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tv   Profit oder Leben  Deutsche Welle  October 28, 2020 3:15pm-4:00pm CET

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that's the sentiment in the system i'm not oh so mighty had the king of all accountable for what he did well to well this junior's mother was more forthright. now that i was telling the party to find out you know i'm. pretty down to a lifetime next thing we know anything and yet my blood that me oh well is reportedly had a lengthy criminal record including convictions for assault and robbery and at the time of his death was awaiting trial for allegedly threatening to shoot a woman police said that when he was fatally shot he was wielding a knife that he refused to drop but some protesters were adamant that racism and a lack of training on the part of the police led unnecessarily to wallace's death you cannot restrain a 3 how can i tell a younger man we'll go do that don't do that don't do that we're not here to see of graham boom boom boom it was
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a color think that the sea is no longer there it is like affecting everybody everybody's in magnified because they could have been anybody trying to get a different neighborhood where it's less prominent me let me through the situation in hand not a lot different pennsylvania governor tom wilson owns the deployment of several 100 national guard troops to philadelphia as the city braces for further unrest. we are now joined by joseph hutchinson a u.s. civil rights a lawyer based in berlin mr hutchinson it is another very upsetting incident shot in front of his mother while she's trying to deescalate the situation now troops are being sent how are people reacting. i mean the thing to keep in mind is that this is not an isolated incident so this is happening currently and philadelphia there's a recent shooting as well in illinois of a 19 year old black man this is just he was killed in front of his.
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mother of his child this is to routine for us at this point and i think people are very frustrated at what they see as people you know the government not really being motivated to make the necessary or form to stop this from happening talk to us a little bit more mean how does this fit in terms of we've seen a long running protests in the wake of the killing of george floyd back in may how does this fit in here and are protesters going to continue rallying after this latest killing. yes i think it's important to again keep in mind george floyd's killing as awful as it was was not an outlier the government or you know police forces around the united states routinely kill to going in many of them on our i think what people are maybe grappling with here are the circumstances that this man mr wallace was armed at the time he was killed and you know people are talking
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about is police record and other crimes he's been accused of but what i'm not hearing is you know the offices were shot him are we hearing anything about their record do we know how many in the weeks we tell you that they've been accused and so that the courts in that paradigm we always see with the victim will be blamed and we'll find anything from their life 3 to say they deserved it but we hear nothing about the police officers involved and i think very very important poignant point that you make are now people have been calling now for a long time for police to be reformed to be retrained i want to you know we are now in the final days to the run up to the election is any of the candidates do you have faith in one or the other will implement these changes and bring about reform within the police force. well i have 0 faith in president trump to do anything even remotely helpful his administration did come out with
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a list of recommendations but these recommendations were just you know police officers should not use chokeholds chokehold are already illegal but what kind of it is a recommendation is that the topic police officers not break the law as a turn to joe biden he was in the obama administration the obama administration did make police reform but this administration rolled back we need more federal oversight a police department we need better training we need to divest from the police and i think when we look at the particulars of this shooting i think it's something 25 to 50 percent of people killed by the police are suffering from mental health crises so that's something else we need to look at why are the police responding to when his mother calls for an ambulance ok well it's just into this in defense of police forces of course that's not their job to you know take care of these issues to do with mental health and is that where probably is the missing link is that more
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social work needs to be done to come to the aid of these families rather than having police respond to these calls absolutely i think you know when we realize that it's this family that called for help they needed help they didn't want their fun to be murdered in front of them they wanted him to get the medication he needed they needed people to show up clue how to the escalate the knew to speak to him and i'm fortunately by relying on police officers to solve that function when they're orally but to do it we keeping that happening over time and time again joseph assets and civil rights lawyer based here in philly thanks so much for joining us thank you. now turn now to east africa polls are closing in elections in tanzania sitting president john mcgrath who believes a prayer can prevent the 19 he's up against opposition leader to do least 2 who survived 16 assassination bullets assassin's bullets rather more than
