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tv   Markus Lanz  Deutsche Welle  December 12, 2020 4:30pm-5:30pm CET

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yeah. if you're running you can go on to play started getting their personalities to break you where did you kind of a. one did some good and if you can open it down so does would you go in and don't have any on that destroyed. but i was right on all the offers not just time. but hold on. a little bit over with them and i'm going to win that argument with the model i will talk about our dollars. that are coming.
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son kilometers away the fishermen in company are also waiting for better times. company still looks the same. no change. no an atrocity no more toa no bathroom for our dorm. the land that was cleared for his new modern village was taken back by nature flip flopped wrong by bob and. you look at their peril for well quite a. few. feet. if. crushed if that was right is it in. no but i'm down so to my ass known as
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a black man for the me type under number one a. young guy. and a good one was a lot of time to form your. interests now isn't it not you all guys if he was you know we are here not jesus yet it was interesting when. he knew i would ask him to meet you need you need. for you all initially 0 to 2 or. 3 yeah once you about we were doing the everyday i try to walk away just not right on.
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their. busy and i don't. want to. know what i did you know my body of being attacked and to marry a woman and all of the 10. minute drive was happening but i said are you how did you do i not. know. you hope i'm not a man has nothing to offer and. the more you looking and. simplest still exists.
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oh good. good. luck. but not more. careful because you're funny they're not. doing that with the tell you nobody on earth would it's up to the mid-morning we're going to jump to. the top of what drives me crazy is that no one is protesting the top man who only saying that one is going on is not correct to talk.
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about without the demining approve of the something instead of a few but i'll tell ya. people are patient. if only they would raise their voices. if only they would fight to have a better life. for. many. muslim and. islam is cut. cut. cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut. cut cut cut put in tom with a little bit of money congress would put me up to talk the 40. dollars about.
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nothing else but i was. playing. length. hello good morning and welcome to news 5. cents of 2010 more than $300000000.00 barrels of crude oil have been left out from the jubilee failed what $24000000000.00 u.s. dollars oil analysis that it is expecting to report revenues of around mine one $100000000.00 a new dividend policy of the company is expected to deliver right unused $100000000.00 a year to shareholders in 2018 the petroleum commission approved $420000000.00 worth of contracts but only one 6th went to indigenous gagnon companies fuel prices
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have consistently gone up for the past the 2 months to see an argument that commands of 50 percent over the period meanwhile the same cannot be said for consumers incomes. gangplank. 2090 almost 10 years after the 1st oil gift he has left her village she has moved to our current. she is neither driving a forklift nor. she's not even hawking anymore body searching for a job on a place to stay. when i don't know what a crowd name
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a look i did different countries almost have to laugh is the mom oh so much as a mom. was a man to them look at what tsunami mumbled away or see it's been fixed it up all our capital and it's right back raff. the imagine you can to add to my life and get a crack in the gym i. would see me out and from the time i am going to do let me ask you much of a. much amused clam watching them in their new makeup you some of them are my small a.w.t. and you. know. to. lighten up all right ok now i'm here in yemen is really coming to mommy mommy mama come on
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. none of them have given value me a good many yeah me with some glass or no i'm nothing that. poking. at each other like a. fish she knew you were the one to many try it with you will be a little mean age mitchy at. me it. may be all coming out on me. glass of wine and you want to believe. number one has long promised in common it's. not part of my mind it's a my mouth about a mission. well the intern building one of aquaman you know plucky my friend let's me about conventions and. about.
