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tv   Fokus Europa  Deutsche Welle  December 3, 2020 11:00am-11:31am CET

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really check out our podcast where you get your part cast can also find us at. science. this is the w. news live from berlin the coronavirus will claim many more lives in germany that's the forecast from the head of the country's public health agency wants an increasing number of elderly people are becoming infected daily deaths this week reached their highest level since the beginning of the pandemic also coming up fresh death records in russia suggest the coronavirus is taking
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a far greater toll that then the governments letting on we visit the city often far where undertake the tells us he's never been so busy. and the key architect of the european union and the g. 7 guys from covert 90 former french president villages called a star led france during the 970 s. and laid the foundation for europe's single currency. i'm as welcome to the program the head of germany's public health institute says he expects the coronavirus pandemic to claim many more lives in germany at a news conference this past hour the president of the whole bad cough institute lot of villa's said to germany how to manage to stabilize the rate of new infections through restrictions in the past week spot he stressed the caseload remains too
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high. feel or said he was particularly concerned about the rate of infections in care homes where cruising numbers of elderly residents are contracting the virus and he warned that hospitals are coming on the growing strain. museum doesn't i mean good union or continental in some regions we're seeing hospitals reach the limits of their capacity. and as a result for having to perspire in surgeries or treatment. we also see the number of severe cases in death rising from week to week and since both always occur after a certain time lag we must expect many more. let's go straight to our political correspondent thomas sparrow thomas so today there were 479 deaths they 2nd highest daily number so far but it's not to be expected when case numbers are higher or doesn't have a different significance that i don't see. well yes i know so there are some caveats to it that it is in many parts the situation where the more cases you see
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the more deaths you also see but it's not always like that you may remember for example that germany during the 1st wave of the pandemic was also badly hit when it came to the number of coronavirus cases and yet compared to other countries in the region it had low death rate so that explains why now for example when you have these very high numbers of deaths over 400 in the last 24 hours or thirty's are particularly concerned one reason that explains this we already heard that from mr there the fact that more and more people in care homes seem to be getting infected and that is one reason why this number seems to be so high that also explains why authorities were very interested and very adamant in extending the lockdown the partial lockdown until january the 10th because they understand that this spike the fact that numbers have been stabilized they still need to go down further not only
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when it comes to the cases but also when it comes to the number of deaths german chancellor angela merkel probably have these numbers in mind when she confirmed that a partial lockdown will remain in place until at least early january but restrictions on get togethers will be loosened over christmas although some public health experts warn of the consequences. winter is coming and german chancellor angela merkel warned it could be a long one. notion in the month we had already made clear in november that unless there were significant changes for the better it was highly likely that the measures in place until december 28th would be extended and that's what we've now agreed to do. with the record daily death toll reported on wednesday the partial lockdown has done little to turn the tide here in germany. if i do some
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because the question is whether we leave the country in this state of half sleep or if we decide it's some point to introduce significantly tougher measures we'll see how efficient the measures currently in place are. for now the restrictions will remain in place until january 10th. for the vendors here at billings famous christmas market this is not the season to be jolly as visitors will only be allowed to buy their more why insisting sausages to go. we need to ask ourselves what to do we don't know what will happen it's not really a christmas market just a few stands. i was there last year before i flew back to e to the it was wonderful i think it's a shame that there's nothing to see here i'm really sorry. that. restaurants and bars had to close when the partial lockdown was introduced in november many are now looking to take out orders and loyal customers to stay afloat. it's
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a bit difficult at the moment of course but we're doing our best. we're open for take outs with new offers on a regular customer support us we'll see how long it lasts but i really hope the situation answer. for many the promise of a vaccine has offered a glimmer of hope. but until then many worry it's going to be a long and lonely christmas. well thomas partial lockdown in germany then doesn't seem to be working why's that. well in a way does seem to be working when you look for example that the fact that the exponential growth was stopped that it's it has been able to stabilize that's something again that we heard from mr avila from the germany's public health institute however numbers remain simply too high and that is something that. clearly state after her meeting with germany 16 regional leaders that explain
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specifically why german leaders decided to extend germany's partial lockdown the partial lockdown which essentially means that restaurants will have to remain closed will also have to remain closed and other facilities as well and that explains why as well there is a lot of concern when it comes to the christmas period although people will be able to meet the concern behind that is the numbers would grow afterwards if people are not careful enough towards us to have vaccinations those won't happen before christmas in germany as the countries are waiting for the european approval how will germany tackle this massive operation what's the plan there. germany wants to be ready as soon as that approval comes and it will be essentially distributed 1st and foremost through around 60 massive regional centers for example here in berlin one of the 6 centers is in a disused airport terminal that gives you an idea of the size of the. operation that we're talking here but then obviously there is also
