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tv   Euromaxx  Deutsche Welle  October 31, 2020 11:03am-11:30am CET

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in c. 2. it was followed by dozens of aftershocks with tremors felt as far away as athens and bulgaria till. i was in my shop i was talking with someone who felt like we were on a road and started to shake while i was watching our building shake i saw this one collapse. a small scale tsunami flooded the streets in some districts sending debris inland and causing further damage. the greek island of samples also suffered casualties damage and flooding with the foreign leaders of both nations pledging to help one another. seismologists have warned that potentially powerful aftershocks could be expected
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for several weeks to come. and let's go straight to turkey now a d.-w. correspondent daryn jones is standing by during that search and rescue operation been going all night how's it going today. here so after a very long and difficult night rescue workers are still continuing to work through the rubble of the 17 or so collapse buildings so very painful the painstaking task dangerous and very difficult heavy machinery can be used as is usually can threaten to trigger further collapses so it's very labor intensive. these these efforts has met with some success over 70 people have been rescued from the buildings and their hope is that they will be still more survivors to be found in the coming hours and days ahead to say at least 9 of the 17 buildings have so far been cleared so they are moving a pace with this operation is very much a race against time the longer this goes on the less chance there are of survivors
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and hindering those efforts all these hundreds of aftershocks of all $400.00 have hit the city already more expected and that also presents a risk of further collapses of buildings already weakened by the massive quake on friday and there in turkey is of course no stranger to these strong earthquakes and what we've seen yet many buildings just crumbled to the ground why isn't why are so many buildings still not quite proof. of that is a question people across turkey again asking images of collapsed buildings collapsing like a house of cards is an all too familiar sight of powerful earthquakes in turkey a scene of famous seismologists professor john speaking on t.v. last night said it is only the pole that are in buildings that collapsed he said you never see the rich being pulled out of the rubble of buildings again the question of so structural integrity of buildings is on the agenda now following the 999 earthquake in the provincial city of bismuth just outside is stamboul which
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source 17000 people die and stringent building codes have been in force along with a program of strengthening buildings but given the fact that the whole of turkey is prone to earthquakes and much of the housing stock is old it is a massive task but the events of his may only underscore how important these this task is and president of iran has said he will do all that necessary to help has here now made any further announcements. know we haven't heard of anything of since last night where he promised that all means necessary will be done to help with those efforts and see teams from across the country are coming back thought by you soldiers who were quickly on the scene one is very keen to be seen to be proactive in solving this problem because he is aware that previous governments have been severely criticized for slow reaction to earthquake or right daryn jones in istanbul thanks very much. and let's turn now to some other stories making news
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around the world this hour armenia and azerbaijan have reached an agreement to diffuse their conflict over the disputed region of nagorno-karabakh at peace talks in geneva they promised to not purposely attack civilians and to do a prisoner prisoner exchange hundreds of people have been killed and more than a month of fighting in the region. thousands of demonstrators took to the streets of warsaw on friday to protest the polish government's near total ban on abortion opponents have been defying pandemic restrictions to take part in knightly marches a court ruling last week banned abortions in cases where the fetus has congenital defects. at least 9 people have died and dozens more are missing after heavy rains triggered a landslide in el salvador the president has sent in the military to help in the search and rescue operations. a 3rd man is now in custody in connection with the terror attack on thursday in nice according to police sources it follows
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the arrest of 2 people were in the rest of the people who were in contact with the assailant 3 people were killed after a knife attack in the city's not pacifica it's the 3rd islamist attack in the country in just 2 months. correspondent lisa lewis joins us now from nice place a 3rd person now connected to the suspect has been arrested what more can you tell us. well absolutely as is there there's 147 year 135 year old men that have been arrested and now a 3rd man 33 years old and we understand he was at the apartment of the 35 year old man when that person was arrested so the investigators believe that he also might have been in contact with the assailant the day before that man killed 3 people at the basilica just behind me. and what about the victims what more do we know about them so far. well 3 people between 40 and 60
