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tv   World Stories  Deutsche Welle  December 1, 2020 12:45pm-1:01pm CET

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that's the 5th time now their freiburg have taken a lead and failed to hold on for the win. tyson victory for the 1st time last weekend and wanted to keep the momentum moving against hoffenheim. they took a deserved lead on 33 minutes after a neat exchange between the fray strikers. robin claus song apply the finishing touch. often on fire back after the break. the last leaf looking hot in the lead up, the game ended on a sour note when dennis got to go essential that this might challenge. but it's not the sort of happy to share the spoils in a 11 draw with
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the bundesliga to hold a squad spaced off, and berlin only on have a boss and smashed a one while i'm tough to get me one in the last 5 and the in-form team got off to a crack in the start and i stopped home after just 2 minutes. and then the penalty gave mark who's a chance to double their lead. just on 6 minutes. but i'm tough to chase them down with a silver grabbing 2 goals. his 2nd effort and need to bat for header, taking his season tally to 7 to 2 at the break i talked took the lead for the 1st time on 79 minutes from other sending in the cross for boss tossed to the top.
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but clews, it wasn't finished, and he smashed home a spectacular equaliser the heat when he owns a game unbeaten run going 33 with our match stage hero showing his worth once again. thank you. thank you. thank you for marathon all. would have loved this guy, max kruse, a marxist party, but he has also called football on his trimmel. the captain took both hands up to stop the silly walk plus a much stronger sub we won't see many better goals in that this season. you are there and i think you hit the ball just right. so it was about time i scored from outside the box. i don't score many goals from there. the truth is just right for
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you on your own at the moment, especially from the penalty spot. he has 6 goals and for the 6 this season, he really gives our hero. we have one game left shelter. the stuff of fairy tales shall cause celebrating a win. but it really did happen once upon a time in january 2020. and it was against mention, glad to nail the score back. when shall go where in 5th, sponsor a long time ago. when shall i go wrong? the young 10 months and 24 when those games later, perhaps prayers really are all they can help. bottom side,
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chunka, under-fire sporting director, your hunch, neither had made a big call mid week suspending. i mean how sweet and snobby will bend to lead from training after a round and better. and they've got a piece of ifs on his contract, terminated coach manny, while bound had little to offer in terms of motivation. except perhaps that last league win against shall good, did at least work shoulder to shoulder. but despite early promise could not help going behind after 15 minutes up and coming germany international, flowing, annoyed house, left to finish off a move with ashanti defense all at sea. even if perhaps unlucky. perhaps their top brass donning a glass colored mask wasn't
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a good omen. but the football gods did allow a way back into the game for schild heads. though there was no luck involved in benito. rahman's brilliant equaliser with hope rekindled, shall can now be in the ascendancy. but it was to be a brief rise from the ashes for this phoenix. 9 minutes before half time shall come where defended by an all too simple goal by austar bent and glad we're back ahead. and the hosts emerged the more fiery side after half time. marcus to man made it 31 in the 52nd minute.
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glassware on a roman style capitulated, but at least their sporting director now had an appropriate mask on not that it prevented further while honest both with the 4th and final goal for condemning, sheltered to a quarter century of games without a leak when yeah, it has to stop right now and start to win the games on otherwise will be very long and hard season. but yeah, it's again frustrating to want to know to win a game, but i think we showed that we want to win, but on this time it doesn't work. the morning after a modestly sized group of shelton fans gathered outside their home stadium to show there is no loyalty. it 20 months after, i mean, we've always cheered on the team no matter what, and have been ridiculed for celebrating a one all drawn like we'd won the league,
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but even that's not possible right now. and i think the team are missing that when i give them an even if they want them to cynthia one day soon those fans will be allowed back again. and who knows what might happen? maybe shopko will win so what have we learned from this match day? how did a british people say you have to show it, you know, we night in stoke? that's right, thomas can win the tricky games where chances are and i pray, let's just say just a word out of that about his face. ha, try to push the jocks. but these others tend to stumble and fall all to against cologne. make all arms should
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surely upon these 11 sperm is legal to kill all the can time. well, ali is your mother after all. who wants to do better, but sometimes like this and for bush. but the boy is really like the idea and 3 points in the pocket, the show must go to exactly. now let's check out over results from match day knowing there's that whopping win for both books and a horrible defeat for goldman like a cyclone. while there was a goals fest in berlin fi and a winning stock up $25.00 games without a bullet as they get victory push out of something that says they did indeed roll
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shall have actually scored a goal. and it was a good one. benito obama with the finish markowitz the greeter. but shanklin need to do the lot more to end their win. let's round this. hardly every person in at number 2, both sports club or free kick routine. open the door for john drugs to score their bremen, were wondering how they fell for the one it was legal as max onil touches it a goal. maradona would have been envious of use of but hello with amazing skills. but our winner is max palooza. just look at that and the striker is fast becoming tony jones. new talisman. he is suddenly a man and you can rely on here's yet another angle of our goal of the weekend.
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ok. now for the match day join table, brian have a 2 point lead over what 6 with leverkusen of point for the best. josie dortmunder now for bring in 5th above on your own bash still have work to do just what their women look away now. shoka fans because the bottom of the table makes for a very unhappy rating. the world loses now the only team without a win is a loved shooting up just 15 of the book. so it turns out the bundesliga really is a great league where any team can win on the day. just ask sori dortmund, ecstatic cologne. at least coach mark and his tall didn't lead victory slip through his hands. and there is no respite for the top teams with champions league and i
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robot league action coming thick and fast this week. byron are already through to the last 16 but injuries mean they can't rest many players. that's despite having a big clash in the bundesliga next weekend against lights. a yulia nagas man is likely to be in a more combative mood. some say modeled on a 1986 world cup on his own. you have to be on top form an every game at the highest level in the bundesliga is unforgiving.
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give us your country will make you rich people. oil will provide you with jobs. oh we'll, we'll take good care of the we'll fever took hold on the west coast to come out in $2700.00. dusters made big promises, but here's later, reality looks very different later choose good drinking water shortage. highest unemployment just david and not a trace of oil money. what happened to the ministry of
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oil promises? starts december 4th. took to this is the news live from berlin, another boost to european hopes for the vaccine before the end of the yeah. following madonna's footsteps and asking for fast track to go ahead also on the program. a warning. well, they'd stay almost 14000000, people are living with hiv. but experts say progress against the aids pandemic
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could be undone by the corona virus. and its one year since took over.


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