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tv   Der Tag  Deutsche Welle  December 23, 2020 8:00pm-8:30pm CET

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this is the news live from the truck press conference police after days of waiting at the british ports france lifts its blockade but says drivers must test negative for corona virus. also on the program to germany and now says record numbers of corona virus deaths health experts warn christmas is no reason to stop taking precautions. one turkey spirits hopes high profile journalist is sentenced to 27 years into jail john was here in the. past sentenced on
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charges of espionage and aiding the terror group bringing to his reaction to the guilty verdict. welcome to the program german airline has flown 80 tons of produce into the u.k. after ground transport was halted amid fears of spreading a new coronavirus variant france has now ended its fate brocade but lorry drivers stuck at ferry ports because they could only cross the channel if they test negative for corona virus and the truckers say they've already waited too long. knowledge of how not to know was not all. frustration and anger in dover as truck drivers are furious at the delay in getting back to europe. some drivers are transporting cargo but all of them simply want to get home for the holidays if
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they're stuck on the english coast could be any of the last 4 nights you didn't see nobody wanted it obviously and there nothing like what would have been going to be discussed in his place not we have no food we have no water yesterday. food but it was just something. and we don't know when we. can get home we have to day 15 and day and now they say us don't have this. because on the way. yeah book artist. is blocked. have one way here. meanwhile the lines of trucks stretch for many many kilometers. the drivers will be eventually allowed to
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cross but only after testing negative for cold feet 19. the army has been called in to help with the tests at a lorry park on a disused airfield near dover. the blockade doesn't just hurt drivers one 5th of all good spawn for britain pass through dover supermarkets warned of shortages of basic goods if the port remained closed. so straight to london there were rejoined deed correspondent welcome better gets less starts with dovo what's the latest you're hearing from back. well the latest what i'm hearing is that some trucks are ready to go and to cross the channel tunnel bought other than that these images of course that you have shown of quite chaotic scenes at the port a lot of frustration really on the side of the drivers who have been stuck there now and they have been complaining of being not enough food and the government has
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been ridiculed by some critics saying well when minister goes on television and says that. the virus is out of control in the u.k. then he can't act surprised when when other european countries like france take quick action and close the borders but it looks like the government was not prepared for something like that other people are pointing out that this is a test of what might come off the brakes if there is new trade deal struck and struck between the u.k. and the you that then we would see quite chaotic scenes like that at the ports under what about british supermarkets what's the situation. i have to say that i haven't seen myself that the shelves are empty i've seen enough oranges and to walk to queue cumbers and possibly
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a lot of the fresh produce that britain imports from the e.u. but other people have experienced that people i know have told me that their local supermarkets that the shelves are pretty much empty people are of course getting ready for christmas and they're worried that there might not be enough we don't the shelves because some supermarket chains have warned that within a few days the u.k. could run out of fresh produce imports of fruit and vegetables are mainly from the continent so people are just not wanting to take the risk of having no brussel sprouts for the turkey dinner at christmas which you mentioned brags about to go there even if the final deadline britain leads. finally end of this month where the 2 sides on this long awaited post rexy trade to you after a lot of speculation it seems really that a trade deal is imminent but nothing. yet but
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a lot of reports coming out from from brussels and what i'm hearing also from an e.u. deployment is that a deal is imminent but nothing is confirmed yet that there are still. last minute agreements to be made but maybe in the next hour during the night or maybe as early as tomorrow that this is the speculation that the trade deal between the u.k. and the e.u. might after all be concluded burgomaster london thank you. germany has reported its highest daily coronavirus death toll since a young pandemic began 962 people died from the virus in the last 24 hour recording period and national lockdowns been in force for a week but with lots of people planning to visit family and friends over christmas health authorities are worried that there is worse to come. normally train station
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would be buzzing before christmas this year it's nearly empty but some are still traveling despite government appeals to stay home and to shop at this pond has done enough to ensure there is no risk of infection make sure i don't come into close contact with strangers cut back that says that i mean yes i think it's important to see the family. many germans have been taking graphic cards test before the holidays but the experts say they could create a false sense of security the government is warning that reducing contact with others is the only way to stop infections and relieve pressure on hospitals. we live in that a lot of people are talking about how they're going to celebrate christmas if it's a carers will be a good king not celebrating and so my message to you is how you spend your christmas will directly affect what the intensive care ward will look like after the holidays but to reduce social contact even if it's difficult many christians
