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tv   Frag den Lesch  Deutsche Welle  October 29, 2020 3:00pm-3:16pm CET

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biala gassed at frankfurt airport city managed by from. this is due to the news live from berlin and another traumatic attack france is reeling after a suspected terrorist incident in nice and mad with a next kills 3 people and injured several more than a church in the city center and the seris prosecutors have now launched a murder inquiry president michel is at the scene and necessary and appropriate
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german chancellor angela merkel defense for a new pandemic lockdown measures addressing parliament the chance the warns that tracing all of the receptions is no longer possible but the opposition says the new rules are excessive. 7 months after police kill a black woman in her own home in kentucky we need people pushing forward forms in law enforcement in the us. and while our thank you very much for your company we begin in france where the country is now on high alert after a suspected terrorist attack in the southern city of nice all police say a man there armed with a knife killed 3 people and injured several others at the not saddam basilica in the city center the suspect is now in custody presents him around mcconnell has
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just arrived on the scene of the attack and counterterrorism officials have launched an investigation. the a. police storming the says not to damage silica were too late to stop the bloodshed by the time they shot and injured the attacker 3 people had been fatally wounded one of them was a church official. we just learned from the television the toss a christian has been assassinated it's a huge shock. to the affluent families he was there all day long he wasn't somebody who would drop in and go again he was always there. the church is just a kilometer from the scene of a deadly truck attack which killed dozens in 2016 nieces mayor spoke to reporters at the scene he said the assailant kept shouting allahu akbar god is greatest as he was detained. for going to all the people of nice who are in shock i can say that
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nice like all of france but perhaps more than other parts of the country. is currently paying much too high a price and has now $1.00 small become a victim of islam or fascism. or the proceeds to a good level firstly. it's a threat that has france on high alert president mark hong called a crisis meeting in paris before departing for nice. the french president has angered many in the muslim world by refusing to condemn cartoons of the prophet mohammad. it's a long standing debate in france reignited by the murder of school teacher samuel patty earlier this month he was beheaded after showing cartoons of mohammed in a class on free speech now france has 3 more reasons to mourn the national assembly
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held a minute's silence for the victims those in power to face some uncomfortable questions in the days ahead. many in this tricky secular country may ask if the efficient approach is to write one and whether they should fear more lone wolf attacks or far as he's have raised the terror and to its maximum. let's get you more now where catherine fielder is a reporter in paris katherine has any more information been released by the authorities we know pretty much the timeline of what happened this morning it was just before 9 o'clock in the morning when the churchwarden opened the church up he does again 3 morning he's aged in its forty's he opens it up so people can go in them pray there isn't a morning at this basilica then the attacking came into the church stand the night and you also then stand a woman aged 70 is. then chased one of the person is out of the
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church and in a nearby town he stabbed her is going to that woman at age 13 it was then the police came on the scene they shot the attacker wounded him and we're told by the marigny is that when he was receiving treatment from the from the 1st responders he was calling out. since then we know that this is being handed over to the anti terror police investigations branch there and they will be following this and trying to piece together what it has in common with other similar attacks we've had 3 jihadism tanks in the last month do we know anything about the motive why now why nice. no we unfortunately we don't know anymore i mean this is coming up to an important day for the catholic faith it is the saints day it is the national holy day here in france of course there is this continuing
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dispute with france over the publication by charlie hebdo all of these come to the prophet muhammad let's not forget that here in paris at the moment there is a court case going on for the accomplices all that 2015 attack on the offices of charlie hebdo so that school is a lot more of all the focus to be of all of those con to also there has been negative reaction from outside france to most made by the french president saying that france would defend its freedom of expression and as he said at the memorial service to the slain schoolteacher he said france will continue to publish these come to our accounts and i feel that reporting from paris thank you so much and i'd like to or turn now to. counterterrorism advisor and security expert and c.e.o. of. think you so much for joining us sir. why does
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this keep happening in france this is a shocking attack that just happened what like a week after the summer attack that the brutal murder of the french a teacher in the outskirts of paris that authorities not expect another attack a copy cat attack that they really dropped the ball here. it's a good question but we have to see it from from 2 levels the 1st one is. overall these attacks of and the planned attacks have occurred in the u.k. this year in france in various areas so although we get the impression especially of late that france appears to be singled out it actually fits a broader pattern in europe as a whole where does attacks keep occurring however friends as a reporter accurately mention over the last 2 months has put itself right in the
