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a logical impact of coded 1000 on patients but 1st let's zoom out what happens to the human body when infected by the corona virus we know much more about that now than we did at the beginning of the pandemic take a look. it's not just coughing and sneezing that are dangerous but also speaking and singing tiny droplets and aerosols loaded with the virus float invisibly through the air and are inhaled coronaviruses can reach the mucous membranes in the throat and nestle in there this is the beginning of the infection. then come the symptoms but those aren't that unusual for most people they might feel like a normal cold business no runny nose a cough feeling sick for take. it can all be there another thing is a loss of taste. most infected people around 80 percent have mild symptoms which go away after a few days. by this point our immune system has successfully fought off the viruses
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just like this in a lot of cases with bacteria and viruses only in a few cases there's a serious infection occurring fixture would but corona viruses can multiply fast spreading from the for old to the lungs. and that's how they can infect lung cells until pneumonia sets in. when i missed the other wheel pneumonia occurs it means the gas exchange is disrupted where oxygen abduction takes place and so the patient needs supplementary oxygen that's by definition as a vehicle of a case that needs to be treated in hospital. the body is supplied by oxygen via the lungs entering the bloodstream by the of your lie to the blood vessels and then it is distributed to the rest of the body complications can occur when the coronavirus settles in the space between the palminteri of your life and the blood vessels that can colds inflammation the distance to the blood vessels
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then becomes greater and oxygen intake is more difficult. when organs are deprived of oxygen breathing is labored and then respiratory muscles are quickly exhausted especially in the elderly that's when the lungs need help with a ventilator. but that can prevent the situation from worsening in some cases. inflammation in the lungs increasingly hinders gas exchange. fluid escapes from the cells. and even with the support not enough oxygen enters the body then an external machine must take over the function of the lungs the so-called m. called. enriches the blood of the body with oxygen and then returns it into the body but not without complications. yet most of the i am
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goal isn't free of complications you can have bleeding complications and many more so this is really a therapy that we use when your back is up against the wall and only in special facilities but it is a life saving therapy to help your dog. but the situation can escalate even further the immune system then becomes the main problem triggering a massive implementation as a reaction to paul and you much of it we need an immune response to actually fight the virus successfully with a immune system can react so strongly that it ends up creating a bigger problem than the virus itself. studios and fix or. defense compounds flood the entire body immune cells attack that in a world of blood vessel they become weak fluid leaks into the tissue and is deficient in the 2nd literally system the organs are no longer sufficiently supplied with blood. but while most cases my old
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recuperating phase can cause some concentration problems exhaustion and muscular weakness and that tends to be more severe than in other infections. we usually see the post called it syndrome in the younger people who are seriously ill with cough it at all because they can't seem to get back on their feet to god they are really exhausted and can hardly get up on their own. so we have top athletes who can't even manage to climb a staircase without being short of the threat of. progression to severe cases is now less common than during the 1st wave of the coronavirus pandemic this could be due to mask usage it may contribute to a smaller amount of the infection in the air making the disease less deadly. now there is the long term. effects of kovac on your body and that can include the impact on the brain to help us understand this better frank heppner is joining us now he's the head of the neuro pathology department at berlin sheva tate university
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hospital welcome to you frank now there is increasing evidence that sars cove to not only affects the respiratory tract but it can also impact the central nervous system what is the likelihood of that happening when we know from one 3rd of the co 1000 cases that they do suffer from neurological problems and this was basically due reason for our study where we are actually so how is the distribution of the virus in the brain and secondly how does it get into the brain now one 3rd of coronavirus patients that is a significant proportion means it's definitely worth looking into how sars co 2 enters and invades the nervous system what can you tell us about that. whether we knew that there is a virus of course within the oil factory macos or so to macos or layout and the
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method our nose this is where we were just walking so we knew this is kind of potential port of entry and we know from our other viruses that they use their cranial nerves for example the old factory nerves to climb up to the brain and this is what we test and we took basically regions from the roles of tori macos up and we took different parts of the nerves and we looked into their respective connections in the brain and indeed we found with different methods that the virus currently uses the old faction the old sensory nerves to get into the brain what does this mean in terms of long term damage what do we know about that. well this is of course a difficult question i mean we looked at. very severe cases that died from codes and 90 and these had different times and durations of the disease and of
