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tv   Die Erinnerungs- Illusion  Deutsche Welle  December 21, 2020 12:03pm-12:46pm CET

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now to the sentence and her reasoning that the 51 people the survivors of the attack in the synagogue she called them heroes and many of them are in the room as we speak right now because they are present here as co plaintiffs in this case that is much bigger for them than a this trial has been watched very closely across the country tell us why it is so significant was when you mentioned this is what would have been the deadliest anticipated. post war ever since world war 2 and this in a country that has sworn off the holocaust has vowed never again and now is seeing a rise in anti semitic violence the rise and anti semitic sentiment cumulating in this attack last year and various others and this is what the cocaine to see and the survives attack want to draw attention to germany has a problem with anti-semitism and there needs to be something done about it and they
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also saying that the authorities are not were not sufficiently prepared to deal with this sort of online radicalization that stephon be went through that it's become very clear throughout the trial that police investigators are not very familiar with the online forums and which stephanie. was radicalized we'll talk a little bit more about that in a moment looney but 1st let's take a look back at what happened on that terrible day and hala. on yom kippur war the holiest day in the jewish calendar more than 50 community members and guests were celebrating in the synagogue and hala. at midday a heavily armed neo nazi attacked the synagogue he fired shots at the door and threw hand grenades. but the synagogue solid wooden door withstood the attack saving the lives of those inside.
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among them was max piva hot ski chairman of hull is jewish community the experience has left him traumatized. i never had a problem with the fireworks on new year's eve in the past but i noticed this year that they make me feel a bit i wouldn't say they make me nervous but i really don't feel comfortable i sociate them with the attack. in the does movies a month. when they attack or fail to enter the synagogue he shot a woman walking by who had spoken to him he then storm to a snack bar and opened fire killing a customer the gunmen filmed everything on his own helmet camera streaming the attack live on the internet. a sign in the window commemorates the 2 people who were killed. 9 months later the trial of the alleged perpetrator began.
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the 28 year old confessed expressing his extreme right wing views he showed no remorse max play the hard ski has twice found paper swastikas left in front of the jewish community office once he saw a police officer surreptitiously removing a swastika he finds this unsettling. kind. of i can't feel completely sure the police or security authorities are safe. and that's bad. politicians in holland and throughout germany stress that combat ing anti semitism is their highest priority all the same very few jews in holland dare to show their religious affiliation in public. the synagogue door which saved their lives has been replaced with
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a new one that is even stronger. linny tell us how the victims of this attack are being commemorated today. well just opposite the courthouse in the district court here in mexico on the other side of the street there is a demonstration going on a wide variety of actors have called on people to attend with a very strict hygiene concept and they are there to commemorate the victims but also to give the survivors of the attack as i said many of them are coping tips in the case and later on the opportunity to speak about they create experiences to reflect also on the trial and the verdict here this afternoon and what the organizers have told me is that they want us verdict today the end of this trial not to be the and off germany's reckoning with this attack but they wanted to be the beginning off
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a further investigation into online radicalization into the international ties of right wing extremists in the country understanding the pattern in order to prevent more effects of the attacks from ever happening again you touched on the fact that there has been criticism of authorities for not doing enough to battle growing anti-semitism in germany so what are authorities answering there what have they done. well following the helots hack the 1st thing they did do was invest more resources in the protection off jewish facilities and they helped jewish synagogues to build to invest and bulletproof gates and doors and to increase security protection off these institutions but also there was a law passed against online hate speech but what the survivors here and the co plaintiffs and the protest just outside here is saying it shouldn't be up to the survivors of the attack and it should be up to the jewish community to sound that
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alarm about the rise in rightwing stream is in the country and anti semitism but it should be up to the whole of german society to use take a stand and do something against it. our correspondent there in the front how much time reporting outside of the courthouse there in marc de burgh thank you very much . now to our other top story a growing number of countries are banning travel from the united kingdom to block a new strain of the corona virus that is sweeping across southern england the measures are already wreaking havoc at airports and other travel hubs in the u.k. which is now effectively cut off from continental europe the governments of ireland france belgium the netherlands denmark also germany and poland the austria italy and ball garia they are all barring entry for people who are traveling from britain more are expected to follow suit the new coronavirus new taishan is believed to spread more quickly forcing the british government to impose
