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tv   Corona Spezial  Deutsche Welle  October 29, 2020 8:30pm-9:01pm CET

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now against whole runs folgers will be right here for you and we'll tell you everything you need to know as america decides we'll bring you the numbers issues to back out as it happens and until the last vote is counted join us for special laws culture shock early in the u.s. election november 4th on details. things are getting hot in russia's neighborhood with the latest uprising in kyrgyzstan adding fuel to the fire that began weeks ago in western neighbor bellicose where thousands have been demanding removal of authoritarian leader alexander lukashenko tensions between armenia and azerbaijan are smoldering once again over the separatist enclave nagorno-karabakh russia's been delivering weapons but otherwise showing uncharacteristic restraint quoting strop priority along seemed to be restoring russia's place as a global player as he lost his touch our title russia's explosive frontiers what is
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proteins goal and. the only. good. luck. hello and welcome to to the point it is a pleasure to introduce our guests beginning with a vow to me use a cough he is a colleague here on the w.'s russian desk and he says putin wants to keep the power and make russia great again. and i'm very glad to have with us alexander our he's a political scientist an analyst actual izing on russia and his view as a whole this is change like the fall of the berlin wall in 1989 how explosive it will be remains to be seen and a pleasure to have with us again she is a correspondent at german broadcaster watch on the audio and she says sewing divisions supporting dictators subverting borders russia remains on the wrong side . history. so. it's seems like supporting
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dictators and subvert subverting borders used to come a bit easier to vladimir putin after protests over the rigged election in belarus began he waited weeks to affirm his support for the go last time armenia and azerbaijan clashed it took russia just 4 days to quell the conflict now it seems to be reluctant to stop the fighting what's going on. i would say. when it comes to. this. at the end no question for putin who she wants to support of course it's looking cool and he wouldn't allow it that a mass protest can't change regime that's what chief us all the time and
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there is no way to not supporting the question go of course it's possible that she creates a figure like it so quote opposition leader and install him in bellows with the help of a bug on his so-called t.v. journalists and so on and fake news and information well that's all possible but it's a 1st step. i wouldn't say that he really thought about not confirming and not supporting your question no no idea i'm tired of memes you say russia wants to hold on to putin wants to hold on to power is his power actually at risk certainly his approval ratings appear to be quite i don't see any risks which is power and keep the power of the most normal thing for any politician religion or political in their in their work so their political systems are
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different but the rich to keep power is the same were they were a country of the so i don't think back to the question i don't think and there is. a broader agents then go up and down by their norio erm the injury for him last time his poll ratings were declining in 2012 he quickly revived his standings with moves like the annexation of the crimea are we seeing a different strategy now in order there are turks 20112124 through here which must purchased on the streets of moscow which were richer there escalate the very professional over by russian authorities and crimea was 2014 for your state or. so i don't think going to connection with the river urgings 2011 from preference to crimea but through your state there are. sort of the question simply is the question of whether we're seeing a different strategy now well they say how russia is dealing with the conflicts in
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the neighborhood and all the threats do on the same the focus of her russian government is much more veiled political so what's and goes russian public's for some reason some for some parts because the clearest shift from domestic issues for economy for medical problems which we have it in context of course on the crisis the russian government is very much busy gilpatrick syria libya belarus with many many issues on the global level and not paying much attention to the domestic issue and towards anger saw russian public and russian russians inside the country because i don't think the other russian president would be less interested in deal politics but probably more interested in the mystic issues. alexander you know russia well from what i've read you have dined with president putin and you've also consulted for major russian firms like gas prom so you say in your opening
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statement that the current situation could bring about change like the fall of the berlin wall what do you mean exactly where is this change going i mean that the world is facing radical dramatic changes and i compare the changes will witness with the changes which we have solved 30 years ago. think that there is nobody at all to collapse but the world is moving from one world order from the i would say when you pull out a world order which was designed as a liberal world order by the west by the united states and the european union after the end of communism when moving now to a new stage in world history where the world will be defined by major powers not only by the west but by a very strong china. by a new russia was no strengths but also a more military mind it's russia and also
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a strong. movement and a force which will witness also from the selves and do you see any change in proteins way of dealing with the tensions in the neighborhood compared to how he might have handled it earlier in the i just came back from the valdai club in moscow asked we could ask him with a question. would he deliver again this speech which he gave to the german exactly 20 years ago where he said the cold war is over. would you do the same speech again i ask him and he said yes but in a softer way and what he confirmed is for him is the nato expansion what's of the mother of all the problems which. he faces with the west this is a russian view of course but the same this is a geopolitical fight which the russians have today with the west and with as the russians over nato expansion over values or many things what i wanted to say about
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the neighborhood i think that putin is not really afraid that the west will take advantage of the changes in kyrgyzstan in their meaning as their budget and borussia way because all those countries are much better and much closer connected was russia the crane was 66 years ago below russia is comically completely dependent on russia curious as well because kyrgyzstan is also a member of the euro eurasian club and in azerbaijan and armenia both countries also who gets weapons from russia and are canonically intertwined with was moscow so you know other very briefly your opening statement said russia remains on the wrong side of history what would it take to put it on the right side and is about to be put in capable of delivery not what oleksandr just sit makes me thinking about the past. the situation compared to what we have now or if you it's like the fall of the war when i think about this former time it was
