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tv   Corona Spezial  Deutsche Welle  October 30, 2020 2:30am-3:01am CET

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yeah i took a high heel not too long of clothing as yes you know from my office kind of the country's a big big with the engine. never seen each other monday and it's kind of what we know from 4030 no foul. oh entirely or from. know from you tell him what he's telling to work on the mushing. i did someone thoughtful guy now and yeah i still don't want to. they are not working like evaluate i'm gonna pick it 11 which are right and leave details of. my fight i say farm out my rice also if they're used to the mantle of the company collapsed. thang make me try will cause if you listen and live in a ghetto. everything flew both for you see i was good then you do if south.
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had worked on the other seasonal workers late in shanty towns dilapidated heartsore tents in the middle of fields. there's no water no sanitary facilities electricity or heating. that on your rambling. i didn't know i'm living. and i live out there then because if i didn't head then and there were worried. that would. lead to how you are here you have to fight to take off your family. or you even sometimes causes all of them doubt problem to call you and you can see that you can help them flew off yet fighting like trouble now our life is like no real life to have all family. in chairing the owner of the p.f. trying to scotto co-operative grows organic tomatoes it also hire seasonal workers
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from africa but they earn a decent wage and are given proper contracts that not day laborers at the mercy of the exploitative couple are allowed to system. and. one shake is from senegal and has worked on many plantations. but he might even you know. it was only when i began here that i realized what goes on at the other plantations . i used to think it was just the way things worked in italy and now i'm here i understand what's going on. that we're being exploited he said you're. not going to comment yet through what i've got so is head of the co-operative he wants to raise awareness of the plight of the seasonal workers. the mother the chair see what we need to tell consumers when i'm there so that you could buy a can of tomato puree for $0.40 alex up do it yourself being antonino were
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exploited so study they were forced to live in terrible conditions with no basic rights no running water no electricity. so do you still want to buy those tomatoes . presence of tomato products are sold for next to nothing even there picking processing packaging and transport all have to be accounted for profit is all that matters that's why a kilo of tomatoes often fetches as little as 5 cents. said west of course the question is i as a farmer am getting paid just $0.05 per kilo now am i going to make a living it's impossible i need to buy the seedlings irrigate i need to verbalize or i need to rent a tractor. these are not costs the only flexible costs are the wages i pay my workers we mustn't forget to give the copper a lot of systems is a consequence of that it's a consequence of a market that has spiraled completely out of control for parts. of the.
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pietro wants to beat the system because tomatoes are sold through a fair trade organization for 30 instead of $0.05 per kilo. bucking the global system isn't easy it involves restructuring the entire farm to consume a chain. it's not available when you are no billionaire pietro aims to prove that process tomato products can be made ethically he wants his co-operative to serve as an example a small step to changing the entire production system. because the video has lots of people saying we need to help the situation improve garnett so that these people don't come here in the 1st place we've got to make global economics and politics make that impossible by economists no tomato processing
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industry are gonna which goes to show how sick the system is how utterly crazy a system i'm allowed to complete them and they fall. in europe industrial farming subsidies and wage dumping are resulting in surplus is cut price european tomatoes end up exported to international markets today italy is just a minor player in the global tomato industry china is now the world's biggest producer its exports tomato paste often diluted with cheap fill in gradients all over the world $16000000.00 tons per year 10 times more than italy the most to. porton metric and global exports is profitability any negative impact on the countries that import the goods is irrelevant because free trade is the principle that opens the african market to exports after independence african countries introduced
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customs duties in order to protect domestic farmers and emerging industries but now these restrictions are being lifted despite the fact that most african nations still struggle to compete on the international market gonna came under international pressure when it tried to increase import tariffs on tomato products to 40 percent of that now at 10 percent and containers full of cut price tomatoes continue to arrive in the country. economist corbett no 2 is familiar with the problem and as an academic he can speak more freely than the gun and government which has to take into account international investors yeah a fresh one in my child my view. not a lot not all said yeah why. so
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this one child was. only a touch of a sentimental. about 70 percent fudge. the problem with this product. is. there more or less child under the master. the market for 2 methods. push him out. the mess to please us. so you harbor a large number of trauma too far this week or last. tomato paste of rice are not the only products jet. dicing african markets and threatening the livelihoods of farmers in 28000 for example maybe you also exported milk powder concentrate and me to west africa.
