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tv   Projekt Zukunft  Deutsche Welle  December 21, 2020 4:03pm-4:31pm CET

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came up with a vaccinating plan. according to this plan vaccination since should start across europe on december 27th 28th and 29th germany for example is going to start vaccinating on december 29th and the netherlands compared to that due to technical issues won't start vaccinating until the beginning of january the a.m.a. is one of the last big medical approval agencies to give the vaccine the go ahead why has it taken so long well it did take a bit longer than the u.k. and the u.s. for example but these countries went for the emergency approval although in all the e m a improve all went quite fast they decided to do a more. close to it to decide to take a closer look at the at all the data and the upside here is that they know what they have more confirmation they have confirmation most aspects regarding safety and effectiveness and they have more time to review the evidence and this will
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actually also help convince people to take the show at the end of the day now the question is of course why did the e.u. would not go for the emergency approval there's many reasons to it one of most of the most important reason is that this would not break the dynamic of the pandemic because even if we had started vaccinating a week or 2 weeks earlier there still wouldn't have been enough vaccine to cater to everybody and the e.u. has come under a lot of fire not only for taking quite long but also for not buying and often doses of the vaccine the commission bought house of what biotech pfizer offered them why is that and how could that affect immunization efforts. there are many reasons for this the e.u. . decided to secure doses of vaccines of the many different kinds of vaccines months ago at the beginning of the pandemic to make sure they would have. the vaccine ready for the for the member states so they made
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contracts with the individual companies 6 of them now back in the day it was unclear which vaccine would prove would prove. and would would go through fastest with their approval which would prove effective and this is one of the reasons why they also spread out also another reason is that this pfizer biotech is the most expensive one quite expensive compared to us because in a car for example another meant the manufacture a vaccine that is due to get approval at the beginning of next year and. some of the european union states particularly the eastern european states decided to push for the more cheaper versions. in brussels thank you very much for your analysis. countries from germany and france to india and saudi arabia have imposed travel
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bans on the u.k. that's as britain battles a new strain of corona virus that said to be much more contagious the measures are already causing havoc at airports and other travel hubs in the u.k. which is now effectively cut off from continental europe. entry denied trucks headed from england to the european mainland forced to turn back after alarms were raised over the new coronavirus train the channel crossing to france is a crucial trade route truck drivers and their goods now stranded. young to law by new. glossy shoes this is good to like it this is your outlook for the next 2 days you know american. travel at london's heathrow airport was also disrupted with some passengers left in
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limbo. confused this time you could even out i appeared on board in december sutures in the seat situation is totally different it's hard going to. really. bring on a lot of people but. i think overall we're all this week. opening up of the country . now sense to see your family your back you know. the new covert strain has already been detected in mainland europe and as far away as australia experts say the newly developed vaccines should still protect against the mutation. for more let's bring in painter liza he's with germany cd use an m.e.p. and the health spokesperson for the largest political group in the parliament the a.p.a.p. mr elisa welcome let's talk about this new travel ban affecting the u.k. because of this new virus strain that we see in our european borders closing again
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like we saw back in march. yeah we have a difficult situation because the coroner is already very dangerous many hospitals are at their limits and now we have the information from the u.k. that this new which. is 70 percent more infectious so we did to be careful it's good that the u.k. draw consequences but also other countries need to dog consequences i think it's important to stop all flights now but then to have a coordinated unserved we need to limit trever it's much as possible that the same time it's important that lifesaving goods like the vaccine group still be able to cross the borders and that also doctors and. medical staff for example that work on an intensive care unit they need to go to their jobs
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even if they come from the outside the u.k. or from the u.k. to the main continent so i think that's important but the most important is that we all take it serious because it's obvious that they knew why it was already it's a continent so all the measures that are in place are even more important now. how effective can these measures really be though experts say the new strain has probably already spread across other therapy in nations out we've heard about cases reported in the netherlands denmark and italy. where where is this taking us. yes that's exactly why i said the measures that are in place need to be. in coast and taken. serious by all of us much wall it's not only the measures at the border when the virus is at the continent closing the border making necessary but it doesn't solve the problem we can all of us we need to take
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care and of course it's here to the roots but also everybody should think twice if you really need to go as far as the rules allow and i think it's important for example when you want to visit someone also over christmas can you do it outside can you go for a walk can you have for coffee or tea with one closeness in the garden then survivals doesn't spread so easy so consequences for the boss is one thing but consequences for all of us is the other side of course right people lisa thank you very much. russian opposition activist alexei navalny says he has spoken to one of the security agents alleged to have been involved in his poisoning earlier this year in a clip on his you tube channel not on the set of the agent believed he was talking to a security official in fact not funny was on the other end of the phone line the agent
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from going to leave to toxins team and russia's f.s.b. security agency revealed details of how one of our own he was poisoned in august the money is currently recuperating here in germany. k w moscow correspondent and we're sure when has more emily tell us more about what an avanti said in that video. well in that video i mean pretended to be an official. who was making over port compiling report for the security council on his own poisoning essentially he pretended to be an official who would be writing a port of a report that essentially in the security council would also be for vladimir putin himself who has that security council viney used to call to get information on his own poisoning to confirm some of the recent reporting that we have seen from a joint investigation carried out by a bell in catch be good. c.n.n.
