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tv   Made in Germany  Deutsche Welle  December 9, 2020 2:03pm-2:31pm CET

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pay the price so 590 people dying every day that's just not acceptable in my eyes and we must take action and accept our bass player has decided this is a. miracle also condemned the protest movements casting doubt on the science behind the so-called lockdown light currently in place she made an unusually personal reference to her background as a scientist and her earlier years living under a regime with no respect for the truth to that university news gemini i decided to study physics i probably would not have done that if i had lived in the west i did it because i realized that many things could be undermined but not gravity or to speed of light and other scientific theory for medical the facts are clear a tighter lockdown is needed right now her next challenge is to persuade not only parliament but also the german people and the only important leaders of each german
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state without their consent tougher actions won't be possible but if today's speech is anything to go by merkel is ready to put all her political power on the line. did have used chief political correspondent linda crane followed that speech in the german bundestag for us she joins us now a chance americal there closing her address with this impassioned plea for more action that is pretty unusual for her what did you make of it. indeed it is it was in part a response to a call from a leader of germany's right wing party the f.t. just before the chancellor spoke telling the chancellor she should get out of her eye for the tower and give citizens the facts so the facts are precisely what the chancellor did give her listeners at the end of her speech saying that she believes
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in the power of reason and the power of science and then rattling off a series of numbers that show the very dire development in infection rates in death rates and the shrinking of intensive care capacity in his country over the last 2 months and she cited the findings of germany's council of experts to lay low poll dina which said yesterday that the current restrictions simply aren't enough she said history and science show us that the 2nd wave of a pandemic is always more difficult and more painful than the 1st we are now in the middle of that 2nd wave and we simply must to do more and with we said she meant not only the states the federal states working together with the federal government but every individual on his or her own and there she drew quite an interesting distinction between democracies like germany and authoritarian regimes saying they
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can handle things differently than we can lead must depend on every individual doing their bit and she used that moment in her remarks to thank all of the many great majority of germans who in fact are complying with the rules well we know that germany is also taking on a lot of new debt to mitigate the economic effect of the pandemic what are the chance i have to say about that. she said that she is well aware that this is the 2nd highest level of debt that germany has ever taken on the 1st time just being in this year also because of the pandemic but she said extraordinary situations demand extraordinary measures and she said we are very well aware that this debt to does burden future generations it will be paid back and the government has issued a schedule for how it intends to repay the extraordinary debt and she said i also have listened to the calls from all political parties here in the bundestag for this money to be well invested for it to be put to good use and then she listed
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a number of the areas where she believes that is the case from research and development on new energy sources like hydrogen to infrastructure to the health care system and artificial intelligence and a major push on digitalisation so a very very clear statement from her that she believes this is money well spent our chief political correspondent linda crane reporting from the bunder start for us thank you. let's check in now on some of the other developments in the pandemic the united kingdom's national health service has advised people with a history of serious allergic reactions not to receive the biotech pfizer kovac 1000 vaccine 2 people have responded adversely to the shot just the day after a mass vaccination started sweden's government has proposed a new temporary law to expand its powers to tackle the pen demick such as the tightened lock down the nordic country has been hit by rising hospitalizations and
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deaths israel has received its 1st shipment of corona virus vaccines the country is expected to receive enough vaccine for about a quarter of the population by the end of the year israel plans to start administrating the administering the vaccines on december 20th and south korea reported $686.00 new coronavirus cases on wednesday as it battles a 3rd wave of infection that is threatening to overwhelm its health system the current daily tally is the 2nd highest since the start of the pen demick. and coronavirus numbers are climbing in turkey which now ranks 2nd globally in the highest number of daily cases after months of pressure by health experts and opposition politicians the government has changed the way it counts cases that has revealed a much worse situation than previously thought debbie's yulia han reports. and it was actually it was celebrating her birthday she turns 8 to date her 2 biggest
