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tv   Euromaxx  Deutsche Welle  December 13, 2020 12:00am-12:31am CET

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on earth. northern lights. arctic circle storage december 21st on d w. place . blame. place. this is d.w. news live from berlin a christmas lockdown could be on the cards here in germany hi rights of curve of 19 infections and deaths are forcing leaders to make some very tough choices chancellor angela merkel prepares for emergency talks meet her regional premiers also coming up a scandinavian comedy featuring teachers who tend to daydream king's way to the
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european film awards to get the latest from our film and culture correspondent. and a stunning upset in the bundesliga as underdogs stuttgart crushed dortmund kids get another setback to the top man's title cards. played. i'm gerrard rage thank you for joining me in germany is seeing an alarming surge in covert 19 deaths which are likely to lead to a strict a lockdown over the christmas holidays health authorities have reported nearly 500 deaths and more than 20000 new infections in a single day weeks of a partial lockdown have not been sufficient to slow the spread of the disease chancellor angela merkel and regional leaders will hold emergency talks on sunday to consider tougher measures. shop until you drop here in stuttgart everyone it
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seems was afraid of missing out before stores closed on saturday evening at 8 pm sharp the state of bought invertebrate has imposed new restrictions state premier of in free mana peered in person at a mostly virtual green party conference he just got off a call with the chancellor and other state premiers and warned that a hard lockdown was imminent. it looks like it will happen before christmas and not at christmas. so everyone should be prepared for it to start in the coming week. the question is where the german states will agree on a common date for shutting shops the retail sector is anxious about an abrupt end to their lucrative christmas turnover representatives a store owners need fast simple financial support like what restaurants got in december and we need a safety net because of personnel costs around electricity that all carries on and
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the goods in the shops are already paid for so our companies face a serious liquidity squeeze. these topics will be vehemently discussed at sunday's meeting between chants america on the state premiers the finance minister gave retailers cause for hope that's what we're planning to provide substantial help to all those who need help in this situation. but what about schools and kindergartens germany's child protection agency urges keeping stress on young people to a minimum and says advice and emergency support must continue. isiah's it's very important that children living in poverty are looked after all children must have to computers and home schooling especially those whose families are on welfare or home schooling. meanwhile police prepared to shut down rallies organized bar coronavirus skeptics here in other parts of the country because of
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the risk to health that they didn't exist. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world today the united states has reported a record spiking coronavirus deaths with figures exceeding 3300 on friday cases also hit a new high at more than $230000.00 it increases common as millions of dollars as of the coated 19 vaccine is said to be distributed across the u.s. on monday it has. and thousands have taken to the streets across france for a 3rd straight weekend to demonstrate a security bill that would restrict publication of images of police officers police in paris the wristed dozens and used water cannons after scuffles broke out. the united nations says it's increasingly alarmed about the plight of eritrean civilians caught up in the conflict in ethiopia the un refugee agency says it's
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received disturbing reports of displaced people being killed or kidnapped and then forcibly returned to eritrea which borders ethiopia has worn torn region and international i'd convoy has now arrived in tikrit. 7 large trucks jammed full with medical and relief supplies destined for the city of mccain the n.t. cry. red cross workers in the ethiopian capital address up above a hugely relieved that they can finally send aid almost 6 weeks after chaos broke out in the region. the worst for medical personnel for the whole staff hospitals and primary health care centers this is to be unable to help is to be unable to provide support due to lack of materials due to lack of assistance and a lack of stocks and that's what we're trying. to achieve by bringing much needed
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assistance into the region that's all full lockdown since weeks now the 1st supplies are allowed in but still no international observers or news crews can entity cry many of the thousands of people who fled the region described terrible bloodshed but it's not clear who's killing whom. he added look at this and that i wish you could see through my eyes right now the dead the blood that we saw the dogs were eating the corpses. we were afraid when the soldiers threatened us. what happened is written in history. conflicting accounts suggest atrocities may have been committed by both sides since ethiopian security forces entered the region and its civilians ethnic to ryan and ethiopian locals have suffered the most archeologists in mexico
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have made a gruesome discovery of human remains they have on earth more than 100 skulls thought to be those the victims sacrificed by the aztecs the find is the culmination of 5 years' work in the historic as take district of the modern day mexican capital. and nondescript building in mexico city. bearing a dark secret. there's so much trace of the aztec empire was discovered down below not just one but rows upon rows of neatly lined up human skulls 101000 new skulls have just been revealed adding to some 500 discovered 5 years ago archaeologists think they are part of the great sum panteley a huge array of skulls that struck fear into the hearts of spanish conquistadores when they captured the aztecs city of to nosh to. modern mexico city was built on