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a priority we also saw protein other countries like india u.k. for example the priority here will be given to people in risk groups that also goes hand in hand with what we spoke earlier about the fact that a lot of people in the older age groups seem to be getting infected then we will have health workers getting the vaccination and then people in so-called relevant professions are professions that are very important to keep public life going by teachers for example or police officers this is so far what we know about germany's vaccination strategy again the absolute goal here is to be ready to go as soon as the approval comes. a little correspondent thomas sparrow and tom. well britain's prime minister boris johnson says vulnerable groups in the country will be vaccinated against the corona virus starting next week the u.k. on wednesday became the 1st country in the world to authorize a vaccine developed by biotech pfizer the u.s. and the e.u. are expected to follow suit in the coming weeks but the doses of the vaccine will
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initially be in short supply raising the question of who should be on top of the hue to receive it. everyone in the world who wants to get vaccinated against kovan 1000 should be able to at least that's the idea but demand for the vaccine is likely to be much greater than the initial supply now governments must decide who comes 1st and him last wait most agree that fair distribution should take place independent of a country or individual's ability to pay in britain an independent commission has developed a multi-step plan according to the key factors of infection risk and age residents and employees in nursing homes take 1st priority next in line are those over 80 years old and then health care professionals. then high risk adults under 65 can take their turn followed by seniors over 65 next are adults considered to have a medium level of risk once everyone over 50 has been vaccinated the rest of the
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population can take their turn on the most important thing is to make sure that we get people as many people as possible starting with the most vulnerable and those who work in the front line of the n.h.s. vaccination effectively in countries with federal states like germany or the us the decision will be left to individual states the u.s. advisory commission recommends that residents of nursing homes and health care workers be vaccinated 1st germany is also working to create a system of prioritizing vaccinations chancellor angela merkel says above all it won't be mandated month with. nobody will be forced vaccinated this is a voluntary decision fog of you have a question of who will be vaccinated 1st is being discussed with the vaccination commission with the leopold dean academy of science and with the ethics commission . but i think i can already revealed this much 1st and foremost of course we have nurses doctors and people in high risk groups who. only
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after 60 to 70 percent of people have become immune to the virus will the pandemic be considered defeated and reaching that point worldwide will still take time. well i'm now joined by mere who's a viral infection and vaccine expert at lancaster university in the u.k. dr one of the u.k. and also we'll start the rollout of vaccines already next week how will it work. thank you very much for having me on this year good morning the joint committee of vaccination and immunology here at the u.k. has the least people who will get the vaccine fast and that is as you have been indicating since the older people or people who have both. the disposition of and afterward it will be going into the health care system and then minus 88 years old age and then really don't do the age until it reached a 50 and that is all of on the 8 phases approach. as stablished here and i don't
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see steep descent and it just helps to have the vaccine what's come 1st because it has to be amended like minus 70 some c s and then there will be a small 'd pizza boxes those would be delivered to the care homes where kids are and the care that has a dental would be immunized so that is the approach that is going to be taken very soon because we will be expecting that only 800000 those as of. maxine in the next week as well as several other vaccines now wait to approval how far along are we in that process. yes absolutely my dad has already some interest there are those near to the ascii gate and also they have approached the european ready to use and the d.n.c. has done for the approval process so i am expecting that approval process would be significantly far from the 5 and beyond back and that. would be just as i think of they certainly have some glitches because the number of people don't want us has to
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have that long small of those and once we're told rosen really enough so that only 2 of the 800 so this means that they need to do more call i'll need for that especially i think i have seen could be presented with anything bodies but certainly in the 1st 2021 we would have other vaccines that would be getting really close to be a problem on sunsets so the future is bright you say the future is broad but will these vaccines be the end of covert 19 or will we have to get vaccinated every year just like we do with the flu. you know that's that's the most important question at the moment because what we have seen so far that most of the front runner vaccines including flies are bio intact and i suppose anything is that they could have kept somebody from getting so we have almost the inspection but they don't protect anybody shutting the inspection so that means a person who has a vaccine and it can still share the virus that can still inspect anybody in the community so this means that it would have relatively little impact on to delaying
