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tv   Der Tag  Deutsche Welle  November 16, 2020 5:00am-5:16am CET

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unemployment is a big if not a trace of oil money. gone is dream black gold? oil promises starts december 4th. this is news and these are our top stories. rocket company space x. has successfully launched 4 astronauts to the international space station. the 1st time in mosques company is fairly true on an official nasa mission. if we were in sort, inserted into orbit at 28000 kilometers an hour to dock at the after
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around 27 hours interim president has stepped down less than a week into the job. his resignation came off the violent mass protest in the capital, dana, in which 2 people were killed, succeeded president. it was voted out by the parliament of a corruption allegations. lewis hamilton has secured a 7 formula. one world title after winning the turkish grown prix. in what conditions the 35 year old briton equalled michael schumacher all time record and sealed his lightest title, 12 years after his very 1st title. this is news from berlin. you can follow us on twitter and instagram. the handle is at the news, or you can visit our website to be found that d, w dot com,
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coffee is a staple for many. a habit is even a ritual and it's getting cheaper all the time. the european road stores are making bigger and bigger profits, arning more and more money from coffee and the small farmers in africa who produce the coffee are getting less and less shipping rule. coffee beans has a high carbon footprint. that's reviving interest in traditional transportation methods change starts with a small group of people who others dismisses dreamers and then is it even possible to change the $1000000000.00 coffee business? we're doing something, no one's ever done before. many coffee lovers are eager to do more to support fair trade
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nicola, but if it normally works in a bit and cafe today, however, the 29 year old is gearing up for a competition. and she's a bit nervous. nicole is about this stuff. a professional, who knows the ins and outs of a good cup of brew. she has his sights set on being crowned world champion at berlin's world of coffee trade fair. you don't think of it think. i think you have to be a bit crazy to do something like this. but coffee is simply part of my life. the biggest part actually which is why she's interested in everything to do with coffee, including how it's produced and transported, and above all, who makes money from it. and who doesn't. i meant that with any other product,
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we always want to know every detail right down to the name of the kal. before we buy a carton of it's ups and downs, we don't have that option with coffee at all. because 95 percent of the market is dominated by a very opaque trading system. and coffee is traded on stock exchanges, which is why the purchase price for green, coffee beans fluctuates constantly. as these outside consumers don't even know that world coffee prices in 2019 were at rock bottom. for farmers, they go to the supermarket, buy their beans, and think that everything is normal. about you have to tell them or check what you're buying. ask questions, look at the package. if there's no information on it, how do you know what you're buying it and what they call the $1000000000.00 stuff is deeply involved in the fight for more transparency in the coffee business. but today, she's also vying for the title of the world's best coffee creation. nicole has already won several awards at the german barista championships. now she's competing
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in a completely new category called feet in good spirits. the challenge is to create the best mix of coffee and alcohol. nicole is ambitious and wants to trump the competition. the fair brings together thousands of specialists from all over the world. coffee is a hot commodity and a huge business. one that this man from berlin wants to change. some other tips in aims to revolutionize coffee production from planted see to gross to being everything should remain in the hands of the produces. at the say he's trying to win over his supporters. here we can get very close to the coffee experts and the consumers. it's just fun pouring the coffee and getting the feedback. there's
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a bit of a back story to how he got here. 4 years ago, some other discovered his passion for african coffee. today he's an expert on this subject. it takes 9 months before a crop can be harvested. this week to the main thing is to pick only the red buds, the greens should stay on. they need a few more days. that's why it has to be done by hand to conduct our coffee. co-operative is nestled in the hills of northern rwanda from here that exports coffee to europe. he wants to vastly improve on the methods of big name competitors. he and his business partner allen movie were roommates, back in berlin. today they are working to create jobs for people in no wonder
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so many of the young people interested in getting into coffee business because their incomes in the coffee business are too low. to change this narrative, to make sure that you know most people who are involved in the coffee value chain and better incomes and out will attract young people to come back into coffee business. well, coffee farm is wages have fallen in recent years. the coffee industry sales have been increasing. over the last 2 decades, companies have managed to find ways to sell coffee at ever higher prices, mainly in the form of capsules and pods. but how sell prices have seen a drastic drop? xander and allen want to make the coffee trade fair a little could make our coffee cooperative is the ideal partner in the fall most
