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tv   Euromaxx  Deutsche Welle  October 31, 2020 9:00pm-9:31pm CET

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this is the news live from perth in another attack at a church in france french police arrest a suspect after an orthodox priest is seriously wounded in the southern city of new york city's mayor says the motive for the shooting is not not also coming up. voting in the ivory coast the current president of the west african nation is hoping to secure a 3rd term in the opposition site that's unconstitutional get the latest from our correspondent on the ground. and goodbye mr von 7 stocks sean
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connery dies of the ice age of 90 widely seen as the best. connery played the secret agent in the less than 7 blockbusters we'll get more on his like it's. a matter of how it welcome police in the french city of leone say they have arrested a suspect in connection with the shooting of an orthodox priest the victim a great can nationalize was closing his church when he was gunned down in the late afternoon it tack of inflate the scene the mayor of leone says there is currently no information about the motive the shooting comes just 2 days after a suspected islam must killed 3 people in a catholic church in excess. well for more on this breaking story we're joined by our correspondent marina strauss in what more can you tell us.
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what we know so far is that a man was arrested that's what the public prosecutor says she announced. earlier a couple of minutes ago actually and he says that this is that he resembles the man who committed the attack it's j. but the thing is he didn't have a weapon like didn't have a shotgun when he was arrested and so we don't know for sure nobody can say for sure at the moment if this man is actually the person who committed the attack let's go back to describe what happened today it was the voted for clark in the afternoon and also our streets just was about to close his district store that is what he called it and then just attacked by
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a perpetrator was shot and he's severely injured but still alive but what we have to keep in mind just at this there at the moment there's no indication that this is actually an islamist or another terrorist attack. here in of the country has been hit by a string of attacks now your niece where free people were killed in a church 2 days ago just tell nervous people in france right now. we've been here for a couple of days now since the attack happened on thursday and we've been talking to many people here here in these very different people we got very different reactions there was a lot of anger because this happens here in nice at this at this church for those who grief and sadness and people say especially catholic people who go to his church regularly they say they. i was a bit afraid she goes research again and they want the french government to protect
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. to improve protection churches he also talks to muslim people today actually in the afternoon because the niece has a big muslim community and many of them also told us they're very very sad about what happened and that this has nothing to do with their religion this many of them are also afraid this will further stigmatize muslims and france are in a strauss on the ground it needs thanks so much. more than 30 people known to have been killed in a devastating earthquake which struck greece and turkey rescue workers have managed to free more than 100 survivors from collapsed buildings in the turkish resort city of his mia where aftershocks are complicating the search for more victims. emerging from the darkness after hours trapped beneath the rubble. although there are
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a lot of will hold out for. the hope of finding more survivors has kept rescuers working hour after hour as multiple locations in is near. where buildings once stood only manton's of brick remain. rescue workers have been using cranes sniffing dogs as their bare hands to dig people and it. there have been moments of joy. that this young woman was well enough to talk to her rescue words describing how her foot had been trapped. but other families are in mourning. in some cases they have lost multiple loved ones at once. the image their grief their urgent practical concerns to deal with hundreds forced to spend the night. it side their homes destroyed or too dangerous to re and to. show them as yet it is little because we live in is mia we have pretty warm
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weather and we can make it through today we can make it through tomorrow but we can't think of anything in the long term where helpless this is. the quake struck below the aegean sea off the turkish coast it's triggered a small tsunami which inundated streets on the greek island of some last. tremor has also caused widespread damage the prime minister responded with words of solidarity for turkey despite a territorial dispute which has the 2 countries at loggerheads. could say that. i have already contacted president added emphasizing that beyond the difficulties in our relations in these moments the unity of our people is paramount because for us the protection of human life transcends borders and difference in america for us. tonight saving human lives is the priority.
