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tv   Kulturzeit  Deutsche Welle  December 2, 2020 11:30am-12:01pm CET

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drinking water shortage. and. what happened to going to the stream of black coal. oil thomas' starts december 4th . the u.k. becomes the 1st western nations have greenlighted covert 19 vaccines it's big news for brits but also for biotech and pfizer who developed the drug and are racing to produce it at scale break down the production and the cost. also on the show us president elect joe biden builds up his economic team he says help is on the way to the country's pandemic battered economy and nominates former federal reserve chairman jenny yellen to leave the u.s. treasury. and taiwan hasn't had
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a coronavirus case since april and its economy has hardly been dented by the pen demick so what's the island's secret. welcome to the show i'm stephen beardsley in berlin it's good to have you with us the u.k. is the 1st western country to approve a kopek 1000 vaccine for general use london announcing the. wednesday was ready to roll out a vaccine developed by germany's biotech in cooperation with u.s. pharma giant pfizer and britain will begin vaccinations next week with other countries likely not far behind the u.s. in the e.u. are also betting the biotech pfizer shot along with a similar vaccine made by u.s. competitor moderna pfizer calls the beginning of the vaccination a historic moment and says it can immediately begin shipping limited supplies of the virus. the u.s. president elect joe biden says he has said that he will not immediately seek to scrap the current phase one trade deal with china which was struck by current
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president donald trump now the comments which he made to the new york times or the latest a tip biden's economic plans on tuesday he unveiled the the team of economic advisors and cabinet picks his pick for treasury secretary janet yellen would be the 1st woman to hold woman to hold the post assuming her confirmation yellen said the stakes for success are very high. with the u.s. economy suffering from pandemic related restrictions with high unemployment and companies losing money joe biden has pledged to move fast to provide relief now his economic task force is taking shape resins a 1st rate team that's going to get us through this ongoing economic crisis and help us build an economy back not just build it back to build back better than it was before and a team that's tested an experience that includes americans from a variety of backgrounds led by one familiar face former fed chief janet yellen as
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biden's pick for treasury secretary and the recovery act that followed so many people struggling to put food on the table and pay bills and rent it's an american tragedy and it's essential that we move with urgency. into action will produce a self reinforcing downturn causing yet more devastation team in place president elect biden says he's working on a new plan that can be launched on day one to revive the economy and create more than 18000000 jobs through investments in infrastructure clean energy and manufacturing. and now to some of the other business stories making news facebook backed cryptocurrency libra has been rebranded. central banks had initially raised concerns about financial stability and possible control over money monetary policy rather the concept for the dollar backed currency has now been revamped pending
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approval it could be launched as early as january. turn it on musk has said that in 20 years the world's car fleet will be fully electric projected the milestone will double global electricity consumption driving up demand for a nubile energy the tesla founder made the comments while picking up a business award in germany construction of his 4th gigafactory is underway. now as the act is seeking government approval to force companies listed on the exchange to meet boardroom diversity standards it argues that many firms are making sluggish progress in naming nonwhite executives to leading positions. australia has emerged from its 1st recession in 3 decades after its economy grew by 3.3 percent in the 3rd quarter officials said the country had turned a corner but was likely to experience years of high unemployment even as australia appears to have the pandemic under control relations with its biggest trade partner or souring earlier this week a chinese official tweeted a fake image of
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a grinning australian soldier holding a knife to a child's throat. i'll show as treasurer described the frame trade ties as a worrying development and said the government was looking at its other options this is a very serious situation china is our number one trading power many strange jobs. rely on rely on trying maybe a stray and jokes rely on trying and that's why the coalition has put a great emphasis on striking free trade agreements with a whole range of pot is not just john. well also no stranger to difficult relations with china is taiwan the central bank the central bank there saying wednesday that it's holding off for now an interest rate increase you heard that right when most nations are pouring money into their economies taiwan is considering tightening its money supply that's just how good things have been this year for the island economy . there are new curfews no law and no bans and yet taiwan seems
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to have the pandemic under control only 7 people have died from the virus so far that would be new a local infection since april. the country wish prepared for crisis had enough masks from the start and lead targeted testing and contact tracing with cell phones that's why taiwan is one of the few countries where the international monetary fund does not expect economic to decline. the taiwanese statistics bureau expects growth of 2.5 percent in 2020 rising to 3.9 percent in 2021 although given taiwan is dependent on exports overseas markets need to recover far. speaking of the situation right now the most important aspect is that the pandemic is still gaining ground in europe and america some cities are locked down in europe and their economic growth has slowed but this is not likely to recede in america as long as cities are not locked down will be blessed with the