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years old the secret since he was a well loved by many people here in the area known to be a reserved but also very welcoming person than a 60 year old lady who was decapitated almost at the church and a brazilian lady you managed to flee from the church but then fled to a nearby cafe and dad died of her wounds there not before saying please tell my children that i love them so many people are really shocked by what happened here and it will take time to really digest what has happened if that's possible at all yes certainly really tragic events there now we also have more details that are coming out about the suspect can you give us a little bit of an explanation about those. we understand he was a 21 year old tune is young who 1st went to italy and then arrived in france a day or 2 before the attack the police found
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a backpack with him with 3 nice one koran it's not really clear why he committed this attack it seems very odd today that you arrived just shortly before committing the attack in france and instant instinct instantly kind of discovered or identifying the target he wanted to attack so the investigators are this very moment looking into the fact if he might have been in touch with more people who might have been cooperating. others or even with an international jihadist network to commit this attack. now is there no france is in quite a strict lockdown but will there be any events this weekend to commemorate the victims. the basilica has planned a mass a commemorative mass tomorrow night the mayor of this was also said that they would look into maybe holding a common merit of service or an event but everything is obviously as you said kind of limited by the lockdown nobody is such events are not allowed out of the
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government rightly to make an exception at least for a limited number of people. lisa lewis in news for us thank you very much. well tensions are high in ivory coast as the country vote in presidential elections incumbent leader allison ouattara is running for a contested term which the opposition says is unconstitutional his rivals are boycotting the elections and have called for a campaign of civil disobedience at least 20 people have died in violence running up to the vote thousands were killed after presidential elections in 2010 i'm joined now by funny vision in ivory coast a funny we've seen the violence in the lead up to this vote what's the situation like there today. at this point everything is quite peaceful for ivorian standards but just yesterday in the capital there were violent clashes between
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security forces and what protesters now people here who are headed to the polls today to be part of his very controversial elections really bracing for the worst they are bracing for violence but they're still hoping for a peaceful outcome of this very controversial election controversial for various reasons one is president ouattara is running for a 3rd term even though he promised not to and then they are the main opposition parties who are boycotting the elections all together calling for civil disobedience and you see you say that we've mentioned that also in our poor why is the opposition rejecting this election and calling for that disobedience. they are saying that this is illegitimate this entire election that president ouattara doesn't have a right to run for because the election has been amended in 2016 that only permits to mandates now president ouattara is saying that's true there are only 2 mandates however the election the constitution was changed in 20 it was amended in 2016
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while he was in office and he says basically for him the clock has been reset just like in other parts of west africa in guinea or in told the reactions this year that was a very similar story that the sitting president claims he does have the right to run for a 3rd time because the change in the constitution to mammon doesn't account for him so as a result the main opposition parties here except for an independent candidate that is running against president ouattara these main opposition parties are saying that this entire election here is a farce what they want is a different candidate from the r h d p party the governing party a candidate that didn't have 2 terms so far now we know that there was a lot of violence killed killing thousands of people after the 2010 election and there are fears of a possible return of that violence and how likely do you think that is. definitely those memories are very very stark memories 2002 to 2010 when
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they are gorgeous you're really received a very very brutal taste the brutal experience of what ports election violence can mean nobody really knows how the violence that into the run up to these elections have already played out on the roads nobody knows how that is going to food i ask later today i also believe that a lot will depend on how president ouattara is able to quell these protests by the way and how he's going to address the nation once the election is over and once the polling stations have closed tonight funny fresh out thank you. some football now in the bundesliga friday night game shocker and battled to a one old draw manic shower opened the scoring for shocker at the half hour mark youngster hitting the target with a beautiful diving headed for his 1st ever bundesliga goal in just his 2nd match but got equalized with a penalty early in the 2nd half nicolas gonzales with some fancy footwork was able
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to fool the shark a keeper. you're watching daily news up next down take shape shift i'll be back next hour no i will not be back michael okwu will be here next hour i'm a decorated thank you very much watching. i'm secure in the by a more that's hard and in the end this for me you are not allowed to stay here anymore we will send you back. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers would lie and say. what's your story. 'd on what numbers of women especially in victims of violence. take part and send us
