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tv   Markus Lanz  Deutsche Welle  December 18, 2020 9:30pm-10:30pm CET

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for me to come to germany. for got my license to work as a swimming instructor here and now our 2 children wanted us to swim fast just as. what's your story take part cherish on info my greenstock missed. as covert related infections and death around the world continue to climb the fightback house begun with a vaccine sprayed approved in russia china the united arab emirates britain and the united states to name just a few and vaccination programs have already begun now health authorities face the task of convincing skeptical populations that these drugs which have been bused through development and approvals processes are safe i'm phil gayley in berlin and this is the day.
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the american people can be confident to truly promote confidence in the vaccines we must start by acknowledging that history of mistreatment and exploitation of minorities by the medical community and the government that while we cut red tape. we could no corners the speed was a reflection of extraordinary scientific advances and did not compromise safety and i also believe that history will record that this week. was the beginning of the end of the coronavirus pandemic. also of the day these are boom times for the gaming industry especially a so many of us have been forced to stay indoors it's big business big of in hollywood apparently so when a game flops the pain is felt as far away as the stock market at one point she has a game to make a cd project red dropped 30 percent today because its much anticipated game
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cyberpunk 2077 finally went on sale there were so many complaints about its bugs glitches and crashes that sony with jewett from their play station stole our jobs and leaves no. one where. they may just really. need. welcome to the day the united states is continuing to set records in terms of the number of covert related deaths and infections but there has been some good news the u.s. validation program began this week using the biotech fi as a drug and the 2nd vaccine this time made by but is expected to gain approval by the u.s. food and drug administration shortly by its president mike pence who chairs the federal government's coronavirus task force got vaccinated today alongside the u.s. surgeon general to adams.
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i didn't feel a thing as the u.s. surgeon general and a black man i'm equally aware of the symbolic significance of my vaccination today but vaccines even ones that are 95 percent effective will not alone in this pandemic we must now do the necessary work to go from vaccines to vaccinations it would truly be the greatest tragedy of all if disparities in covert outcomes actually worsened because the people who could most benefit from this vaccine can't get it or won't take it and we all hope and i think this is doable that by the time we get to several months into this year we will have enough people protected that we can start thinking seriously about the return to normality and that's up to all of us to step forward and get vaccinated. well let's take a closer look as the u.s.
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enters this a new stage in this a process against a covert. correspondent in washington is all of a salad welcome oliver like pence has been leading the u.s. government's response to this pandemic and more than 310000 americans have died and more than 17000000 people have become infected on his watch people might rightly ask what has mike pence coronavirus taskforce been doing all this time. well that's a fair question to ask phil if you consider how mike pence always praised his role in bed all trump's role in the handling of the pandemic while at the same time of course he received lots of criticism you just mentioned the numbers that have been soaring and spiraling out of control so one of his jobs was to make sure there is enough ventilators and protect personal protective equipment in the hospital which he did of course but what really stands out in mike pence his role is in consistency also his contrariness so for long periods of time he refused to wear
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a face mask in public there is this really famous video footage of him where he visited a hospital and he was the only person without a face mask so really critics say that mike pence has been sending all the wrong signal in times when the pin demick was continuing to spiral out of control if you consider scientists recommending wearing face masks in the u.s. administration doing quite the opposite so now he was the 1st higher ranking member of the u.s. administration to get vaccinated that was certainly done in an effort to boost public trust there's a lot of skepticism around still as we speak he's also wearing a face mask now but don't forget that he downplayed the virus for long periods of time right let's listen about that skepticism because it was particularly interesting that mike pence to go but say today alongside u.s. surgeon general jerome adams a black man who is a worried about vaccine skepticism about the black and latino americans lack of
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trust this special in communities of color is not without good reason to truly promote confidence in these maxine's we must start by acknowledging this history of mistreatment and exploitation of minorities by the medical community and the government. but then we need to explain and demonstrate all that has been done to correct in address these wrongs as explore that further all the surveys put skepticism of vaccines amongst african american and hispanic populations anywhere between 50 and 60 percent why do you think that is. others rifle and it's worth mentioning here that it's not only the minority is not only the african americans and the a spanish there are polls that actually say that 60 percent of all americans would be willing willing to get vaccinated so in turn 40 percent are opposing a vaccine at this point in time and that certainly has to do with dollar trumps
