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mass vaccination program but he warned against complacency. the pool of food to relax neurons and so my message would be it's amazing to see the vaccine community it's amazing to see this tremendous shot in the arm for the entire nation but we call the food to relax and. the u.k. has ordered enough of the bio tech vaccine to inoculate 20000000 people with millions of arrival shots also expected officials say vaccinating the population will take months but they will have to contend with facts and skepticism risk is what the long term effects but. i would take it. as a benefits outweigh the risks seems sensible thing to do and it's the only way we're going to add to the pandemic i would say. sharon's to see. everything that you think is your truth on facebook health experts are agin the
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government to actively tackle misinformation it is extremely important are these people get the vaccine so we need to find a way how to communicate it to them and how to in a way isolate them from these damaging examples of misinformation that they sing on social media. as margaret keenan returned to her ward she did so to a wall of applause a celebration of humanity's triumph in this bleakest of years. a very consequential day for the u.k. lesser taken out of the times charlotte shell some pill and a lander in charlotte this has been the moment so many people have been waiting for who will get the vaccine this year. well the government here lately has been really keen to stress that this is going to be a marriage then and not a sprint people who are you younger less vulnerable shouldn't expect to have this
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vaccine anytime soon at the moment it's a point of people like margaret keenan as we heard in that report people who are over a c. who are likely who are in hospital who are expected as out patients in hospitals they'll be coming in to the hospital just like the one behind me for that vaccination it will also be open to have homework is and i n h s frontline staff as well this will be a slow process but like you say it's one that the whole world is watching other countries considering this vaccine want to know how logistically the u.k. is doing and of course how the u.k. plans to win over hearts and minds over it well let's talk about what you just referenced the logistical challenges facing the u.k. public health officers there because the vaccine has to be stored at minus 70 degrees celsius however they overcome that a cold storage challenge. yes there are
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a number of logistical challenges with this particular vaccine you mentioned one that the temperature but also needs to be sought but also transporting it as well is another challenge that's why these machinations initially in taking place at these hospital hurts because they have the facilities in place but the governor has said that they want to roll them out further ultimately the plan is to have mass vaccination centers for doctors to be able to to do the vaccines as well but a lot of eyes here are on the care home residents of course this is something that other countries as well will be watching to see what the u.k. done because it's not possible at the moment for care home residents just sickly to come into these hospital hughson right now the vaccine can't come to them so it is expected in the coming weeks that will be addressed after all they are among the most vulnerable in society to this virus and they have suffered so greatly this year and charlotte there are also some cultural challenges that the government will
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have to deal with according to some polls a 3rd of the population in the u.k. is worried about the safety of the vaccine and say that they're going to take a wait and see approach when it comes to taking it what is the car for what is the government planning on doing to change these perceptions. well the u.k. is no different to any other country in the fact that enthusiasm for a vaccine isn't universal for a lot of people they think it's come quite quickly and as you say they want to take a wait and see approach but the the whole basis for this vaccine to to work is that it needs to be based on trust so the government here is planning to launch a p.r. campaign to get people on board with this vaccine a number of the older celebrities at this stage a lot of them famous in the u.k. well as well i won't name them then obviously internationally famous but they've signed up to say that they'll be 1st in line for the vaccine to try and boost confidence and that of course one there you famous lady there's
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a lot of speculation that she might be her vaccination might be publicized and that is the queen and people expose ping that say once people see that the queen's had a vaccination of course she is very much over 80 over the threshold that a lot more people will get on board but what is so key to this is that the campaign here is not just getting out the message that this vaccine is in place but also deciding who the messages are this isn't something that can just come from government is going to be people who are trusted by the different demographics that are trying to be targeted but along with side the push of people to take this vaccine the governor is also walking quite at the line because it really wants to stress that while we might have this vaccine now the fines against 19 is not yet over is going to be a long time before enough of this a vaccination for it to make a real difference so while this is a big step towards normality the u.k. isn't there yet shall the child some people reporting from london thank you so very
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much. on germany is considering a tougher along down measures to curb the number of coronavirus infections the eastern state of saxony which has especially high case numbers has become the latest state to voluntarily expand its light down closing schools and businesses one of germany's leading health institutions the leopold diena says the government should consider in 2 week ha. lockdown nationwide starting on the summer 24th this would include a ban on travel or gatherings over christmas and an extension of school holidays until january 10th. all right and i like to turn now to professor ralph for heritage he is one of the co-authors of the leopold statement and a psychologist at the max planck institute in berlin the professor so good to have you with us and you are making the case for a hard lockdown explain why a complete lockdown is inevitable in your view. well 1st of all thank you for
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having me on i don't think it's inevitable but it is a necessary choice that we have that we need to make as a society and also as a middle decision makers the reasons are very obvious the reasons are that we are any. number of insurgents we have every day many 100 not many but hundreds of people dying and also we have a hospital and medical system that is really pushed to its limits and now we are entering the already season and of course the holiday seasons we tend to behave in a way that is unfortunately very crude duces to the spread of the virus. up what would you prefer to see happen now. what i would prefer is indeed what we recommend in the statement by the you do you know which is the heart knocked over the holidays and the way we describe it is be described as a 2 step process
