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tv   Klosterkuche  Deutsche Welle  December 24, 2020 5:30am-6:00am CET

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the you come. in the trenches. the it. starts december comes to. the. cut. hello and a warm welcome to focus on europe i'm a large biloela it's nice to have you with us today twas the night before christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirring not even a mouse the classic tale has taken on a new meaning this holiday season as a pandemic brings europe largely to a standstill streets are empty shops are shuttered and large christmas gatherings
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cancelled and the lockdown is set to continue into the new year and many countries . well for many europeans living in big cities being confined to an apartment has created a deep yearning to be closer to nature whole fernandez wanted to escape the confines of his small space in madrid he found a place on the countryside that allows him and his girlfriend to live the simple life it's in the northwestern spanish region of galaxia near abandoned villages like this one have become hot property during the pandemic. almost. a year ago a lay hope and then desk and then yellow herrera wouldn't have thought they'd be keeping chickens in the countryside. back then they still have the material. but in the summer they moved to rework elisia in northwestern spain 500 kilometers from the capital. it's
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a different car advantages and disadvantages. but i mean that's what i meant about i mean for me country life offers things for the city just doesn't tough. you know it's something you have to experience. living a couple deal to have a village of 30 inhabitants she was a completely foreign to them a late host parents have a summer house here the young couple is now refurbishing the property clay who is a stockbroker he can work from home and really has to go to maturity daniela is a psychologist she found a job with a real estate company coronavirus like bella changed everything it. got the land we could never imagine just leaving everything behind to move out to the country far away from it all. but then we spent 3 months cooped up in 20 square metres i don't want to go through that again i need to have nature peace and quiet that's
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why we came here. spain's villages are in desperate need of 2 younger residents for decades a route as it is has decimated them entire communities are dying out especially english here but experts say the pandemic is leading to a turnaround. deal is real estate agent specializing in abandon villages together with the local he visited them as he's just sold the new owner isn't a property in the visual real dire assessment now belongs to a canadian company. but the companies are coming in and buying. hold trucks there are 367 villages in one go so they get turned into vacation homes or residential houses for people who can work from home yes a lot of things are possible people. there are thousands of such houses for sale in spain no one's living across there for 30 years. iglesias was one of those who
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moved to the city as a young man in search of work together with the owners he now wants to sell his hamlet. maybe really. just hurts to see the houses almost in ruins like this but you can take a state that is of a prince it would be nice if someone would take care of that and if life with return even if i won't get anything out of it myself going to not only be and i won't pay you know law of the truth out of. the 59 year old grew up here. he ate mills in this kitchen because someone knows if the rule of life takes some getting used to even if conditions have improved over the years. we used to have to cart her food here by horse think about some of the winery everything. normally i just wasn't any other transportation reporter. access is
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much better now and gustavo says the pandemic has increased the value of the villages but more needs to be done to save them better in connection would be a good incentive for potential buyers. if local governments did more like with financial aid for reconstruction if you don't get it all get back on track even faster. you're going to get it what i mean are you larry. but municipalities don't happen money that's also true in the neighboring town of nova the meirs is the spanish government should help after all villages dying out isn't a new problem he's counting on the pandemic having a positive side. now there's just been talk about nothing's being done. now we're hoping for european aid coming in because of the pandemic. maybe that could also support projects that will revive these villages.
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such a home took matters into his own hands and organize a stable in an it connection his employee says he'll be allowed to work from his new home office for the long term. i should be ducking i want to permanently settle here of course you never know what's going to happen or where you'll end up at home you know it i mean what basically i want to stay here and so does my girlfriend you know whether. and helen and that they'll miss the city they say this is too much. for a few days they don't want to give up their country life. for those in the performing arts moving to the countryside and working from home isn't an option at all many actors musicians and dancers are being forced to simply wait out the pandemic at the caucus theatre in germany conductor mario vns aagot is
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refusing to bow to the virus the audience may be gone but his ensemble is fine tuning their performance of carmen despite corona but how does an opera as passionate as carmen work while social distancing a few weeks ago our reporter got a front row seat for the rehearsals. the national theatre of couples is trying to do something different. they are putting on a covert version of george business offering a common. no masks for the soloists but there is pixie glass to offer protection. c.d.'s especially contagious something quite hard for everyone here to forget. it doesn't look this is an era surefire i don't know what professionals call it.
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i'm just purifies the air so we can sing without wearing masks with less risk. we mostly were hers with masks on anyway. and to be honest we don't yet know for sure how it will be in the end. we are not really on the fritz and me yes of course i'm afraid and i protect myself the best i can get tested as often as i can but it weighs on your soul to waste quite heavy on your saw. you. have the ceiling. but why would they even subjecting themselves to this theater are still closed but the performers were still hoping they'd be able to perform for an audience of the same. and the danger is not just hypothetical a sort of had covered themselves. up to argue fortunately i already had a few months ago. my doctors say i've still got the antibodies but of course you always have to be careful. but i know what you go through with this virus.