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their. business is the story about boyle comfort. that has declared a commitment to the principle of shared prosperity cosmos a company that respects the communities who are known for its benefits of all shared between ourselves up to more than 30000 people in the western region now have potable water main pool cost effective work 600 mission of construction of 2040 dutchmen a facility to connect that forms part of the taliban has limited commitment. to. a long time in. 10 years after the 1st oil
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production began there is for all money there is gas money but where is it there are nicely tarred streets leading to the ottawa bogus fuck tree and because they had some tar left the tard. although nobody in the village owns a car nobody can afford one you know what we call this white and the things. you mean and. all companies claim to be paying back to the people. but these are small little projects crumbs of the masses table just tranquilize us . it was done by a guy got us completed it covers about 80 percent of us she's nuts but we get it you're late in midtown. so from now you can't move i mean i
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thought a lot are going right out last time you. better believe it but i caught. and it was found by big companies that would provide a safe or tough for some of the accountants. it was a promise and then there are tons of broader might. not know who some of the dead to ruston explode with school going to pieces maybe even from this and you see i saw size fits. all const not. the last time he came it's not that bad try not it's not it's more
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it's more. to do. what i do is tied really verify that is the i'd to tease the good down to. just say count down from i so you know by. now i mean i've done this and know that you know for sure. it's just dad to build on. this show. making money i despair of look up when you see it. because. i've been taking notes from this and letting the b.s. yes i've done it. so you try to get over frustrated you.
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guys. had not been a blessing to us i taught how to write it. to rest. more than year i can have read many describe them all and a. while back have you ever been whining what do you know when i read it well you have part of. my way into my ground one which summed up was yucky. when you beat him with. that deadline. and we will be able to be able but i'm not. talking about my who do get up. when saturdays yeah yeah you do a lot of good good i'm not going to help. you to be about. it even if
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it is all about me it was because. were. moved the in the in. the old. the reunion the old in the.
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living we did our best for the treatment of our industry and. a very unfortunate name. like we were from a skewed income of. people again that unfortunate without it you cannot survive so people are doing it and now this instant we can feel the our intellect waits and we think we. are far fewer think about 5 years i would argue it out on the 10 is coming for 5 years because the market so if you you must be in the right one day and company county you always die you would die. the life. he didn't like. the way we. think a a week saying no to the last one.
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earth thank you. there's well there's you this rob. good graph where you. are right for now that one by one up and yes i don't have money but i'm doing my best to send them to school to lend a very good week who have no one to suffer like i am suffering for it and say i'm sorry i'm suffering to get the money for someone who is attending university it's not a joke so i don't want my children to be like me and london to be. more all that way than i. think that's something you know it would be
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a big men who will be able to meet big men because the work that income. loans will until everything is support. we are still waiting for their promises that we have to wait in. which we die and if we are lucky if we are not that notice how. to. deal with. the going. to. get. from 1414 foot 10000
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foot 1017 that as you see. by the move. well ben i was in that he said you were going to got to my mind i was on the president this week or. so i did get. of that number the one had a lot around me and said that all. these other 100 of us alone. so number 2. you know they may be down in the news for a while so you know i don't know them all but all over the wall. with this she walked on a visit the number one i want to listen. they want to i dress and i went up. to the. order.
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of it. for 2 and i said you can share a party how much. i surmise you know as well middle class right. now are. well under the bridge and read a book. and do movies unless there's enough class and a. gun i'm not a real gun while you know and on the. internet. and with enough of them is i mean there was. a little electricity sometimes but i don't see new village never much realized. 10 years of huge promises so much about doing it better than nigeria. a
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big world has brushed past the western coast and has already moved on leaving nothing good behind ready ready. it's not like nigeria ok. it is not what i was hoping for. i had expected promises finally be. uncapped instead of dreams vanishing. i asked her about. a gun is. your grammy of her own preference or the hardware or whatever . they're going to. run their winter. with the.
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purses down indeed got a bit off target but the road still ends half way. 'd prince's town is still sleeping. the hotel was never built and martha is waiting. and waiting. and waiting. and waiting. since morning. would take. for some hours even nor. even want to list the. nerve to let me do not learn. very.
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little about that. oh. just a very big promise and you are all witty to see it happening right now feel us. here. most of the youth have to travel outside the process down. just a math talk you're going to give you a 1000 jobs 5000 factories and nothing has been done. nothing has been down to date if one comes down.
