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tv   Check-in  Deutsche Welle  December 13, 2020 2:03pm-2:31pm CET

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children under the age of 14 and in anticipation of new year's celebrations sales of fireworks are going to be banned well for more on this now joined by our political correspondent and pantai hans now the lockdown as we've seen has been announced one of the main takeaways i think one has to emphasize what's important here is that finally there seems to be real consensus between the central government between translator. and the 16 regional leaders it's taken more than 2 months to reach this point 2 months in which america has always pushed for harsh or locked on for more strict measures and the regional leaders have resisted that have tried to find exceptions for their particular regions and have watered down what the central government has wanted so we have now a situation where all parties are clearly on the same page that the situation is critical that it is serious that's very important in trying to solve these measures
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to german population and to those businesses and sectors of the economy that are going to be particularly hard but hardly affected by this exactly as you were saying there that there'll be a significant impact on business and tell us about whether and what type of compensation they'll receive. yes indeed the finance minister said that compensation is going to be paid it's going to be somewhere around 11 or $12000000000.00 euros every month if that month is a month of locked on that's huge amounts of money but at the same time we have to say this is a time that is critical for retailers especially because this is the most important time of year where they make a large and large part of their turnover the of their profit. what exactly the numbers are going to be what exactly the measures are going to be is not clear yet until now the subsidies have been based on turn over and it's turned out that that
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has been sometimes too generous so there's going to be a new way of calculating the assistance but the finance ministers say that this is going to continue well into the new year into the summer of next year of necessary well we had been expecting this lock down but what is the reaction what's the reaction been sell far in germany well talking about retailers 1st their reaction has obviously been particularly harsh some of them have warned that this could be the end of shopping as we know the fear that shoppers are not going to turn to the internet to online shopping at might never return to high street shops in other words the shops and the main roads are going to close down but otherwise the reaction has been very widely positive obviously from other members of the government they support what they're chancellor is doing both from the conservative party of angular markel and from the social democrats and we know that within the german population all polls recently have shown that
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a very large majority of people are in favor of stricter measures in order to bring down the number of infections and especially the number of deaths and w. political correspondent thanks for that update. well more now on news regarding post brags that trade talks the u.k. and e.u. negotiators are going to be given extra time to come to an agreement. excuse me european commission president jose left on their alliance said although talks with the british prime minister bar's johnson have been constructive they're going to continue talks on a free trade agreement beyond today's deadline and if they reach a deal it could avert chaos for cross border commerce in the new year and give businesses the certainty that they're calling for and this is what was it a thunder 9 said earlier. we both think that it is responsible at this point in time to go the extra mile we have accordingly mandated our
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negotiators to continue the talks and to see whether no reach an agreement can be reached even at this late stage the negotiations continue here in prague so to go she ations continue in brussels and to speak more about this we're going to cross to our correspondents multinational was in brussels and charlotte shelton pill he's standing by for us in london i'm going to start with you marina. said that they're going to go the extra mile so it's basically another extension of the . it's another extension it basically also means that both sides are still of the opinion that the deal can be reached by december 31st and they also released a choice and statement so it means they like didn't break up here at this point there is still some room for compromise apparently they also made some inroads we
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heard from you diplomats that there are still big they're still far apart with the big topics so far i'm going to cross over to charlotte in london how is the extension being received in the united kingdom. well you have to understand have a that there is now a good deal of fatigue when it comes to public perception of these bricks in negotiations as in the words of some people we've spoken to they just want these negotiations to be over and done with yet another extension of course this is being viewed with with some raised eyebrows here but for a huge number of people those who would be so oddly adversely affected by the consequences of a new deal there is a good deal of relief today rhetoric on both sides really has been ratcheted up over the coming days of the likelihood that these talks would ended a no deal bars john prime minister boris johnson himself saying just a couple of days ago that no deal was very very likely to be. the outcome of these
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talks and so many people have come out to say that that would be extremely damaging to the pharmacy union for example which would be so adversely affected as that new deal would be very disruptive to the levy a former leader of the opposition labor party here at miliband just this morning said boris johnson was playing russian roulette with people's jobs and livelihoods here so a good deal of relief now that it seems like there is still reason to keep talking and possibly this no deal isn't going to be the conclusive outcome here at this deadline after rule was self-imposed as you said the real deadline being december 31st when the u.k. leaves the transition period back to you marina. there are these differences and you know the talks are ongoing but there are of course issues several issues in particular break it down for us one of the main crunch points. the main
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sticking points have been the same for the last couple of years since the e.u. and the u.k. decided to or the u.k. decided to break up with the e.u. and one major sticking point is this because the great britain the u.k. always says they want to gain regain control over british waters and that basically means that french fisherman a french fisherwoman cons have access to this british waters and the longer and especially the french government is really opposed to this is they say our fisherman can become a victim of practice it's. actually just on saturday this whole tension right you stop because the british government said it wants to deploy navy vessels if in case of a no deal to guard brutus waters some people also say there is some room for compromise there because it could nominally speaking it's not very important but it is symbolically and it's unlikely that france will give in at this point while