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about how was it horrific i'm still tired even now. the pandemic has impacted the sort of us now 2 phones because they're not under contract unlike the employed members of the orchestra at the subsidise national theatre of cut costs. and many of these freelance musicians haven't had a gig in months. then did it if the government and the theatres don't support us for it has before mars they might just wind up living under a bridge by the time the pandemics over the next into the put in. a few hours later came the next set back the entire opera house was supposed to rehearse together as it normally does with obligatory masks but the latest figures for new infections were alarming the chorus was then released for the day that put mario vance i go and director stefan mackie in
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a difficult situation. much dying and. not really has the figures rise so do the individual fears and questions we have to deal with on a daily basis so it's all if. it's to risk it there are a few more fears among the wire and that's why we thought we talked him through this period it is pretty eerie attest my house. for musical result is that the lights to the ears of the dress rehearsal as carmen is ready for the stage they had planned brilliant performances in caucus for the turn of the year but now at the new lock down nothing is certain anymore still there remain motivated which is a real challenge for in sample. this is the answer of course because of the it's this is the job we have to do for our musicians it's in our seniors on set for the entire theater and you get that everyone involved is so they can perform their tasks to the best of their ability
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and with the greatest dedication priests and this may be one of the most important jobs of my life that he picks them up at minus labels. finally they're allowed to rehearse with the choir. not on the stage but well spaced out on the balcony. and then we'll stop with the 3 to about a 3 and one let down of course because that we're not allowed to dance and we can't put the choreography on the stage the way it was played you were pretty sure the but still we're delighted to be accompanied by this beautiful has to perform concept here on the balcony lucian in the ring in here dobbins across. this opera about love and passion hygiene regulations and culture pose to mind compromises. the. strict regulations prohibits any intimates kisses.
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it's heartless but healthy exactly what composer decent he himself would say about it. carmen doesn't die of the pandemic but if a crime of passion. at some point perhaps this opera will someday mesmerize an audience and costs. love in the time of corona well let's hope the audience returns. for the elderly life with a pandemic is especially challenging every day activities like going to the supermarket can pose a serious risk that's where alina by a car comes in she delivers more than just the essentials with the help of her custom van and the remote friends area of euro some villages don't even have shops which makes elderly residents reliant on her service or for lena work is
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a joy and she goes the extra mile for her customers. speeding down country roads bringing food and goods. that's needed becomes mission . she stops often you see on a filip just 400 people been there comes here every tuesday and enough. every one of them for the complete. way mond pathak is doing her weekly shopping. lina has everything she needs in her front fresh veggies like for school sprouts and lettuce along with the car imelda center and her husband are so fond of becoming we don't have a car my husband and i don't drive anymore we're old folks so we shop and they know that you know. you know he doesn't sell cheese and other products. she always has
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time for a chat and to catch up on the latest gossip. today's big news is that a neighbor has returned home from the hospital well this could be we talk about anything and everything i ask what's new i change people's light bulbs some seniors have no one around their children live far away so when something needs doing i'll take care of it fixing the t.v. variance dad or the net is not just a business it's about interpersonal relationships do. make sense off to her next destination she's on the road 5 days a week taking various routes around the sure she visits 20 to 30 customers a day this region is sparsely populated and shops are few and far between the hundreds of hours is compromised of just a few houses. there she visits us.
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the couple are waiting to take a coffee break together with her. i mean a stops in once a week she feels right at home with the sudanese. complaining we have a problem there are no more stores here she's the only one. quote is in a hurry lane has brought his favorite food. yet this guy goes i would say it s. cargo clean and knows her customers well. each week he buys a dish of snails. made his warehouse is her courage her husband and he helps her lowered her truck every day since most of her customers are regulars she tailors her assortment to their needs. did along with cakes and cookies to you and detergent she also has wine and meat on offer most regional products. you must keep things well organized so everything
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stays in place then drive very carefully it. has operations her mobile grocery store for 4 years now once or daughter was fully grown the make a vote for john in a plastics factory and fulfilled her long time dream. and yes i can live from it even if i'll never be filthy rich the proof i've been doing this for 4 years and i'm still in business. she stops in a village with 190 residents there are more young people in this part of the shura district that hasn't been as badly affected by d. population as other places the young people use their cars to go to shopping fields customers are really between 80 and 85 so they were lying to her about it when i
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can't afford to get sick and i take just 3 weeks vacation in august that's all that's when many of my customers are on holidays that their children or their children are with them so they don't need me as much of. that almost just a bit of shopping a bit of socialising. is it hard for rosie sharon confines look forward to the reclean visits with enough words rule we buy something every week when she comes around because we become friends with your paper defended. lena because long day is just about over. she can relax and take a quick freezer before doing it all again tomorrow. siberia it's cold the climate is harsh and for some it's not the most appealing place to live but it is home to many natural treasures such as lake by call it's
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the world's deepest and all this freshwater lake for w.b. it's the only home she's ever known she has barely any contact with the outside world and she wants to keep it that way even that christmas mother luba doesn't want any part of the festivities after all her favorite gift is right in front of her. oh no oh. my gorgeous. yard they are gradually. by coal is everything. for the last 80 years there's no place in the world that lubov not a horde of i would rather be than on the lake by call in southern siberia. the sprightly senior lives on the western shore of the world's largest freshwater lake. by stating his her passion.
