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tv   Markus Lanz  Deutsche Welle  December 7, 2020 9:30pm-10:31pm CET

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or the ice disappears earlier and it keeps retreating. our future depends on what happens here in one of the most fragile ecosystems. northern lights place the arctic circle starts december 21st g.w. . in just a matter of hours health care workers in britain will begin giving the 1st coded 1000 shots with the goal of vaccinating more than 20000000 people the world is watching closely hoping that this will be a success story to emulate its survival however that they want in bulgaria germany and in the u.s. state of california they may be worlds apart but tonight people in munich and los angeles have this in common too many coronavirus infections and orders to do one thing stay at home i'm burnt off in berlin this is the day.
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the program since we can't leave the house as of wednesday i'll shop today so it will last me through the week just like the numbers are simply too high. not fitting intensive care units to a degree we can't tell the rate. it's probably young people not following the rules we do. our health systems of it and in addition the death toll is rising sharply the food on the football is causing a shockingly high number of deaths. the numbers aren't going down so i think it's necessary. also coming up it is possible and looking more and more probable that there will be no trade deal between the u.k. and the european union come january 1st fishing and. and fairness are 2 hurdles
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standing in the way and the clock is ticking i'd like to be giving more positive news but at the moment these negotiations seem seem stalled. and the the the barriers to progress are still very much in place. and to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and to all of our viewers around the world welcome we begin the day with orders to stay home that is what people in the german state of bavaria and the u.s. state of california are facing tonight tomorrow and weeks to come skyrocketing numbers of corona virus infections have led people in los angeles and munich to the same place and they are stuck there as well for the next 3 weeks 33000000 residents of california will be under stay at home orders travel only for essential reasons bars hair salons and gyms are closed stores are open at reduced capacity all of
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these restrictions it is hoped will reduce coated 1000 hospitalizations which are at a record high here in germany it feels more and more like coronavirus california 6 weeks of a nationwide partial lockdown have not brought down infection numbers enough in bavaria which has germany's highest coated 1000 death rate a state of emergency is now in effect beginning wednesday there will be evening curfews and trips away from home but will only be allowed to buy food and medicine here is the bavarian state for me you know our health system is of a but and in addition the death toll is rising sharply. every 4 minutes a human being dies in germany from the coronavirus every 4 minutes into varia it's every 20 minutes where again declaring a state of emergency and my next guest predicts the future behavior of outbreaks in pandemics brockman helps construct computer models of infectious diseases at the
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robert coffee institute here in berlin mr bachmann it's good to have you on the program what are your models telling you what will happen here in germany if we leave things as they are now well it looks like and that's not only our models that tell the story but also models of other people and germany but also outside of germany that currently we need to get out of the stable situation where we have a high number of new cases every day and so apparently the measure was that were put in place reduced context in germany only about 40 percent and you know in other countries that effectively stopped the 2nd wave of this was up at 60 percent also in germany during the 1st wave in the spring so we have to do more in germany they call the current measures walked white do you think we need something like
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a lock down heavy. it looks like we do need something like this and in fact like many of the models that try to estimate the effects of these lockdown measures show intense and short. lockdowns but very intense ones are more effective in reducing the case comes substantially and we have seen this also in countries like ireland and belgium where the situation was very severe and very strict lockdown measures were effective and reduced the case contrary quickly yeah that's right we dance success stories across europe but here in germany when we've tried to apply the same restrictive measures there hasn't been the desired outcome why is that. well it seems like the situation is very complicated so bottom line is the virus
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feeds on our contacts and there are various ways of reducing these contacts and obviously if everyone had no contacts for some time the virus could not spread but so the choices and also the political decision that has to be made is what context will be reduced and that's. you know based on scientific evidence and also other factors and it seems like the context that substantially would reduce. you know the or would be most effective are not. effective at the moment so we have to do more and you know go out of the soft lockdown into something that is. more effective it sounds like if i'm understanding you right mr brockman that you're saying that what we're seeing starting in bavaria this week these tighter restrictions that that is a model that maybe should be applied to all of germany if we want to see
