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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  December 23, 2020 8:00am-8:31am CET

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this is news coming to live from berlin germany reports its highest death toll from the corona virus since the start of the pandemic in one of the worst affected parts of the country the eastern state of saxony it's not just hospitals that are working to capacity crematorium serve also struggling to keep up with the surge in deaths also coming up relief in sight for truck drivers stranded in southern england as france lifts its coronavirus off a france will allow truckers to cross provided they test. 19.
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the krona virus reaches the last. earth research station and because his fight outbreak chile's military says 36 people are infected despite bases being under a strict. plus going back to the polls for the 4th time in 2 years. israel's longest serving prime minister says he's confident he'll win another term but he could face a stiff challenge from a full work out. well i'm terry martin good to have you with us germany has reported 962 deaths from corona virus in the past 24 hours the country's highest daily toll since the start of the pandemic this week and this comes a week after germany tightened block down measures in
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a bid to contain the spread of the virus during the holiday period as in other countries hard hit by the 2nd wave of infections it's not just hospitals that are struggling to cope. they've been working round the clock at mice incriminatory him the current virus means they've had to deal with many more bodies this year. this is healed coffins have covered 19 victims inside with a safety precautions in place it's nearly impossible to have direct contact with the dead and cannot come. here in the state of saxony maximum capacity that half the coffins have a coronavirus stick a highly infectious the state premier is warning residents the next 10 weeks will be the most difficult. and. there will be a 3rd wave the question is how high. and everyone who is dealing with this is war
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and that how much higher than the current peak it will climb. the number of new infections might last be leveling out to people in mice and one at ces from their late as they just kind of gray there were no clear rules no one is going outside anymore people are infecting their own families some people are following all the rules and others a coming up with their own theories they say there is no corona virus. but every day there are more coffins in the criminal containing the bodies of covered 19 victims. let's bring in our political correspondent. coronavirus fatalities in germany are continuing to rise despite strict law measures do we know why. well terry there's an increasingly diffuse transmission which means more and more clusters and more and more of those happen in nursing and
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care homes where you will find the most vulnerable people the elderly sick people and also there's more infections happening in community facilities you know religious events in any place places where there's contact between people and added to dots one key point is really trying to curb infection as in trying to cut those infections is really to trace an infection chain and in most cases this is no longer possible there's nearly 25000 new infections today 962 deaths if you look at the 7 days incidence rate has been skyrocketing needed 200 cases for 100 has an average 10 that's 4 times higher than what is already a critical try shelter that's fair to say that the situation is not under control at the moment now the head of germany's infectious diseases institute says that if case the numbers keep rising even stricter lockdown measures may become necessary what sort of measures are we talking about. well the goalie's and has always been
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to prevent the spread of the virus by reducing contacts hence social interactions would they hate the thought of you know the head of institutes issued a stock warning he said to not travel and many sciences feed the effects that christmas will have on the pandemic us people travel to meet with their families and some states have already introduced new rules in bavaria for example all travelers returning from high risk areas will have to undergo a corner virus test and in about a minute and there will be a quarantine requirement for people coming from neighboring france and switzerland those so there's also a huge debate here in germany on whether or not churches well they should cancel christmas so this is something that has been met his own position from some state premiers for example in those fine mess fabia. germany like much of europe is expected to start rolling out its backs a nation program on december 20th 27th that's just 4 days from now is everything in place to assure
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a smooth start well for us there will be around 850000 doses off the biotech pies a vaccine that are going to be delivered on december 26th and the fast vaccinations should take place in elderly care homes the following day and then further those will be due later in the week and the house ministry say that there is around 3 to 4000000 doses that could be given out in january only and 13000000 up to so to 1000000 by the end of march they will be administered in care and nursing homes 1st then there will be a special vaccination centers that have been set up already all over the country and vaccines would 1st go to most vulnerable and i think it's the elderly and medical personnel and the general population and germany has alluded to buy into pipes are a vaccine that are said to mother and i vaccine which it which is still awaiting approval from to regulate. and with thanks for bringing us up to date the. political correspondent and medical shots it's