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to see it is that nothing has changed not in his teeth it's like being glued given a snap or a drink to see us. we give in as seem used to sit still. we're going to look for. a moment then i. know you have a book. about me going on. now in the material you're not going to call. them you go to the bible and. never get the capital of. the ship practice yet inside c.n.n.
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that i'm going to read it to. is good will be every few americans enough aquatic awfully. good yachts would not be please . about that idea as when i met. some of i do not give a good i love that was written by about me and you lay i'm glad you didn't manage we'll go about. it with a top if you get a bit by bit it would be nice it was that the back. but yeah i was about a guy that would. love to run the comet out better company over.
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but i never. thought. we. we're. we were. we were. rude. ignorant and are supposed to continue. in a wage and company are caught and she announced a new oil discovery cannot buy production doubled to the point of down and that is going to be in it for his country could become the 4th biggest oil producing in
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sub-saharan africa big names like france is determined if you see in my earliest time newsweek school seems kind of gross i'm sure that got us prosperous up very bright one of the biggest all shrines in africa after the 2nd biggest oil discovery in africa. passed. enough. enough to make a big move on in one of my courage. to . do
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for. to. prove. into the conflict zone teams of joe biden will take the white house next month with his party's defeat devising how the democrats really celebrating my guest this week from washington is democratic congresswoman debbie dingell biden a man with a vision believe the struggle simply to control his politics and be a jew crises will trump only for home conflicts. 13.
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where i come from we have to fight for a free press and was born and raised to me telling the danger she put just one to the shadow and if you missed papers one official information as a journalist i have walked off the streets of many cantrips and their problems are all in the same party source inequality a lack of the freedom of the press. should work on the far to stay silent when it comes to the fans the humans and seem right to fold who have decided to put their trust in us. my name is jenny harrison i work a day dahlan. touch
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. this is detail lenience life from berlin a new phase in the united states. against the corona virus pandemic regulators approved the biotech pfizer vaccine here's the way for i'm one precent vaccination campaign expected to begin in the coming days. rising kovac 19 infections and deaths forced leaders here in germany to make some tough choices a stricter lockdown is now in the cards less than 2 weeks before christmas. and bringing hope to ethiopia 1st aid convoy arrives in teague rise since fighting broke out of a month ago but the u.n.
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sam's feel armaan refugees caught up in the conflict will get the latest from the capital addis ababa. on public folios welcome to the program the u.s. food and drug administration has approved the biotech pfizer coronavirus vaccine the makers say they'll start shipping doses immediately and the 1st inoculations could start as early as monday the vaccine was shown in trials to be 95 percent effective in preventing covert $1000.00. i have really good news today our nation has achieved a medical miracle we have delivered a safe and effective vaccine in just 9 months it's a turning point for the country with the highest coronavirus death toll in the world and counting. it seems heartbreaking that we have daily records that
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exceed the 911 deaths every day and i think you know it's very very difficult to go to work every morning knowing that hospitals are being filled clinics are preparing to deliver the biotech pfizer shot and begin the largest vaccination campaign in the u.s. history cancer care workers and elderly people in care homes are expected to receive the 1st doses but now that the vaccine is on its way will most americans take it. i think it's kind of your civic duty to get vaccinated and. i don't see any issues with doing it as long as it's safe it's a way to depopulate the world that's the agenda behind the vaccines sorry i'm not interested i will never take it over my dead body and that is the 1st step they can elect to examine and then i want to take that step to basically go out and have normal times again normalcy. some states are planning to begin vaccinating as early
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as monday but the shot comes with complex distribution challenges that has to be shipped and stored at all true temperatures and countries are competing for limited supplies. was the question. for you as michael says this is a scary question. and. intends. to. ask the question what can. the united states how can. here s. health officials say they will have enough doses to vaccinate every american he wants to be by the middle of next year europe is set to make its own decision on the biotech pfizer shot later this month in what could be the beginning of the end of the global pandemic. well a surge in covert $950.00 he's here in germany is alarming all authorities and