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significant improvements. yes so all the contacts that are still happening you know we have to reduce them and so we have to look at the places that have not been under the umbrella of the soft lockdown and so we have to reduce group size we have to the christmas is coming up and so we have to potentially think about you know sort of carotene you know before the holiday stot we have to think about schools and you know and you know all the public transport shopping all of these things that apparently still drive the pandemic you mr brightman do you think that considering how bad the numbers are good right now is it still an option for people to visit their family for christmas this year or do we have to say maybe this year we have to not do that so that we can hopefully be able to do that in future years you know well that is certainly an option so everyone who can
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make that decision and make that sacrifice that that's a good choice and in cases where it's not possible because there are also personal . relations that play a role you know has to grandparents one nevertheless you know potentially just not have any context 10 days prior to the holy days and then make sure that you know no infection is being carried. across these visits or rights or we certainly appreciate your time in your insights tonight thank you very much and stay healthy for thank you. well it is the largest immunization program in british history the u.k. is about to become the 1st western country to start a mass coronavirus vaccination program hospitals are already taking delivery of the body on tech pfizer backseat in the 1st jobs are said to be given on tuesday the
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1st recipients frontline health care staff people over the age of 80 and nursing home work. this is a moment the whole world's been waiting for the u.k. is the festive rollouts the bio and tech finds a 1000 vaccine it's cement is moment for a population with the highest death toll in europe and off is the window of hope for the future. very very sadly lost many residents of those care homes who died from co they'd been a hugely challenging and difficult year and all the time this promise and this hope of a vaccine has been so it's very exciting to the point where feels like that we might be able to make a really positive step or with the help of the vaccine. the u.k. health service is calling this the biggest immunization program in its history 1st
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in line for the vaccine will be people over 80 as well as care home staff and frontline health care workers but this rollout poses major logistical challenges this vaccine needs to be stored at around minus 70 degrees celsius and carefully meaning in england it will at 1st only be administered from 50 specific hospital hubs but. for the majority of the public here vaccinations at sites like this hospital it still away all that for authorities in the u.k. the messaging surrounding the start of this rollout could not be more important after all approving the vaccine is one thing actually encouraging people to take it is quite another. as the for. first in the wall to water rise the vaccine the u.k. is dependent on public trust and enthusiasm isn't universal risk is what the long term effects. i would take it. because the benefits outweigh the risks seems
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sensible thing to do and it's the only way we're going to add to the pandemic i think is very very fast i was come out. by trust and say. chimes of a see here. andrew thank you thank you thank you chief on facebook uptake of the vaccine will be key to its success and authorities are being advised to find creative ways to address public concern and tackle misinformation there's some speculation the queen may even reveal she's had the vaccine to be confidence it is extremely important are these people get the vaccine so we need to find a way how to communicate it to them and how to in a way isolate them from these damaging examples of misinformation that they sing on social media and i think it is the role for the health providers it is a role for the community leaders to actually go out and try to explain to them what they seeing on social media is actually not always the truth. the eyes of the world
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are on the u.k. this week with governments came to see not just how it tackles the logistical challenges but how it sells this vaccine to a public being asked to keep pace with science. negotiations between the european union and britain on the host breaks that trade deal or going down to the why a phone call between european commission chief and british prime minister or strengthened failed to produce a breakthrough on monday now johnson will head to brussels to find or try to find an end to the impasse at issue economic fairness conflict resolution and. a trifecta of troubles with no easy resolution we have this report tonight from london i'm not part of that i think we need to get something so detailed. we need to make it do you. don't have to give in to what we should what they want it feels
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like it's been buried in the public to know about this and what's going on it is buried among. tyrants and that needs to come to peace because they don't know how many people realize the great thing we need to hostile to mean this is what i would want an ideal situation and i don't like the fact that the government as they don't know what they promised i think is very unfair it. seems crazy i mean 2016 we would say than 4 years later but i think if anything progress itself to be honest with you personally i think. it's probably better than ever to which is one reason why you have said a lot. who knows what's going to happen but i think even though you know to be honest with the. brics it means brecht's it or does it for more i'm joined now from brussels by the w.c. barbara vague and by charlotte tells until in london to both of you welcome charlotte me start with you but let's start with this statement that was delivered