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handling health and damage with the fact that the us administration downplayed the risks the coronavirus poses the mass cold of the whole mass debate was politicized so that all plays into the vaccine question now with regards to minorities and to african-americans in particular as you mention one 3rd of them does not want to get vaccinated so 1 that the obvious reason for them following those polls is that they said they would be afraid of the side effects some said they even would be afraid to get cold it through the vaccine there's a general distrust also in big c. and so it all comes down to misinformation to conspiracy theories and the less educated these groups are the more vulnerable they are for that kind of misinformation in the next few hours the u.s. food and drug administration is expected to approve a 2nd corona virus vaccine this time from medan it will sort of difference is that likely to make. well 1st of all there is
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a much smaller company than take pfizer the 1st vaccine that was that was allowed here in the united states they have never produced a vaccine before but the result is quite similar to the bio and take pfizer vixens highly effective 94 point one percent in their trial the important difference here is is the way that it's stored and it's transported because it can be stored in just a normal freezer versus the minus 70 degree celsius ultra free though that's needed for the bio and take vaccine so that makes it all a lot easier for the supply chain and it's also a more accessible big scene for local communities especially if you look at rural areas and there are a lot of those here in the united states as you know and by the way this is also of importance for developing countries ok so the timing looks good for joe biden he will be taking over his president as probably 2 vaccines get approval and the vaccination program is rolled out so it's the the approach of
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a biden white house likely to defer much from its previous census. well you can you could consider that you know 1st of all his predecessor donald trump has been very much invisible today also played a very passive role in the handling of the. in particular since it became clear that he lost the election and as we speak we are getting new record numbers in this and in new cases of course so joe biden's point has always been we've got the vaccines now above the pandemic is not over yet so it's more important than ever right now as the cases go through the roof to wear a mask and that's why he is putting a mask mandate in place for the 1st 100 days really following of his of his presidency come january 20th really following the advise of scientists you are and that is a very different approach of course in comparison to the administration as joe biden is really trying to make this is number one topic and his number one priority
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as soon as he takes on with his presidency and just a quick word about the holiday season. giving 3 weeks ago christmas is next week another spike in infections it seems inevitable. it looks like it there is no nationwide mask mandate in place right now so that would be one point to prevent the spread another point or another aspect would be to stop traveling and there is also no nationwide curfews or lock downs in place so we'll all come down to joe biden to take action here. all of a summit in washington thank you will look to the restrictions will be playing a new unwelcome role in christmas celebrations around the world this year comfort 90 means households in europe are being urged to be during the holidays without visitors healthcare workers meanwhile will be facing some of the highest risks like
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many families around the world the deed you call bees are preparing for a christmas unlike any other. for hard working mom and dad especially this one is wrapped with added meaning. this year we're lucky because we've managed to organize our shifts so we can stay home and celebrate on christmas day it will be different from other years because we will not have grandparents and uncles with us to protect them. and. that's because the virus looms large in this household and her partner on the roots you have spent the year fighting the coronavirus here. when you start your shift and you don't know how your patients are doing there is always fear she says. as intensive care nurses they've been caring for the critically ill helping patients check in with their families and all too often to say goodbye some
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harder to forget than others in the world don't want to remember that day when fabio made the video call to his wife and children he touched his chest with his hand and said they need to ensure be me i'll see you soon see you soon never came true unfortunately because fabio didn't make it. at the beginning of the pandemic italian health care workers were among the busiest in the world it took its toll. i don't want to say we got used to seeing people die but we were going to work with a kind of resigned feeling we would go to work trying to give dignity to the last moments of these people's lives no instead we are fighting back. for some couples spending their days visited by death would prefer to draining mclendon to see this year has made them grateful for what they have
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a mortice to come. still to come all the day another sign of life returning to normal in the chinese city where the pandemic began hardy souls in will home have even gone back to taking their cold plunges there's a difference between something in winter and swimming and summer after you try you may not be able to change the habit and will be addicted to. only the un you can find solutions to the covered pandemic which has deepened global inequality that was a message from u.n. secretary general and turning to terrorists as he addressed the german bundestag in a special ceremony marking the un's 75th anniversary is to go tears was that welcomed by a chance for the present steinmeier he said the same can play a central role in backing efforts to stabilize the world order during the pandemic
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a germany currently holds one of a security council vote taking seats is more often turning to cherish the bended knee at. the printer make has exposed deep divisions. shine a light on an equality and justice and an adequate social security systems. seizure heart. the richest are suffering the most everywhere it's east class clear that this global crisis needs a global solution often. well the visit by the secretary general comes as the u.n. a fights to stay relevant the principle of multilateralism which it was founded has come under fire from world leaders including the u.s. president to donald trump even germany's chancellor machall says multi last multilateralism is denting its effectiveness.
