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tv   Expedition in die Heimat  Deutsche Welle  December 8, 2020 2:30pm-3:15pm CET

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the ice disappears earlier and it keeps retreating our future depends on what happens here in one of the most fragile ecosystems on our. northern parts. arctic circle starts december 21st w. . you're watching news asia coming up today farmers in india have had enough angry at government plans to reform their industry they have protested for days and have now called a strike. plus in vietnam we visit one special shop where young designer has revived old attire from 2 centuries ago. and rope in down to clean up will follow a trafficking crew on their terrifying tour of duty on a chinese mountain. i'm
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melissa chan welcome to g.w. news asia we're glad you could join us indian prime minister narendra modi is intent on what she characterizes as the modernization of the country's agricultural sector his party insists this will benefit farmers but the farmers are not convinced and they have responded in dramatic fashion with protests and now a strike this is all happening as the country slips into a recession after years of economic growth. farmers in the 10s of thousands in a blockade of delhi. 6 for almost 2 weeks they protested the new farm laws on the outskirts of the indian capital on tuesday they up the ante launching a one day national strike. across the country protesters blocked rail lines and roads and prevented projects from reaching markets. farmers organizations called
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for the shut down after the mardi government refused to budge on plans to liberalize the agricultural sector. we are determined to win this fight this movement will go on until we defeat modi we will only go back after the laws are repealed be done. until now india's farmers have been forced to sell through state run wholesalers that guarantee a minimum price. laws will allow them to sell produce on the open market including to supermarket chain. the government insists the changes will benefit farmers and boost their profits. but on the streets protesters fear the industry will be taken over by big corporations who force prices down. the projects we sold for $3800.00 rupees is now fiction is just $1600.00 and they say our incomes will be doubled these ministers have no idea about farming. for 72
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years many governments of limited farmers independence is only for the ministers and bureaucrats 80 percent of farmers have not benefited in any way. by going to the only. other groups across india adding momentum to the protests agriculture supports more than half of the country's 1300000000 people any threat to their livelihood could be a major headache for modi's populace government. joining us. delhi mischa tell us more about the strike. members of the bomber strike well judy has support the bombers themselves are blocking all sides of the national guard in addition transport unions have announced as all of it is apply sheens and there have been zones and one. and vegetable markets be hit on this day in addition
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bad you know there's a list of the unions that caldron support families however and say that this strike there or is only been 11 he can't actually be entertained so as to ensure an officer who was not really busy this is a symbolic straight and employer to do emphasize their top test against these new laws and it was total shit in the sixty's and of dogs with the government tomorrow . that many farmers seem convinced that legislation will hurt their bottom line but there are experts who assist that's not the case so i guess i'm wondering is it possible the farmers are misinformed and are just afraid of change. when it isn't this is what the government has been saying busy the day wonder you these thoughts of the promise transplanted them and just how beneficial the new can be fought them finally does however friended by this implication be seen then this
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is almost one descending into fashion because they believe they do know what they're talking about because it is there like it hurts now it is important to know that the system of the government is trying to address the. state markets not have been flattened by the fuel load on the system have been discussed in the last government as men and the government says or the other dressing that they're knocking out the middle match that ensuring the farmers get all but the most go back to the prices but even these got attributed markets and way to private business that are less however because i didn't the dr irish in all of india little also prince and grand plan was to drive down prices and eventually bob was left in the lurch because the government has not mentioned the get and the price it has offered to farmers so why instead democracy and this is true if the mean argument that the bomb was awful to sing on berlin these protests. and how have the other
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political parties taken advantage of this conflict. unless other political parties across the national less than a state level have come out and said or at least the strike that has gone to the head was the commented on the protests and the bust and hat one of the us government and i farmers now the government has hit back on this i mean these protests will lead to good consequences all these opposition parties express and bess aboard the government says these opposition parties and the evidence all of them they were going to testing elections have actually proposed laws already follows a similar to the last of this gottman has had the garbage to get it out according to them however let david these opposition bite is now up and ready to the farmers which is a very important word in back now this has been going on for quite some time now they see
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a way out of this deadlock well it's been almost 2 weeks now and the bombers have congregated around the borders all day and have stuck with them for tests what's important to know that $5.00 of talks are already happened and the 6th round is going to happen tomorrow the dead not has persisted because there is one crucial dispense the pharmacy being the only that last baby who are bad these laws and guy pete the government says the binocular back is got so one side or the other need to back down to step up to dissolve one possibility out some express believe is that the government issued in writing that they would ensure that that minimum support praise for the guy and the price and offer it so far in the markets will continue to be offered to farmers dummy does however have said on the sidelines that this is not surprised that the laws must be ordered that so an end to this dead not so flies bay hard to predict. such as well thank you so much for joining us.
