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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  November 28, 2020 8:15am-8:31am CET

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both, but that wasn't the end of it all about josh bialek made it $53.00 in extra time. of the bulbs, very good night stander, unbeaten run to 9 matches. and you are, of course, watching news live from berlin on the spicer. thanks for watching. where i come from, we have to fight for a free press and was born and raised in a nato in the fainter ship, with just one t.v. shadow and a few newspapers with official information. as attorneys, i have work off the streets of many cantrips, and their problems are all the same. color to the social inequality. a lack of the freedom of the press and corruption to gun afford to stay silent when it comes to
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the fans of the humans and see the microphones who have decided to put their trust in us. my name is jenny paris and i'm part of the family of oscar season is upon us a time where hollywood usually pumps out its best movies in the hope of winning some awards. but what does an oscar season in the year 2020 even mean with cinemas, either closed or on the brink that's coming up on arts and culture and the european union youth orchestra gets its dues for decades of international music make and later on,
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never innovative chilly. gonzales care of hip hop, a little 20 come to arts and culture. critics are starting to weigh in on contenders for next year's oscars. and a year when hollywood held back most of its major productions. are there any front runners amid the flurry of online releases? not only that, so i'm going to put that question now to my colleague adrian kennedy, who dream, this is usually the time of year when people are starting to place bets. what might be getting an oscar? what might not be? can we even start doing that in the year 2020, when it's much more difficult? movie journalists will be movie journalists if they want, willing to speculate on stuff, and there are a few, no brainers. one of them is one nights in miami,
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as we will see in the trailer. this is a film that focuses on, a meeting between 4 figures, malcolm x., the evolutionary books of mohammed ali, american football player jim grounds. and so seen a sam cooke's, the movie, based on a play by can power as this is supplied by real life events to take place the movie, just as the night that changed the world with malcolm x. galvanising december. so if you say there is a very good point, all right, this woman is called a struggle because we are fighting this thing about civil rights. they give in black people what they really want to say make it a better power. so
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i thought it was about work, so i could go ask a renard, what do you think? that's why and it's directed by regina king who already has a and she could become the 1st black woman to get a best director. oscar nomination. what else is hard? a dream? another ho to contend is no man's land. this is 3rd feature and it stars frances mcdormand as a woman who in the recession following the 2008 financial collapse, leaves the small town home and becomes more, they know, managed in the u.s. . it also features real life and to others. and it was a top prices at both venice and toronto. it could bring dormant. best actress. oscar doesn't give too much online release on december 4th. ok, so we've seen some early oscar contenders there. what about the new movies that are
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just going online now? any, any buzz there? well, one of the happiest season. this is the 1st coming . chris love story. it features kristen stewart and mackenzie davis as abby and harper, the couple and their feet as abby's a friend. and we can take a look at that. i think you would have a perfect relationship with my person and i really like everyone and i want to marry him her breast. can you explain? yes, very, sexually attracted to her and here i suppose is probably not a very, very nice film for the coming. difficult holiday season and it could be up for a golden globe because they have a best comedy musical category. in terms of the film, does it have a happy ending?