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next will come rebuilding in 2 places both already struggling with the impact of a deadly pandemic. violence as the presidential election in the west african nation of ivory coast opposition parties which are boycotting the vote say several people have been killed in clashes on polling day police fired tear gas during these demonstrations against the current leader i was sunny tada he was running for a 3rd term which the opposition says is unconstitutional. but we're joined now by fanny fresh in abidjan in ivory coast funny it's been an intense day what can you tell us about the situation now. no in abidjan the capital of ivory coast here is relatively peaceful however in the center of the country analysts in the cells they've been quite a few disruptions make comes to these elections protests are setting up barricades trying to prevent folders to cast ballots to police trying to disperse these
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protesters the crowd making sure that people can actually go ahead and cast a ballot so yes the has been some education there have been various situations that make people actually hold their breath not knowing how the selection is going to play out how ever compared to what we have seen in the run up to these actions ever since august ever since the president president will tara has said if he's going to run for a 3rd tour the situation is not as bad today as what we have seen play out the past couple of weeks and months does it mean that we can basically have a sigh of relief already not yet because the results are not in your mouth and it's completely unclear in fact how these protesters who are angry while frustrated including the opposition parties hold they are going to actually bring their message forward in the next hour was in the next day but it is just going to be played out politically with worse or in fact here on the streets of ivory coast
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funny so people holding their breaths how lockley is this to escalate further. if you look into the history books it's enough to see that this is not the 1st time that i've worried coast is facing a very unstable election an unstable election of course can trigger a lot of things including civil unrest how this situation today is going to play out depends on various factors including hope president ouattara is going to address the nation once the results come to curing in already the opposition parties this afternoon have said that this is not an election and that in fact president ouattara quote robbed the constitution so you can see that there is a lot of emotion and as a result it's really really hard to tell just how the next hours how tonight how the next days are going to develop here and i've already coast so yes people are still bracing for the worst yet hoping for a peaceful outcome of these very controversial election. john thank you so
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much. football now and in the bundesliga by and have been in dominant form but on saturday they travelled to cologne without gold machine robert levin dusky who was injured even without them they were heavy favorites to decide sitting 16th in the table without a win in their 1st 5 bundesliga games. would have been forgiven for hoping that by and didn't turn up for this one it's 9 long years since the loss to induce legal points from their visitors but the bavarians did eventually appear and they wasted little time going in front this led to a 13 minute penalty. which thomas miller tucked away one nil to lyon. and the other the 2nd in 1st half stoppage time with this beauty last week it was leroy sonny with the ru robin impersonation this time it was surge not return.
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but call and fought back dominic drexler was just on site when he inadvertently turned then young woman shot with pints the fence looking ragged. we made it a bit hard for ourselves we didn't go forward with much purpose today we made fewer chances than normal and gave away the ball stupidly so cohen always found their way back into the game. but the hosts couldn't find a 2nd and by and secured yet another victory. meanwhile remain without a league win this season. so let's take a look at the other bundesliga saturday scholes and we saw that by and big bill filled loses against an in-form dortmund clad leipsic and prevent them from taking back the top spot frank braman finished all square out spoke had no problems with my thoughts on friday's show and got finished all square on sunday accusing and berlin will play ball speargun on monday to wrap it all up it's hoffenheim this is
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one on the. well the world of movies has lost an all time great sean connery the man who played james bond in the very 1st of the blockbusters has died at the age of 90 if left out many other roles with great success beyond 7 of the 4 decades but as he was the original and many say the best today we say goodbye mr bond. he created the best known character in film history. sean connery launched the franchise in the 1960 s. playing agent double 07 and a total of 7 bond films the suave violent ladies' man fuelled the fantasies of audiences across the world both in the sixty's i was in my service to you.
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so i was having a slightly better time but i am no but. he was born poor in edinburgh in 1930 and worked delivering milk from age 9 connery joined the navy at 16 he lasted 3 years before being discharged with an ulcer. his 1st acting roles came via bodybuilding and he was relatively unknown when he was cast in dr no and his phenomenal rise to success began. but by $971.00 sean connery was looking to expand his range the 1986 mystery the name of the rose was a hit in europe but u.s. audiences weren't keen on seeing connery as a 14th century monk. i'm sure you feel lost we really want to do just libraries in all types.