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everything old is new again that's the spirit behind the work of one vietnamese fashion designer who has tapped into the consumer in this for retro retro 900 century that is. good to see. this 28 year old is an up and coming designer but he doesn't have his eyes set on creating new trends on the contrary his mission is to inspire a revival of 19th century vietnamese clothing new. our purpose is to bring ancient costumes back to life for our target audience is young people who have new thoughts and new viewpoints and can approach old ideas in a new way. he doubted males will try. block and his hanoi based company largely reproduce imperial style outfits from the new end in
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a state which ruled vietnam from 180221883. at the time the ruling class for extravagant and brightly colored designs embellished with symbols of power such as dragons. the creation of such costumes is a time consuming process out an expensive one. because some form which we form our products on cheap because we want them to have a certain standard i don't want them to be anything like the low quality ones that are available on the market. vietnamese ancient costumes worn must be of good quality we took them one time and i needed to know that. despite the hefty price tag young people have started to take note of the designer's creations and where the outfits with pride. those who can't afford to buy them rent them for a photo shoot. a little payback they think it was well for me
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all my ancient style costumes bring out the traditional beauty of vietnamese people and they are part of vietnamese culture that we need to preserve and on a more normal. the creator of her outfit with passion. do you agree with that statement is the goal is for every will drop in vietnam to one day contain a traditional cross team from the 19th century. people produce garbage a lot of it the world dumps at least 3 and a half 1000000 tons of trash every day and much of that is as litter what i mean is that is that people are not putting things in trash bags they're just tossing it on the ground everywhere including in some of the most beautiful places a tourist destinations like china's tianmen mountain someone has to clean that up even if doing so is scary and risky. on
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a rock face like this even the tourists sky walk is daunting. but for some the job starts on the other side of the railing fung feel you collect the litter that was thrown from this breathtaking height perhaps just to watch it fall young has to follow the same path as they say just don't look down. the road or when their water bottles plastics tissues much less than before. the job or. somehow young has gotten used to working on the edge of a cliff. i
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have no fear i've got used to it or i was a little afraid before when i just started doing it but now it's nothing. that young and his colleagues have collected 2 tons of trash this year alone that's less than half their annual haul earlier but still a set of testimony on tourism today. even in a place like this. that's it for today there's always more and d.-w. dot com for its asia and we are on twitter and facebook as well before we go now to a wrist is officially taller today in paul and china agreed on the mountains elevation which is now $8848.00. meters that's 4 meters higher
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then china's previous official figure thanks for watching see you next time and good bye. to. the fight against the corona virus pandemic. has the rate of infection been developing what does the latest research say. information and context the coronavirus update nineteen's. on t w. don't you hear me no yes yes we're going to do you and how the last 2 years german sausage are when you bring your uncle out man call and you've never heard her before surprised to so with what is possible who is medical really what
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moves them part of who talks to people who follow along the way admirers and critics alike how is the world's most powerful woman shaping her legacy joined those chemicals last the. fever and difficulty breathing are both known some to lose that can arise from a covert 19 infection some people suffer along cold bit where they have extreme fatigue and cognitive difficulty but doctors are still finding out why they could be that the virus moves through the nervous system of people it infects that's what new research suggests. and that's research we're going to be looking into later with an egg. bert who studied the neurological impact of coded 1000 on patients but
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1st let's zoom out what happens to the human body when infected by the corona virus we know much more about that now than we did at the beginning of the pandemic take a look it's not just coughing and sneezing that are dangerous but also speaking and singing tiny droplets and aerosols loaded with the virus float invisibly through the air and are inhaled coronaviruses can reach the mucous membranes in the throat and nestle in there this is the beginning of the infection. then come the symptoms but those aren't that unusual for most people they might feel like a normal cold. runny nose a cough feeling sick for take. it can all be there kind of a thing as a loss of taste. most infected people around 80 percent will have mild symptoms which go away after a few days. by this point our immune system has successfully fought up
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a virus which is like this in a lot of cases with bacteria and viruses only in a few cases there's a serious infection occurring fixer wood but corona viruses can multiply fast spreading from the for old to the lungs. and that's how they can infect lung cells until pneumonia sets in. when i initially had to be ammonia occurs it means the gas exchange is disrupted where oxygen abduction takes place and so the patient needs supplementary oxygen that's by definition as a vehicle of a cage that needs to be treated in hospital. the body is supplied by oxygen via the lungs entering the bloodstream via the of your lie to the blood vessels and then it is distributed to the rest of the body complications can occur when the coronavirus settles in the space between the palm of your life and the blood vessels that can cold inflammation the distance to the blood vessels then
