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tv   Der Tag  Deutsche Welle  December 17, 2020 8:00pm-8:15pm CET

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this is g w news live from berlin he has committed to letting down his guard and now he has the virus french president emanuel microland has tested positive for covert 19 he's self isolating but there are concerns about all those he had contact with recently including numerous european leaders will have the latest on the tracking and tracing also coming up yet another new coronavirus record here in germany the number of daily infections has topped 30000 for the 1st time we'll take you to a hospital where younger and previously healthy patients are now fighting to stay
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alive. brain cough it's good to have you with us french president emanuel make wrong has tested positive for the corona virus the president's office says it's highly likely that mccrone caught the virus at a european council summit last week that mike mckone has begun 7 days of quarantine his diagnosis is fuelling alarm and anxiety among europe's leaders many of them had close contact with the french president at that summit some of them are now restricting their movements and getting tested. an affectionate squeeze that's how french president emanuel not home greeted officials and heads of government last week at the e.u. summit and how he welcomed portuguese prime minister antonio costa to the elysee
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palace on wednesday. but now that michael has tested positive for the corona virus those close contacts may wish they dodged his warm embrace. last night the president started to experience symptoms indicative of covered 19 immediately isolated and took a p.c.r. test the results of which confirm that he is positive for coping $1000.00. this is not going to make as for everyone who test positive in this country contact tracing began immediately in order to identify the president's close contacts. back home symptoms are mild he attended this meeting virtually from isolation but the positive test has abandoned both his agenda and the agenda of european politics as the u.k. and the e.u. attempt to negotiate a breaks a trade deal before the end of the year. a growing list of european leaders who met with my call are now working from home working that is unless they become seriously
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ill. in paris there was little surprise at the president's misfortune. to say yes it's serious it affects everyone so no there's no reason to blame him. evil it's obvious given his job that this would happen so it doesn't surprise me. but they probably didn't respect the social distancing rules. cohen joins a long list of world leaders who have caught the virus and just over a week before the e.u. was hoping to begin vaccinations. well our correspondent been triggered he is in brussels he's on the story for us tonight good evening to you berent we know that president macron he announced the diagnosis today this afternoon he was seen speaking online at a conference how important is it for him to show that he is still in charge but of course it's important for him to show that he is only mightily affected so
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far by the code 19 and that is he has a quiet he was teleconference he was sitting at a desk we don't know exactly where this this was presumed to be somewhere in his private quarters that the it is a palace but they also some concern that he is now i mean he can spread the virus to everybody in this surroundings we don't know if they have active missions or some. people working within it so this is also critical you're supposed to stay in your room maybe outside to get some rest if you have the coronavirus and not to work so it's it's a double edged sword a message which can also go in in the other direction but of course michael wants to show he's still in charge he's governing and he will only current current team for 7 days and that he will start to resume his work again and his is office been says that he most likely got the virus at last week's european council meeting so what does that tell us then about the coronavirus protocols that are being enforced
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or not being enforced at these conferences. but at this point it is a pilot palace a saying it's most likely that he'll require that the bar is last week here in brussels at the summit but there's no proof of that because all the other leaders so far have negative coverage tests said isolating for precaution but they are not there's no positive test out some of the german chancellor angela merkel tested negative for the virus she's not isolating she's continuing the couple of others who lost her isolating so it's not quite clear if it's really the summit of the what's the spread of an event we don't know what mccloy is doing in private her concerns about his family his wife brigitte is also in such isolation cease she's 67 years old she's such a she's a part of
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a risk group so it's not quite clear if it really was the summit or the other meetings call had into several days ago he was meeting in paris or several leaders he has a very busy schedule it's although the country is just coming out of a lockdown and some people are also criticizing that he's still so busy already w spent also busy tonight in brussels thank you germany's daily coben infection rate is hitting new records topping $30000.00 in the last 24 hours the health minister says e.u. member states plan to roll out a vaccination program on december 27th but as the number of hospital cases in germany skyrockets a leading doctor has told the w. news and fears that the coming weeks will see more medics making decisions about who gets life saving treatments and who doesn't here's a look at the dire situation in one german hospital. a new kind of a patient has
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a drive by ambulance to try bags university hospital he's traveling in a special isolation pod so none of the transport team gets infected the patient is only in his forty's he's transferred to viviane it sorts months intensive care unit with 5 members of the team she turns him on his stomach the prone position is an important therapy for seriously ill covert patients the team make sure the patient is well padded as he will lie like this for several hours afterwards the inflammation sits at the back of the lungs and a lot of fluid collects there the lungs can't heal if we lie on them the whole time by turning patients on to their stomachs their lungs get air and can heal. once a day the team turns each patient on to their front and back again it's a big effort. but printing and being put on a ventilator is not sufficient for many critically ill patients some need to be