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today in the british parliament take a listen. we are all working to get a deal but the only deal that is possible is one that is compatible with our sovereignty and takes back control of our laws trade and waters. while an agreement is preferable we are prepared to leave on so-called australian start ups. so charlotte is at the british government's position and added to do when it comes to opposed budget trade deal with the e.u. we can take it or we can leave. well in fairness both sides have said of various points in these negotiations that they do want a deal but they are not prepared to pay any price for it now on the u.k. a sign you really need to be able to sell this deal any deal that may comes success
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to the british public announce why you hear the word sovereignty over and over again as being the thing that the u.k. side really does care about it and you heard in that statement just there in it that really just goes back to the crux of the 2016 referendum the public was promised that they were going to be taking back control of their water is that borders and their rules in any deal will need to be sold to the british public as jury doing just that he could be given big forgiven rather 5th thinking that that doesn't leave much room for compromise and of course brussels has its own interests that its needs to protect so what you might hear a lot of both in public for both sides saying that they might be prepared to walk away if they there are red lines across we just don't know what's going on behind closed doors and the negotiating table is clear both sides are going to have to make compromises if they do want a deal and while boris johnson might have said publicly that he thinks the u.k. will flourish without a deal it won't be lost on him the economic risks of that particularly when the
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economy is suffering so badly from the effects of the current of ours in barbara stalking but what's going on behind closed doors the reports surrounding the european union negotiated michelle born yesterday they were not very promising i mean how gloomy is the mood among the e.u. negotiate. the mood is somewhat depressive it is gloomy indeed and above all they are tired exhausted and absolutely and totally fed up patients on the european side is really running out at this point in time because negotiators feel that they have now $600.00 pages of legal text on the table and 99 percent of that are agreed and the remaining battle now is about those crucial issues that the u.k. side describes as sovereignty now trade experts will tell you. that off course that's the nature of the trade deal that you give up some sovereignty in order to
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get access to somebody else's market but that seems something that the europeans think will be can't be hammered into british heads now they have turned every aspect and every detail of the herring in the scottish sea every aspect of fair trade and say is sanction regime fall the steel round and around changed every comma in this huge legal text to no avail and so somehow in the end they feel now is the time for decision for somebody to simply say yes or no yes or no and charlotte now face to face time flushed of negotiating prime minister boards johnson is headed to broad is there any indication of what he may say or do to secure a trade deal. well at the moment the details about this
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face to face meeting is still unclear the statement was really that was released was very short at this stage we don't even know exactly what day he is expected to travel to brussels now some might some cynics might think that the fact he is going to brussels could be a last attempt to shape public just how hard he is force for british interests perhaps he is going to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat many it's also after all. a successful deal was not going to be announced after a fine conversation it was going to happen after a face to face talks but on the other side of things we are told over and over again we were told in the statement this evening that significant differences do remain between the base but between the 2 sides there is still a long way to come so we really know for sure at this stage is this meetings likely to be decisive. or do you negotiate they believe that boris johnson truly wants
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treed deal will meet with time running you know is there any clarity in brussels about what could make the u.k. and the e.u. happy as they pore. you negotiators know perfectly well what could make the u.k. happy which is going up their hands and giving them what they want unfettered market access and no rule attached however the e.u. you side sees that just directly from the opposite side of the off the specter so of course they can on and would not attempt to look into boris johnson's head the question is does he want a deal or not in brussels i think boris johnson might not even know himself so let me ask both of you as it stands tonight are the chances more for a tree deal or against a trade deal bob what do you say deal or no deal. portions incoming to brussels and