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top of it. in the future there are many this is the external facade of the skull tower on the east side. because it corresponds to the 1st stage of construction look this calls were impaled and then they were joined with mortars to be exhibited with. the skull racks were used as a public display to instill fear and respect in the hearts of enemies and outsiders many of the decapitated heads are believed to have belonged to war captives but the discovery of women's and children's skulls indicates that some may have been human sacrifices made to appease the gods the central rack once displayed some 60000 skulls graham testimony to the power and grander of an extinguished aspect culture hiding just below the surface of the mexican capital. a
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scandinavian drama has been crowned the best movie of 2020 at the european film awards which have been held online this year the danish swedish comedy another round features a group of high school teachers who take to day drinking as a social experiment to see how it effects their lives alongside the prize the best film there were european director and screenwriting awards for its director thomas venter bag the film also won best actor for denmark's mads mikkelsen. let's go to cologne now and speak to our film expert scott rocks for a firm do double use culture department. doesn't love a bit of day drinking particularly in 2020 this film another round was the big winner here was this expected. actually very much so i mean directly from my side this is my favorite film of the year i was really rooting for it but it's not
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a big surprise that it won it's a phenomenal movie as you said it's the story of high school teachers who are sort of in a midlife crisis lucite if they really get they're just doing some serious drinking all the time maybe that'll help sort things out it's really larry's calmly but it's not just a calm these are not really superficial at all it's it's in the end a real. walk into also philosophy of life and it's about increasing life in the book the dark and the life and as you said it's incredibly appropriate built for this cold good ear because it really is a light. and i think a really valid and deserve it whether. that's nice did any of the films catch your eye this year. yeah i mean the ground was my favorite movie but i look in shadow to the polish film corpus christi which sadly didn't win but. it's a really powerful movie it's up a drama about an ex convict who impersonate
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a priest and sort of infiltrates the spiritual communion of a small k. on this awful movie that by surprise because what starts off as sort of a maybe conventional genre movie almost turns becomes a really deep a look at the true meaning of faith and spirituality and there's also no budget movie that really blew me away and i hope people really get a chance maybe check it out even though again sadly didn't win anything. let's talk about the european film awards themselves what does winning means a filmmaker. yeah i mean you're going towards don't obviously have the profile of the oscars say they want to shine a light on the smaller art house movies out of europe that maybe don't get the attention that they deserve and i think this year we're so many theaters have been closed because of colbert lockdowns most of these nominees and films this year didn't get a chance to be shown in theaters so i think it's incredibly important for the ones that were not only that and won tonight because they get me
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a bit more attention i mean they're still like you know the german film star polar bear won for best actress in a beautiful movie it's a very sort of mysterious stranger love story and sort of never really seen before and it didn't really get much of a chance in theaters but maybe with this award people will stick it out you know either online or in theaters when theaters eventually open again and that whole idea of just shining a light on sort of overlooked gems in european cinema is what the european awards are really all scott rocks for a firm date over years culture department nice to talk he's got thanks. to sport now in the bundesliga bursey adult mint have suffered another humiliation losing 51 at home to promoted still got the latest to think means that dogman have now won just once in their last 5 league games. these are gloomy times for dortmund coach losing 5 or his top scorer is out injured and his
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side always slow out of the blocks his on the break by stuttgart they conceded a $26.00 and it penalty a clear filed by emirates chan who was booked c last one minute to curse score from the spot. giovanni raina has been a rare bright spot for dortmund this season. the sublime for us touch and finish in short the home side went into half time on level terms thanks. but there was nothing level about the 2nd half a short cut ran riots by man gets to care grabbing his 2nd trip to dortmund a friend saw it see my eye and they were in even deeper water moments later for the 1st hour with the 3rd goal. before tan gooey cool of barley made it 413 stuttgart goals in 10 minutes and the final insult came in injury
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china's don't win try to bring some respectability to the scoreline nyquist runs out as taking advantage of the oceans of space. 51 the final score. heaviest home defeat in more than a decade the pressure now weighing even heavier own father. italy has been farewell to football icon paolo rossi the city of chen's a $982.00 world cup winner died at age 64 after a long illness thousands paid their respects to the player turned t.v. commentator rossi was carried to the cathedral by his teammates from the cup winning side his wife says the family have received many moving tributes she says power rossi quote belong to the people to everyone and he's right that he should be remembered for his great us.