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stoking calls for a stricter lockdown at the beginning of the pandemic that death toll was hailed as being remarkably low but now with the 2nd wave the picture looks bleaker on saturday all star teams reported nearly 500 deaths and the numbers are still rising well the public health agency has also registered more than 28000 new infections in a single day those figures suggest weeks of a partial lockdown have been slow the spread tougher restrictions now seem almost inevitable chancellor angela merkel and regional leaders will hold emergency talks on sunday. here the record infections are not just a number german hospitals like this one in mannheim are struggling to treat the rising number of patients with covered 19 yet out on the streets you might not know that the country is in crisis the so-called lockdown light restrictions mean shops
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and schools are still open the german said of baton veteran back is not waiting for the federal government to take action you fire up. from december 12th on we are imposing a general lockdown for all of their guns. from saturday residents there may only leave their homes with a valid reason such as going to work or school the situation is dangerous all lawmakers seem to agree on that several other german states are urging action at the national level. we can see it getting away from us slipping from our hands we have to make a decision that's clear more resolute and more understandable in trying to escape this is a matter of life and death to put it clearly it's a matter of ethical responsibility that we in the government have chancellor angela merkel is also in support of stricter measures on sunday germany's federal and
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state leaders will meet once more to discuss the crisis meanwhile germany schools are preparing for more restrictions or possible expansion of the vacation period get education ministers are asking for as few cuts to schooling as possible. in our opinion vacation should not be extended but rather we should introduce remote learning or even a lifting of compulsory attendance or a combination of both. just under 2 weeks to christmas eve and germans may only have a few days left for christmas shopping before stricter measures are put in place it looks like this holiday season will be even quieter than usual. well to discuss this more i'm joined by d w reporter joel told reuters joel welcome to the show as we've seen there in the report and we've heard before on sunday the german government's going to be getting together going to be discussing the situation which is worrying to say the least we
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know anything about their plans for the question really now is when and rather if they introduce hostler lockdown measures some cabinet members are saying that such measures should start immediately other newspapers are reporting that wednesday is more realistic and some states are bringing in their own local restrictions such as night time fuse they have to remember that up until now germans had thought that might be a christmas as usual meaning that shops would stay open and that they could go and travel and visit their family members in fact authorities had previously approved a plan to relax measures over the holidays and allow people to meet in bigger groups but now experts have told the government they have to lock down hard and fast an anglo-american herself gave an emotional speech last week in the bundestag urging people to have a restricted christmas and until now it has been has been some state leaders who have resisted those calls but the situation is changing fast now the situation is changing fast and and you know we've been essentially here in germany in this sort
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of this so-called light lockdown lockdown light why hasn't not worked jail where we can look at some of those measures and maybe we'll get an explanation for example we have in germany only hospitality entertainment and leisure leisure businesses were closed down but meanwhile school shops and workplace and stayed open and there were no stay at home orders or not curfews and as a result people's behavior really didn't change much and case numbers have stayed quite constant they've definitely stay quite constant but germany's approach in comparison to other e.u. countries is it's it's even difficult sometimes to compare within countries but why do they compare actually i did e.u. level well some people have been doing a comparison a team in oxford university has been creating in. decks of lockdown measures which you can see now here represented on a map now the docket colors mean stricter measures such as they have home office and closing all but non-essential shops that was the case in france and greece and
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to some extent in the u.k. now spain and italy have had not time curfews and into regional travel bans germany as you can see there is somewhere in the middle it had to close its restaurants and gyms and events but otherwise it was business as usual it was fairly business as usual or has been opened to a certain degree we can say now how are other e.u. countries at me you've mentioned that they're a little bit how they tackling the outbreak as we've seen numbers go down haven't we in many places sure we can have a look like compared to countries that had a pretty similar situation germany and the u.k. now in those 2 countries they both had a spike in november and as you can see on the left there it has stayed fairly constant in germany but in the u.k. in november they introduced a hotshot lock down and they have now brought those numbers down and it is the same case in other countries that also brought in hostile measures such as france it's spain and italy so we can say that the lock down light hasn't worked and that's why many here are now anticipation dissipating measures to start to be announced by tomorrow and maybe to start as soon as monday or wednesday next week well we'll