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$29000000.00 people are registered to vote and their rights groups say authorities have closed down he outlets opposition parties claim their campaigns were disrupted and dozens of their candidates this qualified president like a fool who is seeking a 2nd 5 year term is willing party has been in power for decades. rallying his supporters before the election incumbent john magaw a fully is running on an economy that until recently was growing fast. but i ask you my fellow tanzanians to vote for me on the 28th i want to bring new changes to tanzania you are all witnesses that in my 1st term in power i have brought a lot of changes to this country. but economic record has taken a hit from the coronavirus pandemic critics say the government has covered up tanzania's outbreak maghrib fully said the country had conquered the virus through
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prayer the government stopped updating its infection numbers earlier this year the opposition says that's part of a trend of suppressing bad news and press freedoms and brutalizing rival political parties todo list who heads a coalition of opposition groups he spent 3 years in exile after an assassination attempt he claims the government is ratcheting up its crackdown on rival groups. the kind of violence that we we see it we're beginning to see. it is is is is different this time. there he is cat and that would be that of it violent because in a free and fair election fair and square. voters see the 2 sides in starkly different terms sixty's didn't mean rome is that you can use it when you know the roads we see you can't guess if you did it we don't we see it and you can guess if
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you did the school is still in the seat. of the company we're here because we are patriots and because we are tired of the oppression that is happening in our country. our country has a lot of resources which could make it rich but unfortunately our leaders have a lust for power and are denying us that it was to look at what. the government has limited the ability of international media to cover the election and tonight accreditation to international election observers that's cast further doubt over whether the poll will be free and fair. and i want to take now to nairobi kenya where do you correspondent is standing by just tell us about how the election day went and what have you been hearing about the process in general. well in the early hours of voting things certainly seemed to be fairly normal as
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normal as any other election day across the world and it was only later on in the day that we started receiving reports that some social media services particularly those focused on mass media messaging had been disrupted we're talking about what's up and twitter here and so that was the 1st indication that perhaps not everything was going as planned as the people were saying that they were using v.p.n. to communicate these messages and later on the opposition leader to do so would confirm this saying that not only were there disruptions to social media but he made claims that there were various irregularities at polling stations including agents from his party not being allowed into the polling stations and also that there was a vote stuffing i mean ballot stuffing he actually went to step further just a few hours ago and released a video purporting to show these votes being destroyed by his supporters opposition candidate to lease who has warned that is the election that turns out to
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be rigged he won't accept the results so in your assessment is this a free and fair election. certainly not if you ask election observers they've been saying this long before d.-day came that the policies and frameworks governing tanzania do not allow for any free or fair democratic kind of voting and so that was the 1st. question mark raised by some of these observers some of whom are working virtually and then there is also the conversation i had earlier today with somebody from tanzania who said that they have fearful to even have public discourse between members of the public amongst private groups they cannot do that because this so afraid that the times and governmental clamp down and then when you look at what's been happening media stations have been top down because this simply not agreeing with john popemobile fully you hear all opposition supporters being arrested to be chary because they're not in line with these governments and so when you're talking about freedom and fairness that certainly doesn't seem to be the
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case in this election in the remaining 30 seconds that i have we do you cover the elections in tanzania back in 2015 how does local foods popularity compared from then till now. it's really hard to say because as i mentioned the opposition is very much. under a very tough iron fist but if we're going by what the hearing so fight would seem that his popularity is definitely decreasing but in $10.00 to $15.00 it was so much more about the potty rather than the candidates and this year there's been a sharp focus on michael 40 kamandi reporting from nairobi kenya thank you. and right now the top story there we're tracking for you this hour german chancellor anglo-american is debating new coronavirus restrictions in crisis talks with 3 channel leaders measures may include a one month shutdown of all hospitality and leisure venues and fewer people with public and private counseling. they're reducing it is up next with melissa
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channel her rock n roll and on behalf of the entire new scene thank you so much for spending this part of the day with us.