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the negotiations are going to continue and i'm sure marina strauss and charlotte shelton people will be keeping a close eye on them today thanks for your update. well let's take a look at some of the other stories making news elsewhere in the world attacks in afghanistan have killed at least 3 people according to police in one unknown assailant attached a sticky bomb to an armored vehicle in the afghan capital kabul and that exploded 2 people were wounded in the other attack a local government prosecutor was shot dead. the u.s. pharmaceuticals giant pfizer has started shipping millions of doses of its newly approved covert $1000.00 votes in the trumpet ministration says it's launching a huge logistics operation the 1st inoculations with a vaccine that german companies biotech helped develop are expected to start on monday and also the test. now launching
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a vaccination program for millions of people is a challenge even in a developed country like the united states and magine the hurdles poor countries face our next report comes from adi where health officials say inoculating people against covert 19 will be a slow process. the one of these refrigerators are essential hardware at this health center they hold vital medicines and polio vaccines part of an effort across mali to immunize 5000000 children against the disease in a country where temperatures often top 40 degrees celcius the campaign is a huge logistical undertaking vaccinating malia's in the largely rural country against the coronavirus will be an even greater challenge. it's extremely important to that the vaccines have a functioning logistics chain it will be very complex to get it to the people in the countryside yet is that it ok. so not to c.d.b. travels on foot by motorbike and sometimes by donkey to distribute the polio
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vaccine in remote villages people ask her if she will soon be bringing relief from covert 19 the health worker doesn't know what to answer many african countries will struggle to pay for the drug. the coronavirus affects the whole world but here in mali we have no vaccine. right to god that we get it to. ruffle. infection rates are on the rise in mali while little testing is taking place in the capital bamako the health minister recently opened an intensive care station with the help of the w.h.o. she hopes that the international community will help pay for the vaccines and that rich countries don't keep on buying up everything for themselves. the numbers are rising we need the vaccine that's why i have asked for help.
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mali hopes to access the vaccine through the w h o's kovacs fund developing and rich countries have already pledged to $1000000000.00 to the fund and some pharma companies have committed to delivering the vaccine through the mechanism but even if it becomes available vaccines distribution will be tough in a country without a reliable electricity supply. at least have a generator but that's not the case at other health centers if there is a power cut that's a huge problem. the vaccination drive is gathering pace in europe but across africa most people will likely still have to wait and aconitine leave a long time for relief. you're watching news from berlin coming up the sports life with a report on why the tiny feral islands punch above their weight in full and of course there's always more news on our web site t
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w dot com and you can also download our apps or you can follow us on instagram and twitter for me and the entire news team here in berlin take care of. literature invites us to see people in particular. as the kids find the strength. to do the books on youtube. children to come tonight it's. one giant problem and when you're
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a get in on it to see the picture you. in my little feet jason feel exactly. how will climate change affect us and our children our. work e.w. dot com slash water. becomes the biggest cause of violence cohen spoke song. in september 2020 history was made. to call the shots i'm sorry 2 is that still gets.
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discussed to see you on a similar concern is leading the feral one that is unlikely to rise from footballing obscurity. a tiny island nation in the north atlantic the faroe islands is part of the danish kingdom just 52000 people live here and they share one big passion. for one's football is fusion and everybody is crazy about football and how little of a list like this you can be hey baby if you know i choked up a couple because that's not so much to do. but by means everything because in a small village you don't have that many options the 1st football club was established here in 892 but the national team. only gained fee for membership almost a century later in 1908 they've caused major upsets beating teams like austria and greece but have never qualified for a world cup or euro's and often lose to major footballing nations by
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a wide margin but that hasn't dampened their spirit. we are in our national stadium . now after the construction i think there will be about i don't know around $5000.00 but of course for a nation like for a while and sister kate because it's 10 to 30 percent of the population what your football watching our team in one single game and actually that's probably world record and fantastic. the nation now boasts 168 to a 4 licensed coaches that's around one post 300 inhabitants in england for example there's one coach for every 165000 people bill mcleod jakobsen is one of the most experienced coaches here almost everybody i play if you go couple of years ago 100 percent or 99 percent of all the kids in school they played football. last couple of years maybe not that much but we're up to 7080 percent of. all the
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people stay and they are playing and playing in some kind of a club environment. there are more sheep than people living on the islands and it rains $300.00 days a year still out pitches are the norm so why is the sport so popular probably because of the national team there are many pictures here we have around 15 to 18 club stuff they're playing and it's the football and the way immense they are they are filling a lot and in the landscape it's quite easy here to play football there are 26 stadiums and many more all weather pitches across the 18 islands. and grew up here in the tiny town of tufted right by the former national stadium i mean adjoining artificial pitch i mean that's not the school played here all the time. all the time especially at the summer time because. it's never
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getting dark. i didn't find the call home will take place and. about all the time and his mother i have to come up to the state and give him bread. so something good to eat. at the till them home in the evening across they want to play a lay there at the back there. is different where around from i lived like 100 metre from the football pitch session of football or. something that happens there so it's great that french are plying his trade for bundesliga side armenia bealefeld edmonson is the only member of the national team set up signed for a normal day club his success is not a surprise to those who've known him longest like his former coach. spent at the
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picture also off to training he was doing many of the right things and he was always there on the pitch working working on his on the scales and actually you can see right away that if one goes that will probably. be as in. his childhood friend and neighbor under the olsen is now an assistant coach for capital club the 36 tall shopping and saw the dedication 1st time his life back in the early days was dedicated to football and when he became a teenager you can see right away that he lived as a footballer he is probably the best player that has played for the. even by far always standards edmonson came from a small club and finding coaches and teammates was by no means an easy task. force coach was my father he was the coach of the team and yeah when you come from a village with 12 on 2 people or shall we have like maybe 8 or 9.