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a process that already starts on december 14th in which we basically recommend people to start working at all home office and also to lift the obligation to attend school so that parents can actually decide to keep their children in total and also start digital education as much as possible that would be the 1st and the 2nd step starts on december 24th 2 might awaits all of us why you start 10 days earlier because in the 24th you may meet. the family members whom you haven't seen in quite some time and of course at that point you want to make sure that you are not spreading the virus or that you don't have to sometimes and on december 24th what we are recommending you start all the stores that are not absolutely necessary such as pharmacies and stores being closed and that we have a relatively art don't until january 10th. now joy has been so
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hard to come by this year is it not too onerous to ask people to work less not celebrate holidays with their loved ones to protect them. yes and you're totally right of course it is a risk to our system to do that but let me point out 2 things 1st you do still possible that you really spend the holidays with the closest member of your family so with their real loved ones. should be very intimate celebration also you can reduce the risk if you do what we recommend you start the 1st phase of self karma caught yourself on december 14th so that you can be quite certain that you are not symptomatic by the time you meet your closest senate members and very importantly the current at the time of their knocked all is meant to be short its heart and short but that also gives us a perspective for the months to come and also for returning to
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a more normal life afterwards and i do wait there are good reasons to assume that for instance he compared a situation jury to other countries such as the bill should all i went through such a quick and very hard locale in their numbers much much better than once in germany so are you are you seeing this as a circuit breaker is that what i understand from your ass or is this more a circuit breaker. it is meant to be a circuit breaker but think about it it's a holiday season that is at one time one that presents enormous wrists but interestingly it also presents us with an enormous chance because ultimate during the holiday season. has been decelerated all over shops are closed public spaces are closed so our yours is such a circuit breaker or a hard look there always necessary then that students through time in which we
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throw our culture anyhow are studying it all. shops are closed and so on and so on telly the idea here is that we really seize the opportunity and make use of the chance of qualities that you can. hire a professor. of germany's layo poll dana academy of sciences sir thank you for coming on here thank you very much. on meanwhile new york city is seeing a surge in cases and that has prompted mayor bill de blasio to shut down public schools last month but he changed course and ordered some pre-kindergarten and elementary schools to reopen on monday blasio said the decision was based on science and it followed a fierce debate over how to keep kids learning and keep them safe. school buses are back in the big apple some 190000 children are returning to the classroom this week as long as their parents give their ok. kids need to bring
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written consent allowing them to be given frequent coronavirus tests the plan is to test but the mayor scrapped this benchmark citing new research showing that few transmissions appear to occur among young children nonetheless reopening the nation's largest public school system in the midst of a sharp spike remains a gamble. the united states just saw the deadliest week of the kovac 1000 pandemic since april with 15000 death and health officials are warning that worse weeks may lie ahead. without substantial mitigation the middle of january can be a really dark time for us. most other big city districts are sticking to online teaching for now but they're watching to see how this reopening goes to decide if they'll follow the risky path laid by new york city. let's take
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a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world. in new zealand and an inquiry into last year's christ church mosque attack found that security services had not focused enough on the threat from right wing terror the 800 page long reports that spy agencies have placed and in appropriate focus on islamic extremism before the attack but it stopped short of saying authorities could have prevented a massacre could have been done to stop it farmers in india are staging a one day nationwide attack attack strike rather to protest the government's new market friendly our agricultural laws tens of thousands of farmers have been camped on the outskirts of the capital delhi since the end of november demanding of appeal of the law. coca-cola pepsi and nestle have been named
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the world's top plastic polluters for a 3rd year in a row all 3 companies have been accused of making is 0 progress on reducing plastic waste coca-cola announced earlier this year it would not abandon plastic bottles saying they were popular with customers in. the u.k. has agreed to withdraw draft clauses and breaks that legislation that would have broken international law and renae on its earlier agreement with the european union the move is being hailed as progress by both britain and ireland but on the separate matter of reaching a trade deal there is still no sign of progress. all right let's find out what the state of play is with these talks going to take you now to. brussels bureau chief alexander von naaman to find out the latest about the braes the talks alexander mind viewers please what these clauses that we just reported on were about and why the european union objected to them in the 1st place. well to
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understand that we need to step back a little bit last year the european union and the u.k. agreed on the terms of their divorce so to speak on the was withdrawal agreement and one key point there was to make sure even after breakfast the border between the republic of ireland and northern ireland will remain an open border that no good will need to be checked that some of the customs rules will remain in place but then the u.k. said oh we don't know how it's going to be implemented maybe it's going to hurt us when we don't have a trade agreement with the european union so they went on and those closes on potential terrorists on customs rules customs declarations and state they were mans to enable the government in london to overall disagreement with the european union so of course the european union was infuriated and now the u.k. saying ok we're taking that back and going back to what actually was agreed last