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the date they depend on me for shortening the life of that and i mean but what it does it we're certainly going to keep them from getting. some this infection and this is particularly important that we put the infection example in the household there is only 2 people there only 'd 2 people that are illegal in the 'd list to get the vaccine and the rest of the family members they are still susceptible to the infection so it would be a mixture of people even though he's been on them when i was into the nation that will increase that is false what is communicating with in the household as well so certainly there would be a lot more challenges on the way as we move along challenges remain about those lines at the end of the tunnel moment monier from lancaster university many thanks for joining us here on news thanks for having me. now let's have a look at some other developments in the pandemic the number of people hospitalized with covert 19 in the united states has reached 100000 that's an all time high as
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the pandemic places increasing strains on health care systems the 2nd largest u.s. city los angeles has issued an emergency stay at home order to all residents the mayor said the city phased running out of hospital beds by christmas if new infections continues at the current rate italy will place strict limits on travel over the christmas and new year's holidays movement between regions will be banned from december 21st and russian president vladimir putin has ordered voluntary mass vaccination to start next week moscow says its sputnik vaccine is 92 percent effective. and russia's 2nd wave of corona virus had hit site has hit some of its regions very hard in many cities there are hardly any hospital beds left official statistics say almost 40000 people in russia have died from coronavirus but media reports say the excess mortality in the country is likely 4
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times higher than last year our correspondent emily sherman went to the city of farm in the country's southwest where it is many undertakers who experience these grim figures 1st hand she accompanied one team at work. with a steady stream of coronavirus dead speed is of the essence at the morgue every morning the team from the funeral agency comes here to collect new victims of the pandemic . 29 year old. has been working at the funeral home for 12 years but he says he's never had to bury this many bodies but one time there was a huge line of persons standing in line outside the morgue it was only then that people started to understand that the death really. called the relatives to identify the body. this morgan the city is only for those who died of the corona
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virus or had contact with an infected person the bodies have to be sealed in plastic the coffin is closed. many russians feel they are dead should be treated with more respect to what explains. some of the relatives are often more tense than usual because their dead are handed over to them in plastic bags. to open the bags so i tell them that right away some people cry and demand that we open the bags then i have to explain that they could get infected themselves this virus is no joke. but bring it to. you he has been in the business for 7 years today he's in charge of the team of undertakers he says since the 2nd wave of corona virus there have been at least twice as many deaths in the city of funeral agencies have had a tough time keeping up. with we have more work a lot more work over
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a 1000000 people live in the capital of the republic of. government statistics say that only around 80 people in the region have died of the corona virus since the pandemic began but official numbers also show that during that time over $4000.00 more people died than in the same period last year corona virus infections are spiking across russia but authorities insist the situation is under control. the undertakers aren't so sure today unity and his team are interring and 92 year old woman she didn't die of the corona virus that means her relatives can say their final farewell with an open casket which is the tradition in russia. usually funerals are big family affairs in russia but the pandemic has changed that people are often worried about getting infected and stay away. so
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far no one on yuri's team has caught ko that he can only hope it will stay that way . people say if it's decided up there that you'll get run over by a street car you won't drown fate is fate if the coronavirus isn't my fate it will pass me by. or with. the next day the team prepares for 4 more funerals tour and his colleagues hardly have time to worry about their own health at the moment they're just too busy. correspondent only 7 father reports joins us now from moscow i am really what's driving this increase in cases and deaths in russia as we germans. well in the spring most of the cases code cases were taking place in moscow most of the deaths as well and of course the epidemic the pandemic rather has been spreading
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across the country now when it comes to the number of deaths actually in russia they're pretty low comparatively for example to the u.s. there have been officially only 40000 deaths but recently there have been questions about that number of journalists here have been pointing out that actually the number of excess deaths could be much higher and could point to much higher number of deaths so essentially during the pandemic a much higher number of people died than in the same period last year and that could point to the fact that the statistics that we're seeing on deaths every day could be perhaps not quite accurate quite accurate and despite this question this murky question of the deaths it's clear that the health system here in russia is very much overstretched particularly outside of moscow in the regions the health minister here in russia recently at the beginning of the month said that around 80 percent of hospital beds are currently occupied across the country in some regions
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he said that number is as high as 95 percent so essentially there are no beds left and there have been reports in recent weeks of one siberian city where people patients were offered seeding seats at the hospital rather than beds to all these numbers being reported now actually to use towards the virus changing in russia. well according to surveys in the spring around 30 or 40 percent of people here in russia said that they were very concerned about the corner virus and now that number has just about doubled but my sense is that people kind of here often only believe that the corona virus is really real when they've been infected or they've seen other people being affected and the undertakers that i spoke to in that report also said that they know a lot of people who just simply don't believe that the corona virus is real a lot of people are kind of lax on mask wearing and on taking measures and