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becomes greater and oxygen intake is more difficult. when organs are deprived of oxygen breathing is labored and then respiratory muscles are quickly exhausted especially in the elderly that's when the lungs need help with a ventilator. but that can prevent the situation from worsening in some cases. inflammation in the lungs increasingly hinders gas exchange. cluett escapes from the cells. and even with the support not enough oxygen enters the body then an external machine must take over the function of the lungs the so-called m. called. and rich's blood outside the body with oxygen and then returns that into the body but not without complications. i am
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goal isn't free of complications you can have bleeding complications and many more so this is really a therapy that you use when your back is up against the wall and only in special facilities but it is a life saving therapy to help you with. but the situation can escalate even further the immune system then becomes the main problem triggering a massive implementation as a reaction your fault and you want to we need an immune response to actually fight the virus successfully with a new system can react so strongly that it ends up creating a bigger problem than the virus itself. of yours and fix your. defense compounds flood the entire body immune cells attack that in a world of blood vessels they become weak fluid leaks into the tissue and is deficient in the 2nd literally system the organs are no longer sufficiently supplied with blood. but while most of it cases on my old
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recuperating face can cause some concentration problems exhaustion and muscular weakness and that tends to be more severe than in other infections. which we usually see the polls call that syndrome in the younger people who are seriously ill with cough it at all or they can't seem to get back on their feet to get god to really exhausted and can hardly get up on their own. and so we have top athletes who can't even manage to climb a staircase without being short of breath just like progression to severe cases is now less common than during the 1st wave of the coronavirus pandemic this could be due to mask usage it may contribute to a smaller amount of the infection in the air making the disease less deadly. now there is the long term. effects of covais had on your body and that can include the impact on the brain to help us understand this better frank heppner is joining us now he's the head of the neuro pathology department at berlin sheva tate
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university hospital welcome to you frank now there is increasing evidence that sars cove to not only affects the respiratory tract but it can also impact the central nervous system what is the likelihood of that happening. when we know from one 3rd of the code 92 cases that they do suffer from neurological problems and this was basically the reason for our study where we are actually so how is the distribution of the virus in the brain and secondly how does it get into the brain now one 3rd of coronavirus patients that is a significant proportion means it's definitely worth looking into how sars co 2 enters and invades the nervous system what can you tell us about. whether we knew that there is a virus of course within the author terry macos a sort of macos layout and the method i want knows this is where we do it is
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walking so we knew this is a kind of potential border for entry and we know from our other viruses that they use the cranial nerves for example the old factory nerves to climb up to the brain and this is what we test and we took basically regions from also kotori macos up and we took different parts of the nerves and we looked into their respective connections in the brain and indeed we found with different methods that the virus currently uses the old faction the old sensory nerves to get into the brain what does this mean in terms of long term damage what do we know about that. well this is of course a difficult question i mean we looked at. very severe cases that died from codes and 90 and these hats at different times and durations of the disease and of course it is difficult to as you or even anticipate what's going to happen
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if there is a longer period of off time of the virus in the brain but what we can say is that the divac that the virus gets into the brain and then may deceive you a day or even to regions which are very sensitive while body functions is of course something that we have to take into account when we make diagnosis when we think about treatments and the fact that their piece of this high incidence of neurological problems means that i'm currently at many of the covert patients am half the virus within the brain but do you know if there is a way to prevent that from happening. well of course right now not what we did is just to diagnose or to make this a diagnostic approach to learn how to entries and this kind of is to be done trojan
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in medicine and in life sciences research we 1st have to understand what kind of cuss cade's are used for example in this case or from an anxious agent to learn about the potential bottlenecks to the know where to interfere later on when we have something attached to the virus thank you very much frank has never had the neuro pathology department at berlin's sherry tate university hospital thank you very much for your insights today and now we've come to that part of the show devoted to one of your sent in questions about the current virus our science correspondent garrick williams has an answer. which colbert 19 diagnostics are most useful from an epidemiological point of view. there are basically 3 types of diagnostics that play useful but different roles in the fight against covert 19 and the 1st 2 are for determining whether someone has the disease
