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tv   Reporter - Vor Ort  Deutsche Welle  December 7, 2020 12:45pm-1:00pm CET

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investing in our future leading a determined life this should be a given for everyone including women on our facebook channel women you'll find stories about taking a stand and inspiring others to do the same. women gives a voice to the women. and this week in global ideas we also turn our attention to waste much of what is discarded in landfills is still perfectly usable including filmed. around 1300000000 tons of food just thrown away every year at the same time according to the u.n. 690000000 people worldwide suffer from hunger even though there would be enough to feed everyone. most people will only see a carpet of trash here. is a scandal in thailand landfills nearly 2 thirds of the waste is organic mostly food
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waste there you feed right on the surface this all looks like plastic waste. of air but when you look inside as well as a soft gooey stuff down there it's offload organic it's biomass. these still are quite ok they're well packed you could probably wash them and make something with them did a lot of mocking. the originally from germany is head chef in a band called hotel food and reducing food waste is important to him. it doesn't mean i personally hate throwing food away not only because when i cook something i've put a lot of care and attention into it but also because it just seems utterly idiotic to throw something away that's clearly edible. and it's always bothered me.
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and it drives me nuts. when it. normally be found in the hotel with over a 1000 rooms it's one of the biggest in thailand has planted a vegetable garden on the roof of the hotel for his $200.00 staff. its yield is negligible compared to the hotel's needs but the project has raised his staff's awareness of the life of food. the way we carelessly throw things away as a result of our seeing food merely as a product. we're not aware of how difficult it is to actually plant something and how long the path is from the seed in the soil to the edible produce. bootless says storing food correctly is key something he always thought was up these but he's found many people ignore even some of the most basic principles. things like drawing washed vegetables to help them keep longer. every day hygiene tones
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check the food in the hotel's pantry ice to make sure it's fresh. if you have a bell pepper which is going soft in a box like this goes part of the box can turn very quickly and then it has to be thrown away my booth says hotels waste food in part because the chefs have to work at a fast pace. so he set up a central kitchen in his hotel where many of the leftovers can be put to good use. he is the man we collect all the leftovers from preparation the on used and the vegetables or meat. at the various carvery is in the hotel there are always the bones left over we collect them to make stock with normally you wouldn't bother if you only used one onion but when you've sliced hundreds of onions there's enough for a stock. but. this hotel boasts 6 different specialty restaurants
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. there's also a buffet area with a variety of different stations for preparing various dishes. with a bit of supervision and planning he's able to keep waste to a minimum. and. it's the boiled eggs left over from breakfast all land in there it's a mid-day favorite people really like eating it and we don't have to boil the eggs and it was morning and i doubt that in today. the problem is that breakfast eggs are cooked in the western kitchen but this is chinese cuisine it's. ideas like this have helped to her and his team cut the hotel's food waste in half over just 2 years it wasn't easy it was a learning curve and a lot of work flows had to be changed. once you've got things working it's easy and runs out america. once a month bu her and his team take stock. they take
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a look at what food has gone and use that day and how it could be transformed into cool make cuisine. everyone call it. here to mash the sequin and if you can take this salmon for instance we take the head it was baked in a salt crust and make soups out of it it goes into the japanese breakfast soup this you can break up. and in the evening we're doing pasta so we can do that with salmon and spinach. food that is still good to eat that the hotel can't use is donated to an injury of its staff collect the left of this each day and distribute them to people in need across the city. only perishables containing things like fish or cream end up in the bin though even then not till they've been weighed and richest it. just has to end up with us this helps us to better understand what we're throwing away and how much we always
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compile our monthly record. then we can see exactly how much it is and maybe manage to reduce it a little and if i want to know where we're focusing on next or what's next to be tackled then we use that data to say ok these are the areas where we have to save and where we have a problem of in all of the. data collection can be a good way to discover new solutions to old problems like the problem of food waste . the german agency for international cooperation g i's said is funding a study to examine the waste produced by 400 representative households across thailand this kind of information hasn't been collected before in part because the costs were garbage disposal here are livid at a flat rate and not according to volume or weight you're going to visit and we want to know how much garbage gets sorted in separated where it goes to and what happens to it. it's hoped that this data will help discover ways to reduce food
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waste food that ends up in landfills isn't just wasteful it's also terrible for the climate when organic matter rots it releases me thing gas a powerful greenhouse gas that's estimated to be $25.00 times more potent than c o 2. so can make waste is a real climate killer especially in developing economies which rarely have modern recycling or composting technology for dunny the solution is clear. believe and off we often talk about what to do with all the waste and there are important debates but we should really be talking about how we can prevent these trash piles from building up in the 1st place. wants to lead by example pay knows that every step forward will make a difference. in the.