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wishes harry potter kate and meeting her best friends. the latter is more difficult to organize since tried to coronavirus measures have come into force in turkey young people under the age of 20 are only allowed to leave their homes for 3 hours a day. i know that like i used to be able to go outside whenever i wanted it that was much better i also miss school now everything is done why assume and it's so annoying they are ok i mean you know he has his mother's trying to organize life as best as she can between work and curfew she's often surprised how quickly the children have adapted to the difficult situation. to declare i must kill you or not the kids wear their masks without complaining even when they are playing they got used to it only when we look at old photos of the do we notice that mosques weren't
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always that you're making me then you're going to go all the. curfews for children are not the only new anti coronavirus rule in tokyo those older than 65 can also only go outside at certain times public transportation is forbidden for young and old people and on weekends everyone with few exceptions has to stay at home. it looks pretty bleak these days in istanbul's huge. very busy neighborhoods restaurants bars many shops closed. until recently the turkish government only publish the number of call that 19 patients showing clear symptoms and that's why many people here thought turkey was surviving the crisis relatively well but now the authorities have started to release data on the number of all new infections every day and many are realizing turkey is one of the worst affected countries in
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the world. the government now reports about $30000.00 new infections per day. many of us are angry about how the government is managing the crisis but there's nothing we can do. the government is concerned with its reputation they want to look good that is why there is no transparency. publishing the need to but they should have informed people much better right from the beginning then everyone would have known what to expect and how to act if you could read. the deals with many covered 19 patients he's a family doctor and belongs to the turkish medical association he says the authorities are still hiding the truly extend of the crisis. so. we still have a lot more cases then the government says according to our estimates we have about
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50260000 new infections per day our doctors and hospitals are at the absolute limit we have to urgently take radical countermeasures. e-list things the current restrictions are already plenty tough parties over the kids have to go back inside next year she hopes for a birthday without the coronavirus. that report there from our correspondent yulia han in istanbul and she's standing by for us with more on the story hi yulia good to see you yulia we were just taking a look at your report and i want to know if you could explain to us why there are different restrictions in turkey for the young and for the old. well the tech is government 1st introduced stay at home orders for those aged $65.00 and older and those h 20 or younger in april when the pandemic started basically arguing that the elderly
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are a risk group that needs protection while asymptomatic young people might fuel the spread of the virus now both age groups can buy and make up about 40 percent of the turkish population and since most of them are not pod of the workforce keeping them atone and that's certainly part of the reasoning here is less harmful to the economy than let's say similar measure is targeted at the working population in spring though the curfews were much tougher the young and the elderly were completely banned from leaving their homes for about 2 months and the authorities argue that this helped to bring the numbers down so what we're seeing now is somehow a soft aversion of the curfews we saw earlier this year while the overall coronavirus situation here in turkey is much was that it was in spring you mention in your report you leave the discrepancies between how turkey has been reporting you covered 1000 infection so how clear is the picture there of the situation right now
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. well my impression is that the condemning here in turkey a risk spiraling out of control many people we speak to either know someone who tested positive for call that 19 or someone he even died from the virus now we have the official figures published by the turkish health ministry and according to this we had more than 33000 new infections in the last 24 hours that's the highest number reported since the beginning of the pandemic it's also the highest number in a europe right now the official death rate has also more than doubled in less than 3 weeks now these figures are already very alarming if you now listen to what the turkish medical association says and it represents most of the countries doctor as the actual figures are even higher and now add to this they are warning some say is actually a cry for help that hospitals are full that i see use of fool especially here in
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istanbul all of this is painting a very grim picture given that alarming situation yulia do you think that the current measures that are in place or enough to curb the spread. well the turkish medical association the doctor we spoke to for the report clearly say no they say in a city like istanbul with 16000000 people you would actually need to shut everything down for at least 14 days to relax the situation in the hospitals at least a little i don't think we're going to see anything like this because the government already said that they want to avoid any additional economic pain but the government government now is being criticized a lot for their lack of transparency for giving the economy a priority in this house crisis and for acting too little too late.
