it's an inclusive team you feel comfortable if you're not discriminated against these could have been an england moment you know here you know the next step for the motion is within the l g b t community growth to include more lesbians gays bisexuals and transgender people a training center will open this coming spring meaning more chances for more roses
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to bloom. and that's it from me on the news team from now you craft is next here on news don't go away i'll have an update for you of course at the top as a member can always get all the latest news and information around the clock in 30 languages on our web site that's the w d. you can also follow us on twitter and instagram galveston from the other team that's what's.
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going. to. go africa. a boost in digitalization in the pandemic. and online payment system has gone from wonders motorcycle taxis back on the road after a month's mong driving back. now the customers pay for the ride
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without cash. for good. i'm not laughing at them just sometimes but i stand up in that. thinks deep into their jam a culture of looking at the stereotypes of quests but if you think this new country that i'm playing. lead it seems to think that his grandmother. it's all about ok. i might show join me to meet the jetman from d.w. post. session for spectacular pictures. it's passion for nature. it's their complete devotion
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that makes them the best wildlife photographer 6. and poetic confrontational in story. 5 adventures. one goal. the preservation of our climate. for such starts november 6th on t.w. . what do animal kinds of missions did they meant systems i'm a good man are just having common well believe it or not they can help to protect them very much on that coming up on the show i'm now it's i mean lagos covering
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might seem a bit dumb they do much of our life right now but we still need to care for the environment right sondra what is right and a one will come from the founder to know video here in kampala uganda satellite data shows that doing the looked on the air quality has improved in many african cities but white life is still suffering animals especially have been the biggest losers in these crises pushing the increase in many of the wildlife resolves what talk about this shortly and here's a quick look at some of the stories we'll be looking on today. we've visited rhonda where the government has introduced a steps just on visiting doll to be functional it's. we also see how a military training drones can actually promote conservation. and we need to the deny an artist was musing you on one has to call for greater protection policy. it is
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a well established fucked that rhino horn is essentially made up of the same substance as a human thing and will but it continues to sell for us to normal prices especially in east asia where it is considered to have him in paula's south africa has a nearly 80 percent of the was whining on husband todd but poaching with only about 20000 on was left in the wild the country has now resulted in drastic measures in order to preempt porches docs have started to be on all their rhinos. landsberg national park in south africa. iran has been spotted but steadily help has come too late after ripping off its horn coaches left it as prey for lions. helicopter pilot and he could jacobs is out on patrol surveying the area he's
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a founding member of the anti poaching group a rhino 911 an organization that provides emergency helicopter rescue to rhinos injured all front mostly due to coaching but it also carries out preventive measures. in a last ditch attempt to save them rhino 911 has been assigned to help de vaughn rhinos in the province the animals are sedated before the precious horn is sold off . a form of probably about. 500 kilograms. tragic of many to do that. but unfortunately the only option we have. been trying to do something you know trying to trimming trees like these animals one of. the team needs to a quickly before the rhino wakes up again the horney is a drastic procedure that removes about 90 percent of the hand that conservationists
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tell us that in some areas even d. horn rhino is. to extract the remaining stumps reserves that combine the practice of horning with regular food petrol and extensive monitoring could have a chance of saving the large poppy force it looks brutal but when carried out by professionals it is safe and pain free we make sure that we don't cut into that growth. part of the war where there's definitely feeding and we also wouldn't be good from an infection point of view and rigo the one so i think in this case they don't feel that they're over stimulated there's a lot of vibration going for the body this is not a fool and a study you know it's not a lot like being in a theater so the so they would respond to that but i don't think it's been. the process takes about half an hour the horn is labeled wait for a graph and it will later be stored in a secret government vault far away from the park improved security measures and interventions such as dea horning have helped south africa to cut the number of
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poached animals by half over the past 5 years. rhino 911 walks closely with the rhine orphanage in nonprofit center that cares for all fund and injured rhino cobbs. you're landing a fundie america and her colleagues are preparing milk for 3 recent arrivals. only barely escaped the same fate as their mothers who were butchered for their homes their land hopes to release the rhino spec into the wild once they have matured but she is concerned about the rise in porcine as a result of the economic fallout caused by corporate 19 rhinos are still being killed it's a fast pace then they can reproduce. the sun's covert mind has thought of picking up in south africa we've definitely seen an increase in costs arriving we've had 4 cops in 53 days so we definitely think that there is an effect you know there is
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the tourism industries are all closed it's very quiet art and the reserves the anti-poaching teams try their best to patrol and protect the reserves but we think that that quiet nature of the reserves definitely. has an effect on the parchin back in p. landsberg rhino 911 has spotted 2 animals on the move time to act opinions on divorce makes some believe it makes male rhinos winner of all others say the horns and essential for survival and grow back within about 5 years these kinds of ation is see no alternative. while we're using animals that are morning rightly using i don't have dry nose for a year in south africa and that number is on acceptable so we need to try and do more we need to dry you know and save the species it's a real story animal. and we need to save them for generations to come that. they were going to wake up. most trials seem unperturbed when they wake up and
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simply resume grazing for 3 years rhino 911 has been working with authorities to dion rhinos in public parks and reserves the precise numbers of those de horned. are kept secret for their protection. it is sad about such drastic measures sometimes we need it to protect us now then it is often say that every lead to beat helps and that's certainly the case when it comes to the environment one young student in germany has formed a way over time in plastic waste into sustainable tiles and the best thing is the end product looks just like expensive take a look at this week's doing big. tiles look like marble but they're actually made of 100 percent plastic. creates
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them from used to materials. based in germany 1st greens and swatch the waste. in an oven to soften the. plastic. toxic fumes so a kid wears a mask for protection as she needs and presses the match she merely what happens in nature these are distances and the men i came up with the idea for the tiles because a lot of plastic waste ends up in the oceans mostly by rivers in china and africa it's broken down into smaller and smaller pieces and it ends up on beaches through pressure and heat it becomes part of the stand there and i study the conditions under which rock is formed how its structure is created and then i used a similar process with a plastic waste. of. believe mr take a waste and turn it into something useful that's also beautiful and durable.