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are also having to make hard choices this year with german infection numbers still high there are growing calls to abandon traditional christmas services some congregations of already cancelled and are offering t.v. or online broadcasts instead. well the deadly political correspondent clearly van how mistimed explained to us that there are thousands of covered the patients in germany's intensive care ward even before the holidays and the hospitals are sounding the alarm for example the berlin hospital is a ready announced that it is only doing emergency procedures over the holidays in order to keep the beds free for coronavirus patients and this is because their transmission and picture injuries very diffuse at the moment and thirty's are no longer able to trace the chains of infections was obviously is key to stop and to curb the spread of the virus and and we see a lot of clusters in nursing care homes in homes for the elderly which means
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vulnerable populations are at risk and that explains in part why the number of covert related deaths is so high you said it set a grim record with 1962 people who died today so authorities are warning that people should reduce contacts as much as possible as that's the only way to stop the spread of the virus and even hammerstein here's a look at some other developments in this pandemic the drug makers of biotech and pfizer are to supply the united states with an extra $100000000.00 doses of the corona virus vaccine the u.s. government hopes to immunize $20000000.00 people this month we well canada has followed the u.s. by approving the. vaccine 2 weeks after giving the go ahead to the bomb techs i use the shot i mean i have arab emirates high used islamic oath already has ruled that vaccines are acceptable even if they contain pork gelatine there were fears that
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some muslims might avoid the shop because pigs are considered unclean. no court in istanbul has sentenced one of these best known journalist to 27 years in jail on spying and terrorism charges the case against john centered on an optical he wrote that exposed government wrongdoing and he's president has to do and fled to germany 4 years ago and he's unlikely to serve any more time in jail press freedom campaigners say the sentence sends a chilling message to journalists. lawyers boycotted the trial and its stamboul saying it was politically motivated and the verdict had already been decided in advance. the decision was handed down without them present 27 years and 6 months in prison for one of turkey's best known journalists. don't doris article and photos in the come hurry it newspaper in 2015 claim to show that turkey was
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supplying weapons to islamist groups in syria. and the paper were charged with betraying state secrets the charges were expanded to include espionage and supporting terrorism president ratchet tie a pair to one called the journalist a traitor and an agent. 59 year old has been living in exile in berlin for the last 4 years the campaign group reporters without borders condemned the proceedings as a farce to end are will now go on trial again along with other journalists in a separate case. well they don't know you spoke with. us whether he was surprised by this verdict. unfortunately not surprising because from the beginning it was that kind of bench. government was me. and was probably think through. more. possible
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price. story which was a true story. they wanted to punish me because look at this true story at the same time try to intimidate the other journalists into it you who dared to touch that kind of issues. covered 19 has reached antartica chile says at least 36 people have been infected by not o'higgins research station following an outbreak this month this means the pandemic is now reached every continent antarctica one of the last truly pristine places on earth several nations maintain research centers here chile's bernardo hagen space is permanently staffed and run by its military until now research is on the continent thought they had largely escaped the coronavirus pandemic then chile's military announced the 1st cases believe you were there a p.c.
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our test showed that $36.00 men tested positive for covert one team of which $26.00 were army personnel $910.00 were civilians from a contracting company doing shared maintenance work. army officials confirmed another 21 people aboard a navy supply ship had been infected and one more case was detected at a nearby research village where the navy ship had docked surrounded by icebergs and oceans the research stations here are some of the most remote on the planet. the arrival of the virus is concerning doctors they fear it could be much more dangerous in such harsh conditions. i mean. we know that exposure to extreme weather affects a person's physiology that when the isolation the change in seasonal lives with that seasonal sensitivity can also be immunosuppressive we know there are several
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components that may further affect people and lower their immune systems in extreme conditions especially with the work they do there. but so far none of the infected are said to be experiencing serious complications. and with no other countries having reported any cases there is hope that the outbreak could be containable. and here's a last minute gift idea that might put a sparkle into this coronavirus christmas the goldsmith in turkey who is selling gold plated face masks as you'd expect they are not cheap the 18 carat model cost more than 2000 euros as a cheaper option though you could go for a silver mask that's a snippet just 200 euros but the craftsman highly classy face covering says the coming of age 90 vaccine is more precious than he still and go 6.