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and in istanbul soras thank you very much. now to some other stories making news around the world the united nations says the earth is on course to warm by more than 3 degrees celsius by the end of the century after greenhouse emissions reached a new high last year the u.n. said the impact of this year's dip and pollution due to the pandemic will only be negligible without a comprehensive and rapid shift away from fossil fuels. british prime minister boris johnson and e.u. chief was enough underline will hold talks in brussels this evening as they make a last minute push for a post break that trade deal it comes after months of deadlock negotiations between officials both sides have warned the chances of reaching an agreement by the deadline at the end of the year are slim the ethiopian government has rejected calls for an independent investigation into the conflict in its region the un human rights chief said the situation is worrying and volatile humanitarian workers say
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aid cannot reach the region and thousands of people have fled the fighting. venice was caught off guard by surprise flooding on tuesday after a sudden change in the weather forecast parts of the city were submerged at high tide in spite of the new multibillion euro barrier designed to prevent flooding the flood gates had been activated within the 48 hours needed to be fully operational. a small indian town in the state of on the approach is swarming with investigators after a mystery illness made hundreds of people sick including children officials and say blood tests on some patients have revealed the presence of nickel and lead they have now identified possible sources of what appears to be a mass poisoning. more than 500 people many of them children have been hospitalized with the mystery illness since saturday patients have reported a wide range of symptoms including noisy and headaches some had convulsions on the
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street others just collapsed with no warning. and then another. my father asked me to put on a news channel on his mobile phone while i was doing that i fainted i only regained consciousness in the hospital. bob you on we got our daughter admitted last night that she was vomiting had diarrhea and was shivering we were afraid to end up there so we brought her to the hospital. medical officials have been baffled about the cause of the illness they struggle to find a link between those taken ill but now traces of heavy metals including nickel and lead have been found in the blood of some patients tests on the water supply and food such as rice and oil being carried out one scientist said the source could be pesticides. we have elected more than 70 blood samples we have collected 70 food samples water samples milk samples and all samples for
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analysis and so on to analyzing we will be able to conclude and find the reason behind this disease. that we are suspecting that it could be metal toxicity and pesticide toxicity. the majority of people appeared to have recovered within hours and were sent home but doctors warn it heavy metals such as lead are confirmed as a cause then this could lead to more health problems down the line. on the 4th of august a massive explosion rocked to lebanon's capital beirut the destruction was felt far further than the confines of the city where the worsening economic crisis following the blast a willingness to help other suffering in lebanon has dwindled according to government estimates more than a 1000000 syrian refugees are in the country and many there are now bracing for a tough winter. every morning. cleans the source out
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of this rusty oil oven it runs all night so that her children and kept up by the cold with temperatures dropping close to 0 degrees celsius meanwhile father fair tax is desperately trying to insulate the shack. it's miserable we don't have proper schools here nothing to do at nights i huddled the kids close together so that they keep warm we don't even have warm clothing for them. it's set to be the harshest winter for the family yet not just due to the cold nearly 10 years ago they left aleppo fleeing syria's civil war since then lives have been devoid of prospects but it has never been this bad. name and barely any jobs left for us everything has gotten worse. hundreds of thousands of syrian refugees live in lebanon's bekaa valley just
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a few kilometers from the syrian border job opportunities are few and far between while the prices for food and fuel have shot up almost 90 percent of refugees here now live in what is considered extreme poverty and the coronavirus has arrived at the camp but mosques are in short supply. kidnapper had to move everyone here is afraid and worried my father in syria has just died of coronavirus 3 days ago. the explosion at the beirut harbor in august was the catalyst for a wider crisis 200 people died 7000 were injured and 300000 made homeless the already teetering economy crashed completely and that has affected the willingness to support around 1000000 refugees in the small country. there are a burden on lebanon and any other country they live in they should go back home.