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a strict lockdown on the capital london and nearby area some of the last u.k. passengers to arrive in the netherlands this year. they arrived in the country just hours after it was announced that all travel from the u.k. to the netherlands will be banned for at least 2 weeks. these were the final passengers from london to belgium who also shut up their borders to u.k. travelers to. several other countries across the world followed suit with many of the nationals having to change travel plans just before christmas going home for christmas those were to speak with family so i think i just jumped to go and i went to a post the idea is very very 250 pounds for for you last night president to call. their home for a good one no soldiers in sight from quarantine and was here and then get to see
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family and friends. the e.u. are holding crisis talks and brussels on monday to decide on a coordinated response to the new variant a compulsory negative test maybe one of the per requisites for travel. whatever the measure will decide on in 48 hours time it's probable the p.c.r. test will be compulsory that's why i invite people to go and get tested because there's a delay before getting the result. until a solution is reached people and goods will remain stuck within the u.k.'s border with. let's get some perspective on this now we can speak to john campbell he's an independent health analyst in the u.k. and he joins us for more hi john good to have you back on our show 1st of all can you explain to us what is different about this new strain. so this new strain was 1st identified in late september and he appears to originated in kent in england
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although that's not necessarily the case because in england we have a very high level of surveillance genomic u.k. has actually sequenced a $140000.00 viral samples so it's a bit difficult to say where it originated but the difference is that this is a cluster this characterized by 17 different mutations within the genome of the donors the nih gives rise to 17 amino acid changes in the approach here of the virus the overall structure of the virus and the most significant of those mutations is called and 5011 and this is particularly important because this is the 501st amino acid in the spike protein in the receptive binding domain of this point protein which as you know is the bit that actually latches into the cells so this is actually change the potential infectivity of the virus and we believe that the infectivity of the virus has increased what germany's 2 fire ologist here today
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is that that he's not yet convinced that it is that much much more of infectious i mean how worried are you about this mutation. well we noticed that this mutation was spreading in london for example it spread in the last few months from london from being from being known to about 25 percent in november to being about 2 thirds of cases in london now and throughout the southeast and is spreading to other parts of the united kingdom so it does appear to be more infectious in terms of correlation because the areas where the infection has been increasing most dramatically is also the areas where the highest incidence of this mutation has been picked up but as well as that there's been studies done in the lab important down you know this isn't published in peer reviewed data yet but we're getting reports now this virus is more contagious is more infectious and it could be around about 70 percent more contagious now that's significant because that would increase the value by northpoint for so it is
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a potentially significant increase and he surveyed the spread throughout other parts of the united kingdom in what he's saying where was this in scotland and people with these restrictions right now as these t. 4 to 4 restrictions are announced in london people like flett london 2 will cross of the country so there is the potential for spread because it's been around since september there's also potentially a ready ease in european countries just that the u.k. has got a particularly high level of genomic surveillance so maybe maybe it's just that we picked it up 1st this is not really clear yet but i am concerned is more infectious that is the consensual consensus of medical opinion in the u.k. at the moment well have to leave it there john campbell independent health analyst joining us from the u.k. thank you so much for that analysis thank you sir thank you. so what does all of this mean for the european union strategy let's go right to brussels where our correspondent max is standing by for us hi max good to see you
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so we know that representatives of e.u. countries they're going to meet later to coordinate their response to react to this new mutation in the u.k. do you think we could see further border closures. also mean we have seen some rapid developments over the last couple days of the last couple hours already will fall most a 3rd or roughly a 3rd of e.u. member states. suspending travel from and to the u.k. so it really does seem that you leaders have gone into panic mode now the you council presidency has called for this this crisis meeting to discuss further steps they're most likely going to touch on the issues of corn teaming and testing and put potentially also in coordinating efforts in terms of the border closures but important to note here that the e.u. does not have any competencies they can in terms of closing borders they cannot tell member states when to close or open their borders that's completely within within the responsibility of the member states. but if you learned one thing from
