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tv   Frag den Lesch  Deutsche Welle  December 3, 2020 12:45pm-1:00pm CET

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listen it's. going to it's easy to move from here to a bigger island but coming here from a city or a larger island is tough it's not nice to actually. still maria see a letter to say 1st school from closing every evening she sits at her computer and tries to find families who'd be willing to settle on this beautiful line and. i mean this to persuade businesses to pay for their moving expenses are born upon up others the up of what part of i found a greek family and look at all germany. yep david already been there that's and seen everything harmonious a man up a horny autocracy now i'm constantly on the phone of office writing e-mails in trying it with the help of a t.v. station. to find someone among the countries their companies who finance the move on to job are. they gonna cardinalities it around us. until then this will
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remain greece's smallest school and crystals its only student but he too has formed the plan to help his school in future. when a foreign national i want to go to high school and like to become a teacher and then i want to come back here and teach if there are still and. i want to spend them. because none have showed up so far christoph sets off for home alone like every afternoon. he says sometimes boys or girls this age are among the tourists that come to the island he shows them how to catch fish so he takes them to see his horses visiting the horses is always the 1st thing christophe does off to school and then. without children like christophe and his little school the highland has no future that is why oakie continue to fight for every people.
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over the last years hundreds of thousands of people tried to reach the european union through the balkan route but only a few make it allegedly across on board of holies a brutally pushing the migrants back to the bosnian town of b. hatch preventing them from entering the e.u. they are stranded with little help from the government and no supplies for the approaching winter their only hope lies in bosnian volunteers like blacks and. the bosnian war left him badly wounded but 'd that's not keeping him from reaching out to those in need. slots on kovacevich is getting ready to help people in dire need 1st he has to put on his artificial limb almost 30 years ago he lost his left leg at the age of 14 in a mortar attack during the bosnian war knows that and insists the loss has only made him stronger. thems i don't really see myself as disabled movies on the
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contrary i was with the misery i've gone through has changed my perspective on the world and life. i can empathize much better with the pain and suffering of other people but. soon after he heads out on an emergency call outside his home town behind you the border to croatia and the european union. turn in his volunteer helpers regularly take care of migrants and refugees who are forced back across the border into bosnia the offer 1st aid can provide necessities yet who i want to go. back. these are images of a classic push back. there a group of 13 to 14 people there also minor injuries one man has lost consciousness . or the what. the area where this group of
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pakistanis is stranded is dangerous only a few meters away there are landmines under the trees left over from the bosnian your peers in these woods but the worst they've been through was not inflicted by anybody else but by human. believe me and he too much hate me too much hate me. and leave your cute i leave my feet dig my nails in with steel big near and far too much blood this was no isolated incident. brutality and illegal deportations along this border are well documented technically everyone who makes it into creation and european union territory must be treated humanely they're refugees have a right to request asylum and expect a fair hearing but here international law is apparently violated people are
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mishandled to stave off other migrants. the croatians told me to burn the food in my backpack i replied that i couldn't reconcile that with my muslim faith then they bruised my arm and beat me with a stick. on the field but. nevertheless remaining in the impoverished and politically strain is hardly an option for most migrants the few emergency facilities set up by the government and international organizations in bosnia offer new realistic prospects and overcrowded. so many of the migrants seek refuge in this old factory building in which he sought out his helpers are the only ones who check in on the market really sit down again and offer support among those living in this misery are our children and teenagers they are going to say did you know about that family. that i don't love you were taking care of at least you don't
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think he was good at it was a little bit of us going to have fun with it. not over just rather broad and i thought well not really many people think it was. when evening falls the refugee sets off once again in the hopes of reaching a better life he called it the game is a clandestine dangerous hike across the mountains into croatia and the e.u. . nearly all the migrants are to team and end up where they started back in both mia exhausted true isn't often without shoes. one more. thing it's hard that's a person hot but most we talk to them and find out how they're doing and we give them something to eat for a couple of blankets so they can warm themselves off from. the. team but the item is cheap the money comes partly things like ten's modest
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disability pension but mainly from private donors and foreign aid initiatives some of them are in germany whatever comes in these distributed. the selfless dedication of this and p.t. war victim is also a message to all those who do nothing. but the. young i'm over history on this what i'm doing really help. well i'm doing the best i can to make this terrible world a little better and maybe set an example fathers would you introduce to screen. in everything you tonight only have to treat people as you queens sausan says so that everyone can keep their dignity. that's really the most important thing you much of here on earth you are. going to get our that's a good product. regardless of what you think of donald
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trump there is no denying that he massively increased people's interest in american politics is there is in the white house may be numbered but he still manages to capture people's attention the belgian chuckle at the munich press wanted to create a trump inspired treat for his customers and so he came up with this which creates and that's combines the president's looks and some of his rather controversial views. a well known bleach product in much of europe is now also the name of a chocolate it's the latest creation by chuckle it here dominique pear soon. i was looking at the news and i saw that president trump was announcing that we should drink bleach water that it will kill the quote on our virus and then i see the disinfectant. in a minute. is there a way we can do something that's a good joke maybe you can use it as inspiration for
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a bumble person who knows the rock star of belgian confectioner's and not just because he once created a chocolate shooter for the rolling stones. fashion house louis vuitton and various royal families swear by his original creations but for his trump chocolates he sought help closer to home i ask my wife too because she's a harbor she's she's professional spy specialist. a list of these infecting spices . he says the delicate feeling made from sea buckthorn berries and honey has cleansing properties. of his small chocolate factory in volusia her soon sporty 3 workers have to handle their bosses wild ideas he uses ingredients like soy sauce cider vinegar caviar and bacon for his unusual chocolates that's earned her soon an entry in the famous michelin guide and this is one of my inspirational rules in my
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life i have the target at home who gives me a lot of inspiration and hearing my beer to bar so i have the same thing. he also shoots his wacky promotional videos at home. or. all over. and you are our honestly it was just a funny joke it has nothing to do with politics or just want to make people laugh in those dark days it is disinfectant chocolate is a hit but due to the recent election its sell by date is fast approaching trump will soon be leaving the white house and also pursuing chocolate shop discounts on throw. a belgian chocolate that's likely more to trump's taste than the u.s. election results. it actually looks quite tasty right well that brings
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us to the end of the day's show thank you so much for watching i'll be back next week with more stories from across europe until then good bye take care. the food.
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in the. cars. enter the conflict zone with tim sebastian cluster and 3 months ago alex a mob on me collapsed from afar and poisoning my guests this week almost always yes just love me can offer a member of president putin's party united russia. why is it that those who speak loudest of the russian opposition from the risk of mortal danger conflict so feel 30 minutes from.
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this is the w. news live from berlin the coronavirus or claimed many more lives in germany that's the forecast from their wealth of the country's public health agencies once an increasing number of elderly people are becoming infected daily deaths this week reached their highest level since the beginning of the panda also coming up the corona virus vaccine developed by.


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