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tv   Global 3000  Deutsche Welle  December 15, 2020 11:00am-11:31am CET

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this is d w news live from berlin and forcibly sterilized and tortured for not speaking the language and exclusive report for pushing job on the repression of leaders inside of china's re-education camps. cameras everywhere you're not allowed to possible express your head or cried if they saw that they would force you want to a metal chain or they would make you sit there for 12 hours 24 hours. also on the coke route the u.s. led toral college formally confirming joe biden as winner of last month's election
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he tells americans it is time to turn the page on the trump era and says democracy prevails slops the u.s. begins the most ambitious vaccination campaign in history doctors nurses and other vulnerable groups are 1st in line to receive doses of the biotech pfizer backseat. as in the investigation shows russian agents trained in chemical weapons followed kremlin critic alexina for years leading up to his poisoning with the nerve agent this. time sarah kelly walked into the program rights monitors have called it a 21st century genocide china locking up and so-called reeducating more than 1. 1000000 weekers and other muslim minorities in camps in the shin jiang
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region now exiled leaders have been dealt a blow by the international criminal court it has rejected calls to investigate beijing for alleged genocide and crimes against humanity because china is not party to the tribunals china for its part maintains its goal is to be educate people and steer them away from islamist extremism but muslim minorities say beijing is trying to wipe out every trace of their identity correspondent ts bolinger and julie hunt report. scenes of a family outing with 000-0000 harm her husband to us when john and the little daughter by are in turkey a safe location for naught. but for 0 a normal life is still far away she says she does not feel safe anywhere. the month that the cold i still wake up from nightmares in which i see myself in a chinese internment camp again the images and memories of the interrogations of
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the beatings and the things they did to him and their haunt me i then feel sick for a few days and i can't sleep i argue with my family i even think about hurting myself. in 20170000000 han was arrested in soon john china's western most region she's an ethnic azar born in china and was living in kazakhstan at the time on the trip back to china she was detained by police and then hope for a year in several reeducation camps. although they tortured us they had cameras everywhere you were not allowed to pause scratch your head or cry if they saw that they would force you want to a metal chair they would make you sit there for 12 hours 24 hours you were tied to the chair and if you tried to move it would get tighter then they make you repeat chinese words that you didn't know if you forgot them they used electroshock device
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on your head. back in kazakhstan her family did not know where she was at the same time authorities in china suddenly started to detain large numbers of the region's muslim minorities i traveled to the region to see for myself middle school number 4 of which i counted was one of the camps she had been to in 2018 a high wall was built around the school and shacks were built in the courtyard today the school is back to what it was china has defended the facilities as the case in a training centers and declared that by 2019 all trainees had graduated but 0 has also told us that many of her former inmates were later transferred to a regular prison on the outskirts of 2 more facilities. there are now 5 policemen following. a prison with watchtowers and another camp where both built in 2017 when the campaign against ethnic minorities took off all staff left.
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no one town if you film here we will have to take measures against you in this place is a state secret from us and if. we 0 was told she was detained because she had been to kazakhstan that was seen as a sign of being disloyal to china more and more service now calling what is happening in the region could genocide after reports of forced birth control sterilisation and. in the camp was 0 recalls the inmates were administered injections of an unknown substance. from local county after the injection some women stopped having their periods those who still had it were given one pad they had to use it for 2 or 3 days if their period would come it would come if not not we stopped being ashamed about it at some point we didn't stop thinking of home most of us had stopped crying by then when i meet will. who 0 is one of the lucky
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ones she was finally allowed to leave after her husband had complained for in kazakhstan she has no news from her relatives in the region. and joining me now is mathias bollinger who you heard from in that report in fact mathias you just returned from the region what were your impressions it's very difficult to work in that region you are traded all the time by playing cove police in some cities they would just follow you at a distance and interfere as we have seen also in this report when you approach a site that they don't want to see you in other places they will really follow you like the very closely like standing right next to you watching your phone all the time preventing you from even filming innocent scenes on the street so it's very difficult when you talk to somebody they would also talk to these people i for one point i man on the streets on the filming and he waved at me and showed
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a chinese flag and said that he was a patriot and then asked me inside his shop a small restaurant and when i left this shop the police immediately went in and asked him what he has been telling me so very much signs that the message is being controlled also the movement is being controlled we we saw a family in your piece who is now in turkey how unusual is that for people to be able to leave. there are about 12000000 ethnic minorities muslim ethnic minorities in the region mostly regas and kazakhstan very few of them have been able to leave the region especially in the past 3 years since the campaign started their passports have been confiscated and there are about a few dozen people who have been to the camps who are now abroad very few of them