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rumor here has it that he might be coming on wednesday in order to talk to us live from the line that you commissioned chief the idea that he will be coming here has some more heightened expectations that there might be a deal because the question is would boris johnson really want to go home from that meeting and say things didn't go well last so as charlot rightly say his temper is he snatches victory from the jaws of defeat so he will try to sort of push something across the line and then go home wave the union jack and chant we won we won we've made it i have done it this is the over and ready deal that was promised. it's very true i mean when they talk about coronavirus that c. . is even bigger charley what do you say deal or no deal. well in the build up to the phone conversation between boris johnson as sort of
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underlying funda line we were hearing 5050 chance of no deal has now the announcement that they're going to talk impasse and shifted the needle on not a told look it's still very vague exactly what is going to happen when those face to face talks do occur but one government source here in the u.k. has made the point that he doesn't think that negotiations really shifted very much since friday and the fact is that we are off on time now this really is the final chance to secure a deal if that is indeed what they want to achieve just over 3 weeks until the transition period ends this really is down to a knife edge now that it is just until in london in brussels to both of you thank you excellent analysis. it was a controversial yet crucial agreement which fortified europe's post-war cold war
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stability the treaty of warsaw was signed 50 years ago the non-aggression pact guaranteed germany's acceptance of poland's post war borders in the polish capital representatives of the polish and german governments laid wreaths today at the memorial for the worse all ghetto heroes to commemorate the anniversary the memorial is also the place where a former german chancellor made an historic gesture of humility with poland in 1970 . west germany's chancellor at the time of dili brought traveled to communist poland to sign the agreement at the memorial for the warsaw ghetto uprising against the nazis brunt went down on his knee as a mark of atonement for the 6000000 poles killed by germany's nazi regime during the 2nd war who. faced with the abyss of german history in the burden
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of the millions who have been murdered i did what we humans do when woods fail us. that's how willie pond described the moment that's come to be known as the genuflection of wausau. it was an act of atonement for the sins of the nazis of the nearly half a 1000000 jews and present in the was so ghetto most were killed in total nearly $6000000.00 poles perished today a plaque commemorates the historic gesture the square where it happened renamed in honor of the german chancellor half a century later the meaning of that moment still echoes throughout warsaw. he was begging for forgiveness it was a gesture to ask us to forgive the germans for everything they did to us during the war. in this was a person who broke certain to boos a person who broke barriers he was brave enough to make this extraordinary gesture . above all it pave the way for a dialogue between germany and poland it marks the beginning of reconciliation
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years after the end of world war 2 when there was still a lot of animosity on both sides. at home brands gesture was met with hostility nearly 50 percent sort as a sellout of national interests at a time when many still sought to reclaim former eastern territories dogs hopes were dashed when brown signed the treaty of warsaw formally accepting the existing border and recognizing the polish state a chapter that's gone down in german history as a game changer. it was not that's going to what can you tell us about this picture yet it is worth it if that's really planned to kneeling before the memorial to the warsaw ghetto uprising that marked the turning point in west germany policy towards eastern europe because this was obviously a significant gesture by the federal republic of germany especially because it was made by someone who himself had resisted the nazis was forced into exile much like that this was a moment of reconciliation and maybe rather an admission of guilt. in poland plants
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act of humility marked the beginning of a close friendship but that changed when the populist lauren justice party rose to power in 2015. 70 years after. the war they say they want more than what they call empty gestures they want reparations from germany lawmakers in berlin have refused such demands many here dismissed it as an attempt by the polish nationalist government to score cheap political points by stirring up anti german resentment but some are more open to the idea having to feel like maybe germany didn't take the easy way out because our polish neighbors were so quick to accommodate us maybe it's not such a bad idea to talk about reparations just as we discussed erecting a memorial here in berlin the polish victims of the german occupation. 50 years on the relationship between germany and poland looks as bleak as the weather did on that fateful december day but once gesture serves as a reminder that where there's
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a will there's a way. their wrists for the days almost done but the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either at the news or you can follow me at brant gulfs t.v. and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you then ever got.
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this is g w news live from berlin tonight time and hope running out the threat as they know the deal breaks in for the u.k. and the european union looks greater than ever after today's tough negotiations the u.k. government says breaks it talks are at a critical stage fishing rights and competition rules remain the deal breakers as a final deadline approaches also coming up minutes wailers president nicolas maduro claiming a sweeping election victory after less than a 3rd of the country turned out to vote.