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red square in the heart of moscow and home to the renowned gum department store. amidst its regal arcades a soviet style can take offering a huge helping of nostalgia canteens via $57.00 souls traditional russian dishes including shoe box or herring under a fur coat alaina melnyk over shows us how it's prepared. it's a must have on every new year's eve table. and a very popular lunch and dinner dish. and. the rest it's a sweaty look at the face from the start to daily making herring under a coat a traditional russian salad for most of us a favorite dish that we prepare for every holiday meal. carson kressley. let's get started. we make it in
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a ring full on the bottom layer it will put herrings. you know surgeons to this muscle to make it more we smear each layer with mayonnaise which. the next layer is boiled potatoes. legend has it that during the 1917 revolution a merchant wanted to create a dish that people could identify with herring cooked vegetables and beetroot are symbols of the proletariat. the french mayo that dresses the salad is a reminder of the enemies of the soviets. that before serving we removed the ring. so we decorate it with some fresh postulates and it's ready yes we're. going to do we always had it when i was
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a kid especially on new year's eve. it's our family's favorite dish. really tasty it was our childhood kitchen on new year's eve my mother was a very good cook she knew how to remove the bones and prepare the hair and she taught me to do it because. someone it's nice here they put in the right amount of heroin some places put into little herring and too much potato here it's good. but . this is my 1st time in moscow and i've chosen a dish i know well and it tastes really really good here on the hottest. style of by a $57.00 cells between $3.00 and $9.00 large trays every day of portion costs $120.00 roubles or about one euro and $0.29 shubha can be found in many cafes beast
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rows and supermarkets. but. that's all from us that labels 3000 this week don't forget to send us your feedback we're at global 3000 at d w dot com and visit our facebook pages d w. label i.d.'s and d w women is the scene take care.
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in the. bay area has what it takes to become a superhero but the current whilst from a relatively recent hematocrit data is modest has been underestimated a long time today farmers are harvesting nutritious berries and thanks to modern marketing they're providing additional income and legal to go. in 30 minutes on d. w. .
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with him how to be a gun because on his one the highest high you know if i had known that the boat would be about small. i never would have gone on a trip if i would not have put myself and my heritage so much danger to the bottom of the game to get a flavor with. that one little bit to give them i had serious problems on a personal level and i was unable to live their lives i'm going to. you want to know their story in full migrants fair fight and reliable information from our parents. global ideas is on its way to bring you more conservation. how do we make see the screen or how can we protect habitat so we can make
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a difference google ideas environmental syriza can blow through thousands on d. w. and all mine. in the far north. beyond the inhabitable world it's lonely. and breathtakingly beautiful. the arctic. took a journey around the north pole meet profiteers and talk with people experiencing a changing environment. for the ice disappears earlier and it keeps retreating our future depends on what happens here in one of the most fragile ecosystems on earth. northern lights the arctic circle starts december 21st w. this
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is the news live from. stuck in a style of the thread all of no deal divorce mounts with talk stoled on the brakes a deadline just days away british and european negotiators meet again today with an outcome still. also coming up in venezuela socialist president nicolas maduro.


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