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tv   Europe in Concert  Deutsche Welle  October 31, 2020 3:15pm-4:00pm CET

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he's fighting for independence from the rest scott really appreciate you spending time with us on this take care. and watching the news in berlin i'll be back with more headlines at the top of the hour for me and the rest of the team here thanks for watching we'll see you soon. the colby's in germany to learn german language from the. why not learn with him d w z learning course because fake. this presidential election is a crucial wide not just for the united states but for the world who's leading the race in america's polarized politics as you know the right here for you and we'll
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tell you everything you need to know as america decides who bring you the number of issues the background as it happens and until the last is counted join us for special live coverage from berlin to u.s. election november 4th until. this will be a new man's last wish is to go out for just one more ride in the car. convinced slow wants to make her wish come true as he's already done for so many terminally ill people. there's a lighthouse in the background. one more trip to the beach the movies or back home from the fence will cost them stan and fatten.
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soft heart on a mission today is to pick up hostages old and summer solstice in kind of his sayings like. frank then slow and his assistants are ready whenever a terminally ill person in northern lower saxony would like to go for a ride or the tours are free of charge the staff volunteers he has his own specially fitted ambulances they call the tours shannon fateh or make a wish trips today then slow and his team are picking up someone very special the woman is the daughter of his 1st passenger from 6 years ago this trip is an easy 5 and slow. was our days since then we have always kept in touch with every call dark that's why for me this story goes around it simply climbs to the bathroom is not going to be safe there. saw. this will be annoying man has been in hospice for
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a few weeks the 55 year old is in the final stages of terminal cancer. the doctors say her tumor is in operable because it's located just behind her spine today she would like to return together with her son and his fiance to the town was ill be a grew up with her grandparents father van slow has organized the trip. to. the happiest time in your lives and then it's just nice to be back there again. and to be quiet. just to bree to feel. well managed by well. this will be annoying one doesn't want to go far the town is only half an hour away then slow trains paramedics for a living he tries to fulfill his passengers each and every wish. he's even driven all the way to north cape with them we're going to rock concerts. zille be
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a new man is unable to travel far before they set off she was given morphine for severe pain. to hear how small the sound of me. was not feel. yes that's mine everything it helps with the pressure and. then slow and his colleagues head out up to 2 times a week some of the passengers regret their choice because once they've seen what they're leaving saying goodbye is too hard for them to bare. their muscles or going to take it wasn't common and then you can handle things quite well right. the so that's just the wound i'm song was under now things which is calm van dongen it up there and not just keep on
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a guy that's really i certainly hope. they arrive in her hometown band. yes here it's just the way it was back then. the silliest shows in the church as her 1st stop the attendance must roll the stretcher carefully over the cobbles every bump is painful for the terminally ill woman. this will be a went to church here when she was a little girl later on she didn't go very often but on this day the memory of the services prayers and hymns is somehow comforting. yeah i have my health and yes i've decided that i'd like to be buried here as well after. fitting.
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that. sylvia wants to take one more stroll around the cemetery with her son this will be her resting place. for many relatives the last journey like this is even tougher to bear than it is for the dying person themselves zildjian oilman son wants to get married in a week and hopes his mother will still be there to see it at 1st he says he feared the emotional stress of a trip like this but now he's happy he's here. to now we're better. off now i can say about this he's doing it for him and how valuable these moments are i'm not in the next days maybe weeks i haven't much time she's got laughed show draw strength from it this is not important and beautiful in. the trip continues on a ferry across the v.a.'s a river for sylvia it's another childhood memory. she wants to see the waters of this mighty river one more time. trying to bend slow reserved a special place with
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a view for her. look there's a lighthouse in the background aboard that small of water again. in the middle of the waterway the ferries captain turns the boat around a few extra times so sylvia noirmont gets the most of the view. you really get to see something. dance dance and thanks again. thanks very much. it's time for the last part of the tour. zillion noirmont was happier living with her grandparents that her parents. that's why she wants to take a little stroll around the house where her grandparents once lived. down this was grandma and grandpa's house while grandpa always said when the house is finished the man dies and lets just but happened. she'd like to take one more look inside but the people who live there now aren't at home. you know that's the way it is.
