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tv   Check-in  Deutsche Welle  December 13, 2020 9:00pm-9:31pm CET

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there are. going to. be 4 tricks circle starts december 21st w. . this is d w news live from berlin we are forced to access german chancellor angela merkel as she had announced as a holiday season shut down schools and most shops will close private gatherings will be limited and there will be battles on public alcohol consumption and the sale of fireworks but the government stopped short of imposing a full lockdown also coming up. bricks that goes into overtime as the self-imposed
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deadline for an agreement expires brussels and london say they are not done trying to avert a no deal scenario that went badly hurt both sides. and tragedy strikes again the nigeria hundreds of students are still missing 2 days after their school was stormed by gotten that. welcome to the program. german chancellor angela merkel has announced a raft of tough new lockdown measures she said they were necessary to bring down the spiraling numbers of newco 1000 cases let's break down for you what is set to change here in germany from wednesday on non-essential shops will have to close supermarkets pharmacies and banks will be allowed. to remain open schools will be
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shut in principle and till the 10th of january and employers are being encouraged to allow their staff to work from home as far as that's possible of course michael also made an appeal for people to limit their social contacts during the holidays the number of people allowed to meet indoors will remain restricted to 5 not including children under 14 and in anticipation of new year celebrations sales of fireworks are going to be banned these tough new measures set the table for a bleak holiday season. 4 months chancellor angela merkel and the leaders of germany 16 federal states have been bickering about the measures that are necessary to contain the corona pandemic pushed for steps the regional leaders refuse to follow her lead now they have finally reached a complete consensus and we're forced to act and taking action now we have jointly decided that the regulations of the federal states will be valid until january 10th
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. for the time being. the goal remains to bring the infection rate down. across germany it has become clear in recent weeks that lie to restrictions imposed 6 weeks ago are not sufficient to control the pandemic instead it december has seen record infection numbers more and more people are dying with the virus and hospitals are approaching the limit of their intensive care capacity . to meet all of the i also hoped that the mother measures would have had a greater impact but now with the christmas shopping season the number of contacts has risen sharply once again. retail shops across the country will be most seriously affected by the new measures there are being shut down at the busiest and most lucrative time of the year and they're being given just 2 days notice the losses will be huge but the government is once again mobilizing billions to soften
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the blow. as to enough political comes to complete closure for a whole month we expect to spend over $11000000000.00 euros for that one month and in the. on site that shows that this is a very generous support package and i want to say i think it is absolutely justified he does if you're absolutely. retailers and consumers snarl know what they are facing in these last couple of weeks of the year it will be an exceptionally quiet holiday season but the hope is that that will also be true for hospitals. germany pulling the emergency brake our political correspondent simon young has more simon welcome germany was long hailed as the poster child for endemic management here in europe this month we're seeing one crim milestone after another where did the country go wrong. when
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a call of course it's difficult to pinpoint an exact moment when the country perhaps took a wrong turning but certainly what we have seen is that infection numbers have surged in the last 6 to 8 weeks we always knew that autumn and winter the worst weather would bring an increase in infections but it has been growing exponentially as the chancellor said today what's the reason well some laxity perhaps as ing has crept in through the year in terms of following the rules some people have pointed out that there have been changing rules around germany and a patchwork of different regulations that may have confused some people there's also been some very determined opposition to following rules from a minority of people so all of that may have played a role germany's health care system remains pretty robust but it may be that it had luck in the spring when infections were lower and maybe that luck has now run out. by many other countries standards the new measures are still very far from
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a hard lockdown why is the german government so reluctant to impose tight restrictions like curfews or restrictions on mobility. well i think perhaps they just don't think that will be the best way to deal with the problem but a lot of people are talking now about a shutdown rather than a lockdown that's to say retail is being shut down restaurants were already closed what's not happening as you say is that mandatory curfew is being imposed it's more of an appeal to people to with their contacts having said that the rules do say under this new plan where infections are high tougher measures should be imposed some states like the very end of already said they will impose curfews at least limited ones overnight curfews allowing police to challenge people who are outside without good reason and so on and we may well see that kind of thing happening elsewhere in germany as well. thank you very much. meanwhile