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shopping peak season of q 4 in this case taiwan's year and exports can still reach a high so if you look at taiwan's economy it's still on a path to recovery. more than 40 percent of taiwanese exports head to china but tensions with beijing have been mounting of late china does not recognize taiwan's government and for decades has threatened to take over the small self ruled island by force if necessary. let's bring in in taipei so good morning or i should say good evening there so how important is china's quick recovery to this relatively strong economy that we're seeing in taiwan. or china is the only major economy to recover from the pen down there and taiwan has become more dependent on the chinese market because of as exports account for about 60 percent of taiwan's g.d.p. and for the past few months more than 46 percent of taiwanese exports go to china
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while it's only 14 percent of the u.s. and 7 percent of the whole europe and from january to october this year how it has enjoyed a trade surplus of 131000000000 dollars was china so from these numbers we know taiwan has greatly benefited from china's quick recovery so clearly a very significant business relationship there what does that mean we're seeing growing tensions between china and taiwan at the moment. well taiwanese and chinese economy is a highly interdependent 3 of 12 china's most popular consumer brands are taiwan's brands and apples 3 major manufacturers in china foxconn pick a try and was trying to companies and china is still seeking for more tao anees investments because for beijing there's a very predictable reason when it's a political and cultural itself cannot be attempted by this how many people it's
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really important to mention this is it common ties for taiwan to make it more difficult for talent to get rid of china. what does the country expect out of a biden presidency considering the turmoil and i guess maybe the tensions that have increased between the u.s. and china during the trumpet ministration. well biden has appointed and blinken to be the secretary of the state and then blinken has tweeted saying that stronger economy ties with taiwan support our shared democratic values and our common commitment to regional peace and stability is really a positive to the townies government and it's looking forward for a stronger us in taiwan nomic partnership and even possibly bilateral trade agreements at biden's presidency. all right and finally so how are looking there right now we talk below infection rates is that holding at the moment for thai waters or any concern in the months. well tony's government has become
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more cautious now we have more measures of wearing masks during the winter season but for our daily life there's like no pandemic going on here in taiwan so it's pretty safe here in telling us how everybody feels. so bring us the latest from taipei thank you very much. let's go back to our main story now the u.k. has approval of a vaccine a correspondent carrados in is in mines for a press conference at biotech the company that developed the vaccine conrad. what kind of achievement is this for the small firm biotech. it is a huge must own for biotech stephen you know this small biotech company never has turned out a profit now it's facing a huge profit from this. advanced and this very innovative vaccine and let me tell you this is not only
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a milestone for this relatively small company it's a must own for germany for this region here at the rhine mine area i was born 51 years ago in mines and i can tell you everyone here is pretty proud that this vaccine is coming from this city and the u.k. starts to get its vaccines 1st what does that mean for other countries in terms of getting the vaccines can production keep up with the demand. very good question the u.k. will now be getting 800000 doses and as you know countries like the united states the european union many others have ordered hundreds of millions of doses also from this vaccine by on tag alone expects to deliver 1300000000 that scene doses next year and remember this next scene has to be stored at very low temperatures down to minus 70 degrees if you cannot provide this kind of temperature the amount of time
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that you can store the vaccine is significantly reduced so this is a huge challenge not only for the companies involved you know by own type pfizer but also for the logistics people for airlines for you know the freeze deliveries everyone will be challenged here all right conrad and also out of mines also out of biotech headquarters thank you very much. and that's it from me and the business team here in berlin to check out more our website dot com slash business i'm stephen there's a watching. the
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fight against the corona virus pandemic. has the rate of infection been developing what does the latest research say. information and context the coronavirus update coming. on t.w. . is from. is from. history. and
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beethoven is from. beethoven is for on her. beethoven 2020. the 50th anniversary on. world aids day this year finds us deep in the throes of another pandemic covert 19. the highly infectious novel coronavirus has swept across the world devastating health systems and causing economic turmoil. not since the h.i.v. aids pandemic of the 1990 s. have countries face such a common health threat. around 33000000 people worldwide have died from aids
