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but the dead would come. here in the state of sex and the maximum capacity about half the coffins have a coronavirus sticker highly infectious the state permit is warning residents the next 10 weeks will be the most difficult. and. there will be a 3rd wave the question is how high it will be. and everyone who is dealing with this is worried about how much higher than the current peak it will climb. the number of new infections might last be leveling out to people in mice and what answers from their late is using they just kind of agree there were no clear rules no one is going outside anymore people are infecting their own families some people are following all the rules and others a coming up with their own theories they say there is no corona virus. but every day there are more coffins in the criminal containing the bodies of carbon 19
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victims. let's get the latest now with our political correspondent in money wash us i am it's good to see you we know that coronavirus fatalities here in germany they are continuing to rise despite stricter lockdown measures that are in place to tell us what's behind this. well samy in fact what we see here is an increasingly diffuse transmission was and that means that there are more and more clusters and more and more of those are happening in nursing and care homes where you will find the most vulnerable people the elderly the sick people and also there's more infections happening in community facilities in religious events in fact in any of the places where it is to contact between people and i think to that is one key factor in trying to kind of infections is to be able to trace the infection chain and that is no longer possible the most cases now we're seeing nearly 25000 new infections today oh most of house and that's for singo they look at the 7 days incidence rate has also been skyrocketing needed 200 cases 400000 inhabitants this
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is 4 times higher of what is already a critical critical pressure it's fair to say that the situation is no longer under control at the moment and public health authorities are saying that tougher restrictions might be necessary if these numbers keep rising so what could that look like. that might be necessary because the goalies and has always been to prevent the spread of the virus by reducing contacts hand social interactions could be further impacted lot of you know the head of the institute issued a very stark warning he said he want people not to travel and many scientists in fact fear the effects of christmas on the pandemic with people traveling to meet with their families at that time of the year and some states have already introduced new rules in the very out for example all travelers returning from high risk areas have to undergo a current of iris test any neighboring event on that oh well they will be
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a quarantine requirement from people who are coming form neighboring countries such as france and switzerland as oh so a huge debate at the moment here in germany on whether or not churches should cancel christmas services something that is mentioned is a position from some state premiers for example in north rhine-westphalia. we know looking ahead that germany is going to start vaccinating on december 27th that's just 4 days from now in terms of logistics is everything in place to ensure a smooth start. well there will be there with 1st may be around 150000 doses of the biotech pfizer vaccine that are due to be delivered in germany on december 26th and the 1st vaccinations would then take place in elderly care homes the following day so on time and further dozes off the vaccine will be due later in the week the health ministry say does a treat to 4000000 doses could be given out in january only and up to $13000000.00 by the end of march there will be administered 1st in care and nursing homes in
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special vaccination centers which have been set up all over the country over the past 2 months and vaccines will 1st go to the most vulnerable that includes that includes the elderly and also medical personnel and to the general population and germany has ordered those that buy and take pride vaccine and i'm a den of vaccine which is still awaiting approval from the e.u. regulators are political correspondent reporting for us good to talk to you. now france has technically lifted its coronavirus blockade and will now allow truck driver stranded in southern england to cross into the country but they 1st have to test negative for coverage 19 france is also allowing passengers from other e.u. countries to travel from britain borders were closed to travelers from the u.k. on sunday after a fast spreading coronavirus variant was identified there britain says it will take $2.00 to $3.00 days to process the current backlog of vehicles. what
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a way to spend the last days before christmas hundreds of trucks queued on the road to dover in a line that stretches on and on and on for dozens of kilometers some pulled over into the service stations it's here we meet. gunter from germany we've got it we want to spend christmas at home with our family it will be very bad if we can't. my wife has been really upset since she found out about all this but what can i do often. these drivers couldn't have known the french quarter would suddenly slam shut on sunday since then they've been stranded here some forced to literally live life on the road their anger growing as the hours pass. away and here they predate the people here the whole cheer going to work. out what.