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talk to western media because they have relatives abroad and they fear that their relatives might and your repercussions if they talk to the media. is so most of those who have been able to leave the country are people like good 0 who had family in kazakhstan and whose family had can pay for her. need time we've heard the international criminal court will not take up the case over the treatment of we here is because china is not a signatory. but the pressure is growing on beijing how is it affecting policy in the country. it's very hard to say how it's affecting policy it is affecting let's say public relations work of beijing in the beginning they denied that the county existed at all then they called them occasional training centers they have also closed some o.c. do you securitized others so they look more like schools like what they are saying
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they are but it's very hard to. conclude from that or we cannot conclude from that that the or pression against the minorities is over we still hear a lot of reports about repression we see why why some of the camps have been closed we see prisons have been expanded mathias bollinger reporting from china thank you so much for bringing us that report. yes so so let's take a look at some other stories making news around the world an explosion in afghanistan has killed 3 people including the deputy governor of the capital kabul the interior ministry says unknown assailants attached a bomb to the pullers vehicle no group has claimed responsibility for the attack the boko haram jihadist group says that its fighters carried out friday's kidnapping of hundreds of students from a school in northern nigeria days after the raid the government said that it was
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negotiating with the armed men boko haram was also responsible for abducting hundreds of schoolgirls in the town of chip uk in $24.00 teen. russian president vladimir putin has congratulated joe biden on his victory hours after the u.s. electoral college officially confirmed him as the winner of last month's election now a statement from the kremlin quoted putin as saying that he was ready for collaboration the official vote by the electoral college paves the way for congress to accept the outcome of the election when it sits on january 6th incumbent president donald trump has yet to recognize victory. it was the state of california that tipped the scales of the electoral college. california the most populous state in the united states will be formally crafty get the votes for the winner of our state's popular vote approves of our biden in vice presidential
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running mate california's own harris across the u.s. state elections confirms the popular vote formalizing joe biden's victory in the november elections the president elect has the democratic process. in america politicians don't take power people group power to them. the flame of democracy was lit in this nation a long time ago and we now know nothing not even a pandemic or an abuse of power can extinguish that flame. president trump has refused to acknowledge defeat citing baseless claims of election fraud he's launched a string of lawsuits to overturn results in battleground states courts have rejected every one but last week the supreme court dismissed a lawsuit and just invalidating results and full states that biden had won. it's
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a position sarge 3 we've never seen before because ition they refused to respect the will of the people refuse respect the rule of law and refuse to honor our constitution. thankfully a unanimous supreme court a media plea incompletely rejected this effort. trumps brazen accusations have stoked anger among his supporters leading to threats of violence to politicians and election officials in states such as michigan electors had to cast their vote amid tight security. most republican lawmakers have so far but trumped flailing attempts to overturn the election those are looking even less viable after the electoral college confirmed by dence win but trump loyalists could mount one last desperate attempt when congress confirms the electors vote on january 6th. well meanwhile the u.s. has marked a major milestone in the fight against coronavirus the country has started
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administering the 1st doses of the biotech pfizer vaccine doctors nurses and others at risk groups are 1st in line for the shot now with the u.s. death toll now surpassing 300000 millions are hoping that today will mark a turning point in the fight against the pandemic. a moment of hope in the u.s. most of all for frontline medical workers who were honored with receiving the 1st coronavirus vaccinations in the country this is the beginning of the end for covert together as a community as a nation we can and this is the 1st recipient seemed eager to convince others that the vaccine was safe it's very important that when the vaccine comes that we could copy the science it is ok to take the or elsewhere in an effort to show government confidence in the shot acting defense secretary christopher miller also took his
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job on camera. that's it oh i thought i heard all. advisory panels in the u.s. and the u.k. have determined that the benefits of the shot far outweigh the risks yet one in 3 people in the u.s. say they won't take it sorry i'm not interested it will never take it over my dead body. i don't know one show. before. logistics pose another challenge because the country is so big and the concoction so fragile the biotech pfizer vaccine has to be kept at a chilling minus 70 degrees celsius a deep temperature requiring massive amounts of dry ice. despite all this u.s. officials are preparing for the largest vaccination campaign in the country's history along with front line workers the elderly are also 1st in line to get an