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related illnesses in the last 40 years. it's taken expertise collaboration and dedication from all levels of society to try to understand treece and prevent the illness. although aids aids haase and been eradicated its global response is an example of what can be achieved when countries and people work together. this is 1000 special i'm kate ferguson thanks for joining me once upon a time and hiv diagnosis was seen as a death sentence those days are now gone with advances in treatment allowing people to live long lives but challenges do remain especially amid a global pandemic that's seen the supply of hiv drugs in some parts of the world severely disrupted around the world there are some 38000000 people living with
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hiv last year alone 1700000 new infections were recorded and 690000 people lost their lives to the disease. people living with hiv are especially vulnerable in sharing this pandemic for one they're more at risk of falling fairly ill with covert 19 but perhaps even more crucially as the coronavirus economy is down many sufferers have not been able to access medication . to me. it's a very welcome arrival employees of the north star alliance deliver hiv drugs to the god while a settlement west of johannesburg. the risk of becoming seriously or even faintly ill with covert 19 is twice as high for hiv positive people. many are avoiding overcrowded hospitals for fear of infection and however interrupting treatment can have serious consequences un aids expects up 214-8000 additional h.i.b.
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deaths related to the coronavirus pandemic by 2022 especially in poor regions. of the greatest number of people with hiv live in africa more than 25000000 in sub-saharan africa twice the rest of the world put together. is a single mother of 4 children in johannesburg her clinic ran out of drugs during the hard lockdown in the spring on top of this the 47 year old lost her job for 2 months she had to do without half the medicine she needs she's now receiving support from a christian aid organization. north star alliance is trying to get close to the needs of the most vulnerable people using mobile clinics this kind of assistance helps save many lives but the world health organization
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says more is needed more financial aid but also the commitment that the battle against hiv aids is fought with the same determination as the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. let's speak to professor you're going to talk saul president of the european aids clinical fyfe he's joining us today from don the facts airlocks whole welcome along how disruptive has the cove in 1000 pandemic been for people living with hiv aids. yes i think it's very different from country to country that in surveys in various parts of europe to just get at least 50 percent of the physicians are involved need to be care also managed to cope with patients so obviously they have 2 diseases to serve in a such that in disruptions in our own clinic we closed the clinic for 2 months in april and may and just sent out prescriptions i think the biggest challenge has been for testing services because of the issue you can't go and have contact other
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people until the locked on a lot of people were not able to assess the usual testing frequency and that's one of the big worries around missing should be diagnosed because people do not go to the adequate testing services. and how dangerous is covert 1000 itself for hiv patients. yes or that has been an ongoing discussion because obviously people with h.l.v. have often meant efficiency depending on their level of c 4 count and as such may be at an increased risk for any kind of infection and so there was some worry that they may have a different course of disease the 1st case reports though from north america china and europe suggest that the really the outcome was very similar so doesn't really look as if the mortality was enhanced or increased there has been a more recent larger cohort analysis and i think that's one of the issues if you only look at small patient numbers you may miss something because the patients average were much younger than some of the patients who had a more unfavorable disease outcome and in africa there was
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a 2.6 fold higher mortality there also has been a fireman totty report for each of the patients from the u.k. to around $1.00 hold higher so i think in summary looks as if in general it's pretty much the same outcome but if you have a low c. for cumple 0200 in your superior leaman compromise i think that's where you may have. more increased risk but overall mortality is low and i can say from my own clinic we've seen 10 patients with code 19 in h.a.e. and none of them was admit intensive care none of them died so i think in general in the younger patient population not so or some but if you are older with co-morbidities and as a nature be patient you have a higher risk for comedies then i think there is a somewhat increased risk ok now we're very close now to have a vaccine against kovac 19 why if they still no vaccine against a child may. yes so 2020 was unfortunately your were
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a vaccine which had showed some promise in the time exene trial where there was a 33 percent reduction new infections and now this improved vaccine was tested in south africa and i fortunately the trial will stop because of lack of a c. and the reasons is that each of the employees should technology and the virus is costly changing that shield to protect itself and these changes you have made a vaccine attempt so it's not so easy to target the that's little different than some of the other viruses have much less changes surface. so you know the united nations has set itself the goal of ending the aids epidemic by 2030 day you think that's realistic. well you know on a more positive side if you look at some of the recent numbers from the u.k. you can see that actually they're very close to ending the epidemic because they have more than 95 percent of their patients are diagnosed we have age of the at least in the london region they have more than 95 percent on treatment and they
