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tv   World Stories  Deutsche Welle  December 7, 2020 5:15am-5:31am CET

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and the painful dilemma continues at funerals. when the urn containing ana marie cox ashes was taken to the cemetery no more than a dozen mourners were allowed to attend. as he should be alone talwar here it is difficult and sad to have to say goodbye sayat to if we cather here in the cemetery during unusual times i. fall we would have liked to honor your wife or mother and your grandmother with a grand funeral if i advised. that's not possible at present. whole want to get even in these limited circumstances let us give the departed a worthy sendoff and for this girl it's katie. hawkes have many friends in the town they belong to clubs and to the church in normal circumstances there would have been more than $100.00 mourners at the
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funeral. on a memory hoax faced death alone now in the cemetery it's her family who are left alone with their grief. the funeral takes place on what would have been the couple's 57th wedding anniversary they had never been separated for long but in the 7 weeks before her death they were unable to see each other. that's how you know when having like a time that's just as i was very sad when i heard that g.a.o. normally he could have visited her in a non intensive ward. and usually visit in daytime toss you out you might but not now. they were married for 57 years and then he couldn't see her at the end want to marry and and it's talking to him i think that's very very sad funded scholem's as a top of. a senior citizens residence in western germany in the spring of 2020
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visits are banned since people over 60 are at high risk on a lawyer i shant had been living here for about 2 years. she feels quite happy with sundra call of a to take care of her the management has assigned specific staff to individual residents to minimise the risk of infection. for some weeks more a son martin has only seen his mother from a distance. ironically he lives close by before the covert outbreaks he used to take one afternoon a week off work to give his mother an outing they used to cook up a dinner in his small kitchen and played board games afterwards his mother looked forward to it. it's been zones my always went on a monday but not anymore. it's hard you know now we can only talk with him
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outside and we're inside i know she says she felt lonely going i miss my family but we have to get used to it. with you can't do anything about it only cooperate and meet there's no alternative and. basically we're neighbors 1st of all. just imagine if there weren't any leaves on the trees we'd be able to wave to each other the residence is less than a kilometer away as the crow flies it's not far away at all but it might as well be on the other side of the moon. we don't meet up we can't. go from the home. suddenly the situation becomes dramatic 5 residents die within a few days of each other as a result of covert 1900 or high shot has made friends with another resident the 2
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women have spent a lot of time together. form a talk on a laura and her nurse talk about how the 2 friends used to be together throughout the morning and afternoon. they had had breakfast and even lunch together as usual when suddenly her friend was taken to the hospital just before their afternoon coffee and. you know that's going on. 3 days later on a moron learns that her friend has died in the hospital. good to see really. it hurts but i couldn't say goodbye to her she was such a lovely person when i came here she made herself available immediately helped me with all sorts of things i'm really very sad that she died. nobody can explain to martine question how the residents became
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a covert hot spot now all the senior citizens are confined to their rooms the staff is in quarantine it's scarcely possible to provide any spiritual consolation to the residents their relatives or the staff. youngsters when the will to come but i was terribly scared that my mother would get sick. i would lose my mind if i couldn't see her just the thought that she might die of covert 19 the fact that i couldn't be there and in fact one thing and then tucked up that i remember we live in the same neighborhood and there's just a door separating us one and the door i'm not allowed to enter to be at her side like. i can't stomach the thoughts like that. i can't bear it. seems he's doing on myself which also. in normal times it's the job of chaplains to help in such cases to listen to give encouragement and comfort but in many regions of germany
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the pandemic restrictions make that impossible. that's my. view and i think we should learn from this experience when in fact when the infection rate rises again and there are more sick people who are. less well shouldn't impose such complete prescriptions that the dying are left alone i just think it's. such a must insist on this via it's all i've been rather disappointed in the church as a reaction of these it's whale years to say this is a situation and. somebody has to be present at the patient wishes at a bull's eye for his or that a person is that's left to die alone as all michelle either get us and view it instead someone should be allowed access to call their. for martin and i shut the situation eases somewhat on may 10th mother's day.
