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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 31, 2020 9:00am-9:16am CET

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for their crimes. our 2 part series. in the dark starts nov 12th on g.w. . this is day w. news live from berlin dozens of people were killed as a powerful earthquake rocks turkey and grace hundreds more are injured as buildings in the turkish city of izmir crumble rescuers worked through the night to save people trapped under the rubble president i don't promise is the only thing necessary to help also coming up. french police arrest a 2nd suspect over
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a deadly stabbings at a child church in nice this is france steps up security across the country to guard against further attacks. and fears of unrest in ivory coast as the country holds presidential elections incumbent allison what tara wants a 3rd term of the opposition of boycotting the vote look at the latest from abidjan . i'm rebecca races welcome to the program the death toll from an earthquake off the coast of turkey is rising as rescuers rushed to find survivors in the rubble more than 20 people and now confirmed dead and at least 400 others injured the magnitude 7 quake struck in the aegean sea between the greek island of samuel's and the turkish coast much of the damage is in the turkish coastal city of izmir where
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several buildings were brought to the ground. it's a race against time rescue workers in izmir are trying to find survivors in the rubble of a collapsed building. suddenly cheers from the crowd. someone was found. but others were unable to escape. i thought that the ground had shattered you can't think in that moment all you can try to do is get out everything was collapsing around us our building stayed intact but we were really panicked and managed to get out at the last minute. this is the family home on the 15th floor of an apartment building in izmir when the earthquake
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hit. the quake struck deep in the ground beneath the aegean sea 2. it was followed by dozens of aftershocks with tremors felt as far away as athens and doug area building. i was in my shop i was talking with someone who felt like we were on a road it started to shake while i was watching our building shake i saw this one collapse. a small scale tsunami flooded the streets in some districts sending debris inland and causing further damage. to. the greek island of samuel's also suffered casualties damage and flooding with the
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foreign leaders of both nations pledging to help one another. seismologists have warned that potentially powerful aftershocks could be expected for several weeks to come. and it's crossed mountain turkey where they don't need correspondent daryn jones is standing by there and how the rescue operation going. well rescue efforts are still continuing after a long night all efforts are now focusing on these collapsed buildings careful this painstaking work of carefully removing the rubble to find looking for survivors in these buried collapsed buildings over 70 people have so far been rescued according to turkey's defend so keys. managed quake management agency 4 of out of the 17 buildings that have collapse have now been cleared now those efforts have been hampered by severe aftershocks which runs the risk of not only killing people
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trapped in the buildings but also the rescue workers the efforts all being read redoubled more people are turning up on to the scene to help with those efforts which are expected to continue for out the day. and their intake is no stranger to strong earthquakes why it is still so many buildings that are not quite prove. all that indeed is a big question being asked once again after a powerful quake we've seen apartment blocks just collapse into heaps of rubble toki that are leading to a few seismologist dr john said why is it is only the pole that are buried in the rubble you never see rich people's buildings collapsing and questions have been asked over the the quality of buildings in turkey now after the powerful earthquake of 1909 in the provincial city of izmit just outside the stamboul new powers new strict regulations have been in force and also a program of strengthening buildings but given the fact that turkey has a large amount of also housing stock this is proving
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a challenging task but again the equation is me underlines how important it is. data daryn jones speaking to me a little earlier from istanbul and let's now take a look at some other stories making news around the world police have clashed with protesters in central bus alone after crowds took to the streets to demonstrate against the latest coronavirus measures restrictions under a new nationwide state of emergency could last until may next year. mania and as a bizarre have reached an agreement to diffuse their conflict over the disputed region of nagorno-karabakh peace talks in geneva they promised not to purposely attack civilians and to do a prisoner exchange hundreds of people have been killed in more than a month of fighting in the region. thousands of demonstrators took to the streets of warsaw on friday to protest the polish government's near total ban on abortion opponents have been defying pandemic restrictions to take part in knightly marches
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a court ruling last week banned abortions in cases where the fetus has congenital defects. at least 9 people have died and dozens more are missing after heavy rains triggered a landslide in el salvador the president has sent in the military to help in the search and rescue operation. and police in france have arrested a 2nd suspect in connection with thursday's knife attack in nice investigators believe the man was in contact with the assailant who killed 3 people at the city's not turned down basilica the 3rd islamist attack in france in just 2 months the country's interior minister says france is being targeted for its defense of free expression and secularism or parodies and now beefing up security across the country as nice remembers the dead. nice morning. for some the shock and pain of thursday's attack is difficult to bear.