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it has been released so viewers can find out for himself how it isn't coming out. for much so many artists and institutions have worked tirelessly this year to keep culture alive. and the european cultural brand award recognizes this year, a youth orchestra, a state of the art norwegian library, and a ukrainian center for urban history to name a few. let's see who won top prize. an elegy for a cultural scene under threat in an empty hall with no audience or applause. the 15th cultural brand award took place in a tough year for the sector, but a covered safe ceremony was held nonetheless, to honor exceptional cultural providers and investors live strain from the nickel izod in pottstown. we want to make it clear,
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the culture is still there. still it hasn't gone silent on them, and culture can still unite people across borders and build bridges over the winner of the main award. cultural brand of the year is the european union youth orchestra, the cultural brilliant 2020. and the orica goes to the european union. you with orchestra only 2 representatives of the orchestra were allowed to receive the award in person violinist money in class and clarinetist thompson, founded in 1960 e.u. y.-o. is one of the oldest international youth orchestras in the world. it's played more than $1000.00 concerts under the baton of the world's leading conductors. always playing it the 1st of the last time they gave ever sing it every moment. so it's 100 percent and above at every single that it's also very challenging for
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a conductor. they will never forgive you if you are not giving this 100 percent. the orchestra is made up of europe's best young musicians each year 160 new members are chosen from thousands of hopefuls from all even member states. candidates are between 16 and 26 years old and are chosen by a jury in their home country. for talented students. he's just inspirational. moves all of us to tears. places in a world that is very troubled. gives hope. the orchestra has experienced both highs and lows in its 4 and a half decade history, but the sense of community among the members has remained strong. the wyo is like a family, which is one reason why the coronavirus pandemic is hard for the musicians who can't perform or even rehearse together. winning the 2020 award for best european
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cultural brand is not just a highlight. but also yet another milestone in the orchestras, long line of successes saw great. i mean we are always putting so much heart and effort into every single project every single day, everything i rehearse and so it feels amazing. i mean, and that's where the people behind it, the management and the board. everyone is working all year. not just the products. so yes, it's a great we enjoy the evening because these kind of evenings this year up quite rare . so we try to enjoy them. this weekend, so it seems 2020 had at least one pleasant surprise in store for the european union use orchestra staying with music for now, and one of the most innovative, versatile, and sometimes just plain silly composers around is the comedian head, popper and classical pianist, chilly gonzales we met up with him at a studio here in germany.
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chile gonzales in his trademark robe and slippers playing one of his piano compositions. the artist's quirky breaks with conventions set him apart. while he does respect, classical music genres potential for stuffy news is really not his style. thank you. i. i thanked his performances are provocative, crowd surfing at an orchestra concert. inconceivable until he just did it. gonzalez isn't someone who hides behind the music. he's a showman. i i, i thank all these rules and all these things that limits your
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kind of spontaneous reaction to what might be happening. it's profoundly unsexy. it is against all the notion of what i think music should be with, should have a strong contrast and emotions under a giant umbrella of fun. and who can respect someone who doesn't want to have fun? i can't and gonzalez has fun experimenting with different genres. classical jazz rock, you name it, and surprisingly classical music is where he finds the most freedom more so than in pop or hip hop.
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let me just quickly play a reference to rap song, let's say, still great by dr. dre. classical musician would find this to be far too flat. i believe a classical musician would say you're missing opportunities to put expression into the music, their version of still dre might be something like this comes out and says that the great composers of the past, such as mozart or beethoven, loved to improvise and entertain. just like he does, that's why he says, we shouldn't treat their works as holy or be honest critique. i think the idea of taste in classical music is really problematic because these
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profits, these old dead white men have really been sort of, you know, projected in to a kind of pantheon of untouchable genius. you can't even decide for yourself if you really like them or not. really, gonzalez takes what's often seen as a stiff and old fashioned john round deconstructs it, and fills it with new life. is an unconventional approach. passion for music. you can watch a whole half hour with gonzales on their you tube channel d.w. classical music. he also talks about his new christmas album, even though he says he doesn't like christmas. and i'll leave you now with one of the world's top art fairs, that almost didn't happen. art basel, hong kong, normally future is around $250.00 galleries this year because of the pandemic. it's just $22.00 here, the artworks that made it to care and
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cosmopolitan, densely nations relief has never been a sexy as it was in the cool of the twenty's. you can stay get a sense out of finance, traces in the city to still have fun with our little tour of the berlin. good morning. check in w. in the light of climate change for
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a cosmic see what's in store for the most wanted list for their future. with e.w. dot com for the mega-cities to the multimedia insight could enter berlin in coronavirus times. the city's currently under a lockdown light. you hardly ever see berlin so empty we had actually planned.


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