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$945.00 the end of world war 2. diplomats gathered in san francisco u.s. president harry s. truman summed up their own business goals this way. the terminator. already rar i on the 24th of october that year the u.n. charter came into effect signed by 50 founding countries the war had taught them a powerful lesson. since then the un family has tried to alleviate hunger and care for the poor. and the weak. i don't want the peaceful resolution of conflicts and a world wide ban on violence those are the ideals of the united nations. but the organization hasn't always lived up to those goals the un was unable to stop the
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994 genocide in rwanda where hundreds of thousands of people died or were driven from their homes then came this rubber needs a massacre during the bosnian war in 1995 when un troops stood by as genocide happened on european soil. one major structural problem dates back to the un's founding russia france the us great britain and china each had veto power to block action on the security council. for the un 75th do you believe german chancellor angela merkel addressed the central issue is off the look too often when it comes to making clear decisions the security council is blocked we need reforms the united nations must adapt to take on the challenges of the 21st century. the u.n. may have lost some of its luster over the decades but if it didn't exist we would
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probably have to invent it to promote peace and combat hunger in the world. you know. so i think it's it's just different i don't know what i put my finger on it was different there are the games before and you are coming to try this one it's been delayed quite a few times as well so the hype keeps getting more and more of the time is the late ready sites but. cover game is talking about cyberpunk 2077 an open bold adventure set in a dystopian city ruled by crime corruption and cybernetics it stops hollywood actor on a range that was one of the most highly anticipated video games. sadly the real world experience has failed to live up to the hype of the masses of complaints the game's on playable and over a console because of the numerous bugs glitches and crashes sony os withdrawal
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cyberpunk from playstation stolz and his offering refunds was it's a massive blow for europe's biggest videogame develop a cd project thread which is also behind the popular which games. in this. thing we can take a look at this with jeff gast man who's an american videogame expert he co-founded and is editor in chief of the gaming website and giant bomb dot com he joins us from passing luma california san francisco welcome to the day and just give us an idea of how big a deal this game is. well thanks for having me it's cyberpunk is one of the most anticipated games of the year and in a year when so many launch to do console hardware and microsoft launch new console hardware it still managed to rise up to that level even though it doesn't technically take advantage of that new hardware. and part of it's because it's been
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delayed multiple times and it's fallen on the heels of their previous games which are 3. which did quite well and built the reputation of cd project read up quite a bit so what was your impression of again. i found it to be very disappointing i think it has a lot of problems across the board i spent about 50 hours with it to start to finish and. it's got the problems of the bugs and glitches and things like oh this person is inside the this car or this car and motorcycle trying to occupy the same space at the same time as it was like shaking a pardon exploding and. but also i think a lot of the story and a lot of the depth that you would expect from a game of this scope just isn't there it feels very shallow in a way it almost feels like that maybe there was more there at some point i'm speculating at this point but you know there was more there at some point but they cut it because they had already delayed it so many times that they just felt the need to get it out the door he said oh i wanted to ask you about dots that because
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that last point that you made that he didn't seem to stand a shallow and then people were expecting a few bugs a few punches is not going to deal with that aspect of the complaints is it. no i don't think it will you know they'll they'll fix the technical issues you know that's that will come in time they've already said they've got patches planned for january february and probably beyond. but at the end of the day unless they're going to bring the voice cast back in to record new lines unless they can get more of keanu reeves' time to correct some of the issues there were or add some additional depth. i don't see them getting to a point where the game is as as deep and as satisfying as i think some players would be looking for and so sony pulling the case that that's that seems to i think that's unprecedented a stole from to putting a game like this over the form and say issues that's
