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tv   Focus on Europe  Deutsche Welle  December 4, 2020 7:30am-8:00am CET

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what secrets lie behind. discover new adventures in the 360 degree. to explore. character starts. with your girls her age 316. now. hello and welcome to the program liz show for a long time russian authorities acted like they had the coronavirus and then make under control they issued relative low infection rates and even developed the 1st vaccine against the virus but now the numbers have skyrocketed in many russian city is hospitals have reached their limits even the government has admitted that in
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some regions almost all hospital beds are occupied and the number of cases is rising steadily one of the cities that has witnessed a rapid increase in corona virus infections is a 1000 kilometers east of moscow the situation is dramatic more and more people are falling sick or dying from quoted 19 that's something out of tour can see caves and other undertakers are experiencing firsthand he and his colleagues are working around the clock our reporter met the men at work. with a steady stream of coronavirus dead speed is of the essence at the morgue every morning the team from the funeral agency to fight it while comes here to collect new victims of the pandemic. 29 year old atatürk in the kiev has been working at the funeral home for 12 years but he says he's never had to bury this many bodies and
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you know they were in such a difficult time a lot depends on the team we all know exactly what to do we know who picks up the coffin from which side which shoulder to carry it on and that makes a difference how we work together matters even more now that we have so much more. call the relatives to identify the body. this morgan the city of who fought is only for those who died of the corona virus or had contact with an infected person the bodies have to be sealed in plastic the coffins closed. many russians feel they're dead should be treated with more respect toward explains. some of the relatives are often more turns been usual because their dead are handed over to them in plastic body bags they aren't allowed to open the barracks i tell them that's right away some people cry and demand that we open the bags then i have to explain that they could get infected themselves the virus is no joke. the british.
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because lot has been in the business for 7 years today he's in charge of the team of undertakers he says that since the 2nd wave of corona virus hit in the fall there have been more than twice as many deaths in the city of. everyone i know suddenly wants to know more about our work they call me and other really so many funerals are a lot of people dying i tell it to them like it is people don't believe the media maybe they think they're being lied to so instead they want 1st hand information in the last year. over a 1000000 people live in new far the capital of the republic of. government statistics say that only around 80 people in the region have died of the corona virus since the pandemic began but official numbers also show that during that time over $4000.00 more people died than in the same period last year corona virus
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infections are spiking across russia but authorities insist the situation is under control. the undertakers aren't so sure today unity because love and his team are in turning a 92 year old woman she didn't die of the coronavirus that means her relatives can say their final farewell with an open casket which is the tradition in russia. usually funerals are big family affairs in russia people gather at the cemetery and then at home with food and long toasts but the pandemic has changed that. it was a war that. some people called to express their condolences instead of going to the funeral some people are afraid of getting infected they don't want to take the risk . of that sort of holding some people are really worried about what is happening
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what we have to bury people anyway. no matter what happens we do our war. but when you go through the whole reason for them we do insurable since the coronavirus some funeral agencies have even started offering live streams from the cemetery business is booming so far no one on yuri's team has called covert he can only hope it will stay that way. in russia people say he was excited up there that you'll get run over by a street car you won't drone fate his fate if the coronavirus isn't my fate it will pass me by me were very good the next day the team prepares for 4 more funerals i tour and his colleagues hardly have time to worry about their own health at the moment they're just too busy. being
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a fisherman is a tough job you're out on the open water the seas can get rough but abrupt changes of the weather and high waves are not the only lurking dangers in september 18th fisherman from the sicilian town of mud that had set out for the rich fishing grounds in the southern mediterranean libya claims sovereignty over this area although it is considered international waters and that's where the sicilian men were arrested by libyan coast guards their families haven't received any signs of life from them since then and are desperately calling for their release but this case has not deterred others from risking it all for the big catch. once again it's been a successful fishing trip despite the risks. bulk says upon boxes are unloaded from the trawler and carefully registered the men are happy with the catch is specially
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with this delicacy. these are famous prime quality red prawns. the mediterranean prawns are in great demand in fine restaurants around the world. to me somebody i know in good times with 550 euros for. the point. is $45.00 euros per kilo to ship basically a couple more than the fishermen from. spend weeks out at sea for such a catch sometimes even up to 2 months but they're taking a big risk the richest fishing grounds in the southern mediterranean are off the libyan coast in international waters but libya now claims them as territorial waters this has caused repeated conflicts like in the summer of 2018 the libyan navy wanted to stop the italian fishermen and or. the entire crew.