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acuteness no thinking about sounding a social enterprise to produce her tiles on a larger scale. if she succeeds our mountain of plastic waste might get just a little bit smaller. and how about you if you're also doing your bit tell us about it visit our website post said to us a tweet. hash tag doing your bit so. we share your story use. they look great and be impressed we're going to stick with the crew yet to be protecting the environment but change continents and come straight back it up because this time to west africa on specifically to get my own capital accra that's right sondra with their creation artists come out with influence they have the pots of supplies and
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fascinates us and also to make us think could be in our jaco is a good man painter whose works draw our attention their destruction of our oceans coffeecup pay them a visit to find out. in history do you. doubt about 2 things he laughs deeply fish on the ocean his nickname with furry. mr fish much office wick the big states secret service struggle with pollutants dumped into the ocean knuckle had no specific theme when he 1st started painting by 20 years ago but having grown up in a fishing community his consent from irene life group with environmental issues becoming more and more pressing i've been painting from requests bits of the shot and since i'm clean for some years back and now still end up seeing the political
1:41 pm
aspect of it it is going to affect the world and even kind of fishes we have in the oceans so few years to come if we are able to do a part do anything about it in this way is not ending up in. the paintings illustrates the puti of the ocean contrasting it with the damage done by human activity. while this is a joke that now lives of he hopes it can also save the greater purpose of helping preserve the ocean for future generations. if we leave this time to see the dinosaurs and all the animals the have died and gone. it is in our power in our hands to make sure that the sharks still remain in the ocean. a miracle visits the beach in his community everybody he can up with just washed ashore all. he
1:42 pm
recycles these 2 weeks i tunes by using them for his spin tunes telling the real stories of how polluted to see ease but who has a wish to go to wendy leaf and the deceit to this. day and fight for it to be kept clean if i have a relation to be in good to see the light and i'll be hopefully in day one of the good old better of the whole of my life. the importance of perceiving to. him. at waking is a constant reminder that. we had to send a go announcement some more individuals dedicated to helping the planet this time on shore then zio the day works in the service of the cops of the car planting trees wherever they can these include 1st and foremost moving the trees as well as
1:43 pm
force and so-called boy entries them involve the residents in the project that's important because it's only when people realize the benefit of trees that they will protect and take care of their. darling oh. planting trees is now a days his favorite activity. she and a group of volunteers want to make this sandy parking lot on my skirts of the car more has special. i'm planting a salmon and. it's a shame tree that can grow up to 20 metres high. a large square full of shady trees a place to hold celebrations and festivals somewhere to meet the neighbors that's the vision of
1:44 pm
a local angio has managed to win over the local residents. living on i. love the most important people need greenery. and as i see it those who respect the environment respect themselves. so we must do to combat desertification by planting trees all over the city. but it's not enough to just plunge trees you need to nurture them as well day after day. it's imperative to involve the local population that's what guarantees the survival of the trees or. the n.g.o.'s actually took its name from a tree in a bed a is the word for marring get in the wall of language it's a versatile tree its leaves and food can be eaten or used for medicinal purposes.
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scientists have proven that trees bring rain by contributing to the transpiration they trigger precipitation in the clouds more trees mean more rain and the more we cut down the less rain there is one that they say deserts advance but they don't it's humans that make it possible things must change we must plant. big cities are growing as a breath taking speed in senegal. in the past 60 years the country has lost around hof of its forests to urbanization. tens of thousands of hectares of woodlands continue to be destroyed every year. in fact that there's a lot of pressure on urban centers the population is rising there's more construction and fewer green spaces and trees we're neglecting nature and that's why desertification is growing worse in our country.


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