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tv   Kulturzeit  Deutsche Welle  November 19, 2020 2:30pm-3:01pm CET

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i want to bring you a man called have surprised himself with what this man called me and who talked to people who follow along the way. i admire. now is the world's most powerful macros. last i checked, this is coming out today and i've written this account of the nightmare of unfolding in china as 3 education camps. that i can't stand a very young girl. she got raped side of those, recounts to be double what she saw during her incarceration,
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and i'm british manager. welcome to news asia. glad you could join us. today we bring you an eyewitness account of the horrors of trying to be education and ethnic cause a woman imprisoned like other muslim minorities in camps. china holds vocational training centers. shares her story of crime being a muslim minority in china, northwest the story of these camps in china as she provence, is one we have reported on sort of to you has set up ostensibly, according to the chinese government to offer voluntary education and training. they housed at least a 1000000 other ethnic muslim minorities, all being directed to a spot of china's measures to counter terrorism. it's all over show you our
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interview with side. i will tell you. here's more about the camps in china, northwest. the images of sheen junge that china wants the world to see. beijing says they so-called education centers provide valuable vocational training, job opportunities to eradicate poverty in the region. the same tears it's claimed are also a tool in china's war on terror programmes to do read a collage islamist extremists and ethnic separatists. that's the official view. but stories from eyewitnesses tell a different story. they describe detention camps and the repression of an estimated $1000000.00. weak of muslims subjected to forced labor, torture and cultural indoctrination. a growing body of evidence points to massive human rights abuses and cian john abuses that western leaders say. china can no longer hide you know,
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we know we know that there is no counterterrorism. justification for forcing weaver muslims to be during ramadan or destroying a muslim cemetery. there's no poverty alleviation justification for forced sterilization or taking children away from their parents to be reeducated. reeducated in state run boarding schools, accusations that beijing brushes aside as international meddling. we urge u.s. politicians to respect the facts, stop fabricating lies and stop using cian john related issues to interfere in china's internal affairs. when needed, china has shown no sign of winding back its policies and cian jiang. in fact, satellite images show the network of the changing facilities appears to be expanding and military style labor camps are now being reported in neighboring to bit. chinese leaders have hailed their policies as success. but harrowing,
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1st hand accounts only reinforce the widening gulf between beijing's claims and the truth behind these walls, inching junk. it is a truth that has seen photos of an ethnic chinese walked as a director for several preschools ensure that was before one night of november 27th teen when she was whisked off to a reeducation camp in the region there. even though she was a prisoner, she was forced to teach chinese to other inmates. she was eventually released 4 months later, after she fled to neighboring kazakhstan and then eventually to sweden, where she was granted asylum. a quick clarification aside a court of 1st as east turkistan in this interview. that's based on we good and people's claims that the region is an independent country. because so by thank you so much for speaking to news. now you were taken to reeducation camp in change on in 2017. what were the charges against you?
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early on that actually i started to harass me in january 27th team church in question. the chinese communist party had already begun enacting its genocide policy on weaker and cause a minority. in the fall of 2016 means a bit of a confirmation council to the communist party had been planning this crackdown years in advance. what ought to be from the police? arrested me multiple times that night. be questioned, pressured threatened, and hit me. our senior national did in nov, 2017. i was forced to enter the internment camp and to teach chinese to the inmates children but the chinese government says that you were never in any
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of these camps. in fact, the chinese embassy in sweden had this to say about you, and i quote, should never worked in any vocational education and training institutions and had never been detained before. illegally fled to kazakhstan. what do you say to that to come? everyone who knows the evil side of the communist party knows very well what my short of it turns out there in the chinese government will use whatever means to pursue and defame those who have witnessed and revealed the evil side of the regime . wonderfully good wrong. what this is normal, i don't care what people, woman, there's 100100 since hearing these false claims and verbal attacks. i actually felt happy here. why? because it means my testimony actually had an impact on the mission. you know
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what, this is a term for it. see the commute for you. now. you coauthored a book about your time in these reeducation camps. it's called the chief witness escaped from china's modern day concentration camps. what did you witness there? so they don't touch him, but after i was brought to the fascist internment camp, i realized that it was an abyss i might marry or more by and he got the phone shorter. i saw one around the one. i know it's hard to believe if i had not seen it all with my own nice. i would not have believed it. so how can something like this happen in the 21st century? do you should see here for me going to men. but there were about 2500 inmates in my complex men and women, young and old. all of them were innocent. they were forced to make false
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confessions. chambre, all of them had their heads shaved. their limbs were shackled despite injuries to our troops here and i told worse psychological torture as well as physical torture . there was extremely frugal for president the shoulder for the from the trauma. i know it's a difficult subject, but can you tell us what kind of torture you're talking about? you spoke about psychological and physical torture. what did you witness? say he truly meant you see t.v.'s were everywhere in the internment camp. then be quiet. i just have fun, don't you find only me or so that there were 4 surveillance cameras, one in each corner of the cell, plus one in the middle. so there were all together 5 cameras and one single cell
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phone were all over the corridors. well, how much? every action of the inmates was watched. 247. you know, you got there was one room in the camp that didn't have c.c.t.v. . they call it the black room. to get to dig, to get people to enter. the room were tortured physically by various brutal means more than the fun. but all the cars pull off their fingernails. they would tie them to a chair and use electric shock to torture them. only if you're sitting a dent in the bargain that you didn't so like they would be the means were very brutal. jews had to go that's hand to shoulder.