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a big deal as well yeah it very much is it was quite a shock when that happened last night here as if time that's yeah that doesn't happen very often there are certainly some cases where there was a batman game that was pulled from the p.c. store front steam for about 4 months for issues. but this is probably the biggest. and closest to launch like this felt like and if you read it if you read the statement that sony put out around this it makes it sound like they were kind of were like hey we're we're pulling this down it didn't wasn't a joint statement with the publisher like hey because of this we're opening up refunds and so on and so forth it felt like sony stepping in and saying like hey we we need to do this if only to satisfy our consumers who are complaining quite a bit about the issues with the game yeah let's let's take a look at the tweet that came from the publishers a cd project to read the good news being of course that the disappointed gamers
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won't necessarily be left out of pocket so part of the tweet from the cyberpunk timeline starting today everyone who's not willing to wait for updates and wants to refund that digital copy of the game can do so by submitting a request and then they give a website address so jeff gasman who funds out there who's going to pay for that is that going to be sunny or is it going to be say the project red. well i think it'll be it'll come and ultimately it'll be funds that don't go to see the project red as a result of the sale of the games sony would get their cut 30 percent if you believe what the talk is about what their cut typically is so they'll be out that money on the sales but primarily these are digital copies of games so it's not a case of like physical discs traveling though there are some examples of that as well like cd project red has said that they'd be assisting with refunds on physical games which that's a little bit more complicated because i don't need to do players then have to shift
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the discs to yes to see the project read directly like that's a complicated process and also they put a a very very tight timeline on this that feels a little disingenuous where they said like you must request by the 21st of december which is monday that's they're not giving players a lot of time to to do this and you may end up in a situation where some players buy copies after that date and still find it to be unsatisfying that their big patches are planned until next year so ok it's i don't feel like they're doing enough here good talking to you thank you jeff i guess i'm an american the video game journalist from john dot com thank you. bob was a very handsome river at the time a city of who had no money attracts a steady stream of visitors but 2020 change that lock downs and fears of water could be infected that kept people away but china's massive surveillance and contact tracing efforts of both outbreaks under control the clock the crowds and
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now flocking back to the river. warming up before a bracing daily ritual high on. these are the riverside regulars' refresh by a frigid plunge into the young the river many credit their good health to a vigorous swim through its murky brown waters. your there's a difference between swimming in winter and swimming in summer but as for winter swimming i can say after you try you may not be able to change the habit and will be addicted to it. a famous figure from china's past popularized the practice chairman mao founder of communist china in 1966 a stage swim in the young sea helped melt launch a political comeback nearly 50 years on his strongman image has remained afloat
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among the river swimmers of. chairman mao was still swimming in the young sea in his seventy's so we learned from chairman mao to swim in the big waves of the river right having such a good source of water we must learn from the practice we must insist on swimming in the young sea river. while a fund a version for strong swimmers the mighty young sea also poses a drowning hazard a volunteer lifeguard squad some 2000 strong make it their business to be ready so far they've chalked up 700 rescues. where we swimmers saved people from the water before we formed an official volunteer squad but we did not have scientific rescue skills so we decided to get organized and train with each other to carry out scientific rescue operations from withdrawal you know those who are sort of joy. as winter sets in
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a steady flow of swimmers slices through the water another sign of the city coming back to life and it's people going out to seize the day. i'm not was the day a boy online ever you'll find us on twitter at the top of the news and use the hash tag the day. to. come.
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to the point strong opinion clear position the international perspective such. as the year draws to a close politicians everywhere are struggling to bring the pandemic under control but sub are slipping behind our citizens paying for government's mistakes that's our topic i'm to the point. to the point. of the minds of many of us on t.w.
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. in the far north. beyond the inhabitable world. it's lonely. barren. and. breathtakingly beautiful. the arctic a powerful expanse of bitter cold. calm and the sound of global warming. the for. political journey around the north pole meet profiteers and talk with people experiencing a changing environment. for the ice disappears earlier and it keeps retreating. our future depends on what happens here in most of the most fragile ecosystems a corner of. northern lights like the arctic circle starts december 21st d w. s
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of the morning. cannot sleep because of war isn't love. in those all those smaller. movies lol birds knows. the slopes no love. for the workers. doesn't. work is reverse the. currents. are words good story. her currents.