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that's it you're up to date i'll have more world news at the top of the hour the double covered $900.00 special next good. the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. has the rate of infection been developed. what does the latest research say. information and context around a virus up day. on t w. and on demand.
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language courses. to. zip. now more than average it's important to stay as healthy as possible copying a balanced diet is can help. the world health organization suggests easing a variety of food from different you trish small groups including plenty of fruits and vegetables. the w.h.o. also recommends eating a diet rich in whole grains and knobs. limiting your intake of sugar salt and fast. practicing good food hygiene to avoid becoming sick of
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food borne disease. and limiting your consumption of alcohol. research shows improving nutrition helps of course an optimal immune function. so if you catch covert 19 your immune system may be better equipped to fight. this is news covert 1000 special i'm kate ferguson thanks for joining me the past few months have been tough living in constant fear of getting sick or losing your job can make you feel like you're not in control one thing you do have some agency over though is your diet and as our next report shows good nutrition can have a major impact on health outcomes. i don't want to thank you. if you really like hospital food but it's more than just
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a question of taste you tradition is vital and most clinics and hospitals pay too little attention to a well balanced diet dr viola andreessen from hamburg has been dealing with the effects of poor hospital nutrition on patients for 20 years so i should mention these people simply are more at risk of being in the i.c.u. for longer of having to stay in hospital longer of increased complications and are even more at risk of dying from their disease. geriatric physician dr martin ville calm has many weak patients and he sees the dangers of poor nutrition every day. and eating in on balance a diet especially in the elderly causes them to lose weight quickly and lose substance the body can no longer heal wounds as quickly people get dizzy they fall over problems flare up in days and weeks when the food on liquids are not balanced and above all not sufficient and. just. the doctor's experience is borne out by
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a major swiss study. 2000 participants with already poor nutrition took part in the study 1000 were given regular hospital food the other half were given a healthier alternative within the group that received the superior diet outcomes were significantly better with 15 percent fewer complications and 27 percent fewer deaths a few days of hospital food won't harm most people but the very ill have often already lost weight and strength before hand here at the israelites hospital in hamburg a specialist nutrition team takes care of these high risk patients selecting them for special attention as soon as they're admitted in a 3 day period 21 of 53 newly admitted patients were noticed by the experts. there are various methods for measuring malnutrition this device measures how much strength there is in the hands. or how much muscle and fat to she was on the back
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of the hand. or even how his body tissue composed special scale shows the proportion of muscle and. of course blood values is there a lack of arn sodium potassium or protein. patients who are malnourished are given extra care special nutrition filled shakes with cucumber or beetroot an extra protein or sweetened group unama and chocolate to improve strengthen charge the batteries for recovery. protein helps to heal wounds for example zinc serves to ward off infection. the key to making a full recovery is freshly prepared food rich in nutrients if clinics pay proper attention to nutrition a lot can be achieved through normal diet sometimes it only takes a little extra effort with nutrition to achieve great results here. let's talk now
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to professor anika wagner from the institute of nutritional science us at the university of decent professor wagner the study we saw in the report just now really reiterated what an incredibly crucial role in nutrition it plays in our general health and as well our ability to heal do you think this issue is getting enough attention during the pandemic. i think the effect of nutrition on our house in the context of the current and damages under estimated a high number of people suffer from different diets dependent diseases such as obesity diabetes type 2 and hypertension and we know that these patients have a significantly higher risk of severe courses of public 19 that means sped through a sustainable change of unhealthy dietary habits towards a healthy well balanced diet will improve diet dependent diseases and similar tenuously would decrease the risk for severe course of the corporate $99.00 faction
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however as a change in our nutritional behavior is a long term goal long term concepts need to be established and strongly promoted which is currently not the case i really want to zone in now on obesity which you mentioned it is of course a major risk factor for becoming serious knee ala from covert 1000 why is that exactly so obesity is the main risk factor for the development of several co-morbidity so that predispose forcibly of course of a convert $1000.00 infection that includes especially hypertension type 2 diabetes mellitus and. reach out well known to be responsible that people get seriously ill but also in the absence of these co-morbidities obese people are at a higher risk for a severe covered 90 course as most apiece persons are in a state of a pre-diabetes that also increase the risk of infection. there's also been some focus on the role that basement d.