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you would like and the information on the chrono maurice or any other science topic you should really check out our podcast you can get it wherever you get your podcast. you can also find out. you're watching news asia coming up today has the catholic church betrayed its followers in china cardinal joseph dan long considered the moral authority of hong kong speaks out against a secret deal between the communist party and the vatican. and in south korea and you alternative for those who object to compulsory military duty on diligence grounds but there's still a heavy trade off. i'm
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melissa chan welcome to news asia thank you for joining us the catholic church has renewed a deal it made 2 years ago with china which is an officially atheist communist state concerning bishops there the agreement now gives the pope a final say over the appointment of them but beijing is the one who gets to come up with the choices chinese authorities had previously selected bishops without the say of the vatican and a division formed between state sanctioned clergy and underground bishops who operated outside state control the former bishop of hong kong cardinal joseph dan has spoken up about this a pro-democrat he has expressed concern over the church's engagement with china here's the interview with cardinal to china and the facts occurred recently renewed a secretive agreement signed 2 years ago it allowed both beijing and the holy see a say in appointing bishops in china so my home congress shall cardinal joseph accuse the secretary of state cardinal parlin of betraying the 12000000 catholic
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populations to appease the communist regime they always say a bad agreement is better than no agreement i can other this in a bad agreement. women which is immoral which is against our faith how can it be better than the agreement incredible so is it a b. b. b. trailer. i suspect that the police wants to. have these. people much good relation reate stablished. but that's very bad because that's a political thing it's not religious we have religion so we 1st of all it's our faith. carbonneau sanjo needs to rome earlier this month in hopes to meet the pope but in saying he is were reached at the underground charge in china will face even more persecution as state run church painter chitta mercy from this secret
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agreement the 2 years since a man the things went the wrong wrong very wrong. because the he ended around received no support from the vatican the older bishops die and. the holy sea don't give new bishops to the underground they give many bishops to the church and now that individual church all the bishops are legitimate. you've made a really good bed but they are still the bad people are there. and so the end of ground fear abandon betray because they are those people to the old quality of the pope who can't or no son was born in shanghai 88 years ago he came to hong kong in 1948 just before the communists took power in china he sensed a phatic and is on the wrong track of polity the appeasement policy towards space the pope john paul the 2nd the pub anything they had very different experience
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they lived and not just. then communism. from russia. the pope comes from south america is an ascended that pope francis had a sympathy for the commies because the communists in the south america are good people they come out to defend the poor people and the. military government but now china is and the communist the commies are the prosecutor. of politic. actually it was a failure in europe but now they use a method for what china so it was a disaster has been an outspoken critic of the communist regime over the years that's to put him in rare son of the national security law imposed by beijing but he refused to remain silent i would be
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a liar you. say you are not already everybody is what he to lose is a freedom. but that's ok because. you see we believe in god. when god gave you a duty he is going to give you also the strength to do that you ok. for more we have martin jackie w.'s religion correspondent joining us martin cardinal sin just talked about his point of view and it does seem as if it's morally complex for the vatican to being gaging with a country like china with its human rights track record what is the point of view of pope francis. i think that there is a political concern and the political concern is how is it that one deals with a government and has had a rough going with a religious group essentially the vatican leads