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i'm off it's good to have you with us tonight time is quickly running alex to make a post that breaks a trade deal a reality british and european negotiators have once again been locked in talks for hours today with no sign of a breakthrough now british prime minister boris johnson is set to head to brussels for a last ditch attempt to reach a deal he's chief negotiator michel barnier is downbeat about the chances of an agreement saying key sticking points remain despite growing fears of economic chaos that britain leaves without a deal london has said that it will not extend the negotiations. for more now we want to bring in our correspondent in brussels barbara of a zo and charlottesville some pill in london good evening to both of you barbara
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let me start with you let's start with brussels here what is happening right now in brussels. absolutely nothing because another day has come and gone with odd results boris johnson and also on the line the e.u. commission chief had a phone call a lengthy phone call this evening after an hour and a half they gave threw up their hands and said we're getting nowhere they must have been berating each other without really being able to move anything now the negotiators are supposed to take stock of the remaining as it is grave divergences and then boris johnson will be heading to brussels now there is a nice of the unity for him on thursday because that's the day when the e.u. leaders have there's some and planned anyway bought on the other side they may not want to receive him and they may in the end sort of relegate the these talks to or slough underlying the commission chief and then he will have to talk through her
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and then back to the member states so we will see how this plays out but obviously there is political will needed now at the very top to sort of figure out whether this will be a no or yes in charlotte we have seen this many times before all we know finally reaching in. that's right we can tick count on many hands emails of times that we've talked about deadlines that have come and gone for resolutions these trade in security negotiations now it appears another one now earlier in the day chief negotiator of the e.u. michel barnier had said earth it took to continue until wednesday and no further will be remains to be seen now whether or not or that meeting in brussels will be beyond wednesday whether that is in fact the final deal in fact downing street a short time ago here in the u.k. hand said that they will continue talking until the last minute while they still
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think a deal can be achieved indeed both sides have said of various points that they will they will keep talking as long as it takes while they think that that can be done in the meantime the people here in the u.k. watching these negotiations some with dispatch others fatigue as they see yet another deadline come and go these negotiations in some form or another for the u.k. at the breaks it has been going on for years now take a listen to what some people arabs on the streets in the u.k. if i had to say i'm not worried about it but we need to get something so detailed. we need to make it doing. they don't have to give in to what we should but they want to thank you for being buried in the public to know about this and what's going on it is very demanding go down pandemic virus that needs to come up to 75 percent i don't know how many people realize the great thing we thought so too you mean this is what i would want to know your situation and i don't like the fact
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that the government has been a doing what they promised i think is very unfair. people seem crazy i mean 2016 we would say than 4 years later and but i think if you want to progress a soul to be honest with you personally i think i would be open is probably better than ever to go with you for the reason why you decide the law and for who knows what's going to happen but i think even though you know to be honest with you. now some optimists might say that this is all part of the drama what you might expect with the end of these negotiations both sides showing that they are fighting as hard as possible for their respective audiences but the fact is now we are just a this 3 weeks away from the end of the transition period that's the period at which on december 31st the u.k. finally cut ties with the with the european union based sides have said of course
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that they would like a deal but they wouldn't like a deal at any cost and barbara what happens if he comes to december 31st and they haven't reached a deal what happens then on the business side of things they call this armageddon day what will happen is that 40 years of cooperation of the free flow movement of goods people services money between the 2 sides across the channel will end all of a sudden overnight and cracks will stack up to the rising and supposedly tears will flow all right barbara basically in brussels in charlottesville some still in london so both of you thank you. all the european union and the united states say they will not recognize the results of venezuela's parliamentary election the vote handed president nicolas maduro control of the national assembly and it cemented his position in power but
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the roads socialist won almost 70 percent of the vote but turnout was just 31 percent after opposition parties boycotted the election. 20000000 minutes whalen's were eligible to vote but most state away from the polls with only about one 3rd casting their ballots and the legislative contest for those who did participate they not only disagreed on the candidates but also in the country's ability to hold a free and fair election. but i have my doubts about the process but my experience tells me that the solution is not to stay at home the solution is go out and participate. as far as i'm concerned the process is transparent after all everyone is watching us. venezuela has been crushed by economic sanctions corruption unemployment and shortages of basic goods. now the coronavirus has dealt a very heavy blow. still sunday's win by president nicolas maduro is ruling united
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socialist party will likely strengthen his grip on power he already controlled the courts and the military. we have a new national assembly a product of the popular vote the people have elected their new lawmakers their new deputies and we have a tremendous gigantic electoral victory. 30 min. daddio with. a victory made possible because opposition leaders including self-proclaimed acting president one guy 80 urge supporters to boycott the vote says materials rule is illegitimate and this election fraudulent. those who are scared of the people are the ones who commit fraud madeira and his regime have lost the popular vote the majority of us want change in venezuela i don't be surprised if they try to advance their assault in the coming days of december because this election has done them no good. when. guy a.t.o.