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could play in helping to protect against the virus what can you tell me about that . so for a well functioning immune system becoming day is of course essential to means and minerals and therefore in adequate supply with my to mindy is also essential to protect us against invading pathic genes and also the against infections like with sask up to there are currently some discussions about daily supplementation with vitamin d. to support our immune system in the fight against cope with 19 ever if we look into the currently available study says no evidence provided that a high dose vitamin d. supplementation. prevents from a soft cover to infection of would help to recovery from an action indeed what we should definitely avoid is state a fight i'm in deep efficiency in case of in a proof item in d. deficiency of course it would have me do you should be supplemented and in case
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people would like to supplement vitamin d. although as i mentioned evidence is currently missing they should make sure that they not exceed the recommended daily upper limit of 4000 international units. ok and of course they all have different dietary needs but what general advice would you have for a posting and minute best time. so that our immune system will work roya well i recommend to stick to a plant based diet containing high amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables that provide high amounts of essential vitamins and nutrients and i recommend also to consume whole grain foods when it comes to cereals or bread and also include pulses in the daily diet as they are fiber rates and furthermore i suggest to stick to vegetable oils with high amounts of polyunsaturated fatty acids and what we should do is to lower the consumption of for example sugar sweetened beverages and streets
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and also we should limit the consumption of meat. ok and finally this is a question that's come up a few times is there any risk of being infected with the coronavirus through food. so the data that is currently available does not show any case where an infection occurred through quantum united truths however when we prepare food we should stick to the hygiene rules this means of course we should do room regularly wash our hands keep our fingers away from from the face and also if we prepare meat we should make sure that it is true all good tips for faster and i've now from the institute of nutritional science is at the university of faith and i thank you so much thank you. time now to answer one of your questions about the coronavirus over till i find correspondence derek williams. what impact is the
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parent to make having on the hunger crisis. predictably cove at 19 is making it a lot worse according to the united nations world food program which is the organization that was awarded this year's nobel peace prize the number of people worldwide who suffer from crisis level hunger could almost double by the end of this year it also says that the region hit hardest so far is latin america that's followed by central and southern africa and and oxfam estimates that if we don't do more to limit the social and economic impact of the virus up to 12000 people a day could soon be dying from the effects of undernourishment just to compare even on the very worst days for mortality so far in the pandemic there have never been more than 10000 tatts attributed to the virus in 24 hours i think that the most
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vicious aspect of this crisis is that with the exception of a few countries food is actually available in many of the places that are suffering most a famine isn't being only driven by a lack of food but also by the simple fact that people no longer have the means to buy it the hunger crisis isn't only expanding rapidly because of disruptions in supply chains although that's certainly contributing to the problem it's also due to dropping income among many of the world's most vulnerable the poor who simply can't afford to buy food for themselves and their families anymore and the crisis isn't just limited to regions that face problems before the pandemic began covert 19 it is now also impacting food. security for people and middle and high income countries from from india to brazil to the u.s. . and if you have
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a question for derek you can email feedback dotting the shot to w dot com using the word experts in the subject line for me and the team it's goodbye and take care. is a master of the art of confrontation this is wrong measuring a verbal comeback doesn't mean you're going to see ya next line the undisputed champion of so far with her goal talk trying to frighten people who know her so far everybody understands it except you enter the conflict zone and join tim sebastian as he holds the powerful to account this is a big for your whichever way you like to spin the conflict zone.
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in an. extraordinary personalities stories that. really. looks like the best of our t w reporters. destiny's. role models. people we'd like to meet again. and we tap. is this a friend centric monarch. fantasy . to see when the
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trash. sequence. starts december 25th. ave from. here to brazil ever sink is ok for you preparing for the military to intervene we have a military government brazil is in the news these days for all the wrong reasons allegations of high level corruption uncontrolled illegal logging and finds raging in the amazon rain forest i did so vats the highest figure in the world for covert 19 infections my.


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