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here are independent entrepreneurs. the cooperative pays good prices and a very special feature here. women repeat a lot of the benefits and that's thanks to under leak of a k.f.c. . she's been working in the coffee industry all her life and sells different varieties of coffee. xander and allen with the missing piece of the puzzle for her vision that women coffee was brewing in my head every time. and when we met, i say, wow name the even if it's a women coffee, maybe they have to discuss it with the men about it with yeah. although coffee production is physically hard work, it's usually done by women. but when it comes to pay and making the important
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decisions, men usually still have the say. in parliament, we have a big number of women. but in the coffee, coffee business somehow different because we have a bigger number of women in the family processing. but in our position of frame, the decision of this isn't making, we have much more number of women does kind of was it. and so it's why we have to empower women look and shoot it at t.v. . it's a good example. she found her own 80 coffee trees and has a demanding daily routine to get everything done. once i've taken the coffee beans to the co-operative, i go home and look after the children. how do i make them something to eat and send one child to school for afternoon classes and then i take care of the household
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that way i can get all my work done. 'd so much to do is to make a living that during the work is meet once a week to discuss financial issues or work out how best to support each other. they also make crafts, which brings in extra income in addition to the coffee many of the older workers lived through the genocide in rwanda 25 years ago. and many lost family members land and work united there working for a better future. it one has many activities to do at home. they must be, have something i mean from that's activity so that she can convince the man, because this is something which is coming in the family from the time she is not
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around at home harvesting, is a painstaking process. after the coffee cherries are picked, they have to be watched the women in the co-operative earn twice as much as other coffee farmers. in rwanda, the profits are distributed evenly because now we're going into a very important process where the bins, where the bins are good, are going to get out of the house. the process is poured powder i read husks are used by the farm is as fertilizer as you can because this is where the coffee beans go after the cherry has been discarded and they've been washed and fermented. and then when they're wet, you can clearly see which beans are good in which aren't. and then they have to be
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sorted again by that you've been on to lead, has developed her own coffee brand with salsa and alan anjan leaks. finest the brand and the company both belong to the women in the co-operative. i think the fact that it connects the coffee beans have to draw, i so desperate out on wooden wrecks for at least 15 days. but this is by no means the last step in the production of finest. the next undertaken by the women's corporative is a very special one to making the transportation of coffee, more environmentally friendly is
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a big goal and nothing symbolizes that goal. more than that of entourage, it's the key to achieving a truly sustainable product chain. captain has been fairing goods across the oceans for many years. this time it's 1000 sacks a fair trade coffee from central america. for me it's great that i can participate in such a project. as a sailor, i have few opportunities to use my professional qualifications in meaningful projects. normally when i work on a ship, we're all burning every your land carrying goods that i don't really want to transport. it's simply different here. that's why i'm so glad i can work here. before doesn't it? i'll buy
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the album to transport's it's cargoes in the same way as our ancestors did. nowadays, coffee normally arrives in europe from the world's coffee growing regions by container ship deployment. i want to onsite with the government or we want to set an example and underscore that it's possible to transport cargo with low emissions is going to be in addition, we want to question whether it's really necessary to ship so many goods halfway around the world. just to consume the mare and whether we might be able to rethink it all and transport less because emissions standards of the type on german roads are virtually non-existent at sea container ship transportation is very cheap, but extremely harmful to the environment. in addition to c o 2, the world's merchant fleets image huge clown's of nitrogen dioxide particulate matter suits and sulfur dioxide. the environmental impact of assailing freight. so
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on the other hand is largely negligible. i think it's very much we only use the engine when it's necessary to maneuver or for safety reasons. we do not use it to get somewhere faster if there is no wind, we simply wait with a stop. it is, the crew is that safe with 3 courses of the year. you'll need quit his job as a social worker to join the crew. last summer. this is what's most fun, sail down, sail up, steering, hoisting, tacking. that's my job here on board as well, but the majority of the crew works unpaid in exchange for learning how to sail. they also want to support a movement to change global trade change darts with a small.


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