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is now pushing for a penance wayland's to vote in an opposition referendum to end what he calls materials usurp chain of the presidency. for let's take a look now at some of the other stories that are making headlines around the world the german chancellor angela merkel says the current coronavirus restrictions will not get the country through the winter she's pushing for a decision on tougher restrictions before the christmas holidays the state of bavaria is already tightening its measures asking people to stay at home with only a few exceptions remaining in prime minister lubavitch orbán has resigned from office after his center right party came in 2nd in parliamentary elections the opposition social democrats won the most votes but they have no clear majority and no obvious coalition partner link the post-election wrangling to form a new coalition government is now expected polls have closed and gone as presidential and parliamentary elections it's expected to be
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a tight race between the incumbent none a coup full auto and his longtime rival john muhammad gone is considered one of the most politically stable countries in africa but the coronavirus and to make it has plunged the country into economic crisis bob dylan's entire catalog of songs has been bought up by universal music for an undisclosed sum the deal covers the rights to 600 songs composed over 6 decades and they include times they are changing knocking on heaven's door and like a rolling stone reports say that the deal was struck directly with. testers in armenia are calling for the prime minister to step down over his handling of the conflict in the nagorno-karabakh region many armenians are angry about their leader's choice to sign a peace agreement which sees armenia returning
10:11 pm
a significant part of the disputed territory to arms are by john thousands of eyes or by john these are now planning to move back to new gorno car a buck. or 2 to marry miss my love of points to the place where she once lived she says i was a beautiful town until 1903 the year armenian forces captured. her husband and brother died in the fighting this is her 1st visit in over 27 years to even them i'm happy i'm proud she says of course everything has been destroyed here but i'm home again this is where i lived and grew up. act i'm small screaming standing how it pretty much of force against the armenians he's on the most city towards the old enemy remain strong. they kept animals here may god punish them for keeping pigs sheep and cattle in a muslim prayer room. nagorno-karabakh is ours says ibrahim
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hope he's proud it's back on the armenian control. thanks in part to support provided by neighboring turkey. there are indications that turkish drones and mercenaries played a role in the conflict prayers for the fold in the fighting the mountains in the distance are in the armenian girlfriend part of nagorno-karabakh for ibrahim of his greatest hope is that armenia never again has under its control. or sports news now germany have been given an easy looking draw in the european qualifiers for the 2022 world cup in qatar romania and iceland are the toughest opponents for germany coach joachim love who is again under pressure after a 6 nil hammering by spain last month. germany already knew they would be a top seed in world cup qualifying despite some poll results in the last 3 years they probably could not have dreamt of
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a better draw as they try to reach the 2022 showpiece in qatar unscathed rumania and iceland other main photos in group j along with north macedonia armenia and tiny little. other groups look tricky. in his 1st press conference since the 6 no humbling by spain last month germany coach you can live said he never fought of resigning and was raring to go for the world cup qualifiers. i still have motivation and i believe i never lost it there are always thoughts after a bad game but the next day the motivation is there again for the da in the wake of germany's shock group stage exit as holders at the 2018 world cup lurve decided to axe mainstays mats hummels thomas miller and jerome boa tank there is a chance they could be recalled for the 2022 qualifiers starting in march but live said it was unlikely that he see here or if i see that the team needs this or that
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in order to be successful and we will of course do it at the moment i've said i see no reason to do that. coronavirus destruction means the world cup qualifiers will take place either side of the delayed european championship in june if lurd survives in the job after the euros his side will need to finish top of the group to guarantee a spot in qatar in november 2022. well here in berlin as in many places live music venues are closed thanks to the pandemic that has made it hard for performers to earn a living but some are getting a rail the restrictions by performing behind glass in shop windows take a look at these folks miss tiny stages of the all types of entertainment rap opera cabaret and stand up comedy normal busking etiquette applause passers by are encouraged to chip in some change if they like what they see and hear.
