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tv   Euromaxx  Deutsche Welle  October 31, 2020 2:03pm-2:31pm CET

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dozens of aftershocks with tremors felt as far away as athens and bug area. i was in my shop i was talking with someone who felt like we were on the road and it started to shake while i was watching our building shake i saw this one collapse. a small scale tsunami flooded the streets in some districts sending debris inland and causing further damage. to. the greek island of samuel's also suffered casualties damage and flooding with the foreign leaders of both nations pledging to help one another. seismologists have warned that potentially powerful aftershocks could be expected for several weeks to come. let's go to turkey now where deja vue correspondent
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dorian jones is standing by dorian how see a rescue operation going at this point. well after a very long and difficult night rescue workers are still continuing to work for the rubble of these collapsed buildings is a very painstaking labor intensive job heavy equipment is brayley used because of the fear they could trigger further collapses of these buildings many times the rescue workers are using their bare hands digging boring away for into the rubble to pull out survivors and those efforts are being met with success over 100 people have so far been rescued from these concrete tombs but those efforts are being told given the fact that they know they are racing against time to say 9 buildings have so far been cleared but there are still many more to go into those problems of those efforts the risk of aftershocks hundreds of aftershocks have hit izmir and further aftershocks are expected this brings the risk of further bringing further
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damage to buildings already weakened by the friday's quake as long with adding to fear of an already. population and the turkish seismology is warning that these aftershocks could continue for another 15 days another 15 days. turkey has seen its share of earthquakes after all the country sits on a fault line so why there are so many buildings still at this point they aren't quite prove. well that is a question many people in turkey are asking in fact a leading turkey seismologist speaking on t.v. last night professor john said it is only the poll that buried in these buildings he says you never see the rich people being dragged out of the rubble of their homes and this is putting a great focus on the structural integrity of turkish buildings now after the 1999 earthquake in the provincial city of is made to close the stamboul in which 700000 people died strict building codes have been in force along with the program of
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strengthening buildings across the country but as the images of this is me a quake on the lines there is still a lot of work to be done. joined in the 30 seconds we have left the greece was also affected by this earthquake both greece and turkey have been at odds over the eastern mediterranean lately could this shared experience help bring them closer again. one in the 1999 quake of the off the mouth of that you did see a major approach between the 2 countries but the leaders today are very different to then and they have very much different agendas so if you are expecting any major breakthrough but what we have seen from the. have an exchange in the office of the of this earthquake is a possible break in the escalating tensions that could give an opportunity for diplomatic efforts to remove the risk of a possible confrontation between the 2 countries that dorian jones for instance
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thank you so much dorian. police in france have arrested a 3rd suspect in connection with thursday's knife attack in nice is notre dame the silica according to police sources it's the 3rd islamised attack in france in just 2 months the country's interior minister says france is being targeted for its defense of free expression and secularism authorities are now beefing up security across the country as nice remembers the dead. niece is still mourning a 60 year old woman who lost her life inside the church and 54 year old dan sun located whose job it was to look after the building. to the meadows and every morning i saw him opening the doors and now i know i won't be able to see him and talk to him anymore but they're going to be. simone a bahai to silva from brazil worked as a caterer for must she managed to get tight of the church and seek help it's
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a nearby cafe but died of her injuries so i doubt it so what characterizes the monet was her smile that's what she's going to leave to her children and what she's going to leave behind for her friends and for all the people of nice it's got to be . her last words to paramedics where tell my children i love them the owner of the cafe where somebody died has urged dialogue as religious tensions boil over across strands. of the my message is clear it's now or never muslims in france and europe need to stand up to put a stop to all of this. so this is a message of humanity and it needs to come from muslims themselves. the suspect was a 21 year old man from china. his family don't recognize the attacker as their son