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france has technically lifted its coronavirus blockade and will now allow truck drivers stranded in southern england to cross into the country but they 1st have to test negative for covert 19 france is also allowing passengers from u. countries to travel from britain borders were closed to travelers from the u.k. on sunday after as fast bred in corona virus variant was identified there britain says it will take $23.00 days to process the current backlog of vehicles. what a way to spend the last days before christmas hundreds of trucks queued on the road to dover in a line that stretches on and on and on for dozens of kilometers some pulled over into the service stations it's here we made a bad choice not log on to from germany we've got it we want to spend christmas at home with our family it would be very bad if we can't. my wife has been really upset since she found out about all this but what can i do often. these drivers
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couldn't have known the french border would suddenly slam shut on sunday since they've been stranded here some forced to literally live life on the road their anger growing as the hours pass. away and here to debate the people you see here the whole children and. what. the closure of dover didn't just hurt drivers one 5th of all goods bound for britain pass through the ports supermarkets and warned of shortages of basic goods if the port had remained closed much longer a key demand from france before reopening its border was testing the drivers getting those tests up and running you know can happen relatively quickly but in terms of the details of that that is something that both the transport secretary in his counterpart will be discussing right now so i don't want to speculate in sounds of you know the nature of the tests it and how soon that could be up and one in all
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truckers will now be tested but that is said to be a huge logistical challenge with thousands stuck on various roads and time is of the essence only when test results come back negative will the stranded truckers finally be allowed to head home. you know it was covering the story and joins us now from london is so big that france has eased its ban on travel from britain on condition that travelers get tested for code 19 how's the testing going well 1st of all terry huge relief that this has happened and that france has has relented of course this was a very political issue between the 2 countries and was just a little resentment here and britain i think for many commentators that the french have been quite fast and quite strict in closing their borders the preparations are still underway as far as we know the army is on standby to help but as you have
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shown as a backlog of thousands of trucks it will definitely take some time for for for this to clear and for people to be able to drive through 2 fronts what about other travelers stranded in britain very good travelers who want to go to countries other than france any indication how or when they'll be able to get out. well all non-essential travel basically it's not permitted at the moment so it's really for people that are returning to france that you know of course the old say for for for the fright that it needs to go back and forth between the the u.k. and the continent but non-essential travel is discouraged and we have to bear in mind that over 40 countries across the world have to now close the borders to the u.k. so it's not just france it's not those just the european union but there are other
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countries across the world that want to know more about this fires and they want to know more how wide it has already spread and also how dangerous it is on top of what we know that it's transmitted very quickly. the border closure has deliveries destined for u.k. supermarkets or are you starting to see shortages of essential supplies there supermarkets have warned that if this goes on for several days that then we would see some shortages particularly when it comes to fresh produce britain imports the majority of its fruit off its vegetables from the continent so far i have not seen any shortages though you know oranges tomatoes cucumber is in the shops but we know that people off thinking about that there have been pictures of people puking notes at supermarkets and one of the big chains has put
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a limit on some essential items like toilet roll for example in order to prevent any and you who are doing any panic buying but of course this fact in that self when it gets full cause that makes people wonder well maybe i should go out and buy say it's a bit of a vicious circle but now the food is being open a hope for the and the shortage is can be prevented because thank you very much. there in london. it's been a year now since the 1st cases of coronavirus were reported and scientists are still trying to figure out exactly how the virus aids the speedy development of vaccines is being hailed as major triumph its hope they'll be they'll help end the pandemic but mass immunity will make it harder to study the infection process that's why one british research company is hoping to launch a study using human volunteers willing to get infected. charlotte pill reports.
