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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  December 23, 2020 9:00am-9:31am CET

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this is news coming to you live from berlin germany reports its highest death toll from the corona virus since the start of the. in one of the worst affected parts of the country in the eastern state of saxony it's not just hospitals that are working to capacity crematory are also struggling to keep up with the surge and it's also coming up relief in sight for truck drivers stranded in southern england as france
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lifts its. will allow truckers. they test negative for code 19. and looking for volunteers willing to get infected with corona virus in the name of. british researchers hope human trials will help them better understand how the pirates spread. plus going back to the polls for the 4th time in 2 years. with israel's longest serving prime minister says he's confident he'll win another term but he could face a stiff challenge. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us. germany has reported its highest daily coronavirus death toll since the start of the pandemic 962 people have died from or
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with the virus in the past 24 hour period that's according to germany's national disease control agency let me show you just how quickly these numbers have been rising over the past week on november 4th just 7 weeks ago today 151 code related fatalities were registered here in germany 3 weeks later that number had risen to 410 and now today the latest record high the overall number of deaths attributed to the virus stands at almost 28 files and we'll talk to our correspondent about the rising death toll in a moment but 1st this report from one of germany's most hard hit regions saxony where it's not just hospitals that are struggling to cope. they have been working round the clock and mice incriminatory i'm the coronavirus means have had to deal with many more bodies this year.
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this 08 coffins have covered 19 victims inside with a safety precautions in place it is nearly impossible to have direct contact with the dead and cannot come. kermit tory is here in the state of saxony maximum capacity about half the coffins have a coronavirus sticker highly infectious the state premier is warning residents the next 10 weeks will be the most difficult. and that there will be a 3rd wave the question is how high the baby. and everyone who is dealing with this is war had about how much higher than the current peak it will climb. the number of new infections might last be leveling out to people in mice and one at ces from their late as you can see they just kind of gray there were no clear rules no one is going outside anymore people are infecting their own families some people are
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following all the rules and others a coming up with their own theories they say there is no corona virus. but every day there are more coffins in the criminal containing the bodies of covered 19 victims. let's bring in our political correspondent meant to show. us the tell us he's in germany are continuing to rise despite strict measures do we know why. well terry there's an increasingly diffuse transmission which means more and more clusters and more and more of those happen in nursing and care homes where you will find the most vulnerable people the elderly sick people and also there's more infections happening in community facilities in religious events in any place places where there's contact between people and added to dots one key point is really trying to curb infection as in trying to cut those infections is really to trace an infection chain and in most cases this is no longer possible it is nearly
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25000 new infections today 962 deaths if you look at the 7 days incidence rates has been skyrocketing nearly 200 cases bear 100 has any navvy tens that's 4 times higher than what is already a critical try shelter that's fair to say that the situation is not under control that the moment the head of germany's infectious diseases institute says that if case numbers keep rising even stricter lockdown measures may become necessary what sort of measures are we talking about. well the goalie's and has always been to prevent the spread of the virus by reducing contacts hence social interactions would behave thought of and out ahead of institutes issued to stock warning he say to not travel and many sciences feed the effects that christmas will have on the pandemic us people travel to meet with their families and some states have already introduced new rules in the very act for example all travelers returning from high
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risk areas will have to undergo a corner virus test and in about an event and back there will be a quarantine requirement for people coming from neighboring france and switzerland those so there's also a huge debate here in germany on whether or not churches well they should cancel christmas service is something that has been met his own position from some state premiers for example in those fine mess fabia. germany like much of europe is expected to start rolling out its back to the nation program on december 20th 27th that's just 4 days from now is everything in place to assure a smooth start well 1st there will be around a $150000.00 is off the buy and take fives a vaccine to be delivered on december 26th and the 1st vaccinations should take place in elderly care homes the following day and then further doses will be due later in the week and the house ministry say that there's around 3 to 4000000 doses that could be given out in january only and 13000000 back to sow to 1000000 by the