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connected to an artificial lung to keep them alive. it pumps the patient's blood into a machine where carbon dioxide is extracted and oxygen added. to that of blood and pumped back into the patient's body. for patients who are this ill there aren't many options left this is the last trump card we've got. my therapeutic options are so boring we give oxygen and the artificial lung but that only gives us more time belongs have to heal on their own up. in the hospital pharmacy there's no wonder drug against the coronavirus ram disappear one of the great hopes at the start of the pandemic has yielded disappointing results as have many other drugs. medics of the virus for nearly a year now but the odds of surviving
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a severe case haven't improved much you know it's like every 2nd person on a ventilator dies behind each of those numbers is a human being much. in the 2nd wave many young and healthy people have also been infected but that's no guarantee for a mild a cause of the illness. you have to think you know this is a young man 45 years old with a severe case of kota he's a prime example that a young healthy person without any notable preexisting medical conditions can be brought to the brink of death by this fire. or to get into the intensive care units really are at that limit and we have to be clear about that there might still be some spare beds that every day there's fewer and patients like here for a long time for weeks or even months and that means beds don't free up quickly enough right at the moment they can still fight for every single patient's life but
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the time off to christmas could turn into the intensive care teams was nightmare. all right let's take a look at some of the other stories now that are making headlines the king of sweden says that his country has failed in his handling of the coronavirus carl gustav made the rare criticism during an annual television appearance sweden's pandemic policy has left measures largely voluntary and has been blamed for a high death toll among the elderly russian president vladimir putin has left off allegations that the kremlin was behind the poisoning of the opposition leader alexei navalny during his annual news conference in moscow putin smiled and said if there had been such a desire it would have been. the coronavirus pandemic has led to enormous of peoples in our lifestyles how we work how we socialize and where we want to call home a study in spain has found a significant increase in demand for homes with more in the war and outdoor space
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city dwellers appeared to be packing up and moving to the suburbs or the countryside one reason is that more people are working from home but there are other reasons it's. and to talk about that my colleague public is here at the table with me i mean it's not just a spin or story and you can't do any of this if you don't have good internet you're absolutely right internet is key of course to many many jobs and you're right it's not just in spain but spain was released this report is from the notary general council so essentially the notary of course when you buy a property have got to go to the notary in several countries and it noticed that there is a drop in the number of people buying apartments on a significant pretty sharp rise in people looking for houses with a garden or add or space of course in many european cities people would live in apartments it's not just in europe across the world we see people even apartments were often they don't even have an outdoor space where they'd have a shared space or a very small balcony we see that here in berlin and obviously people now after the
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pandemic want to change they want different aspects of their life to be a little bit more doors and because they they don't have to be in the city anymore because perhaps their job permits so is that what we're looking at here is kind of a migration out of urban areas to you know the suburbs rural areas well in the u.k. and in the u.s. it's similar to spain and actually here in germany as well there's been a shift and a shift and the number of people buying bigger properties that's of the sort of god's will to actually get you much more for your money exactly that what's happened is the question is will this kind of space stuff people want is it really something that is sustainable is this what's going to happen in the future i spoke to professor a young adult and she's a human geography professor at u.c.l. in london and this is what she told me that many different types of it is just not possible to move out of cities especially if you think about service sector if you
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think about people who are clean as bus driver and so on is afford their place is still the case they it's not possible to do remote specialists if you front line because you know if you're working in high. so these are jobs that never be are very unlikely to be possible to be down remotely and so that you will see problems . with with you know seeing this as a kind of you know blanket application in which people are just moving in and out remote it won't happen everywhere so the professor there told me that basically not everybody can just work from anywhere our profession is one where you come some jobs to some you can't but it's it's more the fact that it's actually people from lower income backgrounds of the ones who are most affected and really the problem here is the pandemic has exposed at major deficiencies with urban areas across the planet small small housing is one of the main problems i mean and also you can't
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afford apartments now so if people are going to leave out these are big areas does that mean urban areas are going to become before double or these areas going to improve well really what the issue is we need to focus on where the problems lie in urban areas so if people are living in poor housing and they don't have access to parks green space even teen air or even you know proper facilities dots were really what we need to be looking out so it's essentially working from the bottom up as opposed to the top down all right probably only if there's always public good reporting thank you. you're watching the news live from berlin our club in 1000 special is coming up next i'll be back at the top of the hour with more world news followed by the day i have to see that.
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the fight against the corona virus pandemic. has the rate of infection been developing what does the latest research say. information and contacts the coronavirus up to. 19 spent. on t w.


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