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course it is difficult to as you or even anticipate what's going to happen if there is a longer period of off time of the virus in the brain but what we can say is that divac that the virus gets into the brain and then may disappear if they're even to regions which are very sensitive to our body functions is of course something that we have to take into account when we make a diagnosis when we think about treatments and the fact that there is a this high incidence of neurological problems i mean sort of currently that many of the covert patients am half the virus within the brain but do you know if there is a way to prevent that from happening. well of course right now not what we did is just to diagnose or to make this a diagnostic approach to learn how to entries and this kind of is to be done troll
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action in medicine and in life sciences research we 1st have to understand what kind of cuss cade's are used for example in this case or from an anxious agent to learn about the potential bottlenecks to the know where to interfere majorana when we have something at hand to the virus thank you very much frank has never had the neuro pathology department at berlin charité a diversity hospital thank you very much for your insights today and now we've come to that part of the show devoted to one of your sent in questions about the current virus our science correspondent derek williams has an answer. which colbert 19 diagnostics are most useful from an epidemiological point of view . there are basically 3 types of diagnostics that play useful but different roles in the fight against covert 19 and the 1st 2 are for determining whether someone
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has the disease or not the gold standard for doing that is what's called a poly res chain reaction or p.c.r. test and it works by amplifying tiny amounts of any viral genetic material available in a sample up to levels where it can be detected although no test is 100 percent reliable and p.c.r. tests are very accurate on the downside they're also slow and fairly expensive which is a drawback when numbers of cases are rising rapidly the 2nd class of detection diagnostics called antigen tests work by detecting viral proteins directly antigen tests are cheaper and they can deliver a result in minutes but they're also less accurate than p.c.r. tests which is a particular problem when it comes to what are called a false negative results that's when people actually have the virus but because the
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test says they don't they don't isolate still the speed and low cost make antigen tests important tools and scenarios where infections are spiking and and a lot of people need to be tested quickly and they can often be performed on site so simple as don't have to be sent off to specialized labs the 3rd diagnostic in the covert $900.00 pandemic that's playing an important role is what's called a serial logical test generally called an antibody test which detects proteins called antibodies that form in the body as part of the immune response they can tell doctors if someone was infected at least in the recent past syria logical tests also play a key role. in vaccine development since they can show whether a candidate is having the effect that we was which is to problems the immune system to produce antibodies. now do you have a question for derek just send an email to feedback taught english at the w.
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dot com and type expert in the subject line or leave a comment on our you tube channel with the hash tag ask derek that's all from us thank you for watching good bye and sticks it.
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a little more. closely . carefully you don't know. the truth needs to be a good. match. to. discover. the i. subscribe to the documentary on. i'm not laughing at the gym well i guess sometimes i am but most end up in winter 7 weeks of german thinks even for german culture looking at the stereotypes of the
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classics but in years think the future of the country that i'm playing. piano needed to be taken as grandma day out to me it's all about. nothing i might show you i mean for me the jam and sunday w. . post. we know that this is a scary time for the coronavirus is changing the world changing. so please take care of yourself a good distance and wash your hands if you can date of how we are doing with you for here for you we are working so hard it was going to keep you informed on all of our platform. we're all in this together and none too good i will make an effort. to see that everybody stays in the series that would stay safe increase to say.
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this is it every news life for a girl in a landmark moment britain rolls out the biggest nationwide vaccine program in its history a 90 year old woman got their 1st dose but the vaccine swift approval by british regulators has some people as a threat the next challenge will be ensuring it reaches those who need it the most also coming up still no briggs's breakthrough in you chief result on the line invites british prime minister boris johnson to brussels for a last ditch break the talks the both sides admit it could soon be game over also.


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