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finally in 1908 an oscar for best supporting actor in the untouchables where you would like to talk to you. isn't that just like a wild. and his role in steven spielberg's indiana jones and the last crusade was a huge success. connery played harrison ford's father although in real life he was only 12 years older than his on screen son. at the age of 69 came what he described as the proudest day of his life although a fervent scottish nationalist sean connery was awarded a knighthood by queen elizabeth the 2nd for services to film acting for him the highest of accolades. and that's it for now up next
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a world stories goes to the u.s. france and russia here on day doubly more news coming up in 45 minutes time if you can't wipe the website is there at g.w. dot com you can also follow us on socials instagram and twitter at the news is the handle for now i'm anthony held for me in the team here in berlin thanks watch. them also need to see if they do need to keep. the ball for all the french and home the 4 frankly the closeness the middle. east the bottom of the valley is at the last dragon in this world as you call it the hard 23 years. on. how the virus spread. why the repairing and when will all this. just 3 of the topics covered and the weekly radio show is called spectrum if you
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would like any information on the chrono laroche or any other science topic you should really check out our podcast so you can get it wherever you get your podcast you can also find us at. science. this week on world stories. the u.s. wants a reformed police force mikhail gorbachev's life as a player. but 1st we start in azerbaijan the car cation country is at war with its neighbor armenia more and more civilians are being killed in the process the warring parties blame each other for this. hugo fire shows us
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where he used to live until very recently. to see a rocket take his house in early october he says. so. i think both quite off base sure that. his home for 35 years burnt down to the walls. never worked up the whole family was sitting here watching t.v. and suddenly there was an explosion in the backyard everything started burning we ran outside and called the firefighters but when they arrived it was already too late if you leave your. memories. far as early as is convinced that armenia is responsible for the attack the neighboring country deliberately bombed many civilian targets in the area he says.
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we can't independently verify this we are not allowed to move freely near the front line we are only allowed to film with the as of a john eales or a tease let us film. this school and battle for example even if it looks like it the children here are not students. they are refugees this has been an emergency shelters since the fighting started a month ago. i right at the entrance a memorial for a fallen azerbaijanis soldier everyone here is convinced that their army is fighting for a just cause the school vice principal doesn't believe that their votes have been attacks on armenian civilians. and then laughed at us and then.
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i don't know much about what's happening on the armenian side i only know what i see on t.v. here but i can say that the armenians are losing and must retreat so they don't have any other options we are not trying. take armenian territory we are fighting for what belongs to us 10. has been at the school for a few weeks now with his wife and 3 granddaughters they are from tire tar right on the border with nagorno-karabakh lately that clashes there have intensified. that. i am worried about the girls they are just kids they were so scared of the fighting how are they supposed to know what explosions off they should go to school and study but they shouldn't have to learn what bombs and missiles sound like or do that women that. at the moment the children see safe fear is about
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20 kilometers from the frontline but nobody knows when they will be able to return home or whether it will soon become too dangerous here tonight. police officers are still suspected of being racists in many parts of the united states a fundamental reform aims to change that observations from the city of minneapolis i i am a hapless may 28th the 3rd precinct building of the minneapolis police department said the place during protests against the death of george floyd in police custody i. the burning police station becomes a symbol for the protest of fury for their demands for an end of police racism and protests. 5 months later abandoned
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boarded up and secured with cement barriers precinct 3 still a symbol now signifying the city's struggle to make the changes the protesters demand to the local police department and how policing is done there is definitely a breakdown in terms of trust between our elected officials and their constituents as well as between their constituents and our law enforcement community volunteers from your copy naaman to prepare to patrol the neighborhood then the 9th ward of minneapolis where george floyd on the christian and local level and grow. being in the i'm. just thank you for your blessing she to watch over us as we walk the streets when the group recently recognized and supported by the city is filling the gap created by the collapse of trust between police and the black community with police patrols largely absent from this part of town they have taken on the task of proactively protecting the community from rising crime we want to have selected
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police in our community who knows who live in our community who look like a community and then that be a better place where like how we can read talk to him and how we communicate to each other minneapolis police recognize the need for urgent and fundamental change says deputy chief eric force he sees new recruiting strategies just critical for any real progress one of the best things you can you can have as a department that's as reflective of your community as you can get it especially people from the community and that's really what we're pushing for after hours of patrolling the neighborhoods the a godly men decide to go home they'll be back tomorrow night and tonight after that the changes they were pushing for you know it's kind of more of a generational change you know because we want to make it better for our children their children and this is this is this is like our starting block right here you know as we're trying to pave the way for them.