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this is d.w. news live from berlin germany calls for patience as the pandemic worsens health minister. reveals the timetable for coverage 19 vaccinations but without enough for everyone to get the life saving jobs 1st and who will have to wait also on the program under schoolboys kidnapped by islamist militants in nigeria arrive to safety at government buildings that have dug sometimes lead to public demands for better protection.
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i'm still go welcome to the program germany has revealed plans to vaccinate millions against covering 19 as infections and deaths continue to climb shockley the last 24 hour recording period has seen more than 800 deaths and 33000 positive tests fascinations are shuttle to begin on december the 27th. germany is gehring up for the rollout of the corona virus vaccine authorities have to find which groups will be the 1st to get a jab priority will be given to residents and staff of senior care homes people over 80 and medical personnel with a higher risk of exposure those aged between 70 and 79 and people with dementia who follow. health minister yen spawn culture patients from those who will have to wait for their dose of the vaccine i call on all of us to do of the
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situation sensibly when germany states begin vaccinating most likely on december 27th at 1st the supply will be limited and it will be clearly defined who has the priority. therefore i ask all their citizens to be patient i ask you to wait until it's your turn. and. there is light at the end of the tunnel germany is building numerous vaccination centers across the country ahead of the vaccine rollout warned it will take one to 2 months before the most at risk groups will be vaccinated it will take time for doses to be widely available that means many measures to contain the pandemic will have to stay in place. gentleman's club we have to realize that it will be quite a while before the vaccine will have any effect on the pandemic quite simply because we don't have enough for everyone who wants to be vaccinated therefore we will still need other measures to contain the pandemic. a pandemic that is
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still in full swing in germany the country recorded the highest number of new daily cases on friday and daily deaths are also at record levels high time for a smooth and fast rule out of the vaccine. more political correspondent. is germany's vaccine ready. well phil i think the authorities here are quite well prepared and as said there in the reports it certainly is it's a good time to do that because germany is facing increased infections in recent days record numbers of infections 30000 new infections yesterday and record numbers of deaths from coded 19 many of them in the elderly so the expectation is that the european easy medicines agency will issue an approval at the beginning of next
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week and then the biotech phase a vaccine can be delivered to germany the medicines agency here can check that those dates these are the right standard and then they'll be distributed to $400.00 vaccination centers around the country and vaccinations it's hoped can begin. of the christmas on the 27th of december and you know it's an important it's an important moment for germany there's been an intense debate about priorities older people and people in care homes and also medical workers there will be getting the vaccine 1st and you know it's been it's been long hoped for now it's coming ok and i suppose what everybody wants to know is how long before a life can return to some semblance of normality. you know what the german government says is that in order for herd immunity to be achieved that's to say for
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enough vaccinations to be done that you know we can begin to start forgetting about covert 19 you need about 60 to 70 percent of the population vaccinated this 1st wave of vaccinations of the over eighty's will take a couple of months and then it'll be successively rolled out they say it won't be until the summer before it can be offered more widely to everybody in the population so it's going to be a few months we hear that there is the 2nd vaccine the modena vaccine is also in approvals so you know the picture is good but it will take some time it's a list it was a logistical challenge for sure simon young political correspondent thank you. here's a look at some more of the latest developments in the pandemic starting in france where the death toll has passed 60000 president macro is asking people to remain
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vigilant after he tested positive for cover 19 austria will go into its 3rd lockdown after christmas shops that reopened last week will close again restaurants schools museums and fish as will be closed until the middle of january and china is planning to vaccinate 50000000 high risk people before the start of its lived in new year these to 4 chinese made fact scenes are being tested. well after months of resisting lockdown sweden has now introduced some of its toughest restrictions to try and slow rising infection rates not essential of public spaces like gyms and my reasoning person too late january the government has also done a u. turn on this for the 1st time recommending that people wear masks on public transport as we've been a struggle to cope with record numbers of new cases almost every week for the past 2 months. it serves some other stories making headlines that more than a dozen children have been killed in a bombing in eastern afghanistan no one has claimed responsibility for the attack