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they need to go back lebanon is in a huge crisis we also don't have jobs and money for food there is nothing eyes and nothing but that and so for those sentiments off felt in the bekaa valley many syrians here are afraid of being attacked and are scared to leave the camps at night. which it's awful after 5 pm i don't go out even not to the pharmacy or the market. looking. for most people here a return to syria is unthinkable. houses destroyed and he fears being arrested his name is on the regime's wanted list and so he'd rather stay here than risk being put into a torture prisoners. it's in football paris censure monster champions league game with istanbul bashar was abandoned after players left
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the field in protest they accused a match official of using racist language the incident happened in the 1st half a member of istanbul's coaching staff was sent off after which players reacted to the officials choice of words the game we played on wednesday with different preferences at the turkish club were out of contention for the last 16 but p.s.g. can finish 1st or 2nd in the group. and cross harrington from use force is with us hi chris take us to what happened here will the 4th official who's of romanian descent sebastian cole. basically was referring to an assistant coach and bus he should hear of cameroonian descent saying the black guy over there the black isle there go check who is the black one over there stop possible that he does that and that pretty much sparked you know what the players deemed as racist and utterly walked off the pitch together both sides p.s.g. and the turkish side as well and basically after this exchange happened
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a lot of players a coach was outraged the coach here webb who was outraged say why do you say the black guy why the black guy why the black guy here player. but also was very irritated at that issue and the romanian state anti-discrimination came out and already said have acknowledged the fact that if you identify a player by his race in the remaining language it is deemed as racist and that's a huge problem because the officials are supposed to put out fires not sparked them into you know what it is today and it seems to be of race is it in the black eye you know for football at this level and step one of the 1st racist incident in european football is there a protocol and how to deal with this yet typically is the official who is there to you know regulate the situation whether it's you know monkey chants from fans or from of an opposing player we've never seen the official himself you know. be the center of attention in this regard in that's the unfortunate side of it because you
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can argue that there was ignorance on the official's part will you a 1st should inform and educate their officials to make sure that doesn't happen so right now as it stands as the official has been removed the action will resume with another official you know in their place but as you stated before p.s.g. is set to advance by structure here is not but despite whatever happens will be for i think it shows solidarity and it will definitely change i think you wafers attitude and the players attitude and just the rules of football altogether because there are no fans everyone's watching on t.v. it's definitely not the best light for the sport to be in right now and what does happen with the game now well the game continues as i've said the game will continue. and i just hope moving forward things like this don't repeat you know itself because if they do and the players choose to walk off as i mentioned you know the sport right now relies on everyone tuning in on their television fans are permitted anywhere right now so i think i'm assuming that the organization will
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hand out some sanctions probably another anti-racist initiative we've seen many in the past i think this will just be the next chapter and an opportunity more than anything to make sure you know everyone is educated and has you know the same understanding so things like this don't happen again chris harrington from v.w. sports bringing us up to date thank you so much. meanwhile last season semifinalists rb lights take have reached the champions league last 16 after beating manchester united 32 and eliminating the english team leipsic top of group h. at the moment pending the result of that p.s.g. game there is a dortmund were already through but top group af with their win have seen it as 16 year old coco became the youngest ever champions league player also qualified while you ventus won 3 nil at barcelona to beat the catalans to stop top spot in group. coming up next on news asia why would the u.n.
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criticize moving work in job refugees from an overcrowded mega camp to a brand new facility built just for that we'll find out. and we'll see how the pandemic has been affecting the fabled indian wedding. melissa chan as those stories and more coming up on the news asia states your.
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the little transatlantic the instruments thing and since the books starts december 25th the clock the. under small fields in my cuts. where i come from roggio timmins an important me soft transmitting a new stand for mish and when i was young my country was in brawling and conflicts the war problem which keeps most people would cause a lot of entourage to civics. it was my job to to in one off the lot just spot you'll say it's sold out to everyone in the town court listen to those against being. mentioned cause being from incident my long codea into
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a month long mortars on the law even if it's not by us i was it's one of. my choices in this cottage because given the way told transmitted to troops. men in the brush my much and i was a lots did up. you're watching news asia coming up today the bangladeshi government is relocating rich injure refugees from their longtime camp cox's bazaar to a remote island it's a move criticized by human rights activists. and beloved in the type of coverage 19 how the pandemic has changed wedding celebrations in india this year.


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