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middle due to yes the challis of the trial the republication of a caricature that allegedly led to the attack in 2015. and the positions of the following reaction so france very recently put itself even more in the middle of the storm and doesn't mean that the security forces dropped the ball here but with the added issues related to the pandemic over the last 8 months we've seen a rise in extremist online content we've seen a rise fall right for a lot right and elements together create that problem i'm going to jump in here i'm going to jump in here if i may you reference that these attacks do happen across europe and you have a point there we have seen sadly across europe terror attacks in the in the previous years but there is a deadly pattern and that is specific to france that we see unfolding how should government you're an anti
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a counterterrorism expert how should the government tackle this kind of threat coming now from individuals not non-state actors these are just individuals who decide we're going to go out and kill someone what can be done to prevent another attack from happening in a week's time. that's the best question and it's trying to find a way to isolate these people and what i mean by that is. they find you know we see them acting a lot so so alone so perpetrating the attack alone however they're not alone there's a lot there's an echo chamber whether it be online or it is closer knit communities where they find a way to amplify and catalyze their positions to a point where it becomes violent and what we need to focus needs to be more on the preventive aspects so that all the the aspects leading up to the attack itself can communities find a way and security forces as well to isolate where it really becomes an exception
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and no longer a norm and what's very interesting with the attack today in france is that right away 2 major muslim organizations one of them was actually disbanded yesterday vocally said we don't agree with this we think it's not right so if the narrative changes if they go if security forces governments find a way to change a narrative in a preventive way to ensure that these extremists become more isolated within within their bubble then we'll have a reduction and then it's about it won't prevent 100 percent right if we can make it exceptional again that will already be a major achievement and conclusion though and this might be of a controversial there is a tendency in the french political discourse to target muslims in a very antagonistic way or make muslims french muslims feel very defensive so if you want the help of the community should the rhetoric change in france should mr
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mccloy also adjust and reach out to the community so that the community feels compelled if you'll see part of the french society and will raise more red flags when they see individuals planning on doing such things. i agree francis history does help it and you know there's a lot of the that there's a lot of support from the community already you know and a lot of the one of the things that's come out in other attacks is you know the community will have actually said to. people responsible and please you know you should watch that person and then the attack happened so there's a target certain degree of support of course friends being reluctant until until my color to be honest to look into its colonial past to actually acknowledge the problems in algeria for example the way its muslim community in france is being treated is a major issue and it's going to take a long time we are and you talk about a generational issue so it's not something that's going to be solved in 2 or 3
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years but it's going to take a long time and i have fully agree that the overall narrative and wit the the muslim community in france due to historical reasons needs to change and to become more compromising and inclusive because as we're seeing a lot of people are willing to act even if they're not part of a body structure. a counterterrorism advisor and security expert thank you for making time to speak to us if you. return attention back here to germany where german chancellor angela merkel has defended the latest round of coronavirus restrictions as the country prepares to go back into a limited lockdown on the dressing problem and said chancellor merkel said he was currently impossible to trace the origin of all new infections hampering efforts to contain the virus she faced frequent interruptions in the opposition have now called the measures excessive and inappropriate. empty restaurants and bars
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no museums no theaters these images are actually from the 1st wave of the pandemic but in november germans will have to get used to them again as coronavirus cases rise chancellor merkel announced new restrictions the main difference this time is that schools and shops will remain open many businesses will receive economic support on thursday merkel defended the new policy in a key speech before the german parliament you must know that the measures we now have to take are appropriate necessary and proportionate in fact there is no milder means than consistently reducing contact to stop and reverse the infection process and bring it to a manageable level. of. merkel was constantly interrupted. and the parliament speaker saw himself forced to call for order the biggest opposition party in the bundestag the far right if he was quick
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to slam the measures you have into these ones we consider the paralysis of the cultural industry the hospitality industry and practically the entire social life as announced by mrs merkel to be excessive and inappropriate now one of the big questions is whether citizens will actually comply with these new measures the government has enjoyed high levels of support but criticism is on the rise and there's also an evidence coronavirus $48.00. i'd like to welcome now professor peter crimson or from the university hospital and from the university hospital rather interview where he's working on developing a professor comes in a very warm welcome great to have you here with us what progress are you making with developing the vaccine. got to know well we have progress in gravity as we speak just like snake tool worsens. in the last 2 hours and we in the hood joy of so the
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finishing group crucial in our face on this phase 2 of this and on a vaccine program has already stopped and there are months ago and the. aiming to start last license was to face. in november this year so i'm guessing very well. so you are very optimistic i gather from your answer when do you think a vaccine will become available. well i think in general and vaccine in the in the european union who covered in didn't. this is our worst in one developed by cuba 1 iowa t v no votes are needed ones are the pretenders quite convinced that at least one if not several by.


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