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in september that's exactly what happened to marco maroney his 2 trollers were impounded by libya the ship owner is in despair his 18 crew members have been in a moving gazi jail for over 3 months fishermen have never been held this long. being able to see the ships the men who work for me. it's like a song that you missed. a hug but. during that confrontation libyan authorities pursued 9 italian strollers on the open sea unlike some of his colleagues captains you separate alone a manage to get away. the libyans came close wanted to see all the captain outs on the ship papers the trawlers were told to
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follow them but we could flee risking our lives the coast guard is on they could have fired at us. with their words but. back in 2018 the fisherman received help italy sent a naval helicopter to aid the troll there's the libyan speedboat was forced to back off but now italy no longer provide such protection in the southern mediterranean of the libyan coast telling fishermen such operations are too demanding and politically sensitive. now they fish at their own peril. the bill before the war that's just more thought but we need protection so we can fish in these international waters for otherwise what happens in the fishermen's will happen again just. now. the shipowner has even spent 2 months protesting outside the italian parliament in rome calling for his
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crew and fish trawlers to be released. this gamble you know we are all risk of being arrested 74 nautical miles off the coast because libya claims the open sea has its territorial waters. europe and italy must take action against this because this sea belongs to nobody alone longs to us all but it will not be able to that includes crew members like mohamed he is one of 6 tunisians who worked on the italian travelers who are now in jail in benghazi mohammed's family is worried about him in the past he was already arrested twice by libya but this time it's worse. it almost seemed in the past we were always in contact but we knew how he was doing on his own always words in thing that i wish this time we've not heard from him. we have no idea what is going on even if he is still
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alive. whenever she can mohammed's daughter norris meets the families of other detained fishermen at the port of missouri. here they staged protests with shipowner. to give each other hope. fighting for 18 italian fishermen. 6 to museums to send them to indonesia and. lived. for many years some of them even before. the families have no choice the hunt for the lucrative red pran must go on that is the only thing that makes the fishing industry. profitable in international waters and that includes of libya's coast. our next report comes from the greek island of it's one of more than $200.00 inhabited islands in greece but it's rather small
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there is no hospital or police station just the school which is the pride of the village in fact it's the smallest school in the grease 12 year old chris is the only student on the whole island life there can be a pretty lonely is so here in the future are trying to do something about it. the goat's bells act as crystal says a long talk each morning soon after he sets off for school into colombo turn right here on the tiny island of aki in the aegean sea. just some 40 people live here 12 year old christophe's is the youngest president and the only child farm why. when he gets to school his teacher in the area to see a letter he's waiting for him along with his own new playmate the school's dog and one of. the ins friends i have played
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a lot of course friends who go to school with me to look at my thoughts before we have. been in moscow. oh. the school day begins outside by raising the flag and singing the greek national anthem even though it's just the 2 of them i try to make daily life the same as every other elementary school increase. one pupil one teacher one classroom him maria tse aletta teaches every subject whether it's joe graffiti musical math she'd love to have more people but so far no more families have been persuaded to move to the island. yet white men want to get the care home i would love to have some fellow teachers also. but this situation has brought us together. and i've always been able to offer chris store some variety. we've visited other
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schools. and going to the movies in theaters on other islands we have to keep on asking to see but. for now christoph is still spending his breaks along. next summer he'll move on to a new school and if no new people show up only school will have to close. there's little work available on the island a handful of people live from fishing and farming like crystal says parents who don't want to speak on camera and a few live from tourism like those who work at the islands to tell them. so long time residents are skeptical whether the school can remain open or. just clear in my childhood there were almost 20 hugh balls and equally there weren't more families but each family had 6 or 7 kids. and we were all taught together only from the 1st grade it was. a few years gone