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end of march they will be administered in care and nursing homes 1st then there will be a special vaccination centers that have been set up already all over the country and vaccines would 1st go to the most vulnerable and i think it's the elderly and medical personnel and the general population and germany has alluded to by enteric pipes are a vaccine that are said to modena a vaccine which it which is still awaiting approval from the regulators and with thanks for bringing us up to date there is a political correspondent a medical shots it's well the corona virus has spread throughout germany it's affected some parts of the country of course worse than others the 1st hot spot emerged back in march in the town of heinz back in the far west of the country that break was attributed to regional carnival celebrations as 2020 draws to a close we look at the impact the pandemic has had or the small community there. as a priest marcus pons has guided many people from heinz back through this difficult
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year and say i'm striking a very exhausting. it took a lot of strength. you can already see how it is weighing on people. up isn't i think we've really been burdened by all the economic consequences and repercussions by the whole situation. and people have fallen ill and died which is the worst kind of burden of stock is. the situation is not easy for him either speck a small almost everyone knows everyone always had to bury people he knew who had died of corona. it's the same fear while all the experience when corona hit us back in february and the numbers begin to rise in the high spec district all the numbers very quickly became names and faces so you know the families you know the people who are affected that was very challenging and. in february hunchback
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was confronted with one of the 1st major outbreaks of the coronavirus in germany and in fact a couple had attended a kind of a party soon after high spec became the epicenter of the pandemic. for many residents this was a very difficult time. almost often because one was really very affected specially since the 1st infected people and when my own acquaintances and we experienced it 1st hand that the virus can have a dress tick affects us all spoke with the feel of. jackson 5 and who cries among our relatives and acquaintances some people have fallen ill and one lady has even died that was an eye opener for us not happy but the drama in the social cohesion and hines back has become much better. but in the beginning the whole situation was really bad because everyone pointed their fingers at us from a although being over to feel all the interest. that time priest marcus also
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witnessed how people from high spec were ostracized people were insulted because were vandalized. about bashing by it and also the kind spec'd. rushing became an expression and that really hurts because nobody is responsible for it in the 1st place to find even the one who was identified as the 1st one who was infected it nobody can be blamed for that yes does it in defeats yet is. that it was stuff feel in the meantime heintz back like all of germany as a knock down again it has not yet reemerged as a hot spot but marcus points knows that corona is far from over. friends has technically lifted its coronavirus blockade and will now allow truck drivers stranded in southern england to cross into the country but they 1st have to test negative for covert 19 france is also allowing passengers from other e.u.
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countries to travel from britain borders were closed to travelers from the u.k. on sunday after a spreading coronavirus variant was identified there britain says it will take $2.00 to $3.00 days to process the current backlog of vehicles. what a way to spend the last days before christmas hundreds of trucks queued on the road to dover in a line that stretches on and on and on dozens of kilometers some pulled over into the service stations it's here we meet. i don't know guns are from germany we've got if we want to spend christmas at home with our family it will be very bad if we can't. well my wife has been really upset since she found out about all this but what can i do often. these drivers couldn't have known the french quarter would suddenly slam shut on sunday since they've been stranded here some forced to
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literally live life on the road their anger growing as the hours pass. land near the base people near the mall cheered. how what. the closure of dover didn't just her drivers one 5th of all goods bound for britain pass through the ports supermarkets and warned of shortages of basic goods if the port had remained closed much longer the key demand from france before reopening its border was testing the drivers getting those tests up and running you know it can happen relatively quickly but in terms of the details of that that is something that both the transport sector in his counterpart will be discussing right now so i don't want to speculate in sounds of you know the nature of the tests it and how soon that could be up and running in all truckers will now be tested but that is said to be a huge logistical challenge with thousands stuck in various roads and time is of the essence only when test results come back negative when the stranded truckers