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on the religious gathering in gats and province which is controlled by the taliban . cyber security officials in the united states of war the government is at grave risk from hackers the agency responsible for america's nuclear weapons stockpile is one of those targeted this year russia is suspected of being behind the attacks the must have denies this is. the northeast united states is emerging from a massive snowstorm from pennsylvania crossed new york to vermont people watched as up to a meter of the whites of the right stuff piled up all the 68000000 people have been affected by the early season by. the heavy snow storm in japan has left thousands of vehicles stranded on a major highway between tokyo and the country's northwest soldiers have been sent in with food blankets and portable toilets japan's weather agency is forecasting even thicker snow falls over the weekend. hundreds of school
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boys in nigeria are being unite reunited with their families after a mass kidnapping they were abducted from their school in the northern state of katsina by armed men a week ago and rescued by nigerian security forces many of the boys say they suffered abuse during captivity. it's. it's a sight the world has been waiting for the 344 nigerian school boys free in sight yet they've suffered a terrible ordeal nearly a week in captivity some said they were baten and many of them report that was starved. as it was when we were little they hate us in one place then they soar jetfighter change like ation and he to somewhere else they gave us 2 but it was very little. and it's been around 24 hours since they were delivered from they kidnapped as they spent their 1st night of freedom with soldiers next day to
10:09 pm
receive medical checks and then the thereafter the government says can i go home. for. a little. bit freedom for the boys and relief of nigerian authorities the kidnapping was seen by many as a symbol of the government's failure to keep people in the country's north sayf the rage will likely now bite at least for now are school knew this will return to duty . to prove. the efforts made right here in testing through to product as. you have. that kind of a need to. believe these are the 300 or 2 full. it still likely who took the boys from this classroom for their doctrine has again shown
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a spotlight on the security situation in northern nigeria with bandages and threatens lives and livelihoods alike. to turkey where a philanthropist being held in jail has now got on trial on charges of spying osman cavallo is accused of involvement in the attempted coup in 2016 which he denies he's already spent years in prison despite never been convicted of a crime. disappointment outside this is temple court house a senate you know osman coverless close his colleague at his on a dollar cultural center is angry. well this is a far cry from human rights democracy and justice. human rights advocate cavalia has spent the last 3 years in jail he's been charged with spying and attempting to overthrow the government the witnesses who appeared in the latest
10:11 pm
hearing did not incriminate him next time the public prosecutor wants to examine new witnesses it's cavalia 2nd trial earlier this year he was acquitted of charges of organizing protests in gazey a park in istanbul. even as he prepared to leave his cell new charges were brought against him and he remained behind bars according to human rights groups the courts just carry out the president's orders that president al gore made a thunderous speech saying this man should not have been acquitted he's responsible for the gezi events. condemning the court there the one condemned the court for trying to acquit him and made it very clear that he wanted this man behind bars turkey is a member of the council of europe and is bound by the decisions of the european court of human rights this year the court demanded cavalia be released. this
10:12 pm
weekend germany marks the 4th anniversary of the terror attack on christmas market in the heart of. an islamist extremist hijacked a 40 ton truck can kill the driver and then run the vehicle into the crowded market fatally wounded the 11 people and injuring dozens more the terrorist escapes of the shot dead by italian police 4 days later. eustace men is an emergency pastor in the days following the december 26th terror attack he met many of those traumatised by the event he says their grief was made even worse by the disastrous response from official support agencies. why doesn't say it did not work as well at that point from people understood very clearly that they were on their own. to a certain extent that's because the berlin agencies and institutions were themselves overwhelmed you know that's one of the i'm a victim of a fatwa on as
10:13 pm
a result people waited a long time for financial and psychological help a public memorial service however happened very quickly the day after the attack possibly to suit their got the scenes the memorial service was meant to be for victims' relatives but many of them had no idea at the time that they were actually the relatives of victims it was far too early. officials understood that they were not structures in place to deal with this kind of event a central liaison now coordinates support for victims and their families who will also get more financial help in the future. we all know that money can't make up for the terrible pain that people have experienced it can only help with immediate problems. for the victims of the 2016 attack we've retroactively increase the payments even tripled them.