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you're watching d.w. news from berlin sports life is next is more on the d w news at our website d.w. dot com and you can follow us on twitter and instagram to d w news i'm tired very thanks for watching. i'm sure there was a. search. in support. over . the debris a group. has
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a virus spread. why do we panic and when will all the. computers through the tap. and the weekly radio show is called spectrum if you would like any information on the coronavirus or any other science topic you should really check out our talk cast you can get it wherever you go your pod cast can also find us at the. science. becomes the focus because of that choice. in september 2020 history was made. i took all the
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shots i'm things that's updates i. can't describe. to. you on a similar concern is leaving the federal one that is unlikely rise from footballing obscurity. a tiny island nation in the north atlantic the faroe islands is part of the danish kingdom just 52000 people live here and they share one big passion. fanfare ones for polish fuchsia and then everybody is crazy about football and how little english like you can behave thank you i choked up a couple because that's not so much to do. football means everything because in a small village you don't have that many options the 1st football club was established here in $892.00 but the national team only gained fee for membership
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almost a century later in 1988 they've caused major upsets beating teams like austria and greece but have never qualified for a world cup or euro's and often lose to major footballing nations by a wide margin but that hasn't dampened their spirit we are in our national stage young are now after the gulf and i think there will be about i don't know around the. $5000.00 but of course for a nation like for oil and sister kate because it's 10 to 30 percent of the population what you football watching our team in one single game and actually that's probably world record and fantastic. the nation now boasts $168.00 to a 4 licensed coaches that's around one per $100.00 inhabitants in england for example there's one coach for every $165000.00 people bill mcleod jakobsen is one of the most experienced coaches here almost everybody i play if you go couple years ago 100 percent or 99 percent of all the kids in school they played football.
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last couple of years maybe not that much but we are up to with i don't 7080 percent of all. all the people stay and they are playing and playing in some kind of a club environment. there are more sheep then people living on the islands and it rains $300.00 days a year still out pitches are the norm so why is the sport so popular probably because of the national team there are many pictures here that we have around $15.00 to $18.00 club started playing. football and the wire ments they are they are filling a lot and in the landscape it's quite easy here to play football there are 26 stadiums and many more all weather pitches across the 18 islands symon edmonson grew up here in the tiny town of touched it right by the former national stadium i mean adjoining artificial pitch i mean the school he played here all the time.
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all the time especially at the summer time because. in the summertime it's. never gotten dark so they didn't find the call home. and pull over and all the time and it's have to come up to the state and give them bread. or something good to eat. and if it's hard to. get the children home in the evening across they want to play a laid off the better off. is different where around from i lived like 100 meters from the football pitch sessional football or there was something that happens there so it's been a great adventure plying his trade for bundesliga side armenia bealefeld edmonson
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is the only member of the national team set up signed for a normal day club his success. it is not a surprise to those who've known him longest like his former coach. spent at the picture also after training he was doing many of the right things and he was always there on the pitch working working on his on the skills and actually you can see right away that if one goes that would probably. be. his childhood friend and neighbor olsen is now an assistant coach for capital club 36 told shopping and saw the dedication firsthand his life back in the early days was dedicated to football and when he became a teenager you can see right away that he lived as a footballer he is probably the best player that has played for us. even by far we standards edmonson came from a small club and finding coaches and teammates was by no means an easy task.