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the closure of dover didn't just hurt drivers one 5th of all goods bound for britain passed through the ports supermarkets and warned of shortages of basic goods if the port had remained closed much longer a key demand from france before reopening its border was testing the drivers getting those tests up and running and you go can happen relatively quickly but in terms of the details of that that is something that both the transport sector in his counterpart will be discussing right now so i don't want to speculate in terms of you know the nature of the tests it and how soon that could be. all truckers will now be tested but that is said to be a huge logistical challenge with thousands stuck on various roads and time is of the essence only when test results come back negative when the stranded truckers finally be allowed to head home. let's go right to london. standing by for us there france has now eased its ban on travel from britain on the condition
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of a negative coronavirus tast how are those plans for testing going sumi as far 1 as i know it's still in preparation supposedly really imminent and the army is supposed to help the n.h.s. workers and clearing up this huge backlog of trucks there in and around there were pictures of some scuffles between truck drivers would look to be truck drivers and the police because there is obviously frustration with people having been stranded not having enough food not having enough toilet facilities and they desperately want to go home for christmas as as we've seen and report but it's on the way and hopefully in the next days the backlog will be cleared what about travelers who are stranded in the u.k. were trying to reach other countries when will they be able to leave. the 1st ferries have been disembarking in france there's
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a huge relief that the french have now relented it's been a very stance diplomatic issue there were many commentators newspapers here in the u.k. were blamed the french president and money on the core and one tabloid paper even called him a covidien it's so quite directed tree. it's a huge relief that now many countries not just france are thinking oil have started opening the borders again we have seen the bull garion government issuing a statement that bulgarian citizens subject to a negative call beach has come now returned home to slowly the situation in another countries not just european countries but countries across the world it looks like there might be an easing of the ban on a new k. travelers and on the the outbound flights from the u.k.
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obviously subject to too negative test and this is a practical had will for many people who want to to leave the u.k. and returned home because that needs to be arranged and needs to be done in time so it's still an organisational nightmare for the u.k. government and there have been concerns about the effect of these border closures on food supplies so there in london are you starting to see shortages of essential goods. personally i haven't seen any shortages in the supermarkets i've visited in the last days but they're all pictures over empty shelves and one big supermarket chain has limited. selling off essential goods like for example toilet papers and that obviously reminded people of the days in the coronavirus crisis where the shelves well and he then people well panic buying votes with everything hopefully you reach handing to normal soon shortages should be about it it's fresh
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produce mostly that supermarkets and old whole years have been warning could be short within the next days if the situation isn't clearing in the ports because the u.k. imports most of its fresh produce from the continent from the e.u. fruit and vegetables so this is where will people will be looking at and the shortages would be felt most severely if they really were to come to pass. in london thank you now chile's military says the corona virus has reached a research station in antarctica at least 36 people have been infected at their bernardo o'higgins base following an outbreak earlier this month the announcement means the pandemic has now reached every continent on earth antarctic bases have been under strict quarantine. antarctica one of the last truly pristine places on
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earth several nations maintain research centers here chile's been out of higgins' bases permanently staffed and run by its military until now researchers on the continent thought they had largely escaped the coronavirus pandemic then chile's military and the 1st cases. of their p.c. artists showed that 36 men tested positive for covert 19 of which 26 were army personnel and 10 were civilians from a contracting company doing shades of maintenance work. army officials confirmed another 21 people aboard a navy supply ship had been infected and one more case was detected at the nearby research village where the navy ship had docked surrounded by icebergs and oceans the research station is here are some of the most remote on the planet. the arrival of the virus is concerning doctors they fear it could be much more dangerous in
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such harsh conditions. what is your thinking we know that exposure to extreme weather affects a person's physiology when the consolation the change in season aligned with that seasonal sensitivity can also be immunosuppressive we know there are several components that may further affect people and they lower their immune systems in extreme conditions especially with the work they do anything. but so far none of the infected a said to be experiencing serious complications. and with no other countries having reported any cases there is hope that the outbreak could be containable. let's check in now and some other developments in the pandemic a report say that the drug maker fire is close to a deal with the u.s. to supply tens of hundreds of millions more doses of its vaccine in exchange the government will issue