10:14 pm
trying to says that. victims of racist and anti-semitic attacks in the cities of how now and how they have had quicker access to support he says the agencies have learned from their mistakes. that was put to the test earlier this month interfere where a driver fatally rammed 5 people. the perspective of the victims is what matters are the perspective of the victims' families. at every step of the process you have to say slow down don't hurry things but many people who are suffering after an attack get immediate aid and then you have to come to an agreement with the victims' families and also the families of the. 4 years after the 2016 berlin attack us this monster still stays in touch with many of the victims he just wishes the changes in victim support had come in time to help them earlier. news of.
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the day's news. secrets lie behind. discover new adventures in 360 degree. and explore fascinating heritage sites. d.w. world heritage 360 get the map. to go.
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as we turn. the world. all of the stories that matter to you country would. never. think you. know how. many true mines. start your electric engines history is in the making tesla is set to cruise into the s. and p. 500 as the most valuable company to be added to the index of logic has us a great. european comic is growing just about a no deal gregg's it is still the trade agreement and time is running out the deadline is end of the month. but there's an even bigger deal inside the e.u. in china reach and in principle agreement on a bilateral investment pact it's been 7 years in the making.
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and been fizzling let's do business the most traded share in the world is set to get even more attention officials are introducing the electric vehicle make a tesla into the famous s. and p. 500 stock index at a valuation of $620000000000.00 tesla will be the biggest ever to be added to the index which features some of the top public companies in the united states investors are likely to rush to the stock which is surged at least 700 percent this year that's more than double the current top performer on the s. and p. . $18000000000.00 worth of test the trades made every day let's go over 2 years cora is following developments for us in new york yes just how much more valuable could tesla get. i mean it's really quite remarkable at the beginning of the year the stock was at about $90.00
10:18 pm
a share and today we reached a new record at almost a $700.00 to. a piece and you already did mention the valuation of more than $620000000000.00 just to put that in context that means tesla is worth more than the 9 biggest global car companies including a. general motors toyota or peugeot if you look at estimates well i mean there are actually some analysts saying this stocks will drop to $90.00 others are saying it could reach $1000.00 so my guess is as good as yours but to quickly whiter and quite a remarkable really what we've seen already and now in after hours trading that the stock is losing some steam and we see that quite often that when a company gets added to one of those big indices then the days after and weeks after the stock quotes get under some pressure it's president elect joe biden has pledged to make electric vehicles a top priority so a u.s. road said to get cleaner and that's why the 2.
10:19 pm
well i mean 1st of all we have to wait and see what happens on generally fifths i mean we will see either a senator race in georgia or 2 senate seats are still break and so if democrats could could should get the majority in the senate then joe biden has a clear pass to go forward because there's. having that said there's still some catch up to do so far i mean events s.u.v.s pickup trucks i mean that's the hot car sales here in the united states sell is staying for about 70 percent of the u.s. car market selling about 12000000 vehicles a day so i'm just talking many events trucks and. s.u.v.s and if you look at the tesla sales they're aiming at 500000 cars sales globally so there's still some catch up to do his quota for us there in new york with a bit of christmas cheer for stacey is. now to some of the other
10:20 pm
business stories making news the u.s. has added these popular drugs make a d.j. i into its economic black list along with dozens of other chinese firms because the pop and says it's among companies that enable wide scale human rights abuses in china is from high tech surveillance nike's sales revenue was up 9 percent and it's. supposed to make also notched up over a $1000000000.00 in profit that's despite pandemic lockdowns frictions fitness fads and access to gyms and sports clubs. where she asians are striking a pessimistic turnaround breaks at trade talks as a new deadline approaches you know she had michelle calls the situation grave prime minister abbas johnston says no deal is likely and the european parliament says it needs the draft of any agreement by sunday. britain officially left the european
10:21 pm
union on february 1st but still hasn't come up with a trade deal and its transition period ends at the 31st companies wired. what happens that doesn't look larry look sure and yet what happens here is what makes a jack you are a check your fabric or flock is applied to central console's turning a simple plastic item into a classy detail appreciate your landrover is britain's largest car manufacturer responsible for just about a 3rd of the country's automotive output the company depends on many suppliers. who in turn rely on their own suppliers many located on the continent like the german company that produces the glue and flock used here. it's worried. if it's 1st we have the extra cost of shipping anyway then we have the potential.