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and they go for another walk around the neighborhood they had to push the stretcher along the narrow main street then slow fulfilled this wish is well. what are sylvia's thoughts on the coming days. concentra ponting pretty relaxed i think i was back here again and that's really beautiful. and i will look at the pictures again. but there's something more to it now why don't turn a lot of old baby out to fall. here. the tour takes 4 hours then it's time to go back to the hospice franklin slow hasn't counted how many last wishes he's made reality. he says his guests shouldn't be reduced to numbers or statistics. then it's
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time to say farewell to the passenger and like every time it's goodbye for good even for the young volunteers who go along on the journeys. few of their friends understand why they would want to spend their free time looking mortality in the eye. has to feel as are lots of people sorry hats off to you i can only do that as when i say no nonsense we've got all sorts of people on tearing here and they're not all working joints that deal with our dad with thought control nevertheless we still manage it conveyed to us which often to us or and and i think anyone can do it is you know you just have to give you something a little potion say i'm going to do it. but doing it even after 6 years from vincent says is still hard. to produce not goodbye and i said you don't see each other here any more than someplace else with what else can you say. we're back outside the associations
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headquarters donations and fees from 1st day courses that far then slow his colleagues off or pay for everything here. the ambulance is being readied for its next trip from the time a last wish tour is booked every day counts. am just outsourced and we often have a problem that the person who's built the tories in such a rough state that they dying during the planning fax what is going on and it's a lot like you all called order was another thing that happens often was that i was sent to go out of i started in a t's crossed and the passenger is told that the torah is happening in the title justified and without also as i thought in mind isn't he falls asleep and doesn't wake up because i've. just got off oil.
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all the associations vehicles bear the name of van slows late wife elizabeth. 6 years ago when she was dying of cancer she wanted to make one more drive to the north sea but events low couldn't find an organization that could fulfill this last wish for her because health insurers wouldn't pay for it. but when you get down to and when our fellow human beings sense of what is a surety that our very end wants to send the dying off with a last bit of humanity kindness if we don't honor that purely financial reasons then there's something wrong because that was the last straw or the clock pulled. after his experience then slow founded his own taxi service for the terminally ill he regularly invents new things to help passengers get the most of the trip the much more bill for example these are the stuff we get off to this is designed for people who don't have time lying down during bad tong. says it's uncommon as
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a mirror it enables them to travel across title files on through the water so they can do it once again. that only works because of these bills and the balloon time in recent. years since then many people have imitated vents close concept of helping the terminally ill go out for just one last spin the 59 year old however is turning the operation over to his son bit by bit but the name of stan in fact will always be connected to van slow his very own story and stana the german word for star has. a smell of horror strongest on the night my wife died i was standing out in the yard smoking my favorite cigar and looking up into the sky. but i must add by the naacp on sodomy the lady from the couple next door when i was friends with her was standing next to me cooked with a washer looked at me and said frank there is a star out there shining for you to this is our band feel now and just like vatican
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came to mind us we are there we often think of death in relation to the stars i say the shining up above now are those left behind for posterity hurdles and that's why the concept shannon fountain but i just came to me out of the blue.
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it is known as the poor man's cocaine from a town. in iowa coast more and more young people are taking the pain killers. the drug is cheap but often impure and almost always comes with a high price hard to cure addiction to the 77 percent. just on. every 2 seconds a person is forced to flee their home. the consequences are disastrous our documentary series displaced tomatoes in greenwood the exodus of gonna stars. factories are being deserted. farmers are facing bankruptcy that cause 6 free trade. in 45 minutes on g.w. . what secrets lie behind small. discover new
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adventures in 360 degree. and explore fascinating world heritage sites. p.w. world heritage 360 get here now. hello and welcome to this edition of the 77 percent i am my committee and it's great to have you with us. coming up on this week's show. we find out why so many young people to get. the meat and nigerian musician who has become a local celebrity on the italian island off is that the. right successor round them up. for.
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big topic today is drug abuse they are also sold drugs alcohol prescription medication and even my wana most of these have become accepted and legal in different parts of the world other drugs remain illegal and for good reason drug abuse has been linked to crime and addiction and drug use is unharmed themselves and obvious to start off we've got a video message from. a graffitti artist from nairobi kenya he and his friends used to brighten up the walls of the neighborhood and highlight issues affecting them check it out. did you see.