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the past pandemic from the past months from the past year when the 1st wave hit us back in march and april and member states started closing their borders this that a lot of chaos led to a lot of uncertainty among people living in the e.u. and this is something they really do not want to repeat and as we've heard already there's a great likelihood that this virus is in mainland europe already and border closures wouldn't really make a difference they are right max and it comes at the same time that the major european medicines agency is expected to approve that biotech pfizer vaccine tell us more about that. that's right so the e m a has reviewed the biotech far as a vaccine for the last couple of weeks and is meeting as we speak and hopefully will come to give their green light later today which means that it's only up to the commission to give their final approval which means that the vaccine can then
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still be started to to be distributed to the member states and the 1st patients will have be able to get their shots but this doesn't mean this is a 1st step in the fight back against the pandemic this mean that all of this is over because there are limited quantities of vaccines there is limited numbers of fact scenes that are going to be available in the next next timeframe so we'll have to wait for for the pharmaceutical companies to ramp up their production to be able to distribute larger numbers larger quantities to member states and also other countries in the world to have a really have an effect on the pandemic. max and are reporting for us from brussels thank you as we heard there the biotech pfizer vaccine could get a green light from the e m a today of the agency's decision was pushed forward after pressure from germany and it could authorize use of the vaccine across all the e.u. is 27 member states whether people actually go get the shot is another matter.
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the information session at this retirement home in the bavarian town of dead ends with a crucial question will you get the coronavirus vaccine. i'll have the vaccine yes i've thought a lot about many residents here are pinning their hopes on the vaccination campaign which is set to begin after christmas but not everyone. is a few it's about $5050.00 at the moment the healthier residents are more inclined to decide against did or are still pretty unsure what. health authorities are hoping for much higher numbers than that and various state premier marcus zuda is worried that the german government has still underestimated the real demand. we need as much of the vaccine as possible for now we still don't have much so we will vaccinate as many people as we can but we still need more says that's why we can't just order more vaccines we need to help increase production capacity. germany's
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health minister says the government plans to order larger numbers of doses just like other countries are doing it is also in talks with biotech to produce the vaccine within germany. the government plans to optimize vaccine centers while the campaign is already underway. it's a bit them on fungal there will be some kinks in such a massive project that's to be expected but we can learn together as we move forward and i'm certain that the vaccine doses that are currently available will be quickly put to use. so for the holiday hopes of the government are at risk of being dest by the news from the u.k. in spite of warnings germans are still travelling abroad and when they return they could bring back the mutated corona virus strain with them and that worries the health minister doesn't have them. it's not uncommon for viruses to mutate but if this mutation means it's significantly more contagious that would change things so
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it's important we prevent it from reaching germany and continental europe and in and so into. the german government continues to hope that the vaccine works as well as predicted and that at risk groups agree to get it. now to some other headlines from around the world in the u.s. top leaders in congress say they have reached an agreement on a new covert $1000.00 relief package after months of wrangling lawmakers struck a bipartisan deal with $900000000000.00 business is an individual's will now get long overdue support in an economy that's been battered by the pandemic. talks between britain and the e.u. on a post briggs a trade deal are expected to continue on monday after negotiators failed to meet another key deadline for a compromise the european parliament had warned that it would not vote on a deal secured after midnight on sunday it's believed significant differences remain on fisheries. and there he is calling for a strike at 6 amazon locations in germany the campaign would last until christmas
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eve the trade unions goal is to pressure amazon into recognizing collective wage and workplace safety agreements in similar previous disputes amazon said the customers will receive their personals as usual. sports now and in the bundesliga of all spurred head into the winter break and 4th place in the table after a narrow victory at home over stood guard the walls accomplished the job even after corona virus particles made things a bit more complicated. she took up coach pelligrino surat so had good cause to smile after his side were handed a boost ahead of the game opponents both plans were thrown into disarray as 2 of their players tested positive for corona virus just hours before kick off with 3 others having to quarantine. but it was the hosts who had the best chunks early on . twice went close to scoring the opening goal but was denied by greg coble and the