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italy's special commissioner for the pandemic says the vaccination campaign against covert 19 will begin in all $27.00 e.u. countries on the same symbolic day the u.s. is set to start vaccinations this week already the 1st trucks carrying a covert 9000 vaccine for widespread distribution in the u.s. have begun leaving a manufacturing facility in the state of michigan the biotech pfizer vaccine is expected to reach many states on monday initially some 3000000 doses will be shipped. iran's foreign ministry has summoned the voice of germany and france after the european union condemned the execution of an opposition figure around describe the as unacceptable interference and its domestic affairs. was hanged on saturday over his role in protest 3 years ago. thousands of people have taken to the streets of poland in the latest protest against
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a high court ruling that tightened the country's already restrictive abortion law in warsaw they marched to the home of the ruling law and justice party leader in. sunday's rallies coincided with the 39th anniversary of poland's martial law crackdown. space x. has successfully launched a falcon 9 rocket into space from cape canaveral florida as bringing an essex and 7 satellite for sirius and to space that will replace the previous one the new one will provide satellite radio service to listeners across north america. u.k. and you negotiate hers are being given extra time to agree opposed to trade deal european commission president it was enough on the lines that negotiations with british prime minister boris johnson had been constructive and that they're going to continue talks on a free trade agreement beyond today's deadline if they do reach a deal it could avert chaos for cross border commerce in the new year and give
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businesses the certainty they're looking for. a fresh push for a breakthrough with trade talks deadlocked negotiators in brussels dropped their own deadline and pressed forward in search of a deal. after a call with the british prime minister european commission president urson off on the lion said the stakes were too high not to make the effort. we both think that it is responsible at this point in time to go the extra mile. we have accordingly mandated our negotiators to continue the talks and to see whether no reach an agreement can be reached even at this late stage but in london tough talk from the british prime minister about the prospect of a breakthrough. as things stand and this is basically
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you know i agreed i'm afraid we're still very far apart on some key things but where there's life there's hope we're going to keep talking to see what we can do the u.k. certainly would be walking away from the talks i think people would expect us to to go the extra mile. negotiators have been unable to reach an agreement on a so-called level playing field ensuring fair competition between british and e.u. companies they've also failed to forge an agreement on fishing rights in british waters boris johnson has been warning britons to prepare if no compromise can be found. let's let's see what we can achieve but in the meantime get ready we've culprits of agenda the 1st trade on w.t.f. if we have to. negotiators would need to strike a deal before the end of december when the brics a transition period expires otherwise britain and the you will begin the new year with new trade deal and potential chaos. to nigeria now where some $400.00 students
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are still missing after a gunman attacked a secondary school in katsina state on friday local police said a large group armed with assault rifles stormed the building a gunfight with police allowed some students to escape but many more were apparently kidnapped and it's feared they could be held for ransom. students who should be sitting at these desks are missing their disappearance has devastated the local community. because. that child is a child regardless of who their parents are children have been kidnapped here in konqueror from 10 pm on all we could hear was gunfire we couldn't sleep. well some of my relatives children were taken what i've been here at the school since dawn are. we here in katsina earn a terrible condition we can't see how the government is helping my younger brother
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and my child were taken away by the kidnappers i've been at the school since dawn and we still haven't had an update on. the attack targeted the government science secondary school in the canker district of kept sina in northern nigeria. is the home state of nigerian president mohamed do bihari he has condemned the attack in a statement to hari said the military had located the kidnappers and exchanged fire backed up by air support it's the latest in a series of attacks by gunman on the idea in schools. one of the most serious occurred in 2014 when members of jihad this group boko haram kidnapped nearly 300 schoolgirls the families affected by this latest incident are still waiting to find out who took the children.