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at this market in accra it's easy to see how imports are driving out domestic products translates into job offers the only translates you just ration of libel. it translates into poverty. and the translates into cash tristian values yom kippur $12.00 that after discounts. you do not have the capacity to change is this because you have lost ones clothes your old one back about 3 years ago mom didn't put off sick on food from the us and us could run out of africa and work on a fortune which is. what was called the shows the response from if you try to change positive value.
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preposition or destroy a life. that's missing the sun sometimes for the plan to fund it all goes on a profit but if you. don't who says amen. to much upon you as an agricultural advisor in northern gonna be at the tomato factory and quality that's gone out of business. as a result local farmers are desperate many of them leave the region others are experimenting with alternative crops so. i'm still do grow tomatoes but just for their own families. good for love love love well another but you know. that and much on the you tube on a little you have a bit about the malampaya obama on your problem not the one. i love my mother.
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but all the police rescue was all done by too much of my new public factor was incessant they used to make a lot of money didn't. do it they did it told me that they were making plenty money because doing defunct and needed it and in a market was needed it's. one of the more like. you know. how long the amount of what you have to survive through we have to continue to put in much for us because. it's early in the 2 month or 3 did video well mel it came to market new market so every 10 workers in the field know how they know where people are not coming to buy
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and it led to some say. they come to take their lives because you don't think their lives thereby will come after them you don't have to want to pick. up. to. them. many people have left to try their luck elsewhere most of them go to the cities. meaning. salif or went 1st to kumasi then to accra now he's planning to make the journey to europe. or to america my you have neither of my children go to school even though i'm not happy about that too to be i know they should go to school in them but i can't afford the fees. sometimes we don't even have money to eat at night.
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just. a lot of the news we've seen the images of dead migrants in the mediterranean sea. and he says my wife is praying for my safe boy age to me you know abort are coming you know she knows i'm going to give our children a better future unknown to him aboard are going to change from nothing to. you and i was a little bit of the cause i would pray to god how long the voyage and the love and what the god wants us to pray last and to trust in him whatever happens are told about for today as i plan to. move. this house is being built by my brother who lives in akron also and this one is by
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my brother and commodity legal this is my little smile when i was. i would like to tear it down and build a concrete one and also one for my mother and then i. was ready to offer the money for the car when the kids in the suv did not get one like getting a good gun gun gun gun. you . there are. people like sally full can't just apply for a visa board a plane and fly to europe their only option is to save as much money as they can and try to make their own way that. anyone who can afford it and lists the help of someone known in the village as a travel agent. who is getting some advice before he leaves.
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noble and telling you know. i am fond of number. did it. i am a lady it damn can i stop in a minute will be i'm going to join you you had all it about and have all the. some pleasant thoughts about at the time i nominated. and i thought when you know how i got to see i've been laughing. i'm to see you be laughing when did i miss you now from the one i live it through and then it's going to be here but. when i'm mistaken you know find your ball munching to help you know my mantle. song for me to dinner when love to form below wind but i got a piece in the way it goes on for me.
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by me and we have no choice but a large situation here forces us to take this risk. even if i die my children can be proud of me because i want them to because i won't have died stealing or robbing a someone but because i wanted to give them a better future but it simply wasn't god's will for someone from i wonder. if. it's hard to tell if someone's on their way to the markets or on their way to europe. some who decide to make the journey don't tell their families until they've already left. many young men in the
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region are tired of waiting for life to improve when they get to a point where leaving feels like their only option. the man who hoped to work on one of italy's tomato plantations have only one way to reach europe across the sahara desert and the mediterranean it's a journey that will cost some of them their lives. in new orleans.