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post. got fired back and almost took the lead when c. last for a minute to go went through on goal. but the wing us lead his shot just wide. nil nil it half time but vall spoke finally broke the deadlock soon after the break with more than a hint of good fortune. you also record lows freekick took 2 deflections the wrong footed coble and the ball dribbled over the line. should have levelled the scores in the 78th minute but nico gonzalez completely fluffed his lines and his missed kick was easily cleared. the visitors couldn't find an equaliser and that meant volves book either came the coronavirus chaos to claim a victory that puts them in the bundesliga top 4. in sunday's other match fiber continue their recent good run with a convincing home victory over how to berlin the hosts took the lead when been
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chancel gleeful had it in a goal in just the 7th minute early in the 2nd half or to hit back with dodi luka back heel but seiberg retained the lead through a regained lead rather through enmity in game rich and added 2 further goals for a final score for one. now let's take a quick look at the bundesliga table to see what all of those results mean buying munich finishing the calendar year at the top ahead of leverkusen and lied sick false for glee prog dortmund into 4th place in the bottom half mindset shock are going further and further addressed they'll be hoping for a change in fortunes in 2021 feet. sky gazers are gearing up for a close encounter of the celestial kind after sunset today when a great conjunction of planets becomes visible to the naked eye jupiter and saturn will come so close together that the look like one bright or the to meet every 20 years but astronomers say they haven't been this close in almost 4 centuries and
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with the alignment falling on wind story winter solstice in the northern hemisphere astrologers say it could even usher in a new era of rebirth. one of the biggest traditions at this time of year here in germany are the christmas markets they normally drive visitors from around the world but this year the pandemic is keeping trysts away and most markets are closed there are some exceptions though one town on the rhine river has come up with a novel idea to spread some holiday cheer a drive through christmas market. it's a magical winter wonderland filled with bright lights thrilling fairground rides and evocative christmas aromas hochwald wine popcorn gingerbread and all there to be enjoyed from the safety of your own car. as if we are just like a real christmas market we've got our men stuffy apples free chocolate whatever you
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want. it's not just germans in their millions who flock to christmas markets normally people come from all around the world just not this year thanks to the coronavirus but this leisure park in western germany has come up with a way for visitors to have fun without risking infection. views and ideas if we're certain that we're 100 percent buyers free to get safe in their cars the entire times families don't even get out the whole trip is done in the car. as many as 650 carloads of visitors a day can take the 2 and a half a kilometer trip through the winter playground open air christmas fun instead of being stuck at home it's a big draw but still with social distancing. yeah i'm good at the times attack but you got to have some fun as well it's nice to get away from everything is in full all we just want to forget about the coronavirus for
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a while there are heavenly bodies to entertain the car bound visitors some more earthly creatures are also on hand. and if you're hungry there are fries from across the dutch border down the road. and jugglers ready to thrill with their daring exploits. the christmas markets are all about spreading a little happiness. and the chance to put aside worries about the pandemic at least for our while. let's get a reminder of our top story here and a german court has handed a life sentence to a german man for murdering 2 people in an attack on a synagogue last year it's been described as one of germany's worst anti-semitic attacks since world war 2. coming up next on d w
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r globalization show global 3000 takes a look at how children are making the world a better place don't forget you can always go to our website dot com for all the latest news and information around the clock thank you for watching.
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account image city with no pilgrims. that's bethlehem in qana virus time but no visitors it means knowing come. that is given look carvers some new ideas because hope is the last thing they loose in bethlehem. 3000. next d.w. . look indeed. they are
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a burden on women and the environment because they are a major health risk and the real energy wasters traditional stuff. culture is reduced to just gases with a simple funnel cookstove a finalist. in. 60 minutes to. tell. us this from its trick monarch. love. fantasy. to see the
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oil trade. mission. secrets. starts december 25th. welcome to global 3000. drought is a pressing issue across much of india how can farmers irrigate their crops using as little water as possible. christmas time is usually high season in fact we report on the city of pilgrimage without its pilgrims. a fascinating documentary tells the stories of 7 young activists who want nothing less than to transform off future
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. these 3 might be young but what they've achieved in their lives so far is nothing short of heroic. take grettir to bag her determination to fight the climate crisis has given rise to the biggest global youth movement of all time and boy and so that at 16 he decided to tackle plastic pollution the ocean cleanup has attracted worldwide support. yousafzai whose efforts to secure an education for girls in pakistan won her the nobel peace prize but many children are doing a huge amount as one documentary reveals. excuse me would you like to eat this. yes it's italian panini thank you. joe you're really too kind i haven't seen my children for a year and a half that's hard but when i see you it's incredible.