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or not the gold standard for doing that is what's called a poly raise chain reaction or p.c.r. test and it works by amplifying tiny amounts of any viral genetic material available in a sample up to levels where it can be detected although no test is 100 percent reliable and p.c.r. tests are very accurate on the downside they're also slow and fairly expensive which is a drawback when numbers of cases are rising rapidly the 2nd class of detection diagnostics called antigen tests work by detecting viral proteins directly antigen tests are cheaper and they can deliver a result in minutes but they're also less accurate than p.c.r. tests which is a particular problem when it comes to what are called false negative results that's when people actually have the virus but because the test says they don't they don't
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isolate still the speed and low cost make antigen tests important tools and scenarios where infections are spiking and and a lot of people need to be tested quickly and they can often be performed on site so sepals don't have to be sent off to specialized labs the 3rd diagnostic in the code $1000.00 pandemic that's playing an important role is what's called a serial logical test generally called and antibody test which detects proteins called antibodies that form in the body as part of the immune response they can tell doctors if someone was infected at least in the recent past syria logical tests also play a key role. in vaccine development since they can show whether a candidate is having the effects that we warned which is to problems the immune system to produce antibodies. now do you have a question for derek just send an email to feedback taught english at the
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w dot com and type expert in the subject line or leave a comment on our youtube channel with the hash tag ask derek that's all from us thank you for watching goodbye stay 6.
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she gone. now triumphs in the winter. from the west of the german capital to fields the big guy. neighborhood 6 edges closer to the top taking down saddam blank shot to a 2nd place in the early. 90 minutes on t.w. . to parliament. everyone
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this city to reduce life from berlin a landmark moment britain rolls out the biggest nationwide vaccine program in its history a 90 year old woman got the 1st dose but the vaccine swift approval by british regulators and some people has a sense the next challenge will be ensuring it reaches those who need it the most also coming up calls are growing for a hard lock down here in germany and fast the country's top scientists say tighter restrictions are now to urgent as coronavirus case numbers remain stubbornly high plus returning home after nearly 3 decades as their isa who fled from the gore no
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credit and the ninety's are now coming back but despite the recent peace deal with armenia the return is bittersweet. only of the hard thank you so much for your company everyone when we start in the u.k. the united kingdom has started the big task of inoculating is general population with a fully tested and approved covert 1000 baxi the 2 dose vaccine was fast tracked by german company. biotech and partnership with the u.s. pharmaceutical giant pfizer while the u.k. faces some public worry over safety given just how fast the treatment came to market but the government cannot ask for better influence or to get the 1st job. it took just a 2nd but it was
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a moment that offered hope to the world the 1st passion to receive an independently reviewed covert 19 vaccine. and 90 year old grandmother margaret keenan had a message for others. i say call for proof because it is friday and it's the best in the surf and. in london so you just go for it. she was followed by william shakespeare of warrick no relation but pleased perhaps to work his way into history. to. break. the british prime minister hailed the start of the u.k.'s mass vaccination program but he warned against complacency. we could afford to relax not and so my message would be it's amazing to see the vaccine community it's
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amazing to see this tremendous shot in the arm for the entire nation but we called afford to relax and. the u.k. has ordered enough of the bio tech facts seem to inoculate 20000000 people with millions of arrival shots also expected officials say vaccinating the population will take months but they will have to contend with vaccine skepticism risk is what the long term effects thanks to i would take it. is a benefits outweigh the risks it seems sensible thing to do yet and it's the only way we're going to add to the pandemic science a. chance of a sea. cyprus results. and we thank you thank you chief on facebook health expenditure rajan the government to actively tackle misinformation it is extremely important are these people get the vaccine so we need to find a way how to communicate it to them and how to in
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a way isolate them from these damaging examples of misinformation that they sing on social media. as margaret keenan returned to her ward she did so to a wall of applause a celebration of humanity's triumph in this bleakest of years. thank you. very consequential day for the u.k. unless the take an hour to do charlotte shell some pill and a london charlotte this has been the moment so many people have been waiting for who will get the vaccine this year. well the government here lately has been really keen to stress that this is going to be a marriage then and not a spring people who are you younger less vulnerable shouldn't expect to have this vaccine any time soon at the moment it's a print of people like margaret keenan as we heard in that report people who are over a c.