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and the insider on that poisoning and the main takeaways i think are that. he found out that the poison was put on his underwear the poison for not me and that f.s.b. offered to operatives later collected the clothing that had the poison on it and washed that clothing to essentially destroy the evidence he also confirmed that if that operative that he was speaking to thought that if the pilot that was flying the plane that was taking them back to moscow hadn't made an emergency landing in then he would have died and if also the medics on site that came in the ambulance hadn't acted fast and professionally then he would have died that's what the operative told him that's what he thinks as are been any response from russian authorities so far. there hasn't been any official response so far from russian authorities the russian authorities have of course been denying that russia had
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anything to do with the poisoning of alex they've even gone so far as to say that perhaps the poisoning could have actually taken place later on in germany at a press conference last week president vladimir putin was asked about the vine these poisoning and about the revelations on this elite toxins group that is said to have poisoned him and he said he's concerned that russian security services did have an eye on the violin in the past few years but he said that if they had wanted to kill him if they had wanted to poison him then they wouldn't have botched that operation and that they would have they would have killed him successfully and we sure went in moscow many thanks let's now take a look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world and the united states top leaders in congress say they have reached an agreement on a new covert 19 relief package after months of wrangling lawmakers struck
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a bipartisan deal worth $900000000000.00 businesses and individuals will now get long overdue support and then economy battered by the pandemic. around 100 people have been detained in minsk following sunday's anti-government protests crowds of people took part in rallies scattered around the capital the country has been gripped by months of protests after leader alex son lucas was returned to office in a disputed poll talks between britain and the e.u. on a post directed trade deal are expected to continue on monday afternoon goshi aiders failed to meet another key deadline for compromise but european parliament had warned that it would not vote on a deal secured after midnight on sunday and believed significant differences remain on fisheries. germany's main services trade union has called for a strike on amazon's 6 german warehouses the campaign would last until christmas
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eve the union says its goal is to pressure the online retailer into recognizing collective wage and workplace safety agreements. here in germany a man has been sentenced to life in prison for attempting one of the country's worst anti-semitic attacks since world war 2 a court has convicted the 28 year old far right extremist of murder and attempted murder the defendant killed 2 people and afforded attack on a synagogue in the eastern city of holland last year. his only regret is that he wasn't able to kill more people times chiffon be smiled as the judge read out her verdict she called his crime cowardly and said he will spend the rest of his life in prison. how he succeeded in his attack it would have been the deadliest hate crime in post-war germany but his attempt alone convinced many in
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germany that anti-semitism has become a problem that authorities do not have under control. it was 2019 on yom kapoor the holiest day of the jewish calendar that more than 50 community members and guests were celebrating in the synagogue in harlem. at midday stephon be heavily armed attacked the synagogue. he fired shots at the door and threw hand grenades. but the synagogue solid wooden door withstood the attack and it saved the lives of those inside. among them was max prevert ski chairman of hollows jewish community the experience has left him traumatized. as a desert bird never had a problem with the fireworks on new year's eve in the past but i noticed this year
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that they made me feel a bit. i wouldn't say they made me nervous but i really don't feel comfortable with . it because i associate them with the attack in the death of me these are months look. when he failed to enter the synagogue the right wing extremists shot a woman who had spoken to him while walking by he then storm to a snack bar and opened fire killing a customer. he filmed everything on a helmet camera streaming the attack live on the internet a sign in the window commemorates the 2 people who were killed. next perverts he has twice found paper swats to goes left in front of the jewish community office. once he saw a police officer quietly removing a swastika he finds this unsettling. kinds. of bullets when you can't feel completely sure that you can trust or depend on
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police or security authorities for standing. calm. and that's a bad things. politicians and hala and throughout germany stressed that combating anti-semitism is their highest priority all the same many jews and holler so they are afraid to show their religious affiliation in public. the synagogue door which saved their lives has been replaced with a new one that is even stronger. for more on this i'm now joined by felix klein he's the german government commissioner on anti-semitism mr klein welcome what do you make of the trial and today's were addict. well 1st of all as a government commission of course i would like to express my respect for the independence of the judiciary that has found i think is just. sentence and showed that the trial showed the new quality we are confronted with the new quality
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of anti-semitism of our country. crimes targeting jews and their believes have risen steadily in germany in recent years why is that you think have authorities failed here. well there are many factors that have. led to that situation one is the radicalization and brutalization in the internet also will be the perpetrator of holly is a good example for that he was radicalized. quickly and to such in radical extent but also other factors the attacks of populist politicians against our remembrance culture and the fact that so many taboos so many red lines of being crossed and people don't. don't hesitate to do that anymore so that has led to a rise of. of the crimes because many of them are committed in the internet cause