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my skates were made in 1943 and i'm still using them. when she straps the steel blades she's used for decades on to a pair of old wolf felt boots she's just as nimble as ever. but. instead of using a bicycle or a car. as she's fondly known as her errands on skates. she checks on her accounts or does a little shopping in the neighboring village it's a half hour journey each way and she does it most every day. vast mysterious been with a hint of melancholy romantic scene lake by call is a reflection of the russian soul. this octogenarian belief skating on the lake
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by call is the secret to her longevity. the world's deepest lake has her dating she has more faith in its powers than in the miracles of jesus was birth is currently being celebrated around the globe. oh season's greetings to all our viewers. it's all nonsense. what it's all of that with little bit of the church and everything around it these pope's dress didn't golden silver that's not for me i don't want that. you. know one of our in a village some 60 kilometers away the russian orthodox church is experiencing new life following decades of oppression during the soviet era. according to recent polls 65 percent of russians count themselves as belonging to the faithful. but not
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. the church is growing in importance as a social institution in russia too and bringing with it a more conservative philosophy of life. but none of that. lord have mercy on us because one of the central themes in the liturgy it's repeated dozens of times church services can last for several hours especially at christmas. if you think about it logically you won't find anything up above no soul that flies to have been nothing when you die you'll be eaten by worms.
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she had a long working life in the soviet union. for almost half a century she worked at a factory in her courts as a present a welder when turner and later i mean it's engineer. she's been retired for 20 years and since the death of her husband lives alone. who look you can see stones. siberian winters are cold and long. sometimes they can last for 6 months with temperatures the compliance to minus 40 degrees celsius. so the people who live here are tough and modest. in this sense bother you but is a true siberia you threw in some folks are never content they think everything's bad one needs lots of money the other a palace. of the ski 4 walls and a roof over your head that's all a person needs we're all going to die one way or another whether in
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a palace or elsewhere will be worse than yours. but w. by still alive and well and she says she will be for as long as she can skate on her lake baikal. what's the secret to the perfect pot of pasta or result oh for some top chef it's not just about the ingredients but what they are cooked in copper cookware is the gold or rose gold standard in top rated restaurants it's an art form that passed while i'm around a has mastered in his workshop in italy at the craft has lost its luster over decades as it fails to attract younger generations as one of the last copper snit's in italy has quality is now hoping his children will follow in his footsteps. one of the special tricks the coppersmith post while i'm around a employs to crafting the perfect part is to hammer the bottom to make it more
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resistant heres worked with this reddish metal since he was 8 years old and still loves the to this day but. it is a suppleness of the metal and the possibility of always creating something new and beautiful with your all your other work with all the longer post one him alone it produces high quality parts that almost double as works of art relying on the centuries old methods of coppersmith syrian santana stars the near naples with milling hammering and burning it takes 6 to 7 hours to finish one of these parts well but i never got around if you buy a copper pipe like this it would last 2 or 300 years there is no waste it is the most ecological part in the world fortunately traditional artisans like us are gradually disappear internet like. because many such businesses lack young employees. yet their craftsmanship is essential for other professions michelin
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star chef francesco's zito swears by the squire limone is copper parts when cooking for his restaurant. you don't have to keep stirring all the time to keep the pasta from sticking up to the bottom not a tall order until. the food cooks gently in the copper parts at very low heat. with an a minimum pan you constantly have to turn stir the food for it to turn out 12 figs pots you can let it simmer for. 3 years plus while in moronis for children now work with him in his workshop. for all about passing on all my knowledge to a young person is extremely rewarding. the tradition of this craft is thus in good hands securing high quality copper cookware for the next generation. no matter what you use this christmas or new year's.
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do let me know your thoughts about this week's show on twitter thanks so much for watching focus on europe and happy holidays. for.
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the for. the christmas time you can hear it in languages. countries all over the world. come. come from and how did it become such a part of christmas. song for the world outside of mine. in 15 minutes on d w. d
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2 you know that 77 percent of laughing are younger than 35. that's me and me and you. don't know what time off boy says 100. 77 percent talk about the stock market up. front part of the flash from housing boom boom boom town this is where they are. welcome to the 77 percent. this weekend on the t.w. . post story of prejudice and propaganda . they were called the rhineland bastards
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born after the 1st world war the monkey was an illegitimate child there were many of them even from. their mothers or germans living in the occupied rhineland their fathers soldiers from the french colonies who. suffered by saying please afro german children had a hard time and because they were a reminder of the german defeat. they grew up in a climate of national pride and racism if the european population felt that it was important to be white and to stay right by sublight. exclusion and contempt culminated in forced sterilization under the nazis. this documentary examines the few traces that we made of their existence we call them the children. storage january 11th on d w. this
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is d w news live from berlin angry truckers 2 from police after days of waiting to know if british ports france listens blockades but says drivers must test negative for corona virus before crossing the channel also on the program. germany announces record numbers of corona virus deaths health experts warn christmas is no reason to stop taking precautions.


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