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by so it's easy to move from here to a bigger island but coming here from a city or a larger island is tough it's understaffed really. still maria hopes to say 1st school from closing every evening she sits a computer and tries to find families who'd be willing to settle on this beautiful line and. i mean this to persuade businesses to pay for their moving expenses. borne up on up others the up of or part of i've found a greek family and look at all germany. or yep they've already been seen everything harmonious and manacles hornier policy now i'm constantly on the phone of office writing emails in trying it with the help of a t.v. station. to find someone among the countries big companies who finance their move on to jobs are. gonna come knocking at the set of all of us. until then this will
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remain greece's smallest school and christoph it's only student but he too has formed the plan to help his school in future. in a format i want to go to high school i'm a good link to become a teacher and then i want to come back here and teach if there are still and. i want to spend them. because none of showed up so far christoph sets off for home alone like every afternoon. he says sometimes boys or girls his age here among the tourists that come to the island he shows them how to catch fish so he takes them to see his horses visiting the horses is always the 1st thing christophe does off to school and then. without children like christophe and his little school the highland has no future that's why oki continue to fight for every people.
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over the last years hundreds of thousands of people tried to reach the european union through the balkan routes but only a few make it allegedly across on board a police brutally pushing the migrants back to the bosnian town of b. hats preventing them from entering the e.u. they are stranded with little help from the government and no supplies for the approaching winter their only hope lies in bosnian volunteers like blacks and. the bosnian war left him badly wounded but that's not keeping him from reaching out to those in need. slots and kovacevich is getting ready to help people in dire need 1st he has to put on his artificial limb almost 30 years ago he lost his left leg at the age of 14 in a mortar attack during the bosnian war now is that and insists the loss has only meet him stronger with muslims i don't really see myself as disabled movies on the
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contrary always with the misery i've gone through has changed my perspective on the world and life. i can empathize much better with the pain and suffering of other people but. soon after he heads out on an emergency call outside his home town behind you the border to croatia and the european union. and his volunteer helpers regularly take care of migrants and refugees who are forced back across the border into bosnia we offer 1st aid and provide necessities for us who are want to go. back. these are images of a classic push back. there are a group of 13 to 14 people there also minor injuries one man is lost consciousness has been. ordered through. the area where this group of pakistanis are
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stranded is dangerous only a few meters away there are landmines under the trees left over from the bosnian your failures in these woods but the worst they've been through was not inflicted by anybody else but by human. belief and he too much hate me too much hate me. and leave your cute i leave my feet dig my nails in with steel base near and far too much blood this was new isolated incident brutality and illegal deportations along this border are well documented technically everyone who makes it into creation and european union territory must be treated humanely there refugees have a right to request asylum and expect a fair hearing but here international law is apparently violated people are
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mishandled to steamroll other migrants. the croatians told me to burn the food in my backpack i replied that i couldn't reconcile that with my muslim faith then i bruised my arm and beat me with a stick. on a little bit of me. nevertheless remaining in the impoverished and politically stream bosnia is hardly an option for most migrants the few emergency facilities set up by the government and international organizations in bosnia offer new realistic prospects and overcrowded. so many of the migrants seek refuge in this old factory building in which he sat down in his helpers are the only ones who check in on the market rates now and again and offer support among those living in this misery are children and teenagers they know that if they didn't even know that their family. but i don't love them that i believe he's got to just get it
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was a little bit of us going to have fun. not over just rather a brother who are very well. got it going to give them a good list. when evening falls the refugee sets off once again in the hopes of reaching a better life he called it again it's a clandestine dangerous hike across the mountains into croatia and. nearly all the migrants are to team and end up where they started back in bosnia exhausted true isn't often without shoes. only. one more new portage unusual thing to hire that person hurt the most with we talk to them and find out how they're doing and we give them something to eat for a couple of blankets so they can warm themselves from what our. team bought the items cheap the money comes partly things that tends modest