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how to make a living somehow say tune for business news with rob wants to be back right after the birth. why are people forced to hide in trucks. there are many reasons. and there are many answers. and there are many stories.
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make up your own. made for minds. what is getting back on the way. the controversial north stream into the pipeline but the u.s. continues to urges german allies to stop collaborating with russia on the project to ask if further american sanctions are on the way also coming out. the transit says that by the end of this year it will have slashed $29000.00 jobs as a 5th of its workforce it's hoping a christmas rush can help ticket sales take off the gas. and the prop or trade has
10:17 pm
been hit by a pandemic driven restaurant closures that could produces benefits from people dining in lockdown luxury that. place is deemed to be a business some robots in berlin welcome to the program. huge russian ships have many of us themselves into position for the restart of work on the north stream 2 pipeline the controversial project projects will eventually carry gas from russia to germany but work was halted almost a year ago because the u.s. sanctions the resumption of pipe laying has once again let the americans to call for the gas line to be scrapped. work is getting underway again on the north stream 2 pipeline german authorities have given the go ahead for the russian ship academic ski to lay another 2.6 kilometers of pipe by the end of the year but that is nowhere near enough to complete the project a total of 160 kilometers of pipe still has to be laid. only then with the
10:18 pm
underwater pipeline be ready allowing russian state owned company gazprom to deliver siberian gas directly to germany. this pipeline is the 2nd of its kind the 1st north stream pipeline has delivered gas to germany since 2012. and that further pressure in the u.s. has been watching developments with alarm late last week u.s. lawmakers added measures against the new baltic sea pipeline to the annual defense policy bill these provide for tighten sanctions against companies that certify or ensure the pipeline or that support north stream to with products to cities or services because of these tougher sanctions even russian politicians from president putin own party fear the 9500000000 euro nord stream to project will never be completed somewhere who shares the more the worst that can happen to the north stream to project is that it won't be implemented. that means those who invested in
10:19 pm
it will lose their money it's a lot of money but it's not astronomical sums it's no more than one percent of the golden currency reserves of the russian federation because of risk if you get out. american lawmakers point to the fact that the text in the defense bill would grant the next u.s. president the right to spend the sanctions but that's something few experts on either side of the atlantic expect president elect biden to do. but i speak to our correspondents in new york quarter on this yet why is the united states so again snowed stream to. well i mean that stream through is one of the most controversial infrastructure projects and on the planet 10th the moment it was a pipeline you set the state shift for the energy industry for a decade sent there are political and also in the economic interests here at the
10:20 pm
stake i mean once the united states is the biggest. producer of gas and tim so they would love to sell some gas to europe as well but that's pretty unlikely so once the pipeline is finished and then on top of it also you have all those political issues and as i said so you set the stage for the energy industry for decades to come if the thing is going to be completed in. the u.s. wants to be able to persuade germany to no longer take part in this project but could the united states unilaterally force the end of north stream to through sanctions for example. well i mean they might not be able to force germany necessarily but they are already doing quite some pressure on companies involved in the project basically every company who even touches to pipeline might threaten all might be threatened with some sanctions and the biggest weapon that
10:21 pm
the united states has is actually the u.s. dollar and so what they could do so if companies don't back down and some actually already have they basically could wish the dollar could be pulled out of the financial the global financial markets and so that is one weapon that the united states is trying to do and if you look at it from the other side so what does the united states have to win so what could germany for instance or russia offer of the united states that they would agree to an old stream to so this is really a struggle that's going to stay for quite some while and that's probably also not going to change in the future president joe biden. outside a gas station in new york for us thanks for bringing us up to date. now some of the other business stories making news. air b.n. b. says it expects to office shares for higher than previously expected during its
10:22 pm