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german going to sleep club dog one have sacked coach loose in far less than 24 hours after their $51.00 defeat to start got 5 or whose contract was due to expire at the end of the season labelled the result a disaster it was dark once 4th defeat of the season and it left them 6 points behind the top of the league assistant coach even tears it will take over on a temporary basis until the end of the season. and byron munich were held to a one all draw you in berlin on your own got off to the perfect start to after just 6 minute grisha preamble glanced in a header from a corner but biron came back in the 2nd half and equalized through a robot live on the pole scoring his 13th late goal of the season. and save a look at all the other results from match day 11 live a close and took down hoffenheim alex booked the night shock of their 1st win.
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bremen drew with had to have berlin freiburg downed bielefeld cologne defeated minds and false book frankfurt on friday where it is all that leave the wonders league table well and have claimed the top spot dropping by in munich to 2nd and lives move up to 4th and the expense of a daughter moment in the bottom half book and had to berlin climb while hoffenheim fall to the felts months and shaka still make up the last 3. now while the bundesliga season a still fairly young the formula one season is done and dusted the final race the alba dobby grand prix on sunday saw a red bull's mark such stuff and close the year on a high note the dutchman starting from pole led every lap of the race to cross the finish line 15.9 seconds ahead of voluntary process lewis hamilton who was already crowned champion struggled all day and came of 3rd after missing the previous race kovac 19.
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it's more sports coming up sports life takes a look at how the faroe islands became a footballing force to be reckoned with back at the top of the hour with more headlines to. the. core amateur. happiness books. this is the book for you. to get smarter for free.
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and on game in those that continue through the course to world war i assure you so that we can. but it's not just the animals of all suffering it's the environment we went on a journey to find ways to make machine if you want to know how awake live to the priest i'm conscious changed as we continue to listen to our podcast the green. it comes the coldest week is. in september 2020 history was made. to come and show
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us some things that's ok i. see. you i'm assuming that concern is leading the feral ones i'm liking rise from footballing obscurity. a tiny island nation in the north atlantic the faroe islands is part of the danish kingdom just 52000 people live here and they share one big passion. fanfare ones for polish fusion and everybody is crazy about the book in a little english like this you're going to hate me thank you i choked up a couple they cost that's not so much to do. football means everything because in a small village you don't have that many options the 1st football club was established here in $892.00 but the national team only gained fee for membership
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almost a century later in 1988 they've caused major upsets beating teams like austria and greece but have never qualified for a world cup or euro's and often lose to major footballing nations by a wide margin but that hasn't dampened their spirit we are in our national stage young are now after the gulf and i think there will be about i don't know around $5000.00 but of course for a nation like for a while and sissoko a because. 10 to 30 percent of the population what you're watching our team in one single game actually that's probably world record and fantastic. the nation now boasts 168 to a full licensed coaches that's around one post 300 inhabitants in england for example there is one coach for every 165000 people. and is one of the most experienced coaches here almost everybody. if you go couple years ago 100
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percent or 99 percent of all the kids in school they played football. last couple of years maybe not that much but we're up to 7080 percent of. all the people stay and they are playing and playing in some kind of a club environment. there are more sheep than people living on the islands and it rains $300.00 days a year still out pitches are the norm so why is the sport so popular probably because of the national team there are many pitches here around 15 to 18 club stuff they're playing. the football and the way immense they are they are filling a lot and in the landscape it's quite easy here to play football there are 26 stadiums and many pitches across the 18 islands. and grew up here in the tiny town of right by the former national stadium and in adjoining artificial pitch.