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brother cousin. or not who would demand i know my son well he's incapable of even killing a chicken i think about that. big lead this is the family is shocked we're all against terrorism and feel dishonored by these acts. back in nice the community is still reeling from the attack on the not true church its priest it's a terrible and that it would be defined by what unfolded here. we will wash the blood off this church to clothe it again in the message that god is alive. to say that we are greater than that we are stronger than hate. it is that strength of faith and inhumanity that he hopes will aid nice as it recovers from tragedy. the
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1st flight has touchdown at berlin's a long awaited new airport which is finally opened after a 9 year delay the construction of berlin brandenburg willy brandt airport started in 2006 with its opening a regionally planned for 2011 now amid a pandemic that's crippled air travel a small ceremony is marking the occasion protesters are also at the airport over environmental concerns. and early morning vigil outside the town no building. inside a sit in these environmental activists want to bring the airport to a standstill on opening day. starter shouldn't be happening during a climate crisis opening a huge airport traffic needs to be drastically reduced. the opening has been massively scaled back due to coronavirus related restrictions but the people behind the brandenburg port are used to a change in plans the airport was supposed to open its doors 9 years ago but one
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construction fault after another kept them closed meanwhile the debts kept racking up. it isn't the only massive construction project in germany to have a troubled history. but now we're looking ahead with all due to the pandemic airlines won't be offering many routes at the start the airport's operators expect there will be around $5000.00 passengers on opening weekend and when berlin's previous main airport table closes a week from now they expect a bell in brandenburg and the old shona fell terminal next door to serve around 24000 passengers a day. i reporter peter really dull joins me now in studio peter good to see you here with this your report was due to open in 2011 but it's a long overdue and long over budget what took so long well i think essentially this
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is you know a proverbial plane crash of poor planning of horrible execution of you know essentially it's a case study and what happens when political interest in bureaucracy gets in the way of common sense a lot of weight you know there's import was dreamed up and then 990 after the fall of the berlin wall when it took 6 years to settle on a spot to build the airport it was the last spot that experts recommend it that they build the official groundbreaking didn't happen for another decade and that is essentially when the real trouble began we saw lawsuits from locals and environmentalist were complaining over noise and pollution that gummed up the initial the initial stage and you know the finally agreed on the opening in the winter of 2011 that had to be pushed back for a year after one of the projects may contractors went bust. the grand opening in 2012 then was called off just
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a month before the doors were supposed to open because of fire safety issue in just after that it was just an avalanche of really. you know defects and mishaps. faulty doors defect fire sprinkler sacking roofs over 170000 kilometers worth of of wiring that would turn out to be dangerously wired. corruption accusations reports that some construction workers had stolen it really picked apart the airport that they were in the process of buildings stealing wires and copper cables to sell off in the black market so you know. for chairman since we're looking at a final bill of over $7000000000.00 euros and that's more than 3 times the original budget breathless just listening to our talking about. why is this such a big story not only here in germany but also around the world right i think in
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a lot of ways this airport was supposed to really stand for represent the new germany you know everything that germany especially berlin aspired to become after unification big global player modern you know a place that was really befitting of one of the world's biggest economies and instead it turned out to be this global embarrassment and flew in the face of really everything that germany stands for and also i remember being in the newsroom at the german news agency where we're back in 2011 when the 1st reports came in that they had to postpone it there was just collective sigh of disbelief they couldn't simply couldn't fathom that they could live up to this image that they so long had projected into the world it definitely not the image that germany trees or the rest of the world people really don't think you so much for that incredible. and we will leave you with news that the actor sean connery best known for playing double or 7 in the james bond films has died at the age of 90 he shot to stardom in
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the very 1st bond film dr no back in 1982 and went on to dominate the silver screen for 4 decades the veteran scott won many awards during his lengthy career including an oscar and 3 golden globes sean connery dead at the age of 90 you're watching. global ideas is on its way to bring you more conservation. how do we make see the screen or how can we protect habitats we can make a difference global ideas or mental syriza can blow 2000 on g.w. at all mind. the fight against the corona virus pandemic. has the rate of infection been developing. what measures are being taken.