i.p.o. on thursday the new price would give the holiday rental platform and a valuation of $42000000000.00 its stock market day view on the nasdaq is expected to be one of the biggest of 2020. customers data shows china's exports surged more than 20 percent year on year last month that's the fastest pace in nearly 3 years meanwhile imports only inched up leading to a trade surplus for november of more than 75 $1000000000.00 the largest ever recorded. and i care is getting rid of its iconic furniture catalogue after 70 years in print at its peak the swedish company produced $200000000.00 copies each year but the pandemic has accelerated the shift to online shopping including for furniture superstores like ikea. now lufthansa says it expects to cut a 5th of its workforce by the end of this year the german airline has already post
10:23 pm
of billions of euros in losses during 2020 and been forced to accept state aid but its problems look unlikely to go away with the arrival of the new year. this place is normally a hive of activity but for months it's been more or less empty the story of munich airport is one that plays out today reports the world over the pandemic has hit the aviation industry hot tons and has grounded most of its jets leaving employees from ground staff to pilots with time on their hands all woese without any job whatsoever by the end of the year 29000 jobs will be lost to germany's largest and line with $20000.00 outside of germany leaving $109000.00 jobs total next year another $10000.00 are expect to be cut in germany hundreds of thousands of jobs in the industry are at stake as a result of the pandemic all major european airlines are cutting staff despite the billions in government aid experts expect it'll take years for the industry to
10:24 pm
recover from the coronavirus crisis yet there could be a ray of hope lufthansa says demand for flights over christmas and new year's eve are on the rise to holiday destinations from the canary islands to south africa whether that's a short lived blip remains to be seen. the sheer number of cuts down there is unlike anything that could have been imagined the start of the year let's get more on why these job cuts have had to happen from a financial correspondent in frankfurt chelsea delaney this is a drastic move file of tons about one analysts say it's probably necessary given the state of the airline industry although there are a lot of hopes about a vaccine and what that could mean for a recovery in travel it likely will take years for the aviation airline markets recover to where it was before the pandemic some more job cuts are likely needed this likely will cause controversy here in germany of the german government gave tons about 9000000000 euros as part of that bailout of tells us that they want to
10:25 pm
preserve jobs that now looks like they might not be able to keep that promise. well the pandemic has put pressure on many luxury goods to i mean why wear perfume or jury if you're not going out to show it off but it's a more complicated picture when it comes to look sharif foods produces may be selling less to restaurants the lockdowns mean more and more people are trying out a bit of fine dining at home. the town of baton tome isn't as familiar to foodies as other namesake places in southwestern france like bordeaux or cognac but it does have a tasty speciality the black perigord truffle they could fetch hundreds of euros per kilo for the lack of restaurant trade due to the pandemic has put pressure on prices. i used to sell a lot to restaurant owners but this is going to hurt us maybe that's why it's going to break the prices to today i sold them for $550.00 euros per kilo but last year i
10:26 pm
sold them for 650 euros. trying out the wares is also different this year normally potential customers can have a good sniff of the product to see if it's fresh but hygiene restrictions have ruled that out. and then but you were a bit worried that we don't have the right to smell them to start with so we only touch them we have to change gloves for each person. the weekly winter market is going ahead with fewer stalls this year at this early part of the season it's not a problem but as the harvest picks up many vendors are going to struggle to sell this season's crop at least the stallholders can hope for an uptick in home truffle cooking and reassure themselves that by this time next year everything should be back to normal. and finally universal music group publishing arm has bought bob
10:27 pm
dylan's entire back catalog of more than 600 songs the value of owning music rights has soared in recent years because of the success of streaming platforms the financial times says universal may have paid as much as 9 figures for the collection but no one knows exactly how much the answer my friend is blowing in the wind. i'm sorry but so from a in the business team here in berlin for more to check out our website dot com slash business we're also on facebook and twitter for me to buy and take up.
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in australia on the brink of extinction. thousands were killed by devastating. the surviving are staring into the eyes of. catastrophe. after the inferno the battle to save australia has come. close. it's d.w.
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