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certainly be keeping a close eye on the children really thanks for that update. let's take a look at some of the other stories making news elsewhere in the world the u.s. supreme court has rejected an attempt by president donald trump on the state of texas to overturn results in last month's election justices ruled that texas didn't have the right to challenge other states or run their elections. iran has executed a dissident journalist for encouraging anti-government protests ruhollah criticized a regime with a website and internet news channel while living in exile he was captured last year . at least one person has been killed in rocket strikes in the afghan capital kabul no group has so far claimed responsibility it's the 2nd such attack within a month peace talks between the government and the taliban have been underway since september. now the united nations says it's increasingly alarmed about
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the plight of eritrean civilians caught up in the conflict in ethiopia the un refugee agency says it's received disturbing reports of displaced people being killed or kidnapped and forcibly returned to eritrea which borders ethiopia spot and start region the 1st international aid convoy has arrived in tikrit since fighting broke out there more than a month ago. well let's go to the ethiopian capital addis ababa to journalist sami will get you high samuel now and aid convoy has arrived but getting information from t. gras is proving difficult to what we know about the current situation there. we know for a fog. areas that can be accessible to the un and its partners are only areas controlled by the federal government the european governments so much of the air is
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still not accessible to the un there are many many thousands of people including into $350.00 s. that are in desperate need according to the united nations are so last night they run out of all kinds of things including basic food so you can only imagine the kind of humanitarian disaster that's going on in the region definitely incredibly concerning that the u.n. says it's concerned about reports of eritrean refugees in the ethiopian region being killed or abducted or forcibly returned to eritrea what have what is the actual ethiopian government being saying though the ethiopian government side insists. soldiers are not taking part in any of the conflicts there has been an ongoing accuse ations including reports done by reuters. bloomberg saying that they are involved but the government insists nor
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international players it would in this conflict and it's insist it's only the killer and soldiers and ethiopian army that is involved trying to liberate trying to bring some kind of freedom to the people of so great so everything we hear contradict each other but again the conflict is ongoing and there are many many people out there heading to the sudan and we're hearing of different stories just heartbreaking i'm sure i'm sure they are now that you've just been mentioning if they're so if the opium government says it's in control of tikrit and the conflict is isn't over or they're saying it is over but leaders of the people's liberation front say that they're still fighting on various fronts what's your assessment. there are segments of the t.k. left. my not have the resources or a mine are or i should say are some are but you know it's that of the segment of the t.p. left that's so passionate about what they believe in you know many of their population
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of to grow are young people that have always 'd known t.l.'s government so it's you know the devil you know that the devil you don't so they're focused on trying to defeat. the government or army at the top an army so they're still fighting and we hear of different stories and when we hear of victims that are heading to this didn't they tell us exactly the same thing which is their conflict is ongoing and there are many many victims that are just dying and people with little resources young people all people being left behind so it's a catch 22 but we know for certain the conflict because of finished 2 only because even communication hasn't been lifted in many parts of the region so it's an ongoing conflict that we're watching this and only because we can't access of us journalists well a journalist some you will get a chewing address of a thanks for that update thank you. you're watching the news from berlin
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if you ever want to know how the pharaoh islands became a footballing 4 stations for its life it's all next me and the rest of it team here . bloodlines yes he's on his way to bring you more conservation. how to make signals greener how can we protect habitats can make a difference global ideas or mental series a global fouls on monday w. and all mine. the fight against the corona virus pandemic. how has the rate of infection been developing. measures are being taken. what does the latest research say. information and context.