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a ripper sentence and the 2nd question is the moral question how is it that the vatican should position itself in relation with a country that has actually a very well established record of human rights violations the position of this vatican it's actually one that is fairly understandable which is studied they concentrate on engagement because they think that actually these thing gateman leaves the communities the catholic communities in china i have very serious disadvantage so the position is not perfect but that is fairly because it is impossible in such a situation to actually produce a perfect solution they should hear is if you have people on the ground that are the bend and on good offices of the vatican then the vatican has string gauge with the chinese government obviously this doesn't please everybody and cardinals then it's one of them the u.s. it's another actor in the same position well you just mentioned the united states cardinal then had tried to gain an audience at the vatican with the pope he didn't get one another person who tried to meet with the pope was u.s. secretary of state mike pompei oh and he wasn't able to gain an audience what was
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that about well i think that you know they should cardinals then. but much more pronounced with my compare they come into the vatican or they come had conversations with the vatican essentially in the middle of what are very public battles between china and regions i mean in the in the in the media directly space but also sort of an electoral battle in the case of the u.s. and this is something that the vatican systematically and it's not only this pope has essentially avoided which is getting involved in what are essentially public campaign so this once again this one this pope it's one that has done most of his policy his policy work specifically in the shoes of international affairs. behind closed doors we find out only months later exactly what he said it was happening so i think that the reaction the sense it's correct to say that they were parallel i mean the vatican was avoiding the spotlight into which cardinals and make them pay
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all wanted to pull the vatican in $1.00 of the things cardinal dan was talking about was the situation of the climate in china and it is a fact that there are bishops that the vatican recognizes the for the sick right from 2 years ago that the chinese government does not recognize and these bishops have been operating underground they've suffered a trade for their beliefs and in fact minder standings at least one of them to my knowledge was arrested this year he was 70 he is 70 years old again you feel like some people at least feel as if the vatican has turned its back on their most faithful in china i think that there is. you know justification probably in the sense that if china is the government i mean it's actually treating this wake up to communities and particularly bishops and priests appointed by the vatican without essentially a certification of the of the chinese communist party then dealing with the chinese government essentially a form of betrayal but i think that this leads us in
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a way back to the 1st question which is how is the vatican to calculate how to protect these communities other than to some degree engaging the communist party so i mean it's quite clear that simply getting out of the stage and letting the chinese government do as they please is no solution at all it might be very satisfying morally it might be very good to be able to say well we have done the right thing in terms of principles but it leaves all of those people that you just mentioned a very precarious situation. now we know cardinal sens point of view and feelings is there controversy among the church leaders about pope francis it's this year's most certainly most certainly i mean it's not it's not it's not. it's not a decision i mean the extension of. agreement with china that was taken lightly also because there is a very strong internal fight which actually biddy's. sorry. conservatives within the church against many of the people that circulate around the pope's the pope's
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fear so in a way what bumpy oh an old zen zen has been saying for really quite a long time especially in the context of bottle study politically have to do a lot with china us in the us you know really give a munition to a lot of the people that are standing there criticising the ball. thank you my pleasure. for years anyone refusing to participate in south korea's compulsory military service to face up to 3 years in jail and a lot of social stigma with the south still technically at war with north korea the government sees conscription as a vital line in the country's defense but now after a court ruling there's an alternative way for conscientious objectors to serve. in military service was never going to be compatible with his religious beliefs he says being a jehovah's witness meant he had to refuse conscription. jesus
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had allowed war and violence then it would have been the most sacred act but he did not and so i was a follower of jesus i need to take the path furthest away from violence. for those beliefs john will go to jail but as of this week he will no longer enter prison as a convict but rather as a worker that stands to a court ruling that now allows alternative service for conscientious objectors at the moment natural tentative service is only available inside a prison. i think it's great there are many ways to serve society. if we work hard under this new system and i believe in the future there will be more variations of alternative service that will benefit everyone.