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the keratitis relief organization has built a chapel near the tomato field in a pool there are showers here and the workers can also seek advice and free medical treatment edward survive the journey from africa but he had an accident in the van on the way to the tomato fields under normal circumstances this would be covered by workers compensation and edward would be paid sick leave but on a pulley as tomato plantations edward is only paid for the crates he fills so he needs to get back on his feet as quickly as possible you know i mean if they don't work they don't earn anything with that so they really we should be providing them with a surfboard and. i mean we need to be given food something to eat or. i've been around a lot and when they go back to work they're back at school or whatever if you dug
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deeply. the nanny into his room they have nothing and. no one who can help them right here . if you need. migrants contribute a substantial share of financial aid to gonna edward sends remittances home every month even though he done so little he works as hard as he can and it still never enough he leaves notes i meet with the way to his family's expectations but also with the hostility of many locals i said i was only 5 on the a.p. about how many italians were useless i see this before i give any cowardly sassafras they're afraid of us because we're black. last month and almost we're. just in it was case and we are not that window commence to walk foot in his very
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backs only they know what they are doing. going on but i'll close with you for the money for some fucking days goofiness in both. my seen anything if you don't. pay something because i have a responsibility if you fail to plan from your. health . now without money to try and do enough in the 1st and the rug if you then have to supply them and get a better future for and. although
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i. would have to. i'm. not american. i can't. have it. with a clever one because i don't love her no one more so. that we could borrow the military right off your mobile. i just had to go back. and do something for myself. nice now. i'm going to have packing my boy and then you believe me i'm. going to
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move. on or i flounced i need to walk you forward you know call. one percent more for then have a heart king i want to know how much they are marking on the $91.00 and how many. times i mention their names. and. yet when they are coming back for more and a snake yeah it is now with the 7th day it's now being used to meet me on the canoe calum will be amongst you with me if you'd like will turn out the guy you got it home there's things you did yeah. the 1st move there's not many of you someone out. there you thought embankment. is i'm on now doing this bum thing why doesn't remember home because my mother used to do
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this in. first we're going to go but you won't go go back to africa like this will why you left africa with abilities to open you grew up with i just like you know that there's a while found in congo about. how many years i spent in this country and i'll go back to my country. to me i knew that one day one day when the disguise was on my period and i thought you might be. near the town of techy mountain one man has made it his mission to revitalize the local tomato industry when he returned home to ghana some years ago with apollo a for it was shocked by what he saw defunct factories desperate farmers and tons of
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imported tomatoes after studying and working in the u.s. he wants to invest in his own country. and tomatoes could be a gold mine read to gold but he's also aware of his social responsibility. is going to change. the landscape because once we start broad produce and on a lot of very large scale in 510 years we want to see their whole life going to change him into producing quality. so matters. many attempts have been made to revive the gun land tomato industry a factory was opened here in touch man in 2007 but it's been closed for years perhaps it's about to get a 2nd chance. by going to it's gonna do is gonna provide run feel they are clean because this is home we are.
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one as the youth have the garden see off work doing their work. go off to the migrating through the desert into the ritz agreement where they will die. if the government wants to make sure that the industry surviving the house to be aware of proof took to the industrious office like reducing the reports from outside into the country but if the government does not provide that comfort zone then the competition would be unbearable for us unfortunately. if the tomato factory was given a fat chance it might help boost the region's fortunes. trade policies could support development in struggling countries rather than indirect.
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that benedictus family might be able to earn a living from tomato farming the husband could remain at home. and if he did decide to work in europe for a while he might be able to travel back safely and live and work in fact conditions . for. refueling. earlier mostly. me yes or no is he. going to. give yeah look every morning we talk and every evening we talk farewell on certain days you see young men with backpacks walking in groups of 10 but you know that they're going to the desert for if i fell in with old folks someone left
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a week ago but i haven't heard if he's arrived or. not so. and the as far as the danger goes we humans can die and we can live in this journey and just like our life you might win or you might lose but that's why they make this journey what if .
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one continent. 700000000 people. with their own personal stories. we explore every day life. what europeans fear and what they hope for. some kids on their own. in the 30 minutes on d w y. is trying to. be the extra hands of
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a. the german economy is a new issue closely. there's a money game. one exactly. made in germany. in 90 minutes on d w. it was the 1st international tribunal in history. the nuremberg trials. 75 years ago a high ranking officers of the nazi regime where he joins you can by the allied forces. they were the 1st war criminals to be held accountable for their crimes.
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and those invited are now come on you're going to have going through don't care. right. now were 2 part series the 3rd right the dog starts nov 12th on d w. this is d.w. news and these are our top stories french president among them up call visit at the church where 3 people were killed and i suspect that islamist knife attack in the french city of meets the president promised to deploy more soldiers to protect places of worship and schools france's anti-terrorism prosecutor says the suspect as a teen is young man he's in hospital and critical condition. german chancellor angela merkel has defended new restrictions and occur.


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