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i used to be locked in that room to what is the worst memory you have from roughly 4 months that you spend in this camp. so not if they were to transfer generally men. there's lots of things that i will never forget. one, every time i eat, i think of the enemy is made. so what you prefer on the shore sometimes will trigger the chain sound to them, and i think of them before i go to bed every night who thought a good deed for my mind keeps returning to the internment camp where i worked every single day for our trouble to others, it is one thing that i can't stand the guys when you're very young girl. she got
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raped a lot yet though. but if you think that he struck me, i can never forget it. it stuck in my mind. i can imagine it is a hard subject to recollect, but you were here in germany now and you were probably in the german parliament. what do you expect from germany or 3 times as long 1st? i hope the german government will act like many other countries and recognize the crimes. the chinese communist party has committed against our people as genocide from for me to be out with the you are the just
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shit i hope the german government will punish the leaders of the communist party. according to the magnitsky act, to give us a very powerful bill to see out of the trough for these ongoing germany, it is a very free democratic justice loving and strong country for me. so we are 2 of the same guy. just the woman that sometimes went gentle, ect. i hope the country will stand with people of east turkistan, but like i hope they will take actions that are effective to save us to address
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that hurt. and she said to her son, go or i hope the german government can answer to these 3 demands. if they really want to help what sounds they will be able to do. so for the question numbed, thought my utica normally. that's it for today, there's more stories and more details on the engine, on our website, or what's the moral of the coup for the fight against the corona virus pandemic. the rate of infection in developing the latest research information and context around a virus on t.w.
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is from the globe. the boosts the boys love and respect the current out of all the coronavirus cases in the world. one out of every 5 years in the united states. despite hard lessons in the spring and restrictions over the summer infections, a still rising, new york city schools are closing today and students will be learning from home. we have to do more to fight back this 2nd wave. so the state has made very clear
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additional restrictions are coming or putting more stringent measures in place. so we can get schools back up and running soon. we can protect new yorkers across the board. so why is the u.s. an economic powerhouse struggling more than any other country in the world or total cases in the u.s. of past 11000000 of the 250000 have died and a growing number of americans are uninsured. is it all going, or is it all the fault of outgoing president, donald trump, and will incoming president joe biden be able to clean up the mess? our correspondent reports on the border with mexico, but no one is talking about the war anymore. the pandemic numbers are soaring. right now. we have about 241 now, with about 45 days ago,
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we only have 30 of those people that you see going into these tents. they will wind up have authorities are already arranging to move patients to other cities. if the hospitals become overwhelmed, planning for months of straight, there is already a backlog in dealing with the dead. more outside, the hospitals serve as makeshift mortuaries. funeral homes in el paso are so overwhelmed and that families sometimes have to wait a week to bury aloft one funeral director sam, selves are struggling to cope early release. this is what we really want. the level of stress is very high because it is not comparable. to how it used to be some months ago we had around 30 services per month. right now we're having around 18 reasons for marriage. this 2nd wave of the pandemic is not only hitting record numbers of people, many of whom could die. local lockdowns in that battle to try and curb the spread
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are wreaking havoc a business. this is where the economic effects of the pandemic can most clearly be seen. downtown at basle seems abandoned. also, this restaurant wasn't able to keep most of its soft. now the owner has to attend the few clients himself. the current situation had a clear impact on his political decision. he voted for joe biden. i knew he could do better than donald trump, and i think we all hope the same. we hope for a different government that supports us for some money of all works just around the corner. for him, the presidential race is not over yet, nor for president biden is not going to be the president of the immigrants. going to be donald trump. he feared his business might be hit by the pen demick, but now he has orders until july next year. republicans, he says, are good for the construction sector. despite his support for trump,
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he has his own opinion on covert 1000, specially after he tested positive. everyone is going to get the virus and we're going to fill up the hospitals. testing is one of the crucial instruments to avoid to this problem may get cordy needs 10 testing centers in the past. so he works for a private company that is being paid by the state of texas. but his main concern in the pandemic is not political. i don't have fully knowledge of what joe biden is planning to do in his administration. but until now we haven't had any kind of difficulties with the current administration. i don't think it's a matter of resources. the main concern is how to communicate to the people what to do or not. supporters. biden supporters to different sites that seem to come together in el paso. you hottest team joins us from the german institute for international and security affairs. he's in tallinn. so in your
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opinion, what went wrong in the world's top economy? well, there are 2 sets of factors, i would say that went wrong. the 1st set has to do with the trumpet ministration. trump, himself wasn't very interested and listening to experts doing the right thing, trying to do the best job he can and mitigating the spread of the virus. and the other set of factors concerns, structural issues in the united states. the fact that they have a very unequal health care system. the fact that the welfare state is quite weak and quite fragmented, and lot of people don't receive welfare. and the 3rd factor is that they have federalism, and a lot of action is actually up to the states and their governors and not to the central government. i would say those are the main reasons why it didn't go so well in the united states. let's pick up on the 1st one of those then what, what effect did the alp going president play on the, the course of the viruses playing down of the virus?