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what is the latest research so. information and context. the coronavirus update the code a special monday to friday on t.w. . this week on world stories. the us wants a reformed police force mikhail gorbachev's life as a player. but 1st we start in azerbaijan the car cation country is at war with its neighbor armenia more and more civilians are being killed in the process the warring parties blame each other for this. if you go far as india if shows as
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well he used to live until very recently. a rocket take his house in early october he says. so. let it go for claudio they sure that. his home for 30. 5 years burned down to the walls. their work of the whole family was sitting here watching t.v. and suddenly there was an explosion in the backyard everything started burning we ran outside and called the firefighters but when they arrived it was already too late or should we have. burned memories. go far as early as is convinced that armenia is responsible for the attack the neighboring country deliberately bombed many civilian targets in the area he says.
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we can't independently verify this we are not allowed to move freely near the front line we are only allowed to film with the as of a john eales or a tease let us film. this school and barred out for example even if it looks like it the children here are not students. they are refugees this has been an emergency shelters since the fighting started a month ago. right at the entrance a memorial for a fallen by johnny soldier everyone here is convinced that their army is fighting for a just cause the school vice principal doesn't believe that their votes have been attacks on armenian civilians. and laughed at us and then.
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i don't know much about what's happening on the armenian side i only know what i see on t.v. here but i can say that the armenians are losing and must retreat so they don't have any other options we are not trying to take armenian territory we are fighting for what belongs to us tentacle craughwell. zouabi has been at the school for a few weeks now with his wife and 3 granddaughters they are from tower tower right on the border with nagorno-karabakh lately that flashes there have intensified. that will i am worried about the girls they are just kids they were so scared of the fighting how are they supposed to know what explosions off they should go to school and study but they shouldn't have to learn what bombs and missiles sound like love to do that women that. at the moment the children see safe here
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is about 20 kilometers from the frontline but nobody knows when they will be able to return home or whether it will soon become too dangerous here tonight i. police officers are still suspected of being racists in many parts of the united states a fundamental reform aims to change that observations from the city of minneapolis i mean apple is may 28th the 3rd precinct building of the minneapolis police department said the place during protests against the death of george floyd in police custody i. the burning police station becomes a symbol for the protestors fury for their demands for an end of police racism and patel it's. 5 months later abandoned
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boarded up and secured with cement barriers precinct 3 still a symbol now signifying the city's struggle to make the changes the protesters demand to the local police department and how policing is done there is definitely a breakdown in terms of trust between our elected officials and their constituents as well as we train their constituents and our law enforcement community volunteers from being a cop in a moment prepared to patrol the neighborhood then the 9th ward of minneapolis where george floyd on the christian and local level and grow. in them. this thank you for your blessing actually to watch over us as we walk the streets when the group recently recognized and supported by the city is filling the gap created by the collapse of trust between police and the black community with police patrols largely absent from this part of town they have taken on the task of proactively protecting the community from rising crime we want to have selected police in our
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community who knows who live in our community who look like our community and then there'd be a better pace for like how we can recall to him and how we communicate to each other minneapolis police recognize the need for urgent and fundamental change says deputy chief eric force he sees new recruiting strategies as critical for any real progress one of the best things you can you can have as a department that's as reflective of your community as you can get it especially people from the community and that's really what we're pushing for after hours of patrolling the neighborhood the government decide to go home they'll be back tomorrow night and the night after that the changes they were pushing for you know it's kind of more of a generational change you know because we want to make it better for our children their children and this is this is this is like our starting block right here you know as we're trying to pave the way for them.