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just 18 years old allister's volunteering to do what many of us would find unimaginable he wants to be deliberately infected with the coronavirus he's campaigning to take part in a human challenge trial to test facts seems to cope with 19. chance charles have the potential to do an awful lot of good for an awful lot of people with. a significant a minimal risk to myself and my health it's a risk you know doctors and nurses take on pretty much every day like on the on the front lines of the pandemic and have been doing for quite a while now in traditional vaccine trials volunteers may never be exposed to the virus in a challenge trial scientists hope to study infected volunteers in clinical condition this isn't rooms like this one but we could be about to see a wall 1st boy fears deliberately infected with the virus that causes. well it
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is what we quarantined here for up to 2 weeks with safety measures in place like trace and systems to stop the bars from spreading. child services company h b they already runs challenge trials in the u.k. but they have to be approved for covert 19 so you can say we have all the equipment that you'd expect to see jesus christ trawlers a call to make the trial as safe as possible scientists would 1st establish the smallest dose of the virus it takes to become infected. and the pet will be put just inside the nostril and very slowly just putting small droplets of of forests into the nose it would offer a unique opportunity to examine the virus in its very early stages because these trolls are being set up primarily to test vaccines but a lot of learning benefits that will come out of these trials as well not just about how the farce interacts with the immune system and the human body that would
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be really important to improve things. peru therapies but also about the disease course itself about of all or how quickly it replicates how quickly can be clear from the body or these can really help the management of patients going forward with vaccines already being rolled out h.p.v. says challenge child and now more important than ever warning that she dish millbank seen trials will become harder as more of this or immunized. is that actual vaccine candidates but don't solve all of the answers to the world's problem of vaccines so we're going to need a way of testing the next generation roxanne's challenge studies will still be able to be used to test very effectively the vaccine is working because they can be conducted irrespective of how much is going on the community. these trials need ethical and regulatory approval with the decision hinges on key ethical concerns you want a select group of people who are very healthy they are low risk group they are true
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volunteers so there's no pressure put on them or no. bribery in terms of. do something that really are. only 18 to 30 it would be eligible and volunteers will have to be carefully screened before they are approved but not all risk can be eliminated but the long term consequences weigh significantly on my mind but definitely definitely something to consider. as part of making an informed decision about whether you know i want to participate in a challenge sure but i think for made the benefits of challenge trials so outweigh the risks and i'm more than happy to take the risks on you know for more vaccines more quickly. alister isn't alone tens of thousands around the world have expressed interest in challenge child in the hope that the risk of the few will benefit the many. while those researchers are looking for people willing to get
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infected most people around the world of course are still doing everything they can to stop themselves and others from catching it but sometimes involves working long hours or being exposed to dangerous situations our next report looks at one worker in india who's been putting his own health at risk and is hoping to be at the front line to get vaccinated. 21 year old undergo charge he has not taken a single day off leave from book in over 5 months now. he says he loves what he does but he had never thought it would put him on the frontline of fighting a pandemic one day. a new book is a lapdog nation working in a private by politics in delhi his mean job is to conduct tests counted as the most reliable test to determine whether someone is called it by the every day he was it's how there's a potentially infected people to collect this wop samples. and he understands that
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every day his work what so much risk of getting infected himself. in the beginning when i started doing this test i used to be quite scared. there was a lot of fear but then slowly i got used to this if i let fear take over. i think. now i'm going to be going to the movies and modern things i have to take care of is that i should not get infected and if i am infected i should not transmit to anyone and that is why the whole process involves proper sanitation from start to finish. and evolve is one of the thousands of frontline health workers in delhi struggling to control the spread of the writers. as india looks towards developing the covert $1000.00 vaccines these has workers are likely to receive it on a friday basis as the eye to higher risk of contracting the virus due to regular
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exposure. did governments are preparing lists of people across the country identifying the health workers who will be the 1st ones to get the dog. and above says he is not sure when he will get the vaccine as it needs to take months to come . so he has to ensure that he protects himself very well at all time. technicians like me get the vaccine we will be less worried by doing our job. it would also help us keep our family safe rather than out of understands the importance of his job he says he is more do we did by his desire to do his bit to help deal with the pandemic writing of my you ma'am one gets quite dieting i start my day at 8 in the morning and the world goes on to meet i don't even get the time to have a simple one on sundays as i have back to back sample collections i have been suffering from dehydration for the past 3 months because of that but then if you
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don't work regularly boards and the need comes from the patients one get. that treatment. while on a vote on this timely hope there will be a vaccine soon he says he knows he may be carrying out these tests for a long time to come. chile's military says the crown of iris has reached a research station in arctic at least 36 people have been infected there bernardo again o'higgins based alling and earlier this month the announcement means the pandemic has now reached every continent on earth and heartache bases have been under strict quarantine. antarctica one of the last truly pristine places on earth several nations maintain research centers here chile's but not a big and space is permanently staffed and run by its military until now research is on the continent thought that largely escaped the coronavirus pandemic then in