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a lot of people also have this very russian i would say attitude where they just say if i get sick that's my fate and and that's how they accept it. russia has announced it will be rolling out of arson asian program how will that work well russia has to register vaccines and both of them are actually still in phase 3 trials but despite that president vladimir putin yesterday said that around 2000000 doses of one of the vaccines can be are actually ready or will be ready in the next few days and he said that the government should start actually vaccinating people from the coming week that will be doctors and teachers 1st so kind of workers of the state we'll have to see how about rollout happens russia's vaccine has faced some skepticism in the west because some of the numbers haven't been so openly published and it's clear that
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it's really important for russia's prestige on the world stage to be on the forefront of that race for the vaccine. front of them a sure win in moscow thank you ali. time to have a look at some of the other stories that are making headlines around the world today hong kong media tycoon and pro-democracy activist jimmy lie has been charged with fraud and detained until his next court hearing in april the court refused to grant him bail over a charge that his anti government newspaper violated the lease terms of its offices the decision comes a day after the jailing of 3 prominent pro-democracy campaigners. at least 5 people are reported dead in thailand after monsoon rains triggered flash floods in the south of the country officials say 9 provinces have been hit by a week of heavy rain and storms affecting more than a quarter of a 1000000 people flood warnings remain in place as more heavy rain is forecast.
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bangladesh has begun relocating hundreds of raw hinge are refugees to a remote island in the bay of bengal rights groups say the low lying island is prone to cite loans and floods and not safe for human habitation on the dish hopes the move will ease overcrowding in its camps more than a 1000000 rangers half sought shelter in the comes from persecution in neighboring myanmar. farmers in india are not budging as they continue their blockade of roads into the capital delhi tens of thousands are protesting our great cultural reforms that they say will make them vulnerable to exploitation by big corporations prime minister narendra modi insists the laws were designed to benefit farmers. former french president havel it is called the star has died from complications linked to covert 19 percent right politician led france from 974-2981
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spearheading a social revolution away from catholic conservatism he also worked closely with germany to pave the way for the g. 7 and the european union we know today german foreign minister hamas has paid tribute to the scar saying he was a great frenchman a great european just got a star wars 94. he was hailed as a modernized and a champion of european integration in the 1970 s. former french president valery just got a star helped lay the groundwork for the european union born in what was then french occupied germany she's got was just a teenager when he joined a french resistance group in occupied paris in the 2nd world war. he went on to be elected president in 1974 at the age of $4081.00 of france's youngest post-war leaders. first very good i know that today marks
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a new era for french politics. well you are pretty small if that's of for juvenile and change for france. during his 2nd years in power the center right statesman helped modernize french society he legalized abortion and allowed divorce by mutual consent in spite of fierce opposition from the catholic church. and that but he also pushed to liberalize france's economy and as a strong advocate of technology he was seen as the father of the country's high speed train network. just was committed to the european ideal and forged a close relationship with former west german chancellor helmut schmidt together they laid the foundations for the euro single currency and turned their dream of a more integrated europe into reality. what you need of your
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news here's a rundown of all the top story the head of germany's public health institute says he expects the coronavirus to claim many more lines of the country daily deaths this week to reach the highest level since the beginning off the pandemic. that's it's up to date with all the latest news except the business news sponsor state between those headlines for you in just a minute i'll be back at the top of the op with more news headlines from god let's watch a. monk
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without a sign of life. the crew of italian fishing boats. disappeared
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. after a clash with the libyan militia. they were off to sea to earn a living and got dragged into a power struggle which is about a lot more than just filling the fishing nets some cars. in 60 minutes on t.w. . the finding against the coronavirus pandemic. has the rate of infection been developing. what measures are being taken. what does the latest research say. information and context. the coronavirus up to the code of special monday to friday on w. what's the secret behind this classic. is it to sound. as soon
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as you hear beethoven lose your mind or the story behind the music. was up for the ages reducing. the follow. up last beethoven's 9th symphony for the world starts to simmer down on g.w. . a big bullet for a small biotech firm in germany and the rest of the world virus vaccine developed by bio on tech and now approved by the u.k. marks a technological breakthrough and could be a revolution for the entire pharmaceutical industry talk to one of the company's 1st investors. also on the show distributing that vaccine will be a big.


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