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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  December 15, 2020 7:00am-7:16am CET

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always the world's most powerful woman shaping her legacy joining us from eccles last stop. this is the w. news live from berlin the u.s. electoral college formally confirms joe biden as winner of last month's election president elect biden tells americans it is time to turn the page on the trump era that democracy has prevailed. meanwhile the u.s. begins the most and vicious vaccination campaign in its history doctors nurses and other vulnerable groups are 1st in line to receive doses of the biotech pfizer
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backseat. and forcibly sterilized and tortured for not speaking the language t.w. has an exclusive report on the treatment of women in chinese reeducation. cameras everywhere you are not allowed to possibly scratch your head or cry if they saw that they would force you want to a metal chair they would make you sit there for 12 hours 24 hours time. i'm serious i was going there glad you could join us 6 weeks after the us presidential election the electoral college has confirmed democrat joe biden as the winner of last month's election by the now has a majority of the 538 electors they gathered in states across the country as well as in the capital washington to formally vote for the next president in
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a televised address after the announcement biden told americans their democracy still works despite accusations of voter fraud from president trump. it is my sincere hope we never again see any was subjected to the kind of threats and abuse we saw in this election you know this battle for the soul of america democracy prevailed we the people voted faith in our institutions held the integrity of our elections remains intact and now it's time to turn the page as we've done throughout our history to unite to heal as i said this campaign i will be president for all americans usually electors cast their ballots without incidental much attention so why has the electoral college been in the spotlight this year get up easiness poll explains. even weeks off the joe biden was named the
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press some to veneral the 2020 lexan there were concerns that the electors who cost of vote would not hold up there and of the bargain but ultimately those chosen few kept their word usually this process of the electress meeting is just a procedural act but like everything that donald trump touches it turns into a controversy the mock recy what donald trump lost and joe biden will be officially president of the united states on generate 20 just 2021. well the electoral college vote comes as president trump announced that attorney general william barr has resigned over trump's claims of election fraud in a letter to the president barr said he was proud to have played a role in trump's administration the attorney general has been one of the president's staunchest allies although their relations have soured in recent weeks
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he will leave his post on december 23rd. it's meanwhile the u.s. has marked a major milestone in the fight against the coronavirus the country has started administration administering the 1st doses of the biotech pfizer vaccine doctors nurses and other at risk groups are 1st in line for the shot with the u.s. death toll now surpassing 300000 nearly as are hoping that today will mark a turning point in the fight against the pandemic. a moment of hope in the u.s. most of all for frontline medical workers who were honored with receiving the 1st coronavirus vaccinations in the country this is the beginning of the end for covert together as a community as a nation we can and this is the 1st recipients seemed eager to convince others that the vaccine was safe it's very important that when the vaccine comes that we took
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confidence in the science it is ok to say you are doing well elsewhere in an effort to show government confidence in the shot acting defense secretary christopher miller also took his job on camera. that's it oh i thought i heard all. advisory panels in the u.s. and the u.k. have determined that the benefits of the shot fun outweigh the risks yet one in 3 people in the u.s. say they won't take it sorry i'm not interested i will never take it out of my dead body. i don't know why so. before. logistics pose another challenge because the country is so big and the concoction so fragile the bio intake pfizer vaccine has to be kept at a chilling minus 70 degrees celsius a deep temperature requiring massive amounts of dry ice. despite all this u.s.