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chile's military announced the 1st cases. of their p.c. artists showed that 36 men tested positive for covert 19 of which 26 were army personnel and 10 were civilians from a contracting company doing shades of maintenance work. army officials confirmed another 21 people aboard a navy supply ship had been infected and one more case was detected at the nearby research village with a navy ship docked surrounded by icebergs and oceans the research stations here are some of the most remote on the planet. the arrival of the virus is concerning doctors they fear it could be much more dangerous in such harsh conditions. i mean. we know that exposure to extreme weather affects a person's physiology that when the isolation the change in seasonal lives with that seasonal sensitivity can also be immunosuppressive we know there are several
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components that may further affect people and lower their immune systems in extreme conditions especially with the work they do there. but so far none of the infected a said to be experiencing serious complications. and with no other countries having reported any cases there is hope that the outbreak could be containable. so you look now at some of the other stories making headlines today u.s. president trump has announced a wave of pardons including for 4 former government contractors convicted of killing unarmed iraqi civilians also pardon former republican congressman found guilty of corruption and a former campaign aide convicted of lying under oath during the investigation into russian meddling in the 26th election. french authorities say 3 police officers
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have been shot dead and a 4th wounded in a village in the central pita dome region man opened fire as the officers arrived at a house in response to a call about domestic violence against a woman a search operation is underway to find the suspect course all flights between israel and morocco have started with countries agreed to normalize relations 1st flight from tel aviv arrived in robot carrying a delegation including u.s. envoy jerry. it's the latest diplomatic deal between the jewish state and an arab nation despite protests from ousted. israel is set to hold its 4th election in 2 years in march after parliament failed to meet a deadline to pass a budget from minister benjamin netanyahu says he will win the poll he's engaged in a corruption trial in places public anger over his handling of the coronavirus pandemic netanyahu has blamed the budget deadlock on his coalition partner defense
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minister benny gantz they formed a unity government in may after 3 inconclusive elections have been set to take over from this and you know who but their failure to agree a budget means will no longer. hold joining me now is our correspondent tanya kramer in jerusalem tanya tell us more about why these snap elections have been called now well basically this unity government or coalition government couldn't agree on the state budget for 2020 so the deadline expired at midnight and that man the knesset had to disperse or to dissolve and that automatically triggered it's now early elections which will be host in march and this comes just 7 months after this unity government was formed basically an emergency government to deal with the coup in
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a pandemic but they couldn't agree on nearly anything. they also accused kept on accusing each other of breaking quick listen agreements. between. secret parties and putin why it's a penny gun so for many israelis this government came to a natural and but it also means they have to get go again to the polls for a 4th time within 2 years and prime minister been in many netanyahu of course going to stand again what do these lections mean for him. well if you look at the polls right now and of course it's still early on this would basically play out within the political right netanyahu is a good party is doing quite well he dropped a bit in the latest polls but what is different this time is the field of contenders arrival of mr netanyahu is only could party just formed
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a new party there's also the party of naftali bennett who's doing quite well at the polls and of course the. blue and white party that was a real strong contender in the last 3 elections and then eventually formed a coalition partner they are doing very poorly so what some commentators here are saying it's again an election that rather focuses on the pro netanyahu vote or against netanyahu and less on issues that are important to israelis like the economy like the handling of the pandemic or the vaccination program that has just started so but it's still early on i have to say it's still 90 days to go to the elections and a lot of things can happen within those 3 months to try to thank you very much the w.'s tanya kramer there in jerusalem. just reminder of the top story we're following for you here today on d w news france has lifted a stronger virus blockade and will melt allow truck drivers stranded in southern
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england to cross into the country but they 1st up to test negative for coated 19. links were cut after the outbreak of a new variant of the kora are. you watching t w news coming up next we take a closer look at covert complications life after the virus i'm terry marsh and thanks for watching.
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because. surviving. and then returning to normal life. meaningless legislation struggles side effects they don't know if their symptoms will never go away. troll studies home to. next. they are
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a burden on women and the environment because they are many health risks and the real energy wasters traditional stuff. cultures reduced hazardous gases with just simple thermal cookstove say finalist. in 60 minutes on the. telly tell us. for instance trick monarch. i love. fantasy it's.
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odd. to see the royal train i i wish. i see cuts cuts starts december 25th. ah. many people who fall sick with coronavirus in march or april as still not fully recovered best struggle shows how problematic this virus can bait. to shoot with my try and i try but as soon as i go the trustor my body says no way is now. back in spring hardly anyone was thinking about the long term health effects especially not for young patients who symptoms one mild me everyone.


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