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the meaning. and. make sure you. believe that these. was to do with you. you can see more from an instagram page and you can always tell us which topics interest you by e-mailing us via 7 to 7 at w dot com now to talk about the drug abuse i will be joined right now in the studio by someone who'd lost a lot about it she is that journalist and filmmaker. whose documentary about drug use was even nominated for an international emmy award this is why. investigative
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journalist drones accompanied 9. derian anti drug squads battling dealers of coding a highly addictive cough syrup my as work exposed pharmaceutical companies selling the drugs illegally and codings devastating affects the ensuing documentary resulted in nigeria banning the production of coding. welcome rhona and congrats on your emmy i was the very life or the feeling is amazing i mean more than a year after because i have a tongue up on my wall man every day i look at it and i say oh was that me. it's amazing that's all i'm going to 2nd describe it mike oh yeah now you know when on prescription drug abuse is very personal because your brother struggled with rob addiction housesitting 1st of all oh he's doing very well for a long time he's being totally clean. and he's doing so well that that my just be
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whether bells ringing in the family that is really really great news you thank you and you said this in your documentary that if in one person changed or decided not to use corbin after seeing this documentary you must would have done your job yes you feel like you have done their job i think i have because i've had this whole deluge of press now e-mails to me. even more than 2 years after last week i had one of the e-mails i had was from a 40 year old who told me he was very he had watched my documentary and was piece to say that now he's free he said his addiction a $55.00 so that just goes to show that drug addiction current grip anybody young or old and regardless of social status your film streets recording which was aired on b.b.c. led to the band of quid in production in nigeria vs on how well is that done what can. well survey honest mike i think it's
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a mixed bag yes it did lead to the ban of production of cording and selling of coding it also meant that nigeria's food and drug agency was allowed to now return to the port after many years so they can immediately inspect a consignment of food and drugs however as we know we. drug addiction been a business. and addicts have moved on to or that drugs are the opiates so while you may not see coding in the markets as much you've seen an optic op rise in demand and supply of opiates like tramadol and this is now becoming the main problem how big of a problem is that it is such a big problem got. more than a quarter of all the trauma doll seized in the world if you years ago was from africa where seeing spikes in all sorts of social classes some people take it just
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really creation ali markets women take it to just get by but this we were back on a functional taking up to 12 pills a day so it's becoming a problem interesting points there ana now from the abuse of cording to trauma or west africa is experience in a drug crisis in 2017 west africa accounted for 77 percent of all tramadol seized worldwide in the following story really not excess to liberia where we meet a drug peddler who makes a profit from selling tramadol. monrovia liberia the abuse of the painkiller tramadol is on the rise. officially the synthetic opioid is only important in 50 to 100 milligram pills but criminal networks smuggle in tramadol tablets 3 to 5 times higher in dosage. those pills are then passed on to street vendors like henry kane the 19 year old makes
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a profit every day. i used to sell electronic gadgets but then my business went down because of the call in a pandemic so i started selling tramadol people who have nothing to do people who don't have jobs they all come to me to buy my pills. kane says he's tried the drug and knows its effects but he'll keep selling as long as there's a market. sometimes i think it myself because i want to know what it is like the feeling of it i think it and i like it i see why people come to me and bite every day i know it's not food to people and it is illegal i've got nothing to do with the people that have come in to buy it or what it will do to them i just want my money to live. across town godwin tyree sees the effects of this cheap drug on addicted individuals his group with its neighborhoods and small teams to meet users today there in boston quarters
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a slum community in monrovia. people we've talked to they've said that they abuse drugs because they don't have a job to do. so in this regard we recommend the government to create if you posit a building that you yourself would help young people from being idle the library regular authorities should take a supervisor role. in observing all those promises selling pharmaceutical drugs. in the meantime tyreese group tries to counsel drug users as best they can 2 across the border in the ivory coast tramadol is known as the poor man's cocaine young people use tramadol on a massive scale. if a construction worker started using tramadol 8 years ago. said it almost instrument all the other. and you take it before going to work yes i always take it to go to work and how much did you buy it for 500 francs for 1. $500.00
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francs because about $75.00 euro cents if taken orally at high enough doses the opioid can produce a stimulating euphoric effect useful for long working days and to escape daily hardship. tramadol is sold legally in ivory coast it's not essential medicine used in hospitals and to treat chronic pain this pharmacist however suspects tramadol is often used for non-medical purposes. and the other is that. it's some of those we see that some of those in prescribe more often and more and more young people come in asking for it recently the demand was really high or people realize that we wouldn't give it to them without a prescription so now they don't come in as often as you go. on a bus. and so. most of west africa's tramadol is manufactured in labs in china and india it is then imported legally and illegally