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year all right so how much of a concession is this by the british government to the e.u. and does this mean breaks a deal can still be salvaged. well the onus on to to that is maybe it's definitely a positive sign a gesture of goodwill and it can help. improve the atmosphere in the actual talks between the u.s. the e.u. and u.k. on the possible trade agreement it can help restore trust but we're hearing from politicians in the european parliament that there are not sure about that damage has been done that they don't know if they can trust the u.k. and their government and of course some voices here are also saying that it could be an excuse for boris johnson to say ok we know showed this gesture of goodwill and if you is not ready to come from a instead we can just walk away so i would say that it can go both ways still
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can go both ways you know brussels bird chief alexander phenomena reporting thank you. we want to turn our focus now to the caucuses were a peace deal signed by arminius from minister has prompted the opposition to call for his resignation many armenia's are angry over concessions made by the prime minister last month 2 and a 6 week war with the seri with azerbaijan over the nagorno-karabakh region the agreement sees armenia returning a significant part of the disputed territory to us about john meanwhile thousands of areas are now starting to move back to areas that have been under armor new control. this time we did it we won says hum that ibrahim off he proudly show the 2 armenian tanks captured in a recent battle 28 years ago he fought against yemeni and himself that is when the
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last nickel a car bomb to i mean yeah that is why he's especially happy about this victory. go to look it's still loaded the tanks was still full of ammunition when we took them they just left everything there and ran away. we travel with hama to act i am one of the so-called liberated zones factum is a ghost town after being captured by i mean in forces in 1903 the assyrian population fled and the captures destroyed the city because the here ashima off the caucasus. mariam is returning here after 27 years she's proud and happy but she's not sure she will ever be able to live here again. or to visit in the back there is where i went to school but over there is where our house used to be that is now completely gone. they only left the
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mosque standing now he can no longer see anything fact i'm used to be so beautiful but everything was destroyed there's nothing there. we left everything in the house we couldn't take anything with us i was only wearing flip flops. they had to flee act him her husband and brother were wounded in the attacks and have been missing ever since they are just 2 of thousands of missing people why did they kill us what did my husband do wrong my sons showed me internet videos of a mean ians killing hostages how am i supposed to know if my husband was also killed in that way or if they tortured and murdered. such videos were also made by syrian troops both sides have been accused of war crimes the hatred runs deep the fighting in this recent war was so bitter that burned bodies of i mean in soldiers are still lying in the back of a truck painted crosses the way to the dead in another ghost town from the 1990 s.
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. hamlet walks through the ruins of a form a mosque. that was the minaret as big as the one at the amenia it's destroyed it the mosque was very big and that is what they have done to it it is in complete ruins. the picture. on the edge of the rubble lies the former headquarters of the emini and troops here now it's on to a siri control and it is the victors who wants to set the rules now. as our president said the armenians can live together with us in our country as citizens of our country under our flag with possible it's possible. but living together is not an option at the moment the battlefield is still there it is a truce not peace. the pandemic has shut
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down live so artists across europe of how to get creative to keep performing as they say all the world's a stage and a duo and brussels has just set out to prove just that. a curtain raiser of a different kind in the belgian capital brussels circus performers are adapting to the times with restrictions making a regular circus visit impossible these artists are bringing the stage to the street. i think they're nice. on the other side of the glass there is no applause no atmosphere for the g.a.o. to feed off but it's still a welcome change. we can't really see their faces or get their reactions but while the window blocks out some of the noise there is still a bond that is created. yet at the sink
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a. just like performers bastar have also been starved of patrons. challenge a new book it's heartwarming just to open the café to have an activity see the smiles on the faces of people outside it's the best thing that has happened to us recently. for the most part a charity has been helping performers make ends meet although passes by also encouraged to make donations so that circus in the city might help make their curtain call worthwhile. a politician in argentina has proposed a new banknotes with the inventor of legendary player diego maradona on the banknotes could look like this the one that you see here with methadone his face featured on the front and his most famous goal on the back of the football agree passed away 2 weeks ago at the age of 60 are gonna lead his country to the 1986 world cup title. artistic or this next up is our for boss show kick off with
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a review of oneness league ammash day 10 that's after a very very short break i'll have more headlines for you at the top of the hour on my lock on behalf of the entire news team thank you for spending this part of your day with us.
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triumphs in the dirt. from the west of the german capital to. the big. major offensive edges closer to the top taking down the brain child of 2 in 2nd place in the case. kick off.
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in the far north. beyond the inhabitable world its lonely. barren and breathtakingly beautiful. the arctic a powerful expanse of bitter cold. calm and the sound of global warming. to take a journey around the north pole meet profiteers and talk with people experiencing a changing environment. or the ice disappears earlier and it keeps retreating.
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our future depends on what happens here in more of the most fragile ecosystems on our. northern lights like the arctic circle starts december 21st g.w. . the balland l.b. stole the.


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