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the coronavirus update the code of special monday to friday on w. a comes the biggest. song. in september 2020 history was made. to come and show us 2 that celebrates.
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you know all the sooner. concern is reading the feral ones i'm likely rise from footballing obscurity. a tiny island nation in the north atlantic the faroe islands is part of the danish kingdom just 52000 people live here and they share one big passion. and everybody is crazy about football and how little of a list like this you can behave if you compare the cost there is not so much that the. football means everything because in a small village you don't have that many options the 1st football club was established here in $892.00 but the national team only gained fee for membership almost a century later in 1908 they've caused major upsets beating teams like austria and greece but have never qualified for a world cup or euros and often lose to major footballing nations by a wide margin but that hasn't dampened the spirit. in our national stage young
5:18 pm
are now after the construction i think there will be about i don't know around $5000.00 but of course for a nation like. 10 to 30 percent of the population what you're watching our team in one single game and actually that's probably world record and fantastic. the nation now boasts 168 to a 4 licensed coaches that's around one post 300 inhabitants in england for example there's one coach for every 165000 people bill mcleod jakobsen is one of the most experienced coaches here almost everybody. if you go couple of years ago 100 percent or 99 percent of all the kids in school they played football. last couple of years maybe not that much but we're up to 7080 percent of. all the people stay and they are playing and playing in some kind of
5:19 pm
a club environment. there are more sheep than people living on the islands and it rains $300.00 days a year still out pitches are the norm so why is the sport so popular probably because of the national team there are many pitches here that we have around $15.00 to $18.00 club start are playing. the football and the wireman stay are they are filling a lot and in the landscape it's quite easy here to play football there are 26 stadiums and many more where the pitches across the 18 islands. and grew up here in the tiny town of tufted right by the former national stadium i mean adjoining artificial pitch i mean the school played here all the time. all the time especially at the summer time. because. there's so much time that it's. never gotten dark so they didn't find the call home. and
5:20 pm
over and out all the time and it's mot they have to come up to the state and give him bread. or something good to eat. and if it's hard to. get the kill them home in the evening across they want them to play a lay there with the bed there. is different where around from i live like 100 meters from the football pitch professional football or. something that happens there so it's been great that to ensure plying his trade for bundesliga side armenia bealefeld edmonson is the only member of the national team set up signed for a normal day club his success is not a surprise to those who've known him longest like his former coach. who spent at the picture also often training he was doing many of the right things and he was
5:21 pm
always there on the pitch working working on his on the skills and actually you can see right away that if one goes it will probably. be as in. his childhood friend and neighbor olsen is now an assistant coach for capital club i 36 told shopping and saw the dedication 1st time and his life back in the early days was dedicated to football and when he became a teenager you can see right away that he lived as a footballer he is probably the best player that has played for the us. even by far we standards edmonson came from a small club and finding coaches and teammates was by no means an easy task. the 1st coach was my father he was the coach of the team and yeah when you. come from a village with 12 aunts or people or show we had like maybe 8 or 9
5:22 pm
maybe 10 guys in my class and we need 7 at least to have a team or to your team so we were almost forcing each other today so we could know what team training would be good it is necessary that the pirates help the club and sometimes thing is that you want me to do more than the other boys and. i think sometimes harder. with him than the other vice. and that both it was good for him to have a mother. a mother who helped him control him aggressive streak that could have to rail to his ambitions early on. my father and your 1st coach they had in my career they had a big house because i really had a bad temper when i was younger and i couldn't handle to lose one game nearby here at off the. coach from the other team show so it's team.