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ocular lated. as coronavirus cases climb sharply u.s. authorities have set a goal of vaccinating every willing american by midway through next year. and here in germany a new covert 1000 infections and fatalities are still trending upward sure the latest figures now in the last 24 hours germany's public health body the robert cock institute reported almost 14 and a half 1000 new infections that is 378 more cases than in the same period last week and the number of people dying from coke in 1000 in germany is also on the rise corona virus claims the life of 500 more people on tuesday that is the 3rd highest one day toll since the pentameter now a soft lockdown imposed in november failed to bring those numbers down to starting on wednesday tougher restrictions are going into effect all non-essential shops will be closed schools will be shut in principle and people are being encouraged to
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limit their social contacts let's get more on this i'm joined now by political correspondent hans brown's hands how are people reacting where you have to say that to some extent the reaction of people on the street is somewhat contradictory there is a very large majority of people who agree that tougher measures are necessary to bring this pandemic under control at the same time today's the last day of shopping possible before christmas and very long lines over is a ball early in the morning before shops even open so there's going to be a run on shops today there's going to be a crush i imagine at least all side of the shops although they have to control the number of people that are coming inside at the same time it's not the only place in germany or rather there are places in germany that already are under lockdown because their situation is so dire we've been looking at the situation one of those places called boats and let's have a look what the situation is with. the city of bouts with
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medieval charm and historic lanes the touristic highlight in normal times but now the streets are empty the shops are closed the region has some of the highest corona virus case numbers in the country the strict lockdown has been imposed 3 days before it is introduced in the whole of germany called the city's mayor a necessary step. in order people want to be involved in the decision making process that is why you buy it but recommendations but when that didn't work we started introducing bans again as a last resort we are in a situation where we must use this last resort to prevent the cases from exploding even further you know some of. this explosion in cases comes as a surprise for many in this relatively rule and quiet part of germany which had so far gotten quite well through the deming we ask around to hear what people have to
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say about the measures. and i think the measures are simply right and necessary. sad to see everything going down the drain like this there really is a lack of perspective jobsite going bust. up this one democrat i don't know whether the measures are really necessary in my opinion testing should be done differently we should test for corona and for influenza because well the flu patients we normally have every year. we visited today and now is to close his shop due to the lockdown measures. and again encountered skepticism when it comes to cope at 19. shrug in the story the it was thought as i don't believe that the virus 6 it's all that is around here. it must have been produced by someone because the world alone doesn't create such a fibers. and then now the speck seen after such
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a source sign but it's something i can't believe this is the information offered to people for the mayor the people deny him the reality of covert 19 i'm not representative of the majority view here and we don't have more people who question the virus and go protesting here than another regions they are not the majority they have very loud intolerant minority on to renard. to them and everybody else the lockdown is not sending a clear signal of just how far away from normal times we still are so hands back with you now that's the view from one german town i mean that skepticism is one of the barriers to vaccinate the other beriah is of course a logistics walk us through where germany stands right now when it comes to vaccination to administering. well the logistics the infrastructure are
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in place and simply just waiting for the release of the of the vaccine and that is subject to approval by the european medical agency that is currently investigating or preparing those approval the german health minister again spahn who is about to speak on the subject again has been urging the european agency to release this vaccine before christmas while the agency itself has stated my take on to the end of december other countries have gone the way of emergency approval of the vaccine germany has said it does not want to do that it wants to stick to the european process that would mean that the 1st action nations are likely to take direct lace towards the end of december but the health minister reckons that by the middle of next year about 60 percent of the population will be vaccinated t w political correspondent hans brought thank you. well a new investigation in time has found that a group of russian special agents followed opposition leader alexina vali 4 years
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before he was poisoned the summer the report says that the agents from russia security service the f.s.b. were part of an intelligence team specializing in toxins and nerve agents. an independent thorough investigation of a crime that the russian government refuses to consider investigative website belling cat reveals a story about a specially trained team of russian agents with the goal of poisoning dissident alex a new colony with a deadly nerve agent chalk. at the moment hi it's no value i found out who tried to kill me i know where they live and where they work i know their real names their fake names and i have photos of them. belling cat worked with russian news organization the insider german newspaper der spiegel and u.s. broadcast to c.n.n. to map out evidence that novell me was being followed by the russian security service the f.s.b.