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just a period of happiness of hope of of joy and i can't see this in this moment. the other way around i would see no nothing nothing what can be seen now is fear is the world changes the coronavirus it's taking over the life the whole life and you know nothing nothing at all. to come back to the question. protein and russia are on the right side of history would mean to stop him to feel britain's in france or other countries sawing discord in other countries it too would too to do something that was positive energy not just
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everything was such a negative energy of what i see now and that's what i mean thank you very much let us take a closer look at now at where history is taking the level of managed to democracy is a term used to describe not only russia system but also those of key neighbors like the us but many people there have had enough. mass protests have been held for weeks and bellow groups against alleged election fraud in the presidential election president look at security forces have brutally beaten down the protests and he has thrown opposition politicians and demonstrators in jail but the opposition is not giving up hundreds of thousands of bellary cience continue to take to the streets calling for a general strike and demanding that location call step down opposition leaders. have to leave the country for her own safety the fight for our
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rights. and i'm sure that the we'll succeed. russian president putin supports the bellary sea and government but is continuing to hold back as long as location calls power is not truly endangered. when i made a difficult situation in belarus the relations with russia have a solid foundation. how far will putin go to maintain stability on russia's external borders. what's your thinking in terms about could we see an generational change there do you think in the end will prevail perhaps not least thanks to help from put it i would divide it between what we hope to see. her friend we hope to see it as him change our meaning reverse the man in germany or hope there for. a time a friend for her. because there's like. a couple of months ago
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last year that mr edwards. the earth by the best to be president for france earlier and does appear to from the popular will. little very very far i'm afraid of sole alexander of our what if anything might prompt to put into actively intervene how close are his relations with the question go close close relations but so we shouldn't forget that. it's not put in puppets he's doing his own policy when there were russia is too strong for him to press to have to press upon him than here so what the west in my opinion. will not survive the next presidency he will go but not today in a couple of years but before that he will change the constitution and she will see you i think some some of the power structure of. power momentums in this country so be another if putin continues to exercise restraint could that incentivize
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opposition in other places kyrgyzstan for example where we're already seeing tensions or kazakhstan even do you think we could see further unrest in other parts of the neighborhood i would i would say that this depends on situation of these countries and of course there is no poutine in the route who can stop people going on the streets as we saw this or see this and who's and in other countries not everything turns around putin and that's that's very important to know and not to fear just because put you in doesn't like such mass demonstrations such call are over lucian's that they shouldn't start it and i wouldn't agree that this is a scenery a lie in this way i think it's
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a time of over yes she hears protein that's right she is afraid of nothing and it's a show in his country in this time and. this is not over but you can't stop. people thinking they want to change. and change isn't done and that's why i am not so pessimistic about it but of those that are you told us that to the grid degree that there is negative public opinion in russia about putin it has to do with the perception that he's not doing enough about domestic challenges so does it matter to russians how we handle these tensions and conflicts in the area yes and no more yes it's mother's because food preparing their close attention to a brothel or origin in their arsenal remember is concerned about there's a broader thing on the run and on the other hand there's no such things like free
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and democratic elections in russia sort of the populations will prevent the government there's no chance to remove or some sort of this government with other kind of government so even a position or not i mean she can do what they were here like some you tube but there's no chance for him to be a part of establishment of the become a part of political extinguishment and to change things in the country so the police and you can be angry and your government is as much as you want but you have no chance to change to change things on the legal way. let me take us to another place in the neighborhood namely the enclave of nagorno karabakh xander a nato member turkey is now intervening in support of john while russia at least in the past has actually delivered weapons to both sides so what does putin really want there are simple he doesn't want to do so there by john knows that armenia is basically part of the of russia because it is part of the eurasian union that's
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part of the military union with russia and is the benefit of russia but for portion it's more beneficial if turkey has its influence on in the caucasus then you have nato bases under american supervision in the caucasus and therefore he doesn't want to lose a budge on to they took so i mean i was not in there is turkey actually looking to challenge russia's head to moni in the region and do you think it could succeed i think. yes yes it is possible but i think the. in my opinion seen more important thing is that up. took a president is so he was for 4 full protein and to can't risk to loose at all on and on it's very important to sort discord and to divide nato that's the
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most important thing and they they both know what they do and they both won't risk they are i wouldn't say kind of cooperation but but they depend on each other and yet that's why i think there is a certain strain off putting and maybe the reason is that they're going to the e.u. has been accused of doing too little to push back against both turkey and. interesting lee enough russia joined forces with france and the u.s. to call for a ceasefire is there perhaps even an opening here in regard to nagorno-karabakh and the tensions between i mean you and azerbaijan for closer cooperation between europe and russia research would be this very recent so much i'm not sure how i think you will be developed it's. absurd if they agree with you putting their gun