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a directive giving it better access to supplies south korea has recorded more than 1000 new daily cases that is putting the government under pressure over its plans to wait till february to start a fax in nations and the united arab emirates highest islamic authority has ruled that corona virus vaccines are acceptable even though they contain pork chela 10 this comes after fears that muslims would avoid the shot because pigs are considered unclean in islam. it's been a year since the 1st cases of corona virus were reported and scientists are still trying to figure out exactly how the virus behaves the speedy development of vaccines is being hailed as a major triumph it is hoped that they will help end the pandemic but mass immunity will make it harder to study the infection process that's why one british research company is hoping to launch a study using human volunteers willing to get infected to get these charlotte shell some pill reports. just 18 years old allister's volunteering to do what many of us
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would find unimaginable he wants to be deliberately infected with the coronavirus he's campaigning to take part in a human challenge trial to test frank scenes for covert 19. sounds charles have the potential to do an awful lot of good for an awful lot of people with. a significant a minimal risk myself and well it's a risk the docs and nurses take on pretty much every day life on the on the front lines of the pandemic and have been doing for quite a while now in traditional vaccine trials volunteers may never be exposed to the virus in a challenge trial scientists hope to study infected volunteers in clinical condition mice isn't room for like this one but we could be about to see a world bust boys who deliberately infected with the virus of course is. now well
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it is we quarantined here for up to 2 weeks with safety measures in place like awful trace insistence to stop the bars from spreading. child services company h b they already runs challenge chiles in the u.k. but they have to be approved for 19 so you can see we have all the moonshee equipment that you'd expect to see jesus cross trawlers of course to make the trial as safe as possible scientists would 1st establish the smallest dose of the virus it takes to become infected. and the pet will be put just inside the nostril and very slowly just putting small droplets of of forests into the nose it would offer a unique opportunity to examine the virus in its very early stages because these trials being set up primarily to test vaccines but a lot of learning benefits that will come out of these trials as well not just about how the forest interacts with the immune system in the human body that would be the really important to improve things in approved therapies but also about the
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disease course itself about of how quickly it replicates how quickly it can be clear from the body all these can really help the management of patients going forward with vaccines already being rolled out h.p.v. says challenge child and now more important. never warning that she dish milbank's in trials will become harder as more of us are immunized. as their actual vaccine candidates but don't solve all the answers to the world's problem of vaccines so we're going to need a way of testing the next generation roxanne's challenge studies will still be able to be used to test very effectively the vaccine is working because they can be conducted irrespective of how much is going on the community. these trials need ethical and regulatory approval with the decision hinges on key ethical concerns you want a select group of people who are very healthy they are low risk group they are true volunteers so there's no pressure put on them or no. bribery in terms
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of. do something that they're really not. only $18.00 to $30.00 is would be eligible and volunteers will have to be carefully screened before they are approved so not all risk can be eliminated but the long term consequences weigh significantly. on my mind definitely definitely something to consider as part of making an informed decision about whether you know i want to participate in a challenge struck by i think for made the benefits of challenge trials so outweigh the risks and i'm more than happy to take the risks on you know for more vaccines more quickly. alister isn't alone tens of thousands around the world have expressed interest in challenge chance in the hope that the risk of the few will benefit the many. let's check in on some other stories making headlines around the world french authorities say
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a man suspected of killing 3 police officers and wounding a 4th has been found dead officials say the suspect opened fire as police arrived at a house in the central region they were responding to a domestic violence call president mccall has called the officers heroes. israel is set to have its 4th election in 2 years after parliament failed to meet a deadline to pass a budget prime minister benjamin netanyahu formed his current unity government with center politician and gunson may after 3 inconclusive election. u.s. president donald trump has announced a wave of pardons including for former governor former government contractors convicted of killing on armed iraqi civilians trump also pardoned former republican congressman found guilty of corruption and a former campaign aide convicted of lying under oath during the investigation into russian meddling in the 26 you know lection. the u.s. justice department is suing wal-mart accusing the retail giant of fueling the