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distortion holocaust denial. but also incitement of the people and now we have to find all the means possible as the state but also as civil society to come to that this fight these warring tendencies many members of the jewish community here in germany say that police don't take their complaints of anti-semitism seriously how can that still have. well many. many incidents are not being persecuted because police do not discern the quality of anti-semitism so what we have to do is we have to train police officers we have to train prosecutors in order to judge the incidents in the in the right way and this is what the government has done in the package of measures that passed that were passed after the attack of hala this is foreseen that we have in the police training and also in
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the training facilities of our intelligence services we enhanced the knowledge of anti-semitism what's the biggest priority for you going forward after this trial. well. first of all we have to say there's no harm to the form of anti-semitism we have to fight all forms but evidently when you look at the criminal statistics it's the. extreme right where we have to act after the. 90 percent of the crimes committed in germany are committed by the extreme right so we have to enhance our if it's in finding perpetrators in the internet the buddhist community the federal police officer has created new. new units for doing that our legislation being under way would give them more possibilities to do so and once again we have to. to be better also in our
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prevention work we have to educate people and we have to do so with a jewish life is a normal integral part of our society and tx that it takes germany german government commissioner on anti-semitism felix klein thank you very much for your time thank you. some sports news now falls book head into the winter break and 4th place in the table after a narrow victory at home to start got the walls accomplished the job even after coronavirus protocols made things a bit more complicated. stuttgart coach pelligrino matter right so had good cause to smile after his side were handed a boost ahead of the game opponent's votes verge plans were thrown into disarray as 2 of their players tested positive for corona virus just hours before kick off with 3 others having to quarantine. but it was the hosts who had the best chance on
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getting hard twice went close to scoring the opening goal but was denied by gregor coble and the post. shook up fired back and almost took the lead when c. last for a minute to go went through on goal. but the wing asleep his shot just wide. nil nil it half time but vosburgh finally broke the deadlock soon after the break with more than a hint of good fortune. you'll sit brickell as free kick took 2 deflections the wrong footed coble and the ball dribbled over the line. should have levelled the scores in the 78th minute but nico gonzalez completely fluffed his lines and his missed kick was easily cleared. the visitors couldn't find an equaliser and that meant vosburgh overcame their coronavirus chaos to claim a victory that puts them in the bundesliga top for. one of the
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biggest traditions at this time of year here in germany are the christmas markets they normally draw visitors from around the world but this year the pandemic is keeping tourists away and most markets are closed there are some exceptions though one town on the rhine river has come up with a novel idea to spread some holiday cheer and drive through christmas market. it's a magical winter wonderland filled with bright lights thrilling fairground rides and evocative christmas aromas old wine popcorn gingerbread and old they are to be enjoyed from the safety of your own car. as we are looking it's just like a real christmas market we've got our men stuff the apples fruit chocolate whatever you want. it's not just germans in their millions who flock to christmas markets normally people come from all around the world just not this year thanks to the corona virus but this leisure park in western germany has come up with
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a way for visitors to have fun without risking infection. views and ideas if we're certain that we're 100 percent buyers free to get in their cars the entire time families don't even get out the whole trip is done in the car. as many as 650 carloads of visitors a day can take the 2 and a half kilometer trip through the winter playground open air christmas fun instead of being stuck at home it's a big draw but still with social distancing. yeah i'm sure that the times are tough but you've got to have some fun as well it's nice to get away from everything isn't for all we just want to forget about the coronavirus for a while there are heavenly bodies to entertain the car bound visitors some more earthly creatures are also on hand. and if you're hungry there are fridays from across the dutch border down the road. and jugglers ready to thrilled with their
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daring exploits. the christmas markets are all about spreading a little happiness. and the trends to put aside worries about the pandemic at least while. as a reminder of the top story we're following for you the european medicines agency has approved a biotech finds or coded 19 vaccine following britain canada and the u.s. the move paves the way for each new countries to begin vaccinations before the end of the here. and russian opposition leader alexei now falling says he's straight that the kremlin intelligence agent into revealing details of his poisoning last summer he claims the ancient reveal to him that russian spy is trying to kill him
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by placing poison in his underwear bombing is now recuperating endora lead. up next is tomorrow today the science magazine with a look at how social distancing is affecting our mental health i'll be back with more headlines at the top of the hour until then you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our website at www dot com on the gulf i mean the entire team thanks for watching.
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the solution for in some trick monarch. oh gods fantasy. i am shocked. to see one tragedy i wish i could stomach us starts december 25th. dot. com. hey you better stop she got distanced from us now the coronavirus endemic has forced much of the ball to practice social distancing. just hanging out with friends all giving someone a welcome hug has become rare in times of lockdown and self isolating. what happens to us when we have to give up closeness and physical contact.


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