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to bring the game or not though it's true in my opinion so. i would note the prognosis and any future developments on this topic oh how close can i go to europe and you know i'm a member of the got a. thank you very much elsewhere cooperation between russia and the west looks further away than ever following the short lived pledge by both sides to reset russian american relations an array of developments have driven the 2 further apart. ever since the successful revolution in ukraine the nation has been a thorn in the side of russia's president putin in february 24th teen he annexed the ukrainian peninsula of crimea supported by moscow separatists in eastern ukraine also quickly gained ground. in syria's civil war russian troops are fighting alongside those of the dictator. after the conflict russia wants to
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establish a permanent military presence in syria this would give russia direct access to the mediterranean and enable it to become a major player in the middle east. putin also wants to exert influence in the west using k.g.b. methods for example russia allegedly tried to influence the us elections in 2016 using cyber attacks and spreading fake news american secret services suspect there was currently a russian dissin from ation campaign designed to help trump in the current presidential election. shows the level of political culture or the absence of such i reiterate we don't interfere. we'll putin succeed in destabilizing the west. alexander in many respects trump with his undermining of trust in that the united states and its democratic system with his criticism multilateralism of nato in
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particular has really played into proteins hence would you say that is by accident or by design you will ask me. who is better for russia biden or porch and i think both are but for russia i mean for put you for russia or biden at least hopes to continue the talks on rearmament. and. with trump he may create a new world order and this may be a dream in russia and he knows that for trump the big enemy is china and not russia he wants to do to make deals with russia whether biden clearly said that russia is the biggest threat for the west let me come back to the question posed at the end of that short report and it was about whether putin is successfully destabilizing the west right now authorities in both the us and europe report significant evidence of russian descent from ation campaigns put teen's neighborhood may be
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increasingly explosive as we've talked about but is he nonetheless succeeding quite well in exporting instability to the united states for example i would say yes absolutely he is an expert in this and. really saw a very short period of time this apparently yeltsin years when information of war didn't play of all but putin revived this and. he uses this as a tool as a very effective tool to meddle in internal affairs to too small to score in not just in our neighbor countries like ukraine like like elect germany despite we're on a direct neighbor but. in the u.s. and the overall goal i think is to slender
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democracy itself and that's a very very dangerous thing and it's it's more important than everything else i in my opinion and at this point they meet together. trying to on who to you and to dictators in front of her and that's really newt. well and intimacy of this talent lie to me in view of all of that and in view of the recent attack on alex and of on the the russian opposition politician should europe be doing more to sanction putin's abuses of power and his interference and if so what additional measures would work well received. european sanctions in russia since for 6 years from now for the ukraine and crimea and eastern ukraine. the question is not if europe should do more but how effective this may honeys them are how much
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or how much influence the sanctions have on their behavior over russia is it possible to change their russian behavior by sanctions and the answer is not truly because we don't have any any substantial change in russian behavior on the political. stage as a result of dissension so we can. discussing science in europe and europe can impose sanctions from 2 more russian fear or 3 more russian citizens but the question is how how effective the sanctions will be. i think that there are some leading german politicians among them former chancellor gerhard schroeder have argued in recent years that it's time for a german russian reset are those voices growing quieter now after the attack on you know sure they are non-existent and you more i think. the problems with russia are
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obvious. but the europe will say european union with that same time we shouldn't destroy in my view what has been built between germany and russia for europe for european security in the past 30 years and in a dramatic way that. is can disappear and i think probably yes the west wants to punish russia than punish russia but on the other hand there are many aspects where we should cooperate in future because we are not in the east west conflict anymore but in the last conflict we need a common view on how to. do to fight with the challenges which stands in front of us from the sols for europe and for russia sabina adler ukraine crimea syria there are enormous financial costs to putin's expensive moves could that prove to be a problem for him in the end of his li not russia is rich enough to do this and. of course it would be much smarter to spend the money in the own country but he
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doesn't do it and i want to say that i can't agree that we as jhoom and russia to the same level destroyed the relationship as alex thomas had it not not germany's destroyed sort of a ship not i kind. of have to say that we're just about out of time but let me come quickly back to our title which asked what is. go and read american fortunes goal was to restore russia's position in the world as a global player what do you think the history books will write will they say he succeeded might succeed just. that was short as can be so a clear yes to that answer from latimer as to self and many thanks to all of you for being with us today and thanks to all of you out there for tuning in see you soon i buy.
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this is g.w. news live from berlin tonight in france police are calling it another islamist terror attack the french president saying the nation will not be intimidated by i think. that they can if we find the tactic and it's because of a fall foul use of belief in freedom to believe freely said and not given to terra to coopt. let me say this very clearly we will never give. in to the french city of new so members of 9.


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