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disability pension but mainly from private donors and foreign aid initiatives some of them are in germany whatever comes in this distributed. the selfless dedication of this and p.t. war victim is also a message to all those who do nothing. the. young move to reach to him is what i'm doing really help. well i'm doing the best i can to make this terrible world a little better and maybe set an example fathers would you enjoy these 2. boys in everything you do michael you have to treat people as ukraine's son says so that everyone can keep 30 committee. that's really the most important thing you much of here on earth you are. going to get over that a good conduct. regardless of what you think of donald
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trump there is no denying that he massively increased people's interest in american politics his days in the white house may be numbered but he still manages to capture people's attention the belgian chuckle at the munich press thought he wanted to create a trump inspired treat for his customers and so he came up with this which creates and that's combines the president's looks and some of his rather controversial views. a well known bleach product in much of europe is now also the name of a chocolate it's the latest creation by chuckle it's here dominique pear soon. i was looking at the news and i saw that president trump was announcing that we should drink bleach water that it will kill the quote on our virus and then i see the disinfectant it knocks it out in a minute. and it's your way we can do something that's a good joke maybe you can use it as inspiration for
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a bumble per soon as the rock star of belgian confectioners and not just because he once created a chocolate shooter for the rolling stones. fashion house louis vuitton and various royal families where by his original creations but for his trump chocolates he sought help closer to home i asked my wife too because she's a harbor professional spy specialist. a list of these infecting spices. he says the delicate filling made from sea buckthorn berries and honey has cleansing properties. at his small chocolate factory in volusia her soon sporty 3 workers have to handle their bosses wild ideas he uses ingredients like soy sauce cider vinegar caviar and bacon for his unusual chocolates that's very soon an entry in the famous michelin guide and this is one of my inspirational rules in my
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life i have the target at home who gives me a lot of inspiration and hearing my beer to barsel i have the same thing. he also shoots his wacky promotional videos at home. and you are wrong honestly it was just a funny joke it has nothing to do with politics or just want to make people laugh in those dark days there is disinfectant chocolate is a hit but due to the recent election it's sell by date is fast approaching trump will soon be leaving the white house and also pursuing its chocolate shop. discount on throw. a belgian chocolate that's likely more to taste than the us election results. it actually looks quite tasty right
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well that brings us to the end of the day's show thank you so much for watching i'll be back next week with more stories from across europe until then good bye take care.
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come. to the point shawn obtaining a clear position some international perspective such. can the fragile peace just declared in ethiopia the great prophets be sustained ethiopia's prime minister of the op ed from the nobel peace laureate until now the more that's our topic on to the from. the bottom to the point was the moment 30 minutes on t.w. .
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and you hear me now yes yes we're going to hear you and how the last years german chancellor when you bring you an angle a makeover and you've never heard her before surprised yourself with what is possible who is medical brain. what moves back and. who talks to people who follows her along the way admirers and critics alike now as the world's most powerful woman shaping public a safe joining us from echols law stops and. once the secret service classic it. is of the same interests or the story behind the music. before the play richest.
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played tobin's night simply for the world starts to simmer nights on g.w. . from the ghetto to. come to nose popping why. despite coming from a close family the pop star wants to become president. just gaza mugshots. credible story. starts december tell us d.w. . leave. the book. play.
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play. play. play play play. this is coming to you live from the u.s. move to block troop withdrawals from germany a new defense bill aims to reverse president plans to move nearly 12000 troops why have democrats republicans united against wrong on this issue also coming up trying to peers to keep covert 19 in check.


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