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that i would. want you in rumania with your children it's just the way things happened now i'm stuck here. filming this scene was a deeply moving experience for directed to mr though he's only 10 has been distributing food and clothes to homeless people for years. he's deeply admired in the town where he lives. but you're not sure you can carry all the world's pain on your shoulders. i still want to try it's not that hard. yes we can relieve everyone suffering and turn it into happiness. here's sells pictures he paints himself and uses what he earns to help people who are homeless. his determination to not simply accept things as they are impressed to
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demonstrate the documentary filmmaker is currently filming in senegal. his film about children who want to change the world is what he considers his most important project to date example that we showed the film to about a 1000 children in the small town of listener in southwestern france and discussed it with them after all. the next day the cinemas owner went for a walk in power he came across several groups of children who were setting up a community kitchen for the homeless and handing out food he asked them what they were up to. the children said they'd seen out through in the cinema the day before and wanted to do what he was doing. when. you know with a problem. to mr and his camera company children from all over the world who are fighting back in europe asia america and west africa. 12 year old i starting from guinea was outraged when a female classmate was married off officially child marriages are banned in guinea
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yet more than half of the country's brides are minors i sought you started a foundation for girls that fights against child marriage and oh sure some of them knew it all oh we're here today to talk about child marriages you know that are purely to marry a soft because their. beliefs onto the sisters don't give us away if you don't marry your girls off why should girls like us have to go through that we have no rights why do we have to suffer under the smile seems to be your last stop as soon as i start to hears about a child marriage she goes straight to the police and tries to stop the illegal proceedings this child bride was supposed to marry her cousin who is more than 30 years old she's the 16th girl i thought who has been able to rescue. the children are taking
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a huge risk they get pushed around beaten and demonized yet they keep on disrupting child marriage services to prevent them they're very brave. in peru there's now a co-operative eco bank founded by jose adolfo his young clients can bring in plastic waste and paper and in exchange get a credit to their bank accounts one of the things they can do is use their savings to buy school supplies. but that's only to open an account you need 6 kilos of paper and 2 peruvian salles there's also an eco store where you can buy food to school supplies and household goods. my clients who can't afford it can take out a micro credit which they pay back monthly. that means everyone has enough to eat and can continue their schooling even with very little money many thanks. to say adolfo i saw 2 and 2 are exceptional young people who are tackling the
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world's injustices. the film portrays them as glowing examples to others showing that it's possible for children to make a difference even if adults sometimes have to help out a bit as well because ses assistant is his father. in law and i don't have to understand that children can do more than just play do homework and tidy up their bedrooms. i want them to take it seriously and that's what i'm fighting for. you learn a lot i've learned so much from him. tomorrow belongs to us is a powerful film that encourages not only children but adults to. believe girls are strong very strong and that's right. back it got so we shouldn't wait for politicians like i'm going america all or emmanuelle
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to solve the world's problems like hunger and homelessness. i want my own and all other children to see what the film shows that everyone can do something to solve problems the extremely talented and the less talented. millions of people are doing a little something is what will change the world. i cheer for one still has big plans he wants to build a shelter for the homeless. myself. the film seems fitting for the time of year christmas the christian festival of benevolence and charity the city of bethlehem figures large as the birthplace of jesus but bethlehem has enjoyed a lot save the centuries patient by 11th century crusaders for example ottoman and then british rule and the 2nd intifada in 2002 when israeli troops moved
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into the city. bethlehem's residents and no stranger to turmoil in 1949 the city which is just a few kilometers from jerusalem became part of the west bank. recent years have been more peaceful attracting tourists and pilgrims particularly during the christmas period 2900 so record 3000000 visitors many from poland romania and italy and this year looks set to dazzle too but then came the pandemic . the church of the. in bethlehem christians from all over the world usually flock here to celebrate christmas. but not this year. the pandemic has put paid to that. the mood is far from festive it's more melancholy and gloomy for many here no visitors means no income. this street is