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one relative at a time is permitted to visit a resident for one hour tables are set up in the lobby the management is taking no chances you will see during the difficult 6 weeks on a dora was able to talk to her son on the phone at least she's asked to describe the differences between a telephone call and a personal visit wondered. what's the difference between a phoning and a real visit or not how's that for you yet your issues should be so real life is it is nice you see each other but you recognise each other on the phone as it's not so bad. i was always able to talk to my son that was possible but now we can see each other again. that's nicer isn't it is. able to meet face to face at last. hospitals have learned
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a lesson but that doesn't mean it's back to normal. patients in a critical condition are still taken to specialized centers the i.c. use in germany currently have sufficient capacity and the doctors are gaining experience every day. with. the rest of the university hospital in s. and was able to save the life of the 29 year old we saw earlier. 2 days after he came out of the coma he try to remember what had happened and how he got there. you know. i thought of us all as a market but i collapsed at home because i couldn't breathe properly caught it was all too much. so i have a few left i felt hot and i couldn't breathe. oh how my girlfriend saw what was happening on. the side and i asked her to call an
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ambulance i wanted to see it come out in the us. in the artificially induced coma he was unaware that his whole life was hanging in the balance for 3 weeks. 200 kilometers away his family had to be content with information issued by the hospital. in the us is always one of our successes he's no longer being ventilated no longer on life support he's even taken a few steps and we got a hose and we're currently looking for a rehab clinic for him before he can get it again about while. kevin yawning is transferred to a rehab clinic specializing in covert patients it has an isolation ward it's some 200 kilometers from his home this is from loved ones would encourage him and help him recuperate. but the fear of infection is even stronger.
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but they got it as the numbers are still a long way to overcover a bit before google says i've told us but we can't be certain that it's no longer infectious or might become infectious diseases so we and the other doctors are very cautious about patients and his condition remain isolated you know until we can be quite certain of them. chemically awnings girlfriend his mother and his stepfather are hoping to see him in the rehab clinic after 2 days. they take him fresh underwear on a jogging suit the young man must do exercise. i says to get fit again but they are in for a disappointment. to touch the app we could hand over the bag that wasn't a problem keeping our distance kevin the sea that we weren't allowed to see heaven we weren't even allowed into the building the fear we might be infected with covert
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. loud adult day and he wasn't allowed to come outside that the phone also presumably because of his finishing his. they have no alternative but to accept the situation for the present they aren't even allowed to see kevin from a safe distance. to know it's at least 6 weeks since i last saw him if we'd just been able to see him at a window or the reg last door it wasn't possible because of the covert restrictions and i don't know if he's really strong enough to handle this on his own some of the off season including. the pandemic is far from over more than 14000 people infected with the virus have died in germany but hospitals now recognize that these extreme cases where patients are left alone for weeks or even to die alone must be avoided at all costs. with personal protective equipment visits are possible.
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under start to launch of. apollo letter from the phantom hands buried across germany and follow the van with yet on the one hand this was an unusual. one complete exclusion of hospital chaplain. at san quentin on the album and some chaplains have specialized in ministering to november. and they have been called by the hospital. there are both variants of his keep by what i have to say that in most places astral can has continued on from albeit under difficult. circumstances i'll end up with on the interesting. 'd
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things. is quite as simple as it seeks. to understand the world better we need to take a closer look at. the experience knowledge tomorrow to. talk.
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to how do moaners become the right wing extremists how do outsiders to come to class and. one thing is for certain they are not alone there are thousands of other right wing extremists just like the around the world how the insidious system a radicalization works. lone wolf terrorism. 45 minutes. the colby's in germany to learn german village pinnacle. why not learn with him d.j. music you learn in course because free. and you your me know yes yes we can hear you in her last years german chancellor when you bring your uncle a man call and you've never heard her before the surprise yourself with what is
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possible who is magical really what moves her and also we talk to people who followed her along the way i admire those and critics alike now as the world's most powerful woman shaping her legacy joiners for michael's life stops. wherever we go they're always with us microbes are everywhere. on our hands before and after we wash them behind our ears. on our little toes on our teeth and yes inside us too especially deep in our gut. today we'll be talking about our micro biome the countless tiny organisms inside our bodies and in our feces it may not be appetizing but it turns out these organisms have an email.


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