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with a spectacular campaign a congolese man in france has drawn attention to an old problem the organized theft of african art during the colonial era he symbolically became a thief himself many would call this theft but this activist says he's only getting back what was taken away from his people i came to reclaim goods that were stolen from africa during colony say she saw this video of us live streamed on facebook back in june west soon a jab yes and 4 other activists were trying to steal a funerary post. from carol lima see him in paris he failed but managed to draw attention to a topic that has recently triggered a heated debate should african art looted during colonialism be returned and if so how and when the congolese burn activists action is needed now on the demands are
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met you never ask a thief for permission to get back what is still from you and that's what we did we have the right to defend ourselves because we were robbed the fact that our works are on display here means to theft continues to be. also caused a stir when he tried to steal a piece of art from a dutch museum as well as in the french city of must say some say these acts have to be considered as performances not just that. it's a different way of saying things that have already been said to many farmers for a long time since african countries gained independence on a diplomatic level in a dialogue between museums and international corporation ramping up in a report commissioned by french president emmanuel and that crawl the art historian so voice looted art has to be given back and that up to 90 percent of african art works are located outside of the continent the kemper lima c.m.
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alone has more than 60000 objects taken from africa but according to this lawyer and adler not all of them are looted he recently published a book on the topic. some objects have obviously been taken away european states have to give back what was taken in wars but there are also other aspects that africans themselves all are too european physically. fardy advancer and his fellow activists it's not only about bringing heritage spec home as he calls it he also wants european societies to face the realities of their. colonial past it is our goal to reach the biggest possible audience on the one hand our jazz bar and people in africa but also people in europe go yeah dad says says he does not fear possible fines not even prison sentences in his eyes this is about a lot more than chest his own destiny.
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the last head of state of the soviet union mikhail gorbachev is considered a hero in the western world but of russia he's highly controversial now his life has been brought to the stage in moscow. with a very i remember everything. memories of the life of one of history's greats michelle gorbachev from a balcony seat the 89 year old watched his own life play out on stage at the moscow theater of nations the play that was supposed to be a love story between michelle your garbage child and his wife raisa became much more it's the story of an entire country and the era during which gorbachev was in charge. of what he took with the show he's a visionary politicians none of us can come close to that one day his name will be written in gold lettering. 2 actors wigs and dozens of anecdotes from an eventful
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life together if getting near enough in church on comma tova play a couple who from early on dream of a better for your future everything seems to go according to plan the young party official hopeful from the countryside is given a post in moscow he rises to the ranks to become head of the communist party and then president of the soviet union. he dares to do what no one has done before reform the soviet union. in 1906 cover chuff began his restructuring his perestroika risking what many russians still can't forgive him for today. of the soviet union. in the play about the statesman who brought freedom to his people there is no reference to today's russia no reference to the terrible disappointment that has still not been forgotten almost 30 years after governor chose resignation. it will by the last count i was
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a young woman when perestroika came and back then i was promised a whole new world a world with a functioning freedom of the press freedom of assembly and rights to sexual and gender self-determination the world that was promised to me then has nothing to do with the world today with 3 years of we see chess the contacts of the players the death of michele garbage chops wife from cancer and the turning point of his career . the last chapter is called gorbachev and solitude the theater may be filled with enthusiastic applause but in real life things quickly became quite lonely around michelle you cover chuff and his dream of a better for your russia. what's
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makes a princess a princess. let's ask headlong balsam and he's there to. europe's crowned ladies come and go in his brussels fashion house. and we are invited to look into his sowing tips. on the host. it is known as the poor man's cocaine tramadol. 3 coast more and more young people are taking the painkillers. the drug is cheap but often impure and almost always comes with a high price hard to cure attention. to 77 percent of. the 60 minutes t w. i'm not laughing at well i guess sometimes i am but mostly laughing with the
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10 people have been thinking things are jam a culture shock. new did seem perfect for this drama day on the east coast it's all about who care enough time rachel join me for me to have fun to the polls. many millis moves and precise choreography are the trademarks of the french don school she'll retain the value of that more on that later and with that a very well known come to a new edition of euro backs let's see what else we have in the show today.


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