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full of wood carving workshops only one is still open the craftsmen create nativity figures and scenes by hand. it's a minor miracle that they have any work at all. and that's thanks to their boss who was determined not to be beaten by the coronavirus crisis. jack he said just come on is a christian he learned the craft of woodworking from his father and grandfather. before coven 19 he'd always sold the output of his factory and his store next door . but since march his jesus mary joseph and shepherd figures and all of would have been waiting in vain. like countless others in bethlehem jack was sitting at home with nothing to do. he knew he had to come up with some way to support his wife 2 daughters and $22.00 employees to 30 with this he it was the month. in my life
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i had my life i thought the 1st intifada the 2nd intifada the war against iraq and ok that was the war but at least you can see people walking around tourist free to buy things but this year completely all you can see thehotel nobody even walking in the street the church is there and. the church of the nativity is right around the corner from jack. people here are saying it hasn't been so empty since before the crusades. this footage is from 2019 when 3000000 tourists came to bethlehem. visitors often waited in line for hours to enter the grotto of the nativity in the church's crypt. it was built at the spot where jesus is said to have been born. but now we have the chapel all to ourselves.
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we can relish in the beauty and the tranquility but it also feels sad and lonely. in the afternoon a funeral procession passes by jacques shah. more than 50 covert related deaths have been registered in bethlehem and thousands of cases bethlehem was the 1st city in the palestinian territories to see an outbreak it's thought the virus was brought here by tourists a strict lockdown was imposed in march the ensuing economic crisis forced jack to get inventive he recently began selling his wooden figures online that was quite an innovation for a rather traditional business and it's brought with it new complications. i stopped to develop mother and i and with the help of a friend overseas we managed to make is some internet webpages just like it feel like the whole family has since got involved.
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on the square in front of the church there's a big christmas tree just like every year. as if the situation were normal. checks work day is over but his worries aren't. part of the new government that cannot order or that people look to look for work look for the land without any income. during the christmas season it would normally be full of christian pilgrims this year too many rooms were booked long in advance but to no avail. fortunately we have a very weak. very 3rd situation. the orient palace is the biggest hotel in the palestinian territories it looks as if time has stood still since march. it's extremely tough for the owners. light up the room on and his family had invested millions in expanding the hotel
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right before the pandemic erupted but he's not ready to give up hope he knows what great significance bethlehem has and always will have for his fellow christians for the rest of your confession and i know tourists who would give anything to be able to visit the holy land at least once in their lifetime. when i see it on their faces when they arrive at my hotel. how happy they are because they find the fulfillment of their faith in bethlehem. we've been invited to tea with jack's wife tamera and are surprised to see that there's no nativity scene in sight in the house of a woodwork factory owner. she tells us that she doesn't like wood. jack explains that thomas father was also in the woodworking business. commerce says that's exactly why she's had her fill of wood. the wood issue has been
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disrupted family life. and they intend to weather the disruptions the pandemic has brought about in the hope that tourists en pilgrims will soon be back in their beautiful and beloved city of bethlehem. me we've been. through it. and now we had to india for global ideas. in some parts of the country water has become a luxury many farmers would dearly love to irrigate their fields more often but instead they're forced to use as little as possible. we headed to a village near the city of wood at poor to find out more. and. the sun is merciless here rain is scarce. for a long time the northwest indian climate has been hostile to residents. rainfall
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here comes in a fairly $750.00 millimeters a year only a 3rd of the precipitation the poles in mumbai further to the. situation was once dramatic for the families living here on their fields says 55 year old farmer. he lives with his family in the small village of but kota. our crops used to dry out and our family members were constantly worrying about things like the crops needing water how to irrigate the fields and where to get animal feed is any whether these. things have been transformed now though partly because of godfrey he is what's known here as a john karr the hindi name means someone who knows all about groundwater 20 b. j.s as they're nicknamed here live in the surrounding villages. got.


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