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with a spectacular campaign a congolese man in france has drawn attention to an old problem the organized theft of african art during the colonial era he symbolically became a thief and so many would call this theft but this activist says he's only getting back what was taken away from his people i came to reclaim goods that were stolen from africa during cold and he says she saw this video of us live streamed on facebook back in june west soon a jab yes and 4 other activists were trying to steal a funerary post. from carol lima see him in paris he failed but managed to draw attention to a topic that has reason to triggered a heated debate should african art looted during colonialism be returned and if so how and when the congolese bar an active assess action is needed now on the do
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you never ask a thief for permission to get back what is still from you and that's what we did we have the right to defend ourselves because we were robbed the fact that our works are on display here means to theft continues yes you. are also caused a stir when you try to steal a piece of art from a dutch museum as well as in the french city of must say some say these acts have to be considered as performances not just that. it's a different way of saying things that have already been said to many farmers for a long time since african countries gained independence on a diplomatic level in a dialogue between museums and international corporation dump you know in a report commissioned by french president emmanuel and that crawl the art historian so looted art has to be given back and that up to 90 percent of african art works are located outside of the continent the camper lima c.m.
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alone has more than 60000 objects taken from africa but according to this lawyer an art lover not all of them are looted he recently published a book on the topic. some objects have obviously been taken away european states have to give back what was taken in wars but there are also other aspects africans themselves all are too european visit. ford and his fellow activists it's not only about bringing heritage spec home as he calls it he also wants european societies to face the realities of their. past that it is our goal to reach the biggest possible audience on the one hand our jaspar and people in africa but also people in europe ago yeah yeah says says he does not fear possible fines not even prison sentences in his eyes this is about a lot more than chest his own destiny. the
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last head of state of the soviet union mikhail gorbachev is considered a hero in the western world but of russia he's highly controversial now his life has been brought to the stage in moscow. with a very deep i remember everything. memories of the life of one of history's greats gorbachev from a balcony seat the even 9 year old watched his own life play out on stage at the moscow theater of nations the play that was supposed to be a love story between michelle who gorbachev and his wife raisa became much more it's the story of an entire country and the era during which gorbachev was in charge. of $22.00 he's a visionary politicians none of us can come close to that one day his name will be written in gold lettering. 2 actors a few wigs and dozens of anecdotes from an eventful life together if getting near
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enough in church come a play a couple who from early on dream of a better for your future everything seems to go according to plan the young party official hopeful from the countryside is given a post in moscow he rises to the ranks to become head of the communist party and then president of the soviet union. he dares to do what no one has done before reform the soviet union. in 1906 cover chuff began his restructuring his perestroika risking what many russians still can't forgive him for today. of the soviet union. in the play about the statesman who brought freedom to his people there is no reference to today's russia no reference to the terrible disappointment that has still not been forgotten almost 30 years after governor chose resignation. but that was to come i was
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a young woman when perestroika came and back then i was promised a whole new world a world with a functioning freedom of the press freedom of assembly and rights to sexual and gender self-determination the world that was promised to me then has nothing to do with the world today with 3 years of research s. . the climax of the play is the death of michelle garbage dumps wife from cancer and the turning point of his career. the last chapter is called gorbachev and solitude the theater may be filled with enthusiastic applause but in real life things quickly became quite lonely around mission over chuff and history of the better for you russia.
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for the suction. photo editing software distorts what is real. the possibilities for me to mention. it is the new truth. 21. eco africa. they have a bad reputation but they play a key role in the ecosystem. which is a very much important in cleaning up the environment and calling them nature has undertaken many species are endangered a project in kenya seeks to protect the unloved scavengers that means above all talking to local people eco in africa. in 60 minutes on d w. w crime fighters are back to africa's most success home radio drama
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series continues all of the zones are available online and of course you can share and discuss on w. africa's facebook page and other social media platforms to crime fighters to me and now. our perception of reality really good fragments but let's read let's read.


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