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maybe 10 guys in my class and we need 7 at least to have a team or to your team so we were almost forcing each other leg so we could know what team training would be good it is necessary that the pirates have the club and sometimes thing is that you want me to do more than the other boys and. i think sometimes harder. within the other vice. and that both it was good for him to have a mother. a mother who helped him control an aggressive streak but could have to rail to some positions early on. my father and do 1st coaches i had in my career if they had a big task because i really had a bad temper when i was younger and i couldn't handle to lose one game nearby here
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at off the. coach from the other team show so esteemed and overcame a loose and it was so angry that the red overcoat the author tim scrooge. came in the ass and. the author coach got there in korean. and you know on the ground. there and then other cars come after him and here you want to run from them down to over how the cyclo stood or. 3. seamen needed plenty of patience as the pass to the big leagues from the pharaohs is anything but easy even for someone with his apparent talent and drive his 1st taste of football abroad came early on and helped confirm his own bishops he went to denmark to a spirit when he was 15 or 16 my my brought there live so it was easy to go to
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a spirit and then they find out it was as good like the danish voice and. i think i want to be a professional and he decided that i should move to s.p.i. with him and it all out of place so we moved to s.b.s. . and got an apartment that. got an inch or so we go home again then they come to play with everyone and i guess he was all the 18 and then he scored against russia and the coach from newcastle contacted him after the game and it ended with that he got the new cast. but soon after a coaching change at newcastle united saw him quickly fall out of favor of the english premier league side he once again returned home when you're here in farrell
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we grew up you were the best player. when you come to england. player from europe and. play with the national. competition it is not like. i think the set but when he came back to the fire island he has become stronger and late because when he then moved again abroad he had tried to experience it with the 2nd in a set i was better able to tackle after stints in norway and back in the faroes edmonson established himself in denmark's top division in 2018 he signed for armenia bielefeld promotion in his 3rd season means he's playing in the biggest league of pharaoh he's player has featured in. the 1st in the german football league and the course i'm proud of because we don't have that many professional footballer from the from. the often derided european nations league has given small
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nations a platform to build on the pharaoh's top their group ceiling promotion to league seat on a level with nations like turkey bulgaria and greece the last 5 to 6 years we have gone from beating greece to 2 now playing competitive matches against the baltic countries many of the middle nations we are competing against now also so we are. not satisfied but but but we are satisfied with the development we have been going through. in 2020 k. i collect speak with 90 minutes away from becoming the country's 1st team to qualify for the europa league while andriy olson's be 36 told made it to the 3rd qualifying round talk clubs of benefiting from the continental cash injections but the national team is still the main source of inspiration for families football.
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than the german kid just watching germany play when than english. it's watching england play you all this get this this feeling guy and you support them it's massive it's so important that we have our own how many of the famous players will be playing for the danish a national team it's quite this this is the told me another story and with football we have gone from the idea from from being a small tiny nation in the in the atlantic to with to be a nation that everybody. have a relationship relation to the that everybody could know off and speak off because everybody know that for a while and play football and we get some remarkable results once once in a while. the national team breaks a previous points record in the 2018 world cup qualifying campaign while coaching and facilities continue to become more professional young seaman success may even see more players make the move to top sides i would also love to get other younger
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players from the faroe islands to to also come to professional football because i think we have a lot of talent there and just one who would like to do the german clubs also to look in the faroe islands when they try to scout for talent for to young player then no i use the 1st one that are playing on the sligo. and say that this was possible to reach that level even you are if you are small. the pharaoh's are certainly small but also passionate and dedicated.
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i've been thinking deep into the german culture of. new dancing in take this drama day out. it's all that. no time rachel join me for me to get a bunch of posts from. it's not bob bob bob. it's your pop up. and i think you can't really be a musician. if you're not addicted to beethoven. fan page has been has been 200.


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