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your story you are trained all with to understand this new culture. another very little or nothing yet you want to become a citizen. in for migrants your platform for reliable information. faces are the fingerprints of today thanks to facial recognition technology some use it to unlock their phones convenient for others it's used to surveil their every step what does face recognition capable off at how can you escape it or topic today on shift. $64.00 countries around the world use facial recognition technology the hardware and software is often produced in china low income countries can even get reduced
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interest on their chinese loans that's what the carnegie endowment for international peace found out not much is known about the global industry for facial recognition. ology they act discreetly even if some well known tech companies them and the russian capital moscow facial recognition technology has been recently implemented to the 1st stress test the corona pandemic. more than 100000 facial recognition cameras are being used to fight the spread of corona virus in moscow. the cameras were allegedly monitoring chinese people in a targeted manner and they've later been used to track whether people in quarantine were really staying at home. activists to see facial recognition in geo tracking as a threat to human rights. or some measures can be justified but it's up to us to make sure that after the epidemic ends these measures are
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lifted. within weeks software companies around the world adapted their systems to the new reality under coronavirus measures facial recognition now also works with face masks. when people don't wear a mask the recognition rate is about 99.5 percent when wearing a mask the recognition rate can still reach about 95 percent. the cameras connected to a temperature sensor it can even measure a person's body temperature and inform the authorities if someone has a fever. in order to recognize humans wearing masks the systems need to practice using photos companies have repeatedly used photos from social media for this so called scrapers software automatically downloads all photos that have not been set to private the new york times revealed that the us company clearview collected brace yourselves 3000000000 photos off twitter facebook and co the resulting
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database is used by us police forces to convict criminals but how does facial recognition technology actually work here are the basics in 50 seconds. most basal recognition systems use a to d. source like a voto or video and algorithm analyzes the relative position distance and location of basal features such as the eyes nose and mouth. alternatively the algorithm analyzes multiple images of a specific person and generates a data version of the face for comparison. 3 d. facial recognition technology uses sensors to capture information about the shape of a face like the exact depth of someone's eye socket. texture analysis uses details of the skin such as unique lines patterns and spots to identify a face. how secure is facial recognition technology how
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far could it potentially reach we asked me a check from taiwan she is a data scientist and expert for machine learning. person of the how to get this database is more about it well for the hackers so i think of like once you add to the face to match that kind of like everyone wants a heck of a minute because once they have your face they could kind of pretend they are you. maybe you were 1834 i don't know 87 different points on your face so that say if you cover your nose and your mouth so you kind of covered to certain numbers of the data point of it so then the rest in number that you could use be that then a pointer from your eyebrows from your eyes that distance between your 2 eyes and
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your cheek bone so still you could get certain of the features of it but take a bit a longer time to compare of it even some people will wear a t. shirt with a human face in the front so that the camera is kind of confused whether this teacher is year or does faces real you. there are some plus in the model in between so i think we definitely need to think about when we talk about the promising and we also have to think about the panicky why they figure the things ron there's experiments or as debate. research center they use 500 people's face of america. and then they come paired it with the criminal to the sat and then they're found it is kind of like a $35.00 case of it are match with a common the data but they are not in germany we usually discuss data security and privacy when we talk about facial recognition that's justified but do we also see
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the positive side in india this technology has reunited thousands of missing children with their families and in china too many people rather through the process because one man john young goes to eat lunch high school woman hang joe all she needs to show is her face and she receives her preordered with tank and vegetables she no longer needs to queue to pay. its way nicer than it used to be we'd always queue for ages because everyone paid by card students can also borrow books from the library and this way. tells us exactly who has borrowed which books and one. this helps the library to cater to the students interest when buying new books. some of the. young has gotten used to the cameras. on the one hand you do sort of get the feeling you're being watched on the other hand it does help us learn and that's the main reason