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this is what most young able bodied korean men are expected to do say goodbye to their families outside a military boot camp and serve their country for 18 months. controversially for some the alternative goodbye is even longer jan and his fellow conscientious objectors will have to spend 3 years working inside this prison. the fact we have to be separated for 3 years and i need to raise our children without him really worries me. at least now part of the stigma has been lifted and conscientious objectors like these won't be tarred with a criminal conviction. that's it for today there's always more on the dot com for slash sure to check us out on facebook and twitter we leave you with pictures of capital life from hong kong and china thank you for watching it we'll see you next
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time. combating the corona pandemic. where does research stand. what are scientists learning. background information and news. hour corona. covert 19 special next on d w. the new year new year's years we've got new you and how the last 2 years german scientists that we bring you an angle that matter as you've never heard have
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surprise yourself with what is possible who is magical really what moves and what. who talked to people who followed her along the way at myra's and critics alike how is the world's most powerful woman shaping her legacy joining us from echols laughs that. there are best friends and very old friends indeed there's evidence that humans began to domesticate dogs some 30000 years ago as long before we tamed the horse or started keeping livestock. and this is the nose that always knows the dog's a sense of smell is about a 1000000 times better than that of humans dogs also inhale up to $300.00 times per minute in short breaths that means they're all factory cells a constantly supplied with new odor particles. and it's because of that amazing
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organ that dogs are being brought into the frontline in the fight against coronavirus. welcome to this studio where you covered 19 special on robots in berlin it's great to have you with us we know that testing is crucial to trying to control coronavirus millions of people the world over have already received a swab to the mouth or nose in the name of stopping its spread but researchers in finland are trying a new way of sniffing out 19 for a treat preferably cath this now to can be programmed to find just about anything more bed bugs cancer now it could change the course of corona virus detection need to see rescued from being euthanized as a puppy in spain he's returned to that fever for years sniffing out deadly disease
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for the wise new smell detection association and bill and as coded 19 began to spread to see was asked as an experiment to try to detect it took you about 7 minutes to figure out that this is what they want it to look for so that totally blew our minds you know dog be able to change training sense in 7 minutes. the team quickly learned canines can detect a coded $1000.00 infection even 5 days before symptoms appear with almost 100 percent accuracy helsinki airport is hosting a pilot project through december that will include cross referencing canine results with those for medical devices if you talk to the skin so here it just takes a simple swab from a restore neck here and there it is there yes then for a couple of seconds a dog can tell immediately if
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a person has contract it coronavirus. so a receiver think if it is a lot of the voluntary tests are proving popular but no positive signal yet from the finnish government about scaling up the program so since dogs are incredibly more effective much less expensive and far less intrusive than other ways of detecting the virus why aren't public authorities everywhere rushing to use their noses instead of ours we found one who is. is deputy mayor of vaughan the site of the airport i can see that in 2 minutes took me 2 minutes out and get this budget covers the free tests offered to all arriving passengers he allocated 330000 euros total to the 4 month dog study meanwhile he expects it will cost up to $300000000.00 euros per month for the medical option the nasal swab it's quite expensive operation of course and the docs are like $7500.00
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a month. to says the data from this study should help bring in federal funds for expansion of canine testing as well as legal adjustments to upgrade the virus sniffing dogs authority to that of their counterparts working in customs going to write about idaho which i like that they can split. and they go to. because be both on a human bjorkman is thinking far beyond. airports we could train dogs with the same samples with the same training areas to open up. you know the concert halls or or be fair is or go to big working places hospitals elderly homes football matches whatever both your command and bobby line and mourn if dylan doesn't harness the potential of the dog program itself they'll unleash it elsewhere we can well because there's still a lot of warm. she says health authorities from all over the world want to learn
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what these noses know well i'm delighted to say we can speak to professor holga folk who is chair of the small animals department at the university of veterinary medicine. thanks a lot for joining us can you just explain to us what exactly it is that the dogs are smelling during these tests. and thank you for the question and it's quite interesting i mean at the end of the day we don't know because the virus doesn't smell but we do know that the virus needs a cell and they hijacked that cell and then they changed the medicine in the cell and that actually is something the dog can smell so how can we be confident that what they are detecting is corona virus. so that's a very good question to ask what we have in our study is that we compare people who