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played here all the time. especially at the summer time. because of the fire island and there's so much time that it's. never gotten dark. they didn't find their call home. and over and all the time and it's have to come up to the state and give them bread. or something good to eat. and if it's hard to. get the kill them home in the evening across they want that the play a lay there off the bat there. is different where around from i lived like 100 meters from the football pitch professional football or there was just something that happens there so it's been great that's wrencher plying his trade for bundesliga side armenia bealefeld
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edmonson is the only member of the national team set up signed for a normal day club his success is not a surprise to those who've known him longer just like his former coach. who spent at the picture also often training he was doing many of the right things and he was always there on the pitch working working on his skills and actually you can see right away that if one goes that will probably. be us in. his childhood friend and neighbor under the olsen is now an assistant coach for capital club the 36 tall shopping and saw the dedication 1st time his life back in the early days was dedicated to football and when he became a teenager you can see right away that he lived as a footballer he is probably the best player that has played for the us. even by far always standards edmonson came from a small club and finding coaches and teammates was by no means an easy task. the
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1st coach was my father he was the coach of the team and yeah when you. come from a village with 12 months of people or so we had like maybe 8 or 9 maybe 10 guys in my class and we'd meet 7 at least team or to your team so we were almost forcing each other today so we could know what team training could be good it is necessary that the pirates help the club sometimes that you want me to do more than the other boys and. i think sometimes harder. with him than with the other boys. and that both it was good for him to have a mother. a mother who helped him control him aggressive streak that could have to rail to his ambitions early on. my father and do 1st coaches i had in my career if
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they had a big house because i really had a bad temper when i was younger and i couldn't handle to lose one game nearby here at off the. coach from the other team show so esteemed. over 3 moons and it was so angry that the red overcoat they're all there to coach. him in the ass and. they all their coach got angry and you know on iran. and there are other cars come after him and they go on the run from then down to over i was so close to door. that. you don't see mom needed plenty of patience as the path to the big leagues from the pharaohs is anything but easy even for someone with his apparent talent and drive
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his 1st taste of football abroad came early on and helped confirm his own bishan he went to denmark to a spirit when he was 15 or 16 my my brought there live so it was easy to go to a spirit and then they find out it was. good like the danish boys and i think i want to be a professional. and he decided that i should move to s.p.l. with him and with all our boys so we moved to s.b.s. . then. and got on our part that. got into so we go home again then he come with 21 and i guess he was only 18 and then he scored against russia and the coach from newcastle contacted him after the game and it ended with that he got the new grass. but soon
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after a coaching change at newcastle united saw him quickly fall out of favor of the english premier league side he once again returned home when you're here in farrell we grew up you were the best player. when you come to england. come player from all to europe and. play with the national team. our competition it is not like being paralyzed. i think you said but when he came back to the fellows and he has become stronger and because when he then moved again abroad he had tried to experience it with the 2nd in a set i was better able to tackle after stints in norway and back in the faroes edmonson established himself in denmark's top division in 2018 he signed for a media bielefeld promotion in his 3rd season means he's playing in the biggest league a fair always player has featured in. the 1st in the german football league and the
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course i'm proud of because we don't have that many professional footballers from the from the faroe islands. the often derided european nations league has given small nations a platform to build on the pharaoh's top their group ceiling promotion to league seat on a level with nations like turkey bulgaria and greece the last 5 to 6 years they have gone from beating greece to the now playing competitive matches against the baltic countries many of the middle nations we are competing against now so so we. are not satisfied but but but we are satisfied with the development we have been going through. in 2020 k. i collect speak with 90 minutes away from becoming the country's 1st team to qualify for the europa league while under a olson's b 36 top shop made it to the 3rd qualifying round talk clubs of benefiting from the
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continental cash injections but the national team is still the main source of inspiration for various football. than the german kid just watching germany play when. it's watching england play you all this get this this feeling guy and you support them it's massive it's so important that we have our own how many of the famous players would be playing for the danish a national team it's quite this this is just told me another story and with football we have gone from the idea from from being a small tiny nation and in the atlantic to 2 with to be a nation that everybody. have a relationship relation to the that everybody could know off and speak off because everybody know that for a while and play football and we get some remarkable results once once in a while. the national team breaks
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a previous points record in the 2018 world cup qualifying campaign while coaching and facilities continue to become more professional you want seaman success may even see more players make the move to top sides i would also loath to get other younger players from the faroe islands to to also come to professional football because i think we have a lot of talent there and i just want to would like to the german clubs also to look in the faroe islands when they try to scout for talent for to a young player to know their 1st one that are playing on this league. and see that this was possible to reach that level even you are. the pharaoh's are certainly small but also passionate and dedicated.
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