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well i think we all are familiar with the press conferences that he gave late spring and early summer where he really just rattled and gave all kinds of conflicting messages about what to do to fight the virus. and we also know that he gave an interview to bob woodward where he's where he warned off the rock virus already in early, early march. but then he played it down to the public because he didn't want to hurt the economy and economy. and he wanted the stock market to do well. and i think the conflicting message, the fact that he didn't listen to experts, the fact that the people he appointed apart from the medical experts for the people he appointed on a political level were not the most competent ones. they all contributed to the bad response that didn't really help there and containing the virus. so how will the new president do things differently? i guess he's got a bit of a mess to clean up. right. i mean, joe biden already emphasize that. this is one of his main priorities. he's already
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appointed a council of advisors to fight the pending. and this point he's kind of in a bind because at the moment the virus release spreading rapidly and is kind of out of control. so i wouldn't expect him to fix the problem soon after he enters office on the 20th of january. i think it will be quite hard at this point to contain the virus. the people are tired of restrictions of lockdowns, and i'm afraid that's i think the solution will only vaccine is approved and rightly distributed. one positive in your study, you wrote these huge aid packages helped stop poverty from growing in the u.s. . but that aids temporary. what now and what's that mean for americans? health, right. the for our aid packages that were passed by congress had a volume of over 2 trillion dollars and they actually did quite a lot to mitigate the economic damage of the pandemic. they provided as stimulus to
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the economy and they also helped simple people do to make ends meet and included in that was a $1200.00 check for every adult citizen below a certain income group. plus they actually extended unemployment aid and lifted unemployment $8.00 to $600.00 per week, which and 1st actually lowered the poverty rate despite the bad economy. poverty actually went down, but those measures expired at the end of july. and congress has not been able to agree on an extension. so i think that's also one thing that's biden's going to try to do is get congress to, to pass another package. even if you are well off, you're not going to be spared from the coronavirus. i mean, if everyone else around you is in a worse situation or affected by the vice, i mean the virus doesn't discriminate, right? the virus itself can hit anyone. and as we saw from the fact that even president
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contracted it, nobody is really safe. on the other hand, the effects of the virus have been very, i'm equal 1st of all the u.s. health care system is an equal to begin with. the quality of care varies a lot between regions and even within regions. the new york times found out that during the 1st wave of the pen damage in march, the death rate in the poor are areas of new york city was 3 times as high as and in the rich hospitals of manhattan. so the effects have really been on equal people are especially hard and even recently i read that there infection rate is hospitalization rate is 4 times higher than that of white people. virus itself doesn't discriminate, its effects can be very unequal and i'm equal thanks for joining us today. my pleasure and time for your questions on the coronavirus is derrick williams.
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what are the differences and similarities between flu and covert 19? this is a regular question now that flu season is upon us in the northern hemisphere. let's, let's look at the similarities between the 2 diseases 1st starting with how they spread. which for both is mainly through droplets emitted when infected people cough or sneeze or talk with both respiratory diseases. people are also contagious before they begin to show symptoms themselves. and both can also have the same general pathology, at least at 1st. so many of the same symptoms, according to the u.s. centers for disease control, the overlap includes fever, cough, shortness of breath, the teague sore throats, runny nose, muscle pain, and headache. so if you develop those symptoms,
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especially in combination, it's a good idea to get tested. finally, of course, both can kill you, but that brings me to the 1st of the big differences i want to mention. covert 19 is a lot more likely to kill you than the flu, especially if you're elderly, or best. current estimates say between about $6.10 times more likely to get $1000.00. patients also appear to be contagious for longer than flu patients and more contagious than they would be if they had the flu, which, which isn't surprising really because for most of us, sars cove 2 is still a novel pathogen that our immune systems have never encountered before. most humans have encountered flu strains before and although they mutate rapidly, which means they can evade the immune system again and again. experts say to some
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extent that forewarned is forearmed. finally, although both diseases can cause serious complications like inflammation of the, of the longs to the heart of the brain or other organs coded 19 seems to do it more often, which to at least some extent, explains why it's more deadly. see it's more
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in the cross hairs of turkey secrets or kurdish austrian green party member. marathon us law doesn't go anywhere anymore without police protection. austrian politician worked to bring attention to human rights violations in turkey. now, life is in danger. some kids under
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this is a doubling use life from ballet in an unprecedented visit to the occupied west bank . mike pompei, of course controversy as the 1st u.s. secretary of state to visit a jewish settlement in the palestinian territory, also visits the golan heights, also disputed land since israel access in 1967. also on the program u.s. staff from coronavirus top a quarter of a 1000000. the numbers are still rising rapidly. germany is covered infection rates
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if still too high, despite nearly 3.


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