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force coach was my father he was the coach of the team and yeah when you come from a village with 12 on 3 people or show we had like maybe 8 or 9 maybe 10 guys in my class and we need 7 at least. for the youth team so we were almost forcing each other. so we could know what team training could be good it is necessary that the pirates have a club and sometimes. you want me to do mark and the other boys and. i think sometimes hard. within that advice. and that both it was good for him to have a mother. a mother who helped him control an aggressive streak that could have to rail to his ambitions early on. my father and your 1st cause they had to my career
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they had a big task because i really had a bad temper when i was younger and i couldn't handle to lose one game here but here at off the. coach from the other team show. history and overtake me loose and it was so angry that the red overcoat the order to coach. kick him in the ass and. the alter coach got angry and you know on the run. there and then come after him and they want to run from them down to over our cyclo start or. needed plenty of patience as the pass to the big leagues from the farrows is anything but easy even for someone with his apparent talent and drive his 1st taste
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of football abroad came early on and helped confirm his own bishops he went denmark to a spirit when he was 15 or 16 my my brought there live so it was easy to go to a spirit and then they find out it was. screwed like the danish boys and. i think i want to be a professional and he decided that i should malta with him and it all out of place so we moved to s.b.s. . then. i got an apartment that. got an inch or so we go home again then they come to play with their one and i guess he was all the 18 and then he scored against russia and the coach from newcastle contacted him after the game and it ended with that he got the new growth . but soon after
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a coaching change at newcastle united saw him quickly fall out of favor of the english premier league side he once again returned home when you're here in farrell we grew up you were the best player. when you come to england. player from europe and. play with the national team. are competition. i think the set but when he came back to those he has become stronger and because when he then moved again abroad he had tried to experience it with the 2nd in a set i was better able to tackle after stints in norway and back in the faroes edmonson established himself in denmark's top division in 2018 he signed for armenia bielefeld promotion in his 3rd season means he's playing in the biggest league affair always player has featured in. i'm diverse in the german football
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league and the course i'm proud of because we don't have that many professional footballers from there from the spare islands the often derided european nations league has given small nations a platform to build on the pharaoh's top their group ceiling promotion to league seat on a level with nations like turkey bulgaria and greece the last 5 to 6 years we have going from beating greece 2 to now playing competitive matches against the baltic countries many of the middle nations we are competing against now so so we are. not satisfied but but but we are satisfied with the development we have been going through. in 2020 k. i collect speak with 90 minutes away from becoming the country's 1st team to qualify for the europa league while andre olson's be 36 made it to the 3rd qualifying round talk clubs of benefiting from the continental cash injections but
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the national team is still the main source of inspiration for fairies football. than the german kid just watching germany play when an english kid. it's watching england play you all this get this this feeling guy and you support them it's massive it's so important that we have our own how many of the famous players will be playing for the danish a national team it's quite this this is not told me another story and with football we have gone from the idea from from being a small tiny nation in the in the atlantic to with to be a nation that everybody. have a relationship relation to the that everybody could know off and speak off because everybody knows that for a while and play football and we get some remarkable results one once in a while. the national team broke their previous points record in the 2018 world cup
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qualifying campaign while coaching and facilities continue to become more professional young seaman success may even see more players make the move to top sides i would also like to get other younger players from the faroe islands to to also come to professional football because i think we have a lot of talent there and i just want to would like to do the german clubs also to look in the faroe islands when they try to scout for talent for to a young player to know their 1st well not to play and conversely go. and say that this is possible reach that level when you are if you rush well. the pharaoh's are certainly small but also passionate dedicated.
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250 years of paige. a major anniversary. our host look at shooting it travels to be ana he lived here for over 3 decades and groups his masterpieces and want to discover scotch that you find history. of a lot of questions that need answering following the footsteps of the great before tricky and. next on d. w. . at 1st glance it looks like a scrap heap. but on the 2nd a veritable gold mine. valuable metals are found in almost all electronic devices. researchers in germany want to separate them from this one in the most environmentally friendly way possible they're experimenting with highly specialized
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bacteria to go to just. 30 minutes on w. . i'm not laughing at the germans because sometimes i am but most and nothing with me but i don't think they can for german culture shock. new don't seem to think this drama they all eat because it's all that bad no time rachel join me to meet the gem of a gulf coast. music
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plays a big role in the city music has brought these are today.


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