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who are likely who are in hospital who are expected as out patients in hospitals they'll be coming in to hospital just like the one behind me for that vaccination it will also be open to have homework is n.h.s. frontline staff as well this will be a slow process but like you say it's one that the whole world is watching other countries considering this vaccine want to know how logistically the u.k. is doing and of course how the u.k. plans to win over hearts and minds over it well let's talk about what you just referenced the logistical challenges facing the u.k. public health officers there because access to be stored at minus 70 degrees celsius how if they overcome that a cold storage challenge. yeah there are a number of logistical challenges with this particular vaccine you mentioned one that the temperature of it also needs to be set up but also transporting it as well
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is another challenge that's why these machinations initially in taking place at these hospital hurts because they have the facilities in place but the government has said that they want to roll them out further ultimately the plan is to have mass vaccination sentence for doctors to be able to to do the vaccines as well but a lot of eyes here are on the care home residents of course this is something that other countries as well will be watching to see what the u.k. done because it's not possible at the moment to carry residents just sickly to come into these hospital hughson right now the vaccine can't come to them so it's expected in the coming weeks that will be addressed after all they are among the most vulnerable in society to this virus and they have suffered so greatly this year and charlotte there are also some cultural challenges that the government will have to deal with according to some polls a 3rd of the population in the u.k. is worried about the safety of the vaccine and say that they're going to take
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a wait and see approach when it comes to taking it what is the call for what is the government planning on doing to change these perceptions. well the u.k. is no different to any other country in the fact that enthusiasm for a vaccine isn't universal for a lot of people they think it's come quite quickly and as you say they want to take a wait and see approach but the the whole basis for this vaccine to do work is that it needs to be based on trust so the government here is planning to launch a p.r. campaign to get people on board with this vaccine a number of celebrities at this stage a lot of them famous in the u.k. and so i won't name them then obviously internationally famous but they've signed up to say that there will be 1st in line for the vaccine to try and boost confidence and that of course one their effectiveness lady there's a lot of speculation that she might be heard vaccination might be publicized and that is the queen and people exposing that say once people see that the queen's had a vaccination of course she is very much over 80 over the threshold that
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a lot more people will get on board but what is so key to this to the campaign here is not just getting out the message that this vaccine is in place but also deciding who the messages are this isn't something that can just come from government is going to be people who are trusted by the different demographics that are trying to be targeted but along side the push of people to take this vaccine the governor is also walking quite a spin line because it really wants to stress that while we might have this vaccine now the fight against covert 19 is not yet over it's going to be a long time before enough of us a vaccinated for it to make a real difference so while this is a big step towards normality the u.k. isn't there yet charlotte child some cover porting from a london thank you so very much. i mean while health officials have now were corded more than 20000000 cases of the coronavirus across europe that's according to a tally bio one news agency while the pandemic has
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a race in years of economic progress in many countries including spain which is considered the hardest hit e.u. member and before the corona virus the space g.d.p. was outpacing that of its neighbors growing at almost 3 percent but in the 1st 2 quarters of this year travel and tourism the lifeblood of spain's economy came to a standstill the economy tanked and putting the country into its worst recession and more than 80 years seemingly endless queues from food in madrid to working class district of us some people have been regulus at this food bank attitude for he is but others are new. the pandemic has brought them here. some are too shamed they hide from the camera so others speak for them. they think that you give up that people here have been waiting to get minimum state subsidies for ages . and that people who apply for furlough in march and still haven't been paid.