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finally be allowed to head home. he says covering the story and joins us now from london is so big that france has eased its ban on travel from britain on condition that travelers get tested for kobe had 19 how's the testing going. well 1st of all terry huge relief that this has happened and that france has has relented of course this was a very political issue between the 2 countries and was just a little resentment here and britain i think for many commentators that the french have been quite fast and quite strict in closing their borders the preparations are still underway as far as we know the army is on standby to help but as you have shown there's a backlog of thousands of trucks so it will definitely take some time for fall for this to clear and for people to be able to drive through 2 fronts what about other
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travelers stranded in britain very good travelers who want to go to countries other than france any indication how or when they'll be able to get out. well all non-essential travel basically it's not permitted at the moment so it's really for people that are retiring to france that you know of course all safe oh for for all the fright that needs to go back and forth between the the u.k. and the continent but non-essential travel is discouraged and we have to bear in mind that over 40 countries across the world have to now close the buddhist to the u.k. so it's not just france it's not there's just the european union but there are other countries across the world that want to know more about this virus and they want to know more how wide it has already spread and also how dangerous it is on top of
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what we know that it transmits very quickly. the border closure has blocked deliveries destined for u.k. supermarkets or are you starting to see shortages of essential supplies there. supermarkets had warned that if this goes on for several days that then we would see some shortages particularly when it comes to fresh produce british imports the majority off its fruit off its vegetables from the continent so far i have not seen any shortages though i know oranges tomatoes cucumber in the shops but we know that people off thinking about them to have been pictures of people pewee know it's supermarkets and one of the big chains has put a limit on some essential items like toilet roll for example in order to prevent any and you hoarding and you panic buying but of course this fact in itself when it gets full cost that makes people wonder well maybe i should go out and say it's
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a bit of a vicious sakho but now the food is being open a can hope for they. can be prevented they're good thank you very much. there in london it was pretty years since the 1st cases of corona virus were reported and scientists are still trying to figure out exactly how the virus behaves the speedy developing about scenes is being hailed as a major triumph it's hopes they'll help and the pandemic but mass community will also make it harder to study the infection process that's why one british research company is hoping to launch a study using human volunteers willing to get infected you know you charlotte pill reports. just 18 years old allister's volunteering to do what many of his would find unimaginable he wants to be deliberately infected with the coronavirus he's campaigning to take part in a human challenge trial to test facts seems to cope with 19. chance charles
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have the potential to do an awful lot of good for an awful lot of people with. a significant a minimal risk to myself and well it's a risk you know docs and nurses take on pretty much every day life on the on the front lines of the pandemic and have been doing for quite a while now in traditional vaccine trials volunteers may never be exposed to the virus in a challenge trial scientists hope to study infected volunteers in clinical condition this isn't rooms like this one could be about to see a wall of bust volunteers deliberately infected with the virus of course is that 19 well it is what we quarantined here for up to 2 weeks with safety measures in place like trace insistence to stop the bars from spreading. child services company h.p. they already runs challenge charles in the u.k.
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but they have to be approved for it 19 so you can say we have all the merchants equipment you'd expect here in c.g.s. cross trolley as a call to make the trial as safe as possible scientists would 1st establish the smallest dose of the virus it takes to become infected. and the pet will be put just inside the nostril and very slowly just putting small droplets of of forests into the nose it would offer a unique opportunity to examine the virus in its very early stages because these trials being set up primarily to test vaccines but there be a lot of learning benefits that will come out of these trials as well not just about how the forest interacts with the immune system in the human body therapy the really important to be able to improve things and improve therapies but also about the disease course itself about the viral out how quickly it replicates how quickly it can be cleared from the body all of these can really help the management of patients going forward with vaccines already being rolled out h.p.v.