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had an infection with corollaries and actually have clinical signs that work over 1000 patients compared to a control group and really in those groups we were able to find a difference in 94 percent hit rate saying this is what we didn't have and that was people who had personal friends of virus because at that time or within the study there was no influenza season so that's what we're doing at the moment to see how good is the dog also to be able to discriminate against. viruses like influence our or also other medical one of ours us the stakes are pretty high if the test comes back in the results is it is wrong do we know how the reliable c compares with more conventional coronavirus testing you know it's quite it's quite comparable i mean you should never forget that the dog will never replace a p.c.r. test so it's just a very fast screening mechanism and there think you where else and you have what
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you could see how fast these doctors actually able to sniff out the people. so when you look at the fuel and you have 96 percent specifically an 83 percent sensitivity so it's probably more comparable to the antigen test which are out there and then obviously passed the gold standard test with the p.c. archosaur all our patients work with the results so if we were to roll this out further maybe nationwide worldwide indeed would have a strain of dogs to detect corona virus to actually carry that out. i think you know one of the challenges we're facing is that we often simplify our world too much and what i mean with that is i think you need different test scenarios for different circumstances if you run a workplace i mean you know so i don't have an airport that's never dark but if you
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but if you aren't worth place even a hospital run one of the things you don't have it's time so until you get your p.c. our test results by one takes at least a day sometimes 2 or 3 days until then you already have quite a limited workforce so where are these underage and has all this know dogs coming in is that you can actually do a very fast cleaning and hopefully then get this confirmed by your p.c. ourselves so i think that's where i could see the dogs being able to fill a gap or if you go to a concert or you go to any other social events you know they are you could potentially see that they could be a reliable screening tool. and just quickly so if it's quick it's noninvasive test it could be cheaper than conventional tests that we're seeing so what is stopping this being immediately rolled out. yeah that's a good question and i think you probably are these my my colleagues in helsinki
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airport as well i do probably. i'm not i to be honest i'm not one of those and sure i think what it stops is that we can't believe that doctors can be so good in detecting in medical things we totally believe when they sniff the bomb but we somehow that they are able to sniff out people who have a certain infection so perhaps we need to trust our 4 legged friends a bit more professor holder folk from the university of veterinary medicine hanover thanks a lot for joining us thank you to. and now is the most of the program way you get to ask the questions to ask science correspondent deborah quitter's. how come there are so many fewer covert 19 problems infections and deaths in africa do africans have better immune systems than the rest of the world there have been some pretty dire predictions over the months about the pandemic and africa the belief
3:54 pm
was that if the virus has done so much damage in europe and the americas including in in many countries that have advanced health care facilities what would it do to the underfunded systems in many african nations around one in 6 people on the planet lives on the continent so with around 43000000 coated 1000 cases worldwide so far you'd expect at least 7000000 of them to have been in africa but there have been only about 1500000 reported it's the same thing with deaths statistically you'd expect around 200000 there so far there have been only around 40000 reported why. under reporting could explain some of the discrepancy but the experts think other factors are also involved especially the average age on the continent which is only around the 20 that's that's the lowest
3:55 pm
in the world and young people are of course less vulnerable and there are also a lot fewer homes for the elderly in africa than in europe or the u.s. where we're facilities for seniors have often turned into deadly hotspots people in many african countries have also often had previous experience with other epidemics and generally seem to have followed health screening and social distancing advice for covert 19 high fumigating might have played a limiting role in some countries of the virus seems to spread better and drier cooler. environments and there are indeed some theories that many africans might have more robust immune responses to sars code to due to previous exposure to other pathogens but that hypothesis still hasn't been backed up by by convincing evidence. science correspondent derek williams
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that you got a question for you kind of course submit one through. channel and that was your call that 19 special thanks for joining us as more information on our website just go to do we don't call and click on coronavirus of the top of the page for me i'm a teen to watch. the.
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played. this is the only news life for berlin turning the tide germany braces for fresh restrictions to contain the 2nd covert wave sweeping the country right now turns on one that was holding crisis talks with regional leaders that is expected to make the case for a limited lockdown also on the show a final push us presidential candidates pull out all the stops logistic.


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