5:23 pm
over. and it was so angry that the red overcoat the order to grow which. came in the ass. and. the author coach got there in korean. and you know one rung there and then all the cars come after him and they go on the run from them down to over i was so close to 2 or. 3. seamen needed plenty of patience as the path to the big leagues from the pharaohs was anything but easy even for someone with his apparent talent and drive his 1st taste of football abroad came early on and helped confirm his own visions event denmark to a spirit when he was 15 or 16 my my brought there live so it was easy to go to a spirit and then they find out it was. good like the danish voice
5:24 pm
and. i think i want to be a professional and he decided that i should move to s.b.s. with him and with all our boys so we moved to s.b.s. . and got on that. but he got injured so we go home again then they come to play with the under 21 and i guess he was all the 18 and then he scored against russia and the coach from newcastle contacted him after the game and it ended with that he got the new cast. but soon after a coaching change at newcastle united saw him quickly fall out of favor of the english premier league side he once again returned home when you're here in farrell we grew up you were the best player. when you come to england. come
5:25 pm
player from europe and. play with the national team. our competition it is not like being paralyzed. i think the set but when he came back to those he has become stronger and because when he then moved again abroad he had tried to experience it with a setback in it and he said i was better able to tackle after stints in norway and back in the faroes edmonson established himself in denmark's top division in 2018 he signed for armenia bielefeld promotion in his 3rd season means he's playing in the biggest league a fair always player has featured in. i'm the 1st in the german football league and the course i'm proud of because we don't have that many professional footballers from there from this where i know. the often derided european nations league has
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given small nations a platform to build on the faroes top their group ceiling promotion to league seat on a level with nations like turkey bulgaria and greece the last 5 to 6 years they have gone from beating greece to 2 now playing competitive matches against the baltic countries many of the middle nations we are competing against now also so we are. not satisfied but but but we are satisfied with the development we have been going through. in 2020 k. i collect speak with 90 minutes away from becoming the country's 1st team to qualify for the europa league while andre olson's be 36 made it to the 3rd qualifying round talk clubs are benefiting from the continental cash injections but the national team is still the main source of inspiration for various football. than the german kid just watching germany play when an english kid. it's watching
5:27 pm
england play you all this get this this feeling i and you support them it's massive it's so important that we have our own how many of the of the famous players will be playing for the danish a national team it's quite this just told me another story and with football we have gone from the idea from the from being a small tiny nation and in the atlantic to 2 with to be a nation that everybody. have a relationship relation to the that everybody could know off and speak off because everybody know that. play football and we get some remarkable results one once in a while. the national team broke their previous points record in the 2018 world cup qualifying campaign while coaching and facilities continue to become more professional young seaman success may even see more players make the move to top sides i would also love to get other younger players from the faroe islands to to
5:28 pm
also come to professional football because i think we have a lot of talent there and i just want to would like to the german clubs also to look in the pharaoh and that's when they try to scout for talent for 2 young players and now i use the 1st one at the plate on this league. and see that this possible told reach that level when you are if you are small. the pharaoh's are certainly small but also passionate and dedicated. to the conflict so insidious. joe biden will take the white house next month but
5:29 pm
with his party deeply divided how the democrats really celebrate my guest this week from washington is democratic congresswoman debbie dingell gardener a man with a vision believe the struggle simply to control his policy for me i do crises donald trump only from home conflicts of. patience is running out. their rage is growing and with help in the tricity. presidency of you hon a sport. like millions of other people in africa may often experience power outages a government does for you what causes go. and what solution is harder. because of the pursuit. in 60 minutes on d w. i'm not laughing. because sometimes i am nothing with
5:30 pm
the time i. think. need to take this groundhog day i believe it's all that. time rachel join me in the. last. 4 years ago. nobody wanted to do it since me too many politicians from from both sides of the aisle benefit from loopholes so they don't want to see closed and your party is just as bad as the republicans in the business barring unforeseen events joe biden will take the white house next month but with his party deeply divided other democrats really celebrating my guest this week for washington is democratic congresswoman debbie dingell is biden with a vision over you struggle simply to control his coffee.


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