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says challenge child and now more important than ever warning the traditional vaccine trials will become harder as more of this immunized. is that actual vaccine candidates but don't solve all of the answers to the world's problem of vaccines so we're going to need a way of testing the next generation vaccines challenge studies will be able to still be able to be used to test very effectively with the vaccine is working because they can be conducted irrespective of how much is going on the community. these trials need ethical and regulatory approval with the decision hinges on key ethical concerns you want a select group of people who are very helpfully they are in low risk group they are truly volunteers so there's no pressure put on them or no. bribery in terms. of people to do something that there really are. only 18 to 30 s would be eligible and volunteers will have to be carefully screened before they are approved
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but not all risk can be eliminated but the long term consequences weigh significantly. oh my mind that definitely definitely something to consider as part of making an informed decision about whether you know i want to participate in a challenge but i think for me the benefits of china's trials so outweigh the risks and i'm only have to take the risk. for more vaccines more quickly. alister is into letting tens of thousands around the won't that expressed interest in challenge in the hope that the risk of the few will benefit the many. us now and with under a month to go until the end of his term in office us president don't trump has announced a slew of pardons and commutations the president glitter granted clemency to 4 former government contractors involved in the killing of unarmed iraqi civilians he also pardoned 3 former republican congressman found guilty of corruption and 2
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people who pleaded guilty in the special counsel's russia in. the pardons came as trump threaten to block a $900000000000.00 coronavirus relief package passed by congress on monday however the bill they are now planning to send back to my desk is much different than anticipated it really is a disgrace congress found plenty of money for foreign countries lobbyists and special interests while sending the bare minimum to the american people who need it it wasn't their fault it was china's fault i am asking congress to amend this bill and increase the ridiculous lilo $600.00 to $2000.00 or $4000.00 for a couple drums called increased payments puts him in direct conflict with his own republican party the deal was a result of long and difficult wrangling between democrats and republicans if the
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bill fails the entire federal government would shut down next week. say look at some of the other stories making headlines today chile's military says the credit iris has reached the research station in antarctica at least 36 people have been impacted at their. space following an outbreak earlier this month's the announcement means that a pandemic the pandemic has now reached every continent and arctic bases had been under strict quarantine. china's deputy u.n. envoy game shuang has wished germany's ambassador quote good written berlin's 2 year term on the un security council and it came after christophe poison peeled to beijing in an online council meeting to release 2 imprisoned canadian us. french authorities say a man suspected of shooting dead 3 police officers have been in the wounding
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a 4th has been found dead officers say a man opened fire as the officers arrived at a house in a village in the central we do dome region they were responding to a call about domestic violence against a woman and commercial flights between israel and morocco have started after the countries agreed to normalize relations the 1st flight from tel aviv arrived in rafah carrying a delegation including u.s. envoy jared kush it's the latest diplomatic deal between the jewish state and an arab nation despite protests from palestinian. israel is set to holds forth election in 2 years in march after parliament failed to meet a deadline to pass a budget promise to benyamin netanyahu says he will win the poll but he's engaged in a corruption trial and faces public anger over his handling of the growth of our spend them. at and you know who has blamed the budget deadlock on his coalition partner
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defense minister benny gantz they form a unity government in may after 3 can inconclusive elections had been take over from benton from netanyahu but their failure to agree a budget means that that will no longer. well joining me now is our correspondent tanya kramer in jerusalem tanya tell us more about why these snap elections have been called now well basically this unity government or coalition government couldn't agree on the state budget for 2020 so the deadline expired at midnight and that man the knesset had to disperse it to dissolve and that automatically triggered it's now early elections which will be held in march and this comes just 7 months after this unity government was formed basically an emergency government to deal with the coup in a pandemic but they couldn't agree on nearly anything. they also accused kept on
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accusing each other breaking coalition agreements cuse ing between netanyahu so you could party too and why it's a gun so for many israelis this government came to a natural and but it also means they have to get go again to the polls for a 4th time within 2 he is and prime minister been in many netanyahu of course is going to stand again and what do these lections mean for him. well if you look at the polls right now and of course it's still early on this would basically play out within the political right and netanyahu is a good party is doing quite well he dropped a bit in the latest polls but what is different this time is the field of contenders arrival of mr netanyahu is only could party just formed a new party this also the party of natalee bennett who is doing quite well at the
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polls and of course the. blue and white party that was a real strong contender in the last 3 elections and then eventually formed a coalition partner they are doing very poorly so what some commentators here are saying it's again an election that rather focus is on the pro netanyahu vote or against netanyahu and less on issues that are important to israelis like the economy like the handling of the pandemic vaccination program that has just started so but it's still early on i have to say it's still 90 days to go to the elections and a lot of things can happen within those 3 months to try to thank you very much the w.'s tanya kramer there in jerusalem. in sports football superstar leon l.s.e. has broken a longstanding record formally held by brazilian legend pelayo as he scored his 600 and 44th goal for barcelona against real world lead the most goals any player has
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scored for just one club this eclipses previous record which he made as a brazilian club the santos cross 19 years of missing is out of contract at the end of this season and is free to talk with other clubs from january. you're watching news from the top of the next hour coming up next india thanks for watching.
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