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to west african countries. tramadol sold in the black market can come in dangerously high doses and can also be laced with other substances about 2 years ago authorities in abidjan realized that they were facing a massive problem on the new due to some pretty interesting 18 we seized more than 40 tons of from a dog and among what we see discovered some tramadol with dozens of 300 milligrams so we intensified our efforts and started tracking down people selling tramadol on the black market to live under the thumb of those in russia. but the epidemic hasn't stopped at the blue cross clinic the number of young people who have experimented with tramadol worries doctors addicts are often brought here by relatives who can't deal anymore with aggression constant need for money or mood swings. the addiction comes very quickly some of those the type of drug that you can say hi to one day and the next day it has taken over the rest of
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your life. long term consumption and highly concentrated tablets increase the risk of overdose and side effects like anxiety convulsions and trouble breathing but these arguments are not enough to stop using tramadol. party the 1st time it was out of curiosity but 1st time i tried i felt good so i thought it's a good thing and from then on i started using it i was feeling well feeling good about myself i was taking it almost every day almost all the time really the. financial pressure recreational use and eventually addiction pushed young west africans towards the drug. trial model seems to be a very complicated drug on the one hand it's legal for the management of pain but clearly based on the film we've seen their money in which these people use it makes
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it a problem what does fall in this increase in the use of tramadol so i think what mainly fails the increase in the use of tramadol is its very nature if you had to move think of it as a business if you had to move cough syrup you would have to handle bottles you would have to think of packing it so it doesn't break on the way this is liquid but when it comes to trauma it is in the night team for packs it is in. all sorts of capsules i mean they're coming up with really creative ways to transport trauma door just in september i think 2017 you have 3000000 tramadol pills in need that were disguised in you and logo boxes so the nature of commodore means it can move very fast also you can easily and that's what sellers do. they easily get manufacture as in asia to actually these guys tramadol in terms of not just higher
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dosage but also to disguise the name so that they can in some way pass this of as normal drugs and in some of course the un has said that a former extremist or boko haram members who have been arrested they have found a model in their position. with extremist groups well from what we know it's a relaxant some users say they feel more relaxed and i think there was an interview with a suicide bomber who feel that the task and they were actually given the tramadol so that they would be more relaxed and be able to take on this very deadly mission . it's also being used among fights as as well those are documented and it's also actually noted as being sold as well by extremists to make money so as i say it's a business at the core of this is the business of addiction and how is it within the server region does business exist and yet regional bodies like echo are said
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national governments cannot address this problem and i like to put blame on them but that is the simplistic view with africa is traditionally by its very location a historic trade route and that is trade by border as by land and by sea. countries are so close together that it's very easy for drugs to move through but also very hard for regulators to take control when you have a poor us border people will always try to find a way to be honest even in countries that are more on top of things we see drug use as well we see the rise in opiates for instance in the u.s. so i would like to were one of the words of one of the law enforcement brave law enforcement officers in income no 9 geria and he said the war on drugs is never one when you win one battle you have to move to the next it's
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a war it's an ongoing war. now from young people using drugs assess we turn to someone who has taken a different route chris orbit he left his hometown of warre in nigeria in search of a better life and ended up in italy he uses the power of music to deal with the trauma of his journey. being loaded up to move. on to me to. be got to be my almost ever see in front confidently sing along to the italian folk song kuti d.c. the young nigerian migrant company from an almost accent freedom in the local dialect is a source of amazement for many like this. because i was in the boskin they were just playing it out out out out out on bum bum bum bum bum bum and they were like they were did they then you distill the tone and they're like ok let's see if you let me see if you can sing this song. and when i come
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home and i remember a lady came to me are like how did you learn this song do you know this song this really feel most in this is that yeah yeah yeah you know the song i love the song. christopher go to the stage name crystal bay he has become something of a celebrity in sicily and all of italy had been in the number 110 and approaching young folk. greece was just 17 when he left his hometown worry insult the nigerian in such a better life in europe. just to show 2 2 stronger. we just need to do the. swimming i was. saying be. on my. come.
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god where. i my. so you see. this in when he landed on a lump of use the beach in 2016 and you have the passage across the sahara languished in a libyan prison and survived the mediterranean sea today he uses his music to process his trauma. on the gaza the larger event. log you live in they are seeing a. dream on. their spiritual heart the very worst fear is a hardcore me a passing through the desert and also the truly they see after dark i go to
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contact with the music and the music changed my life truly. krzysztof himself to play the guitar in a detention camp in lampedusa at the time he probably didn't think much would come of it but in march 2020 chris was holding his 1st ever album in his hands to perform songs in english italian pidgin nigerian and his native son. then big. i say is a really very important tool a song the universe and us a language which this music you can communicate music can create change a positive change and we say you know which i use my music for the positive vibes. desert and sea to reach sicily now he's using music to make it his home.