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we're here. for all the pros outweigh the cons. so. screens are used to display when the boarding school students are in their rooms on time in the evenings they also show who's late to class in the mornings modern tech . knology is supposed to help the students excel says the school the more data the better. and san francisco things are very different there facial recognition was officially prohibited for use by the city's authorities in 29001 paskin was the initiator of the built in psychologically unhealthy when people know they were being watched every aspect of the public row on the streets in parks that's not the kind of city i want to live one reason for the ban on this technology fear of racial profiling indeed facial recognition systems make more mistakes with asian
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and black persons as well as with women children and elderly people study by the mit named gender shade shows that the algorithms work especially bad on black women in response to this study i.b.m. brought out a new dataset called diversity in faces it consists of creative commons photos of 1000000 people of different skin colors and can be used to train data by the global research community in mid june companies like i.b.m. amazon and microsoft officially declared that they would not supply face recognition technology to the police anymore but nowadays software developers are not only working on artificial intelligence to recognise our faces but also the mood where. human emotions are complex as is expressing them using the face scientists at the german found wolf institute for integrated circuits train algorithms to recognize emotional patterns in human faces but the universal
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expressions even exist for emotions like anger grief and fear. some for different aspects of the things express emotion and certain muscle movements create a look of joy anger grief anger and so on that's universally understood in most cultures and the things we can discern from the basal expressions of another human are things. that we can also teach software with a very high success rate. to train the software the research is also use photos of faces with clearly defined expressions that system for analyzing emotions can detect joy rage and grief in real time but what can it be used for. in the. typical thing that emotion ai is used for is interactions between humans and machines and one of our projects is teaching a robot to work with autistic children to help them read non-verbal signals and facial expressions. and that was angry well done you did that well.
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the technology is also used in the automotive industry here it's primarily used to monitor the driver's emotional state and for spotting signs of distraction or stress. is a motion ai home that's. for these kinds of technologies have the potential to be used to monitor and manipulate people of course that's precisely why it's important to actively engage with this technology and its potential consequences we can only do that if we are in control and really understand these technologies and what they can and cannot do with them and. it's becoming increasingly harder to escape facial recognition but one can still try to trick the algorithms some creative ideas on how to do this have been developed in art and design. this coat by a german label ip privacy is not just
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a fashion statement it's also an invisibility cloak the pattern supposed to confuse facial recognition cameras. when the cameras recognizes this is a face and this is a face it also recognizes your insides but that's not too much of a problem it's like you're telling the algorithm that your human. but you have 10 different faces it doesn't make sense to the algorithm at all and so it messes with the learning process as the algorithms. georgina rowland's and and a heart from the british our collective down club also want to be undetectable to cameras they paint their faces in different patterns called c.v. dazzle created by artist and researcher adam harvey the shapes are supposed to trick facial recognition algorithms they use smartphones to see if it works i can see where i'm hidden it's not detecting me say that the shapes of light. every
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month the collective organizes a silent march through london the british capital has one of the highest concentrations of surveillance cameras worldwide. the artists paint their faces to protest the lack of transparency behind the collection of biometric data they will use d.p.i. to run it you make yourself very visible to be invisible so we talk about hiding in plain sight. of his face online allowing anyone to download it his you mean mosques can be used to hide your own identity and confuse the surveillance system what's your opinion on facial recognition would you put your face on the line in return for more calm for joining the discussion on you tube or facebook so you assume by.
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a man a bicycle and one. today i want to find out why the muzzle is one of the most beautiful river states in germany so i'm also right along a part of the result cycle. the beautiful landscape is certainly confirms here. this is like touring just. next on d w. it was the 1st international tribunal in history. for the trials. 75 years ago a high ranking officers of the nazi regime of mortgages by the allied forces. were the 1st war criminals to be held accountable for their crimes for.
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mind. getting rid of 10 years right. now or 2 part series the 3rd reich the dog starts nov 12th on d w.


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