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have more than 95 percent rarely are logically suppressed so they're doing very well and the new numbers are falling really quite dramatically and it's really great to see that with the tools we have to end the epidemic if you can use them that's all working very well but if you turn your eyes a little bit to the east and you move to russia for example which obviously has a much higher haitian burden with over 800000 infected individuals and only probably around 55 percent receiving after all therapy there remains a large pool of people were either not diagnosed or replicating kind of such infect other patients so the question is how can we get all these tools we have implemented everywhere in the world and obviously also now in the covert epidemic where there is suddenly a struggle for resources from one side to the other positions are engaged in services for 2 disease at the same time disruption of services on many different layers stock out of air be happening in many african countries will obviously put
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a big hazards to the goals which have been set up and the accomplishments although theoretically at least they're good examples chemical practices were these cool seem reachable 1st some hope they're getting a bunch of president of the airplane a chemical society thank you very much. but your time now to answer one here question for that code 1000 over 2 i find correspondence day claims. what makes ours kovi 2 different from the sars virus is it the same pathogen just stronger. no although this common question shows how much power there is in a name the international body that's responsible for naming newly discovered viruses decided to call the one that causes covert 19 sars cove 2 because it's fairly closely related to the one that caused the respiratory disease
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sars back in the early 2000 but although there are similarities and some of the symptoms that the 2 pathogens cause they're not the same and sars could have too did not arise from the virus that causes sars and genetic analysis has placed both in a group of what are called lineage be better coronaviruses which also includes a number of other coronaviruses that are found in bats a major characteristic that better coronaviruses share is that they infect mammals which means they exploit the similarities that all mammal cells have in common 2 to invade them and make more copies of virus and sometimes they jump from species to species 3 better coronaviruses that have jumped to humans to cause recent outbreak so the pathogens that are responsible for sars and murders and covert 19 they've all caused respiratory symptoms and fevers but in other ways like the timing of the
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disease that they induce and and it's overall lethality that differs widely sars was much more deadly than cope at 19 for example but but because people who got it only began infecting others after they started showing symptoms themselves it could be contained more easily sars co 2 is not stronger than the virus that call. sars and it's not the same it's just a cousin that's turned out to be a lot better at spreading in human populations and though it can also be deadly if you catch it coded 19 is actually a lot less likely to kill you than sars was. and finally have a kobo that kobe why our ear is in india's capital and deadly physical force he is our donning colorful helmets depicting the coronavirus to spread awareness on what precautions people need to take they go through market areas unfair affairs posting
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flyers and education people on what to do authorities in delhi have also quadrupled to find for not wearing a mop. and that's all from us for all the nations on the pandemic check out our website utopia dot com slash co with 19 until next time for me on the team and go by ticker.
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the face beers in everyday life but the ones in people's mind are usually leaves their biggest handicap people with disabilities. unfortunately one novelty. in the modern professional world. and not because they are less skilled. how do you cultivate serious success stories made in germany. in 30 minutes on. turning the trash into treasures is
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a massive challenge even if we should know better the amount of electronic waste produced worldwide is greater than ever before what could the solutions look like so we now almost always assume it's a good climate change we decided to come here to pick up the household we find also with fitness destroying africa. w. . imagine how many forced old loves are thrown out in the world right now climate change different awful stories. faces wifeless it went from just one week. how much work can really get. we still have time to work i'm going.
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to success. to subscribe and like this. i was issued when i arrived here i slept with 6 people in a room. it was hard. i even got white hairs. learning the german language help me a lot so this gives me a little bunch maybe to instruct let's say you want to know their story my friends are fighting and reliable information for margaret.
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this is the. regulators in britain approve emergency use. vaccine. 'd next week we will stop the program vaccinating people. here in this country. becomes one of the 1st countries to green vaccine in what's being called a historic moment in the fight against biotech we'll be holding a press conference in the next hour we'll go.


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