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by one of europe's worst coronavirus outbreak suspends economy has been left shattered people know incomes migrants and casual workers have suffered the most maria worked as a headdress of for the past 17 years that was until the pandemic as she her husband and their 5 children have hit rock bottom up almost as now not made of money before but we always had food never in our lives did we imagine we'd end up like this. movie i was entitle to apply for follow payments but she has had to waste too long for the money to come through. is that a lot for me i should think about the families who don't have food please don't forget us that the system is at a standstill and house situation is very bad i'm one month one month the government says it will extend the furlough scheme it has rolled out a basic income program but the process of getting benefits is highly bureaucratic
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and lengthy. and even with the money food to donations remain essential demand is soaring many people awful in through the cracks and have little to no financial aid the spanish food bank federation's latest figures show just how many people now depend on their help. it was almost nobody made up on the 1st part of the pandemic we had 1000000 beneficiaries of the now we're looking at 1000000 890000 you know me don't you think the hole in the bush the moment they will be out of the inferno in the me. they warehouse on the outskirts of madrid supplies 70000 units of food every day that's mainly paid for by government and e.u. aid these schemes have been extended and a recent campaign for donations should ensure that the warehouse doesn't run out of store back at the church rather than santa needs more volunteers to pull the many trolleys and reduce waiting times they go from empty to full within seconds before
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they get to the waiting hungry. will tell you that it's infested on some days that you're into it and then if i thought i'd make it home because the stuff i was working at a speed of a person who had aged 40 years before the age but that doesn't stop him. one fool truly contains food supplies for a month including treats that families cannot afford. over at all only when the children see the cocoa or chocolates they very happy to have whatever that is because i can only buy the essential some for one thing that i must that i said. the pandemic has hit spain's already battered economy hard it's unlikely it will recover quickly enough so people may have to rely on food handouts for some time to come. a call restart reporting from the spanish capital here in germany calls are growing for tougher a lockdown measures to try and bring the number of corona virus infections under
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control one of the country's leading health stator. the leopold in us says the government should consider a 2 week hard lockdown starting on december 24th all this would include a ban on travel or gatherings and an extension of school holidays until the 10th of january all right and like to turn now to professor ralph for heritage he is one of the co-authors of the leopold statement and a psychologist at the max planck institute in berlin the professor so good to have you with us and you are making the case for a hard lockdown explain why complete lockdown is inevitable in your view. well 1st of all thank you for having me i don't think it's inevitable but it is a necessary choice that we have that we need to make as a society and also as a middle decision makers the reasons are very obvious the reasons are that we are
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any relatives behind on both and statutes we have every day many 100 not many but hundreds of people died and also we have hospital the medical system that is really pushed to its limits and now we are entering the holiday season and of course the holiday seasons we tend to behave in a way that is unfortunately very crude duces to the spread of the virus. up what would you prefer to see happen now. what i would prefer is indeed what we recommend in the statement by the you do you know which is the heart knocked over the holidays and the way we describe it is be described as a 2 step process a process that already starts on december 14th in which we basically recommend people to start working a total home office and also to lift the obligation to attend school so that parents can actually decide to keep their children in total and also start
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a digital education as much as possible it will be the 1st and the 2nd stuff starts on december 24th you might wait it's all just where you start 10 days earlier because the new 24th you may meet. the family members whom you haven't seen in quite some time and of course at that point you want to make sure that you are not spreading the virus or that you don't have to sometimes on december 24th what we are recommending you start all stores that are not absolutely necessary such as pharmacies and food stores being closed and that we have read it to heart don't until january 10th. now joy has been so hard to come by this year is it not too onerous to ask people to work less not celebrate holidays with their loved ones to protect them.


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