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officials are preparing for the largest vaccination campaign in the country's history along with front line workers the elderly are also 1st in line to get inoculated. as coronavirus cases climb sharply u.s. authorities have set a goal of vaccinating every willing american by midway through next year. let's get around some other stories from around the world countries across europe are tightening coronavirus restrictions as new infections surged london and parts of southern england will start a stricter lockdown on wednesday morning the netherlands and the czech republic are also implementing stricter measures germany has ordered schools and non-essential shops to close and its restricting social contacts over the holiday period. the investigative website balun katz says a hit squad from russia's space security service followed
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a kremlin critic the lexan of only 4 years before his poisoning balin cats as a team of chemical weapons specialists were near novotny of the day he was poisoned he collapsed on a domestic flight in august and is now recovering in germany moscow denies any involvement. german police say they have arrested another suspect in last year's robbery a priceless jewelry from the famous green vault museum in dresden only last month investigators arrested 3 young men 2 suspects remain on the run now one of them has been detained in berlin the. critics have called it a 21st century genocide china is locking up and so-called reeducation a more than 1000000 weekers in camps in the chin jan region but now exiled weekers have been dealt a blow by the international criminal court it has rejected calls to investigate beijing for alleged genocide and crimes against humanity because china is not a signatory to the hague based tribunal china maintains its goal is to really
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educate people and steer them away from islamist extremism weaker say that with its program of forced sterilization abortion and internment beijing is trying to wipe out every trace of the muslim minorities identity debby's correspondents mightiest printing and yulia han have this exclusive reports. scenes of a family outing with 0 ad hom her husband to assume john and their little daughter by are in turkey a safe location for now. but for good 0 a normal life is still far away she says she does not feel safe anywhere. near the months of the cold i still wake up from nightmares in which i see myself in a chinese internment camp again. the images and memories of the interrogations of the beatings and the things they did to him and their haunt me i don't feel sick for a few days and i can't sleep i argue with my family i even think about hurting myself
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. in 2017 good 000 han was arrested in soon junk china's westernmost region she is an ethnic aza born in china and was living in kazakhstan at the time on a trip back to china she was detained by police and then hope for a year in several reeducation camps. although they tortured us they had cameras everywhere you were not allowed to pause scratch your head or cry if they saw that they would force you want to a metal chair they would make you sit there for 12 hours 24 hours you were tied to the chair and if you tried to move it would get tighter then they make you repeat chinese words that you didn't know if you forgotten they used electroshock device on your head. back in kazakhstan her family did not know where she was at the same time authorities in china suddenly started to detain large numbers of the region's
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muslim minorities i traveled to the region to see for myself middle school number 4 of which are counted was one of the camps she had been to in 2018 a high wall was built around the school and shacks were built in the courtyard today the school is back to what it was china has defended the facilities as the creation of training centers and declared that by 2019 all trainees had graduated but 0 as also told us that many of our former inmates would later transfer to regular prison on the outskirts of 2 more officers. there are now 5 policemen following. a prison with watchtowers and another camp where both built in 2017 when the campaign against ethnic minorities took off all staff left. the one town if you film here we will have to take measures against you and this
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place is a state secret rooms and. we 0 was told she was detained because she had been to kazakhstan that was seen as a sign of being disloyal to china more and more service now calling what is happening in the region could genocide after reports of forced birth control sterilisation and. in the camp was 0 recalls the inmates were administered injections of women on substance. from local county after the injection some women stopped having their periods those who still had it were given one pat they had to use it for 2 or 3 days if their period would come it would come if not not we stopped being ashamed about it at some point we didn't stop thinking of home most of us had stopped crying by then when i meet will. cruzeiros one of the lucky ones she was finally allowed to leave after her husband had complained for her in kazakhstan she has no news from her relatives in the region. that
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report from a correspondent yes banana and he joins us from beijing for more hina ts a you have just returned from shin jang what was it like to report there so it's very difficult to report from there you're being followed around cones constantly in most places it depends a little bit on the location the local authorities seem to have different approaches in some places you followed by these plainclothes policeman from a distance and they into if you feel once you approach for example a prison or account like we've seen in that case sometimes they even want to let you take pictures off the streets and of course anybody you talk to risks being interrogated by them i had one situation where i was filming on the street and then a man shouted something to me he touched a chinese flag and said he was
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a patriot and then asked me inside his shop i went in there took a few pictures inside his shop then i walked away and when i turned around i saw my mind just coming out of his shop so under these circumstances of course reporting is very different from other places you cannot freely talk to people. you cannot make contacts and interview people from all walks of society as you would in other places what about the woman we saw in your report calls here and her family there safe in turkey now how common is that to be able to escape and build a life elsewhere. there are very few people who have been able to excrete the region and very few former inmates a few dozen dozen i think worldwide most of them are cars are people who are from the border region but you will have lived in kazakhstan before like her who had family there who were able to compare on their behalf even be causing citizens
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because cousin has allowed them to me immigrate into kazakhstan for the last few decades so some of them have both nationalities otherwise it's very difficult that people do not have passports police has taken the way past was for most people in the region and it is just quickly we know international pressure is growing on beijing has that all had any impact on their treatment of waiters. it has had an impact on what beijing is saying about the come stay used to say there were no camps now they say that the education centers we've also seen them decent cura ties a little bit but overall i do not think that the or pression against you is is ending in any way correspondent mathias spinning reporting from beijing thank you for sharing that reporting with us. and let's get a reminder now of our top story here on the u.s.
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electoral college is formally confirm joe biden as winner of last month's election in a televised address president elect biden told americans it was time to turn the page on the truck era and democracy to prevail. coming up next a new business the european union throws out its blueprint for digital services what will that mean for tech giants monica jones has that coming up. in the far north. it's lonely. and breathtakingly beautiful.
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arctic to. take a journey around the north pole.


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