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a few weeks ago. we introduced you to. a group of children from the hooman neighborhood of nairobi and they've become little instagram celebrities because of the videos as we all know the u.s. elections are right around the corner so produced a school simply by the kids for t.w. here's the take on some of the not trump's memorable speeches in new national pride is swelling our hearts and staring our souls so true the strength of our nation is found in the heart of our people so true when anyone heard we all heard together and that's so true i've always wanted to see a sumo tournaments so true in moments of despair we witness the true character of the american people so true to build a truly great chipper we shouldn't begin by gathering wood cutting boards for distributing work but instead by awakening within the people and the desire for the
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vast and endless sea so true our farmers are our future so true farm country is god's country. so true so true so true so true so true most simply and those. i think they get a perfectly from nairobi less head to gun s. largest port city some might not be your typical holiday destination but it's a hotbed of creative talent in ghana and one of those talents is the right color long as the poet musician shows us aren't gonna 1st industrial city hello my name is tom i write i'm a poet on the best write down i want to introduce you to my 57 which i'm gonna lie to people. is
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a. near the canadian capital opera it's the brainchild of dawn as founding father kwame nkrumah one to build a new cobbler for africa's 1st post-colonial nation and a modern city to go with it. is an endless source of inspiration. in the hot. lot just. plain pots. by family rights. and once a combination it's a percent imports exports. is often called container city the former fishing village now handles 80 percent of kaunas imports and exports the trade now includes goods for transit countries like kenya faso mali and new jail.
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is very much the working class hero named cities and the industrial buildings are a monument to the city's recent history to them every day and hotel used to be the bridle and i think sixty's 97 is now defunct. parisian the. through the city which was in the morton style the group think is the one person boxed in my review is that g.m.c. prematurity and roscoe your point 0 running through the rye. made brings us to community 7 the neighborhood where he grew. calm and a few like minded friends he set off the booze armed up book library he hosts readings and creative events for children with the book should encourage kids to enjoy a long journey with literature hence the name. which means the bicycle that can write very long distances. our community library which is has
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a full course on kids so they can come here for free and we already have over $5000.00 books and. this is where we. all nutri see the walls and also thinking about innovative thinking and creativity . when climbing isn't making music or entertaining kids he hangs out at one of his favorite haunts the fish market. his mom used to have a stand here so cuomo feels right at home. this is the place where you get the fresh fish right produce the. squid frame i may come up with. now known for its big industrial to my retains the feel of the fishing village it once was. and for the locals there's plenty of tried
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to. make it a point to visit the next time you are. suddenly we have come to the end of the show if you want to get in touch with us send us an e-mail 7 to 7 dot com all connect with us on social media will leave you with some music from t.v. . this is a blind sportbike right that's watching see you next time. to write.
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blah. blah. blah. blah blah blah.
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every 2 seconds a person is forced to flee their home. the consequences are disastrous our documentary series displaced tomatoes and green need the exodus of gonna see us. factories are being deserted. farmers are facing bankruptcy the current free trade. in 15 minutes on t w. it
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was the 1st international tribunal in history. the nurnberg trials. 75 years ago high ranking officers of the nazi regime of mortgages by the allied forces. were the 1st war criminals to be held accountable for their crimes. by our government. going through don't pay a. price for. our 2 part series the 3rd reich the dog starts nov 12th on d w. where the real talent resides. i come from the north of people in fact not an opinion if you could lead not just
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democracy. maybe that's one reason why i'm passionate about people and aspirations and they can say. to finishing the book is trying to in the name pop in the form of the fun one thinking at the time the sublime in broken for what happened to see her come together and unite for a whole. but i do the news that often confronts difficult situations for conflict between does themselves i see despite my to confront floods on policies and development to put the spotlight on the issues that matter most congo food security precious national nice. to not has been achieved so much more needs to be done and i think people have to be at the concert solutions my name is on the fact she's on. a.
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plane. this is a line from takeoff at long last year in the german capital as the new airport finally opens 9 years later and 3 times over budget relief for the planning of the pandemic is grounded most flights an environmentalist were hoping it would never get off the ground. goodbye mr bond.


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