10:22 pm
imported goods. of course we have the worry that. if they have a reduction in their sales they're not straight away. because if they're not selling they were. making matters worse it is hitting after an already tough year when the. cost the company 3 months worth of production. jobs are on the line. and. with us with. the worry you know we think. it's going to start. going to. the way. we just. see. the things i'm going.
10:23 pm
to do for. the worker said last echo what it growing number of brits have been saying about rex that they wish it never happened. well they can take a long time to put together a trade pact chinese and european officials are pushing to seal an investment deal by the end of the month it's only taken 7 years. china is one of the most important markets in the world but european companies operating have long complained of unfair competition from state backed chinese businesses they're also frustrated by excessive fear across taken legal hurdles such as in the fields of biotech or electric vehicles now with deal to regulate fair market access seems to be within reach. talks have entered the final stretch so.
10:24 pm
we believe that as long as the 2 sides take care of each other's concerns and can meet each other half way we'll be able to achieve the target set by leaders on both sides. but the agreement isn't without its critics in europe is it wise to quickly conclude a far reaching agreement with china shortly before the new u.s. administration takes office the deal could risk pushing the e.u. into the center of costly trade tensions between the u.s. and china torn between the 2 sides on the other hand some say china's concessions don't go far enough still an agreement seems to be closer than ever germany is pushing for this and also france is pushing for this and many others because they see more business opportunities and it's also a chance to level out the playing field with in europe because so far china was also a preferring some e.u. countries through its growth initiative. but the talks won't be over until
10:25 pm
a deal is signed on the dotted line of the rule of the european chinese investment agreement wouldn't be the 1st major project to fall at the last hurdle despite years of negotiations a wave of bankruptcies insead to sweep over germany with tighter corona restrictions for the rest of the year and into january they could be extended till easter. when discussed might say our business right now is best described as disastrous normally just sembler the christmas holiday period is our busiest time it's really busy the yard is packed with people and we're worried that we won't be able to shift all the goods in time. at the moment you can see for yourself it's the dance of death. grocers have never seen anything like this at the berlin wholesale market because restaurants and cantin have been forced to close sellers of gourmet products are losing their christmas business it's especially bad right now is that usually the best time of the year for sales. fedderson normally sell
10:26 pm
some 6000 different products currently his workers can't even fill the space the managing director expects a loss of 1000000 euros this year during the 1st lockdown you have to throw at a lot of products another best before date is coming up on others even frozen goods . during the 2nd lockdown many businesses are struggling to stay afloat like the greek fruit and delicatessen wholesaler like us currently its sales are at just 35 percent of normal levels. like all small steven lots can pay his bills another company is insolvent. given a massive new looked on hunger already badly hit by the 1st lockdown and we never really recovered during the summer because tourism didn't come back to the city. my employees have been on reduced working hours for months their wages are down because they're not getting nice bonuses it's a really tough situation they're all afraid of losing their jobs. the fruit and
10:27 pm
vegetable market where like us has a stand belongs to the city but instead of counselling rents the city is just suspending them and that's not the only criticism about financial assistance from the city. but expect a bit more honesty before you start expecting praise for being a big supporter of business. for many companies the main problem is that when the funding comes. will it still be enough. the big question for many companies is whether to be too late because they lack liquidity to get a strong business with a lie.
10:28 pm
to the point. clear positions international perspective such. as the year draws to a close politicians everywhere are struggling to bring the pandemic under control but some are slipping behind our citizens paying for government's mistakes that's our topic on to the point. to the point. that's the 60 minutes calling t w. w's crime fighters are back africa's most successful radio
10:29 pm
drama series continues this season the stories focus on hate street the mention of sustainable charcoal production. all of a sow's are available online and of course you can share and discuss on africa's facebook page and other social media platforms. fighters know. why are people forced to hide in trucks. to live. their. lives. and there are many stories.
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live make up your. sleeve. made for mines. this is the debate is africa on the program today nigeria's kidnapped boys they've returned home telling tales of hunger and peacemakers but just how were they placed cute and was a ransom paid. and the abandoned cost rooms and the phone camera rude the rebels fighting for the station has forced the closure of schools in the region and.


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