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well before the incident and even revealed previous attempts to poison him. at that this is a story about a secret group of killers from the f.s.b. which includes doctors and chemists it's about how they tried to kill me several times and once nearly killed my wife you won't hear about this on t.v. especially that the one giving orders to this group is russian president vladimir putin. they used publicly available flight logs and other information to back up their claims. but we did this we found that there were 3 people who had the same minute in areas the bombing but they were really surprised we looked more of these people and we noticed these people with computer colleagues had fallen of only for over 30 trips to 2070 practically every time the only one around russia because he was a presidential candidate i'm sorry and 2017 these people had the exact same track what and probably not all that. an anti corruption activist in kremlin critic felt dangerously ill on
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a flight from siberia to moscow in oldest he was later flying to germany's capital for treatment and was in an induced coma for 2 weeks. german french and swedish laboratories have determined he was poisoned with the soviet era nerve agent the chalk. has long held the kremlin responsible for his poisoning accusations moscow has repeatedly denied. and let's get more now from correspondent erin tilton who is in moscow erin what is the kremlin have to say for itself well the kremlin is of course the 9 these allegations that are allegations rather those that are being leveled by belling cat that's something they've been doing actually since day one since the likeness alexina volley was actually initially poisoned now dmitry peskov who's actually president vladimir putin's spokesman said that these accusations can't even be labeled as a fake news he actually used in english profanity to describe the kremlin viewpoint
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of these latest accusations so i think it's safe to say that the kremlin is using the harshest possible rhetoric to push back against these accusations where's the investigation erin i mean how does the kremlin justify the fact that it has denied international pleas for an independent investigation. well the kremlin hanes that they actually initially offered to conduct a joint investigation with the german authorities after alexei navalny was transported to berlin for medical treatment now they actually say valid alexei basically refused to cooperate with russian authorities which is why they can't investigate any claims that he was poisoned well of course that's not entirely surprising alexina only maintains that these russian authorities were actually involved in an assassination attempt on his life so it's not surprising that he wouldn't want to work with them directly you know russian authorities also say they haven't actually seen any direct evidence that alexei navalny was poisoned in fact russian doctors are saying that his condition could have been caused by
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a metabolic disorder dehydration maybe have something to do with drugs anything but an actual poisoning and you know that flies in the face of international authorities i mean we've seen laboratories in germany in france and sweden also from an anti chemical weapons group called the o.p.c. w. who have said that yes nobody talk a soviet era nerve poison was used to poison him but that isn't really enough for russian authorities which is why they've up to this point refused to open an investigation into the police and how about these new revelations erin i mean how is it that these domestic intelligence operatives within russia apparently shadowed not only how would they identified. well i mean this is basically goes up to bellingham you know they've made a great name for themselves in recent years with basically forensic style investigations into online information and they've done some incredibly detailed work into the machinations of russia's intelligence services specifically the f.m.
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as b. and in this case they were able to use publicly available information online and also information that they were purchased from russian data mining websites to establish connections between the companies they say is involved in the production of nerve toxins and the f.s.b. and using those phone numbers they are able to identify it operatives that they say have shouted in of all these things 2017 now belling maintains that this is dalgleish is a hard connection between the poisoning of alexina volney and the f.s.b. and if this data pans out it could go a large way to establishing that that hard connection aaron just very briefly in a volley in germany a loud voice critical of the kremlin. how how is it now how is the operating now that he's not in russia well i mean the lesson of all he has made a name for himself as an opposition critic and partially it's because of his incredible use of social media i mean his you tube channel which is viewed by hundreds of thousands every week here in russia and he's a basically managed to establish a large connection. with
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a huge team of followers here in the country and while election of all he may be in germany right now he his team is still north and here and there still raising their voice in opposition to a lot of kremlin parties aaron shelton with the view from moscow thank you. next it is business with monica town i'm sorry kelly thanks for watching.
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it costs. to see a dog man's head enough. to have a colleague and she stood guard most not with the consequences. moves much merrier in the labor couzin with 4 goals against tottenham and the rhineland to shoot their way to the top of the table kick off. in 60 minutes on w. . how does
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a virus spread. why do we panic and when will all this. just 3 of the topics covered in the weekly radio show is called spectrum if you like and the information. on the coronavirus or any other science topic you should really check out our podcast you can get it wherever you get your podcast you can also find those at. science. my 1st by psycho social sewing machine. where i come from women are almost by this ocean towards something as simple as learning how to write a bicep poses and. since i was a little girl i wanted to have them by cycle of my home and it took me mr been there. finally they gave up and went on by me on my side but returned people sewing machine sewing i suppose was more apt procreates burgos than rising on by and snow
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i want to meet those women back home who are bones by their duties and social norms and inform them of old dead basic rights my name is the about of the home and they wore them. in. town bra urges they using to clarify reports that say china will ban australian coal imports the australian prime minister saying such a move would file h.w.t. old rules we ask china expert what's behind this grouping tradeable coming up the e.u. says it's time to limit the power of take giant the european commission is about to unveil new rules for the digital scale. welcome to do this.


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