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well there what because it makes me really sad because i'm from nice work 50 meters down the road and it could have been my mother my aunt we're dealing with crazy people and want to impose their awful rules on us you know very well it isn't why should we get the war. we need to come together to say this isn't possible we want peace but we can't continue like this this is just not acceptable. that. the 3 victims among them church worker vanstone look are the latest in an ever growing list of people murdered in is the most attacks on french soil. thirties responded by increasing police numbers while the foreign minister sent a message to french citizens worldwide. the
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threat is also very serious or brought messages of hate online can quickly turn into real violence and we've decided to take all of the necessary measures to ensure the security of our interests and our ex-pats. we've given instructions to our ambassadors to reinforce security measures with the security. of french prosecutors believe the suspect is a chinese ian national who arrived in the e.u. in september the italian island of lampedusa his family said he never showed signs of extremism police are warning citizens to be extra vigilant these are desperate times for a country in lockdown due to the pandemic for some it's their faith whatever it may be that's getting them through. correspondent lisa lewis joins us from nice they
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say a 2nd person connected to that suspect has been arrested what more can you tell us . absolutely they now have arrested a 47 and 35 year old man both live in this live in this and both talked to the attacker the day before he killed 3 people at the basilica just behind me it is a bit surprising that this man arrived in france as one or 2 days before the attack and then really fast changes his target and attack so investigators are wondering did he get help from these people from other people now the suspect as you just mentioned had it only recently arrived in france but there's been some other details that have come out about him can you tell us more. fairly he was a 21 year old young man traveled from tunisia still not really clear how he decided to attack and why he came to france to do this place in the us in these thank you very much for the update. tensions are high in ivory coast as the country
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votes in presidential elections incumbent leader and a son what tara is running for a contested term which the opposition says is unconstitutional his rivals are boycotting the election and called for a campaign of civil disobedience at least 20 people have died in violence running up to the vote thousands were killed after presidential elections in 2010. i'm joined now by funny fashion in abidjan in ivory coast funny we've seen the violence in the lead up to this vote what's the situation like there today. at this point everything is quite peaceful for ivorian standards but just yesterday in the capital there were violent clashes between security forces and what protesters now people here who are headed to the polls today to be part of his very
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controversial elections are really bracing for the worst they are bracing for violence but they're still hoping for a peaceful outcome of this very controversial election controversial for various reasons one is president ouattara is running for a 3rd term even though he promised not to and then there are the main opposition parties who are boycotting the elections all together calling for civil disobedience and you see you say that we've mentioned that also an hour why is the opposition rejecting this election and calling for that disobedience they are saying that this is illegitimate this entire election that president ouattara doesn't have a right to run for because the election has been amended in 2016 that only permits 2 mandates now president ouattara is saying that's true there are only 2 mandates high over the election the constitution was changed in 20 it was amended in 2016 while he was in office and he says basically for him the clock has been reset just like in other parts of west africa in guinea or in togo we had elections this year
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that was a very similar story that the sitting president claims he does have the right to run for a 3rd time because the change in the constitution to mammon doesn't account for him so as a result the main opposition parties here except for an independent candidate that is running against president ouattara these main opposition parties are saying that this entire election here is a farce what they want is a different candidate from the r h d p party the governing party a candidate that didn't have 2 terms so far now we know that there was a lot of violence killed killing thousands of people after the 2010 election and there are fears of a possible return of that violence and how likely do you think that is. definitely those memories are very very stark memories 2002 to 2010 when the ivorians here really received a very very brutal taste a brutal experience of what polls election violence can mean nobody really knows
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how the violence that into the run up to these elections have already played out on the roads nobody knows how that is going to food to ask later today i also believe that a lot will depend on how president ouattara is able to quell these protests by the way and how he's going to address the nation once the election is over and once the polling stations how close tonight when are we likely to see a result. that is a good question the polling stations are going to close this evening but some people say this could take up to several days even until there is a result however on the political level it may also just be that present what's the clearest himself the winner of this election to simply get it over with get it done and make sure that people are going back to work and that the protests are being quelled but that's exactly the question how the opposition parties going to react in that situation and president ouattara is going to declare himself the winner and
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while it's really unclear clear whether those results that are coming in by the independent commission are really the independent official numbers all right fani thanks very much fashion in abidjan. we're watching data in the news out next door film looks at the power of the pharmaceutical companies i'll be back with more headlines next hour don't forget you can always stay up to date on our web site change happening dot com i'm rebecca riches in berlin thanks for watching. and you hear me now here's we're going to do you have last year's german chancellor when we bring you i'm going to tackle as you've never thought of surprise yourself with what is possible who is medical really what moves and want. to talk to people . the way maurice and critics want to join us from apple's last august.


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