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country's opioid crisis the suit alleges wal-mart filed thousands of invalid prescriptions handled orders that responsibly and failed to report suspicious prescriptions wal-mart has rejected the allegations and is asking a federal judge to throw out the case. a turkish court has sentenced and exiled an exile journalist to more than 27 years in jail on espionage and terror related charges in connection with a newspaper report. was the editor in chief of the opposition daily before flying to germany 4 years ago the charges centered on a 2015 article that accused turkey's intelligence service of illegally sending weapons to syria let's get the latest on the story with the w.'s dorian jones in istanbul hi dorian so the sentence is 27 years in jail what do you make of this. well i think the severity of the sanctions will come as
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a shock in turkey given the fact that this report of smuggling arms to syria was already in the public domain had been widely reported in other social media outlets but given the fact the turkish president rejected a further one appeared to personally intervene into the case saying that he expected very john dunbar to be severely punished will lead to the expectation that the severity of the sentence will not be such a surprise and given the fact that we are seeing severe sentences in relation to the altering of freedom of speech earlier this month the kurdish member of parliament of the h.t.t.p. party cheat good then was sentenced to 22 years in prison for a speech he made so it is seen now very much to him as the norm the severe sentences that aren't out to meet will have a chilling effect on reporting in turkey turkey according to the us based committee to protect journalists this month rule found that he was the 2nd worst jail in the world with $37.00 reporters currently in jail so this sentence will only add to the
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feeling that the independent reporting carry severe risks can and will chandan dives lawyers appeal the sentence. well yes the option c. of appeal is open to lawyers it's unclear whether they will take up the opportunity his lawyers will boycotting the airings today saying that the trial was a sham so it is unclear walty lawyers will do going forward. to extradite who is currently in thailand and where he's carrying on his independent journalist activities which are very critical of the government in tokyo operating a radio station a web page which does have a great deal of following in the country and this will undoubtedly lead to a straight between on crime violent hunkers very critical of the failure of what it sees as not in for a futile to return many people who have been accused and convicted of terror
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offenses you mentioned that the strain ties between uncle around berlin how do you think people abroad to countries abroad should see the sentence while certainly this will add just service trains between turkey and european union the e.u. is being increasingly concerned over what it sees as the lack of judicial freedom in this country in the way that you dish it has been used for political purposes yes today the european court of human rights issued a very damning indictment calling for the immediate release of the leader of turkey's pro kurdish h.t.k. slots in them attach thinks he is on going to tension was unacceptable president one today is dismissed so school saying that they are not bound by these decisions on daschle this will lead to further calls in europe for sanctions possibly feel used against turkey and also pressure from the united states with the president elect joseph biden who's also being very critical of turkey's human rights record so pressure will be building on turkey in this conviction of the end all will only add to those calls for action against iraq daryn jones reporting from istanbul
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thank you very much. now the top prize in europe's biggest and oldest lottery draw has been handed out one lucky ticket holder in spain's famous al gore though has won $4000000.00 euros hundreds of other winners celebrated across spain after attacking smaller south's el gordo which translates as a fat one a total prize pool of $2400000000.00 euro cups schoolchildren sang out the winning numbers to an empty theater. let's get a quick recap of our top stories here germany has reported its highest daily death toll from the corona virus since the start of the pandemic 962 people died from or with cove in the past 24 hours the country is planning to roll out its vaccination program after the christmas holiday. and france has lifted its coronavirus blockade and will now allow truck drivers stranded in southern england to cross into the country but they 1st have to test negative for cope at 19 transport links were
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caught after the outbreak of a new variant of the current cars. coming up next our show made in germany explores the benefits and threats of the artificial intelligence stage of.
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it's taking lives in more areas of society. artificial intelligence. health. even eternal life to start to be possible. to see and psychiatric future my guess but what are the limits. made in germany.
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matter to you. what ever. run. out your. mind. how much do you know and what a computer could do the work for you and learn as it goes along so that it improves while on the job what impact will that have on your working and your